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KALDMONT 2, AC 1014: Reinforcements Arrive

Location: Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: As predicted, forces from Freiburg and Grauenberg arrive to help the Knights in Hockstein, but are kept outside by the peasants who are driven to ridding their lands of the Knights. A long siege starts. (See Ei 23, Ei 25; Ka 20.)

KALDMONT 4, AC 1014: Daring Raid at Corisa

Location: Corisa, Milenian Empire. HW

Description: Captain Targos of the merry pirates, sails into the harbour of Corisa passing as a merchant vessel.

During the night, with the help of a few new mages - Alphatian crewmen who have since joined the merry pirates - Targos and his men sneak onto three other ships, stealing their cargo and valuable.

Their ship, the Manticore, sails out of the harbour afterwards, before anyone realises what has happened.

KALDMONT 8, AC 1014: No Official Sect of Rafiel

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: After the rising tensions between various factions of elves within Rafielton, Princess Tanadaleyo declares that there will be no official religion of Rafiel in Rafielton. Elves may choose themselves which one they want to follow. The statement is backed by General Garafaele of Aengmor.

The City of Stars declares such acts as rebellious and warns that necessary actions will be taken to restore the religion of Rafiel before too much blasphemy transpires. (See Am 22, Sv 1; Ka 22 .)

What This Means: Tanadaleyo is trying to reduce the tensions without declaring either Way of Rafiel the right one. She would rather abolish the Way of Rafiel altogether, so choosing one or the other will just make it all the harder for her to get rid of it later.

Unfortunately, this answer satisfies none of the groups, especially with the cult of Atzanteotl hiding in the shadows, pulling strings, and just causing trouble while drawing little or no attention to themselves.

KALDMONT 11, AC 1014: Shrine to Gareth

Location: Akorros, Darokin. KW

Description: In the city of Akorros, a shrine built in the honour of the Immortal Gareth is completed today. (See Va 25 , Th 7.)

What This Means: The shrine is a small church; nothing fancy enough to be called a temple. Still, the high priest Arturo Olivera has managed to attract enough followers in the city to fill it during the ceremonies. It seems the people of Darokin can accept the philosophy of Gareth; mortals are not the playthings of the Immortals above.

Many also simply come to see what this Immortal who has a priestess who seems to be single-handedly running the underground movement in Sind (or so claim the rumours that leak back to Darokin) can do.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1014: Pirates Raid Cinnabryl

Location: Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: During the second exportation of cinnabryl from Slagovich this year, the small fleet carrying the cinnabryl is ambushed by a larger group of pirates. The Knights of Halav in the fleet are slain to a man, and all the cinnabryl is taken.

What This Means: The main supplier of cinnabryl to the Savage Coast is Slagovich, and their shipment has just been stolen. Expect the price of cinnabryl to increase noticeably throughout the land, placing it out of reach for many of the poorer families.

The Inheritors also view this act as one of the most treacherous anyone could ever do. They begin to gather information and to discover who could possibly be behind such a deed. A reward is offered to anyone who can prove who the thieves are.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1014: Ylaruam Besieged

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: After weeks of fighting throughout the Alasiyan Desert, the Kin faction finally makes its move on the City of Ylaruam. The capital of the Preceptors is surrounded and all trade supplies are blocked off, including access to the oases just outside of town. (See Sv 19, Ei 1; Ka 19, Ka 21 .)

What This Means: The Kin faction has had the advantage ever since the sandstorm. Although both sides lost an almost equal number of men, the Preceptors lost their best leaders and warriors, while the Kin only lost ordinary warriors. Since then, the Kin have been out-manoeuvring the Preceptors on the battlefield and slowly winning the war in the desert.

KALDMONT 17, AC 1014: Synn Plots Again

Location: Fenswick, Glantri and Broken Lands. KW

Description: Having started to feel the loss of power she once had in Glantri, Synn decides to try and cause trouble elsewhere in the Known World. She sends a powerful lich called Deimos to work on harassing Darokin to the south. Using her connections, Synn sends several humanoid forces with Deimos to the Broken Lands. She also sends one of her shadow elf agents to act as Deimos' general of the goblinoids.

Once in the Broken Lands, the lich uses his magic to create a tower to act as his headquarters while his humanoids roam the area, gathering all the humanoids still alive and hiding on the shadow elves. These goblinoids, still afraid of the shadow elves, are eager to join what appears to be a powerful horde in the making. Deimos calls his base Sable Tower.

Synn herself occasionally visits the Dead Place in Ylaruam to see if her agents there have discovered anything new. Also, to make sure no one can link her to Dolores Hillsbury, she takes on another human form, this time with long blond hair (instead of the dark hair of Dolores), when she visits her followers in other nations. (See Am 13, Ei 9.)

What This Means: As mentioned, with the loss of Jaggar, Synn is losing her political pull as Dolores Hillsbury in Glantri. Since she just has to cause chaos, she has decided to send some of her forces elsewhere to inflict chaos in other lands. Darokin has now become one of her targets.

The shadow elves sent with Deimos will help keep the shadow elves of the city of Aengmor away from the tower, hiding the humanoid forces there from the elves. The civil war brewing in Aengmor also helps. These shadow elf agents were originally spies on Glantri, but came to love the power, magic, and cutthroat politics of the human nation and decided to stay in Glantri rather than return to the City of Stars. Dolores Hillsbury learned of them and hired most of them to work for her. The spies, having been trained by Xatapechtli, were already evil since they are assassins without any compassion for their enemies. They got along rather well with Synn.

Anyone who recognises the names will know that Deimos and the above plot comes from the arcade game "D&D: Tower of Doom." The adventure of the arcade games are rather good and can easily be made into a standard RPG-module type game and even a complete campaign plot. It is my belief that the events of the arcade game take place in the year AC 1015, while those of the follow up game "D&D: Shadow over Mystara" take place in the year AC 1017. The actual details of the plot will be given in the AC 1015 version of the Mystaran Almanacs.

KALDMONT 19, AC 1014: Kin Are Victorious

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The Kin faction breaks into Ylaruam and manages to take over the city. Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim is captured by the Kin faction, as well as several members of the Council of Preceptors.

The Kin declare that the Council of Preceptors will now be replaced with the Council of the Kin, and that the new Sultan of Ylaruam will be Hassan al-Kalim, a true blood descendant of Suleiman al-Kalim (for more information on the two factions and al-Kalim's "bloodline," see GAZ 2: Ylaruam, p.4). (See Ei 1, Ka 15; Ka 21.)

What This Means: The Kin have just taken over Ylaruam. Although most of the Council of Preceptors has been captured, some have escaped, as have the other Preceptors not on the council.

KALDMONT 20, AC 1014: Knights Retreat

Location: Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: Winter finally arrives in the Heldannic Territories, and the Knights are forced to retreat from besieging the city of Hockstein. (See Ei 25, Ka 2.)

What This Means: A part of the rebel's plan was to wait until winter to make their move, as the snow and cold would force besieging enemies to leave or freeze to death. With the departure of the Knights outside the city, the rebels now have the whole winter to rest and recuperate, as well as prepare for the next onslaught come spring.

KALDMONT 21, AC 1014: Sultan Executed

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: After a "trial", Mohammed al-Kalim and the Council of Preceptors are executed for treason against the nation of Ylaruam, having let the foreigners roam freely on sacred and holy ground and corrupt the citizens of Ylaruam.

Foreigners in Ylaruam are also ordered to leave the country on pain of death, and all laws of murder and assault shall no longer apply when inflicted upon an infidel. The Council of the Kin close the borders of Ylaruam to foreign trade. Ylaruam also withdraws from the Western Defence League. (See Ka 15, Ka 19 .)

What This Means: The position of Hassan is now very secure.

The few remaining Preceptors flee to various nomad tribes still loyal to their beliefs. They intend to stay in hiding until the time is right to reclaim their rightful rulership of Ylaruam. Anyone harbouring a Preceptor is considered to be an outlaw under the new Sultan, so the tribes are very careful about this.

As for the foreigners in Ylaruam, it is now acceptable for any Ylari to kill them. The new Sultan has ordered them to leave, and has not given them any time of grace for them to do so. The only ones who will get out without any trouble are the ambassadors in Ylaruam who will be escorted under guard back to the borders.

KALDMONT 22, AC 1014: Elves at War

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: With the propaganda spread by the worshippers of Atzanteotl in Rafielton, many of the elves begin to see Princess Tanadaleyo as a heretic who is turning her back completely on the Way of Rafiel. Tensions rise higher, people accuse each other of being traitors, and then a blow is struck. Soon, the city of Rafielton is at war; shadow elves are fighting shadow elves.

The City of Stars declares war on the rebellious kingdoms of Rafielton and Aengmor, and shadow elf armies begin their march to retake the surface lands from the traitors. (See Sv 12, Ka 8.)

What This Means: The cult of Atzanteotl has started a civil war, and they don't even have to fight (although they are more than likely to get caught in the crossfire). Within a few days, the fighting quickly spreads throughout the Canolbarth Forest as "resistance" groups scatter and hide everywhere, taking up hit and run tactics on "traitors."

Although the original battle was small enough to be contained by the Rafielton military, the cult of Atzanteotl started running around the city, yelling that the military was on one side or another, making them believe that others were being unfairly treated. Before anyone could sort out the truth behind what has happened, it was already too late; fighting broke out throughout the town, and militia groups had taken off into the forest to fight their war.

The actions taken by the City of Stars has more to do with the influence of the shamans of Rafiel than the desires of King Telemon. The King himself cares nothing about the shamans or their way, but he knows that to openly defy them in the City of Stars, where they still have direct control, would be suicidal. Porphyriel doesn't care about the renegade elves and is glad to be rid of them, but there's still the matter of principle behind the revolt, so she uses her influence to force a punishment on the blasphemers.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1014: Day of Dread

Location: Worldwide

Description: On the 28th, Glantri time, the Day of Dread takes place once again. No one has yet been able to solve this problem and eliminate the curse or magical effect that seems to cause the day without magic.

The effects take place an hour earlier for every 15 degrees west of Glantri City, and an hour later for every 15 degrees east of Glantri City. (15 degrees at Glantri's latitude is roughly 800 miles.)