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SVIFTMONT 3, AC 1014: Jaggar Wises Up

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. KW

Description: Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels ends his affair with Dolores Hillsbury and the two seem forever opposed in Council meetings.

What This Means: Two years ago, Prince Malachie brought Jaggar some scales of a dragon and wanted to learn which type of dragon they were. Jaggar has been intrigued because, despite being the master Dracologist, he has never seen that type of scale/dragon before. After a few more talks with Malachie and sending his spies out to discover where the Prince of Morlay-Malinbois found these scales, Jaggar has eventually discovered that Dolores has something to do with them. (Malachie did not tell him directly as he finds it would be more believable if Jaggar finds out for himself.) After examining everything he has done since taking up with Dolores, including supporting Kol and his kobolds over the elves of Erewan, Jaggar becomes dismayed at the fool he had been. He has vowed to destroy Dolores for the chaos she has caused in Glantri, and for the evil he has unknowingly done in her name. But he knows better than to try and confront her directly. As all Princes/mages do in Glantri, he begins to use his influence and political power to destroy her on the political level since a direct confrontation between Princes is not allowed without sufficient cause (personal hatred does not count, nor does not being human, in Glantri).

Also, he has more pressing matters of planning the defence of his nation against Ethengar's invasion, which could come at any time. This is a battle he has been waiting for a long time and he wants to make sure everything is perfect.

SVIFTMONT 4, AC 1014: Thar and Psa'gh Lick Their Wounds

Location: Makkres Mountains, Vestland. KW

Description: Back in the Makkres Mountains, Thar, Psa'gh, and the survivors of their hordes return to Thar's lair and gather what they can in terms of supplies and new recruits. The rag-tag horde then leaves the area and moves south, toward Rockhome. (See Am 5.)

What This Means: Thar and Psa'gh have been soundly beaten by the humans, and they know it. They view that Thar's lair in the Makkres is undefendable with the small number of humanoids they have with them, so they want to move as far away from the humans as they can. The logical choice was toward Rockhome; a large area of the dwarven nation, particularly near three volcanoes, is rather barren of dwarven settlements. The two goblinoid leaders view this as the best place for them to once more gather their forces.

SVIFTMONT 6, AC 1014: Kin Make Their Move

Location: Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The Kin faction publicly declares that the turmoil currently happening in Ylaruam is all because of the Preceptors, their Sultan, and their political method of dealing with foreigners. They make proud speeches about how the true Ylari way and way of al-Kalim is the warrior way, not the way of weakness of the so-called "civilised" people of the rest of the world. They preach out that the brave warriors should help restore the Kin faction to lead Ylaruam, to return the Ylari to the glorious warriors they should be.

The sides are therefore made in the Ylari civil war; the Alasiyani (Preceptors) against the Abbashani (Kin). The other Emirates help neither side officially as the tribes within are more or less evenly split between the two, or just don't want to participate. (See Am 12, Am 20; Sv 19 , Ei 1.)

What This Means: This is the official declaration of war against the sultan by the Kin faction. Although is was tribe against tribe at first, now there are definite sides, and thanks to the news spread around the nation of what has happened in Ylaruam City during the World Games (admittedly mostly exaggerated by the Kin), the Kin faction is receiving enough support to stage their coup.

SVIFTMONT 8, AC 1014: Karameikos Makes an Official Announcement

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. KW

Description: King Stefan once again makes good use of the resources of the Karameikan School of Magecraft by teleporting copies of an official declaration in which he confirms the existence of the Hollow World as per "Claransa's Travels to the Centre of the World", and also reveals the survival of Alphatia in the Hollow World as one of those levitating land masses known as the floating continents. Those copies are sent to rulers, libraries, magicians' guild leaders and public figures in Aengmor, Darokin, Ethengar, the Five Shires, Glantri, the Heldannic Territories, Ierendi, the major towns of Karameikos, Leeha, Minaea, Minrothad, the many nations of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire, Ne'er-do-well, Ochalea, Ostland, the Pearl Islands, Rockhome, Serraine (courtesy of Master Terari), Soderfjord, Thyatis and its colonies on the Isle of Dawn and Aegos, Vestland, Wendar, and Ylaruam.

Stefan also announces that another expedition will be sent to the Hollow World next year. (See Fy 11, Fy 19; Sv 8 , Sv 9.)

SVIFTMONT 8, AC 1014: The NACE Makes an Official Announcement

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: The Council also makes an official declaration in which it confirms the truth of the Karameikan statement, reaffirming the existence of the Hollow World, and the survival of Alphatia ruled by Her Imperial Majesty Eriadna; it also reaffirms that the New Alphatian Confederate Empire is part of Alphatia and is ruled by the Council in Empress Eriadna's name.

The Council also states that the region claimed by the NACE that leads to the north pole, from Alpha to Faraway via Qeodhar, including the waters between those places, are restricted to the sole use of the Confederation. Nations or individuals that wish to use that route to the Hollow World must first petition the Council, or find another route. (See Fy 11, Fy 19 , Sv 8; Sv 9.)

What This Means: This declaration and that from Karameikos were written in common during the last weeks, and the destinations of the teleported copies carefully chosen. Karameikos has already been assured that it has permission to sail through Alphatian territory to reach the Hollow World. The fact that the path to the northern pole is under Alphatian control is more a wish than a fact: The confederate navy cannot patrol the seas enough to prevent isolated ships from going through (it already has difficulties preventing Minaean pirate raids), although whole fleets will never be allowed to pass; in fact, Baron Norlan will profit from it by allowing illegal ships to sail to the north in return for a small bribe.

Minrothad sees this as a further ground for reopening the pit of Aegos, since the Alphatians will need a way to trade between the two worlds, and, unless they find another route, the pit can become very profitable.

On the other hand, this is bad news for Thyatis, since it puts an end to their dreams of conquest of the Hollow World. The pit of Aegos has lost most of its interest, since it is now clear that it couldn't be used to send enough Thyatian legions; it would only benefit Alphatia.

The Heldannic Knights already knew of the situation in the Hollow World, and have realised it is lost to the Alphatians. They have long tried to keep its existence a secret, but now it is no more that important to them. They laugh at the declaration of the NACE stating that the easiest route to the north pole is restricted, since they are sure they can force their way through if they wish - at least once they will have dealt with this insurrection at home. Moreover, they know of other routes, and prefer to use the southern pole by using their base at Green Bay.

The shadow elves have too many internal problems to deal with to fully realise the importance of this declaration; when they realise it, however, will they understand that their underground route to the Schattenalfen caverns may be even more valuable than they first thought.

SVIFTMONT 9, AC 1014: Norlan Is Furious

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: An infuriated Baron Norlan, who has just learned of the existence of the Hollow World and Alphatia, is teleported by his pet mage to the Parliament on Ionace. He yells in the corridors of the building, requesting explanations from his peers. He eventually meets Queen Gratia of Surshield, who yells at him in return. When Norlan agrees to calm down and hear her explanations, she tells him that the Council already knew it all when the Confederation was created, and that every ruler adhering to the NACE was informed of it during his first meeting at the Council. It is his fault if he never learned it, since he never attended a single Council session or even sent a representative. (See Fy 11, Fy 19, Sv 8, Sv 8.)

What This Means: Norlan still believes the Council voluntarily hid the information from him because they dislike him and want his fall. He decides to send a representant to the Council just in case, but assumes the better way to learn what the Council wants to keep away from him is by sending agents from his Special Force to do some spying. Also, it won't be long before he understands where Mariella went; now that he knows that Alphatia still exists somewhere, she has once again become important to him.

SVIFTMONT 10, AC 1014: Torolai discover Dogrel

Location: Dogrel, northwest of Kogolor lands. HW

Description: Scouts of the Torolai discover the town of Dogrel (unimaginatively named after himself), located in the valley along the Great Mud River. They return to report to Zorok, their chieftain. (See Sv 14, Sv 20 .)

What This Means: King Dogrel of the Alphatia Neatharum started his own community last year without any of the Imperial laws forbidding slavery of the Neathar. With the discovery of a silver mine in the nearby mountains, Dogrel ordered his loyal men to capture even more slaves and have them dig up the rich resource.

Zorok, chieftain of the nearby Torolai tribe, noticed the disappearance of his people and sent his best scouts out to see what was going on.

SVIFTMONT 12, AC 1014: Shadow Elves Try For Peace Again

Location: Rafielton, Nation of Aengmor. KW

Description: Princess Tanadaleyo of Rafielton again invites the former elves of Alfheim over to discuss peace and help save the forest. She states that the attempted assassination was not at all sanctioned by her, and that they are still looking for the individual shadow elf who fired the first arrow so he can receive proper punishment. She claims that elf must have been one of the discontent of her nation who are paranoid of the surface elves, just as the Alfheim Avengers who have been constantly raiding them the past year or so are paranoid of shadow elves. Tanadaleyo wishes to prove that only a minority, on BOTH sides, wishes for war, while most want to live together in peace.

Unfortunately, after the last incident, the former elves of Alfheim are rather insecure about returning to the land of their enemies. A few of the more adventurous ones do go back, but they are always on the edge, expecting a trap, and discussions go very slowly. (See Ya 19, Am 22; Ka 8, Ka 22 .)

What This Means: Princess Tanadaleyo's statement is more or less true. Although she has no love for the former elves of Alfheim and couldn't care less what they do, she does need them. First, they have the magic necessary to save the Canolbarth forest, which she and her people have come to see as theirs, especially since they are the ones who caused its present state of near-destruction.

Even more important now, she needs them for the influence they can have on the shadow elves of Rafielton. She has noticed the steady entrance of worshippers of Atzanteotl into her nation from the city of Aengmor and believes it to be rather dangerous. Her own spies report that the Atzanteotl elves are preparing a rebellion against the shamans of Rafiel, although they have no idea how they are planning to do it. Although Tanadaleyo herself dislikes the shamans and wants to get rid of them, she would rather keep the power for herself rather than simply replacing the control of the shamans of Rafiel with the control of the shamans of Atzanteotl. That is why she would like her people to see the way of the elves of Alfheim as there was no religious control in their nation. Admittedly, the priests/Tree Keepers of Ilsundal were respected, but they did not have the political power shamans have in the shadow elf lands (more accurately, they did have the power, just rarely used it beyond advising the Clan Leaders, but the shadow elves don't know that). She would therefore rather see her elves become more like the surface elves than those of the city of Aengmor.

SVIFTMONT 14, AC 1014: Zorok's Scouts Return

Location: Torolai lands, Neathar Lands. HW

Description: Chief Zorok hears about his people been held as slaves by Alphatians. He declares that the Torolai will once more war on the Alphatians and sends messengers out to the other tribal chieftains to inform them what is going on. (See Sv 10; Sv 20, Sv 28 .)

What This Means: Zorok has never liked the Alphatians and believes that the Empire merely declared peace so it could continue with its hidden agenda. He has always believed that they were too imperialistic and ambitious, and now he has been proven right.

Zorok intents to rid Neathar of the Alphatians once and for all, starting with the new town of Dogrel. If he were to learn that Dogrel was acting on his own, he would probably not believe it.

SVIFTMONT 19, AC 1014: Defence League Wants to Help

Location: Ylaruam City, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The ambassadors of the Western Defence League in Ylaruam inform the Sultan that they are willing to send him, the rightful ruler of Ylaruam, troops to help stop the rebellion. Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim refuses their aid as to bring in more infidels to help him will only make matters worse in the eyes of his people. (See Am 20, Sv 6; Ei 1, Ka 15.)

SVIFTMONT 20, AC 1014: Neathar Leave Haldemar

Location: Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum, Alphatia. HW

Description: Many of the Neathar living in and around Haldemar slowly start to leave the area. (See Sv 10, Sv 14; Sv 28 , Ei 14.)

What This Means: Zorok has been spreading the news about the enslavement of the other Neathar back in Dogrel, and the Neathar are losing their trust in the Alphatians. They are leaving Haldemar now while they still have a chance.

Dogrel notices the mass departures, but cannot do anything without arousing the suspicions of Empress Eriadna.

SVIFTMONT 25, AC 1014: A Plague on Isla del Cayo

Location: Isla del Cayo, Baronía de Gargoña. SC

Description: A dreaded disease breaks loose on la Isla del Cayo, killing the isolated Afflicted which live there. When word spreads throughout the Baronies, most people begin to shun and fear the afflicted even more, believing that they are carriers of this deadly plague. Rumours also begin to circulate that maybe this is another side-effect of the Legacies; since they have only been around for a few years now (or at least widespread for a few years), no one really knows what the long term effects are.

What This Means: This is just a disease which happened to affect the Afflicted living on the island, and nothing more. It's a sad case where people's fears are turning things much worse than what they really are.

SVIFTMONT 28, AC 1014: Dogrel Raided

Location: Town of Dogrel, Northwest of Kogolor lands. HW

Description: Zorok and the Torolai, along with a few other nearby minor Neathar tribes, lead a raid against the town of Dogrel, freeing several of the slaves forced to work in the mines. (See Sv 14, Sv 20; Ei 14, Ei 16 .)

What This Means: King Dogrel sends more troops over to Dogrel, but cannot send too many without drawing Imperial attention to his actions. The Neathar will continue to harass this outpost for the next several weeks.