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AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1014: Disaster at Bangore

Location: Bangore, Mumlyket of Jalawar, Sind. KW

Description: Hool's forces, after a long and dangerous trek to the Atruaghin Plateau, decide to send a raid against the village of Bangore. To their surprise, a large portion of the Mumlyket of Jalawar is there. They are routed, and retreat back to the plateau, only to meet with forces from Shajarkand as well. Hool's expedition is nearly devastated, and sent into total retreat. (See Kl 22, Fe 17.)

What This Means: Hool had thought the Sindhi off guard, as it had been a while since they had been heard from, so he allowed the raid on Bangore. Much to his dismay, the Sindhi were prepared, and struck him a mighty blow. It will be months before Hool and Nizam can bring their forces back together to continue the Great Migration to Atruaghin territory.

AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1014: Humans Counter-attack

Location: Landersfjord, Vestland. KW

Description: The forces of Ragnar attack the orcs of Thar and the kobolds of Psa'gh, catching them by surprise as they had believed that the humans of Soderfjord would not have sent large forces into Vestland. The battle becomes a stalemate as the effects of the surprise are just not enough to overcome the huge number of goblinoids involved. . (See Fy 21, Fy 25; Am 5.)

AMBYRMONT 2, AC 1014: New Way of Rafiel

Location: City of Aengmor, Broken Lands. KW

Description: General Garafaele Galeifel and the royal wizard Kanafasti announce that the Way of Rafiel will be changed within the city of Aengmor. The most important changes relate to the abandonment of deformed children and the forceful exile of the Wanderers; these practices will no longer be performed within the city of Aengmor as they are no longer needed to ensure the survival of the race that has now reclaimed the right to live on the surfaced world.

This presents various rumours in the streets of Aengmor and although there is no open confrontations, it is obvious that not everyone agrees with the new rules. (See Fy 2, Fy 5; Am 14 , Am 22.)

What This Means: Kanafasti would have loved to wait a bit longer before declaring such a ruling, but he is to become a Wanderer himself in a matter of days. Using the friendship and trust of Garafaele that he has earned by teaching the General magic (see GAZ 13: The Shadow Elves), they declare the new rule as law within Aengmor.

The shamans of the City of Stars make an official complaint to King Telemon about the blasphemy of the Radiant General, but Telemon says that he wants to wait and see what will happen. Porphyriel, the head shaman, truly does not care if those on the surface leave, as they have been causing her trouble for a while now. But she must put up a show of concern to prevent others in the City of Stars to decide that it's all right and leave as well.

The whole idea itself sprang up from none other than Xatapechtli. Using his friendship with Kanafasti, he managed to convince the mage that it would be a good thing to do for the shadow elves and especially the Wanderers. Kanafasti has no idea that he is also helping spread the plans of Atzanteotl.

AMBYRMONT 3, AC 1014: The Road to Nithia

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: Synn's agents hire a guide and porters to bring them to the fabled Dead Place in the Emirate of Nithia. (See Fe 15, Fy 22; Am 13, Ei 9 .)

AMBYRMONT 3, AC 1014: Unexpected Visitor

Location: C'Kag, Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: General Tlatepetl, in his fortress of C'Kag, receives an unexpected visit today from Khordarg. The red dragon is mildly surprised to see Tlatepetl is now running things, rather than the trolls. After some discussion, she offers him the same deal she offered them - serve her, or burn. He opts for the former course of action. (See Fy 2, Fy 17 ; Am 6.)

What This Means: General Tlatepetl has just met the true mastermind behind the troll's dominance in Orcland. Khordarg had been guiding them to take over the Orclands for years, but Tlatepetl and his allies managed to destroy trollish opposition last year, while Khordarg slept. She doesn't really care who works for her, so she lets Tlatepetl remain. If anything, she is pleased at the change of command, for she foresees a day when her (competent) new servants can form a force to march on the ruins of Jhyrrad, in Rockhome, where one of her dire foes, a red dragon named Ambur, lives (see Dragon #171). Tlatepetl, also, sees possibilities in this relationship.

AMBYRMONT 4, AC 1014: Treachery Revealed

Location: Ethengar. KW

Description: While escaping from the camp of Oktai Khan (whose assassins attempted to kill them), agents of Moglai Khan intercept a messenger bound for the orc keep of Dast. He carries a message for Moghul-Khan, promising the yellow orc great wealth if he will send his humanoid forces to attack the Yakka Clan. They quickly return to the Golden Court with evidence of Oktai's treachery.

Moglai also manages to catch Oktai Khan's messengers to his Glantrian allies (Prince Jherek, at least who he thinks is his ally; the Prince simply uses him as a pawn) asking for help in return for all the information and secrets Oktai has revealed to the Glantrian over the years.

With that, Moglai Khan moves the Keshak (Ethengarian equivalent of Royal Army) and the Murkit warriors after the traitorous Khan. Oktai's tribe, the Taijit, defend their Khan. (See Fy 26; Am 8, Am 9 .)

What This Means: This continues the Golden Khan's plot to eliminate his rival among the Khans (Oktai).

AMBYRMONT 5, AC 1014: Unrest in Ylaruam

Location: Village near Sulba, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: A village not far from Sulba is raided today, and nearly burned to the ground. Troops from Sulba don't arrive in time to save any of the inhabitants. Among the dead are the bodies of four Thyatian soldiers, apparently slain in the fighting. Word is immediately sent to the Sultan of a possible subversive Thyatian presence. (See Fe 5 .)

What This Means: Mokamet-Qadi has been roaming and making a nuisance of himself these past months. With the aid of the Thyatians, he has managed to skilfully ravage a number of villages, slaying everyone not fit to serve as a slave (who are then sent off to Thyatian slave markets). He finally decided that he didn't need the humans any longer, and had them killed.

The major consequence of this is to put the Kin faction even further up in arms over the presence of dangerous foreigners in Ylaruam.

AMBYRMONT 5, AC 1014: Thar and Psa'gh Defeated

Location: Landersfjord, Vestland. KW

Description: The armies of Thar and Psa'gh are crushed by the human forces of Soderfjord and Vestland after a huge battle in a deep valley within the hills around the town of Landersfjord. The fates of Thar and Psa'gh remain unknown to the human victors. (See Fy 25, Am 1; Sv 4 .)

What This Means: The humanoid forces of the Northern Reaches have just been dealt a crippling blow. After this, they should no longer be much of a threat to the Norsemen. After several days of skirmishing and minor battles with Ragnar and the men of Soderfjord, the goblinoids were unfortunate to back off into a valley which was suddenly blocked off at the other end by the forces of Vestland. The goblinoids were crushed in between without any place to escape in large numbers.

Ragnar returns victorious to his people, having regained most, but not all, of his prestige of being a great warrior and King.

AMBYRMONT 6, AC 1014: Alebane Returns Home

Location: Xorg, Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: Alebane turns back towards the orc keep of Xorg, not even halfway to Fort Hobart. Darokin troops have been whittling away his forces for the past few days, and he has not been able to do much in exchange. Rather than face the entire Second Army of Darokin with his pitiful band, he turns tail and settles in for a long winter. (See Fy 20, Am 3.)

What This Means: Alebane's strong will has won out over the Huptzeen - this time. He realises what a foolish move he nearly made, but he is getting weaker. Darokin is coming increasingly to the realisation that the Orclands may be a problem.

AMBYRMONT 8, AC 1014: Oktai Khan Meets his Fate

Location: Ethengar. KW

Description: Oktai's tribe, the Taijit, defended their Khan at first, but when they learn that he was a traitor, conspiring with both Glantri and goblinoids, they desert him. Oktai Khan is eventually captured, and beheaded by the Golden Khan. (See Fy 26, Am 4; Am 9 .)

What This Means: The Golden Khan has just eliminated one of his rivals among the Khans (Oktai). This helps him regain more control and prestige, which has been slowly slipping away the past few years.

AMBYRMONT 9, AC 1014: War Declared

Location: Ethengar. KW

Description: Moglai Khan declares that the Glantrians have caused much trouble between them and the now submissive Heldannic Knights (or so he keeps telling his warriors), hoping to get them to waste time fighting between them. They nearly succeeded because of the traitor, Oktai Khan. But now the Ethengar warriors are aware of the treachery, and they shall have their revenge. Moglai Khan promises that Glantri's time is nearing it's end as it shall be the first to fall to the glorious Ethengar Empire that shall be formed. (See Am 4, Am 8.)

What This Means: By declaring that the Ethengar hordes will ride again to war, against their hated enemy Glantri at that, Moglai is taking care of the morale problems brought up by the truce made with the Heldannic Knights. Now, instead of fighting each other or complaining about Moglai's rule, they are preparing themselves for another war. Moglai begins the planning of the battle he expects to start next year.

The Glantrian spies in Ethengar manage to learn of the plan and warn the Council of Princes about the upcoming invasion. It seems that their plan has backfired dramatically and now they'll have to pay the price for their meddling.

This is the follow up and conclusion to the above mentioned adventure presented in the Ethengar GAZ.

AMBYRMONT 9, AC 1014: Sultan Overworked

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The Sultan of Ylaruam is flooded with complaints from many discontent Ylari who are upset and complaining about the ways that the infidel foreigners have been treating them and behave the past couple of weeks during the World Games.

Then, word starts spreading on the streets that the Sultan is no longer fit to rule. And many begin to agree with it, not wanting to see foreigners in their land again and believing that the Sultan's attitude at making peace with the infidels is wrong. (See Kl 15, Kl 26, Fy 15 ; Am 12, Am 20.)

What This Means: This is the work of the Kin faction, seeing the best chance they have ever had at gaining control of the throne of Ylaruam. It seems that the Ylari, although peaceful and respectful, were just not ready to handle so many foreigners and cultures all at once.

AMBYRMONT 12, AC 1014: Sultan's Response

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The more vocal of those upset with Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim are arrested and trailed for treason, with some executed that same day.

Many of the relatives of those executed become even more upset at the Sultan, and vow to avenge their dead. (See Kl 26 , Fy 15, Am 9; Am 20, Sv 6.)

AMBYRMONT 13, AC 1014: Synn's Agents Arrive at Nithia

Location: Emirate of Nithia, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: Synn's agents in Ylaruam arrive in the Emirate of Nithia and begin searching the area that is supposed to contain the Dead Place. Unfortunately for them, it is currently covered in sand and will be rather hard to find. (See Fy 22, Am 3; Ei 9 , Ka 17.)

AMBYRMONT 14, AC 1014: Shadow Elven Crisis of Faith

Location: City of Aengmor, Broken Lands

Description: Tensions begin to mount in the city of Aengmor as the shadow elves begin to polarise in opinion on whether or not to support the new Way of Rafiel or return to the old one.

General Garafaele puts his foot down and does not allow any fighting to occur, giving harsh discipline to elves of either opinion who start being too violent or forceful about their thoughts.

Also, officials from the City of Stars begin demanding that Garafaele return to the proper worship of Rafiel before actions are taken to relieve him of his duties. (See Fy 2, Am 2; Am 22 .)

What This Means: The cult of Atzanteotl is stirring up the trouble. They hope that they can get the elves of Rafiel to fight each other until they are sick altogether of Rafiel, no matter which way you worship him. That's when it will be easy for Atzanteotl to move in and gather even more worshippers.

AMBYRMONT 18, AC 1014: Rampaging Spiders

Location: West Portage, Isle of Dawn, Empire of Thyatis. KW

Description: A few survivors of a massacred Thyatian colony on the Thothian Plateau (Great Escarpment) on the Isle of Dawn make it back to West Portage. They claim their village was attacked and destroyed by huge spiders.

The Thyatian military refuses to involve itself as the Thothian Plateau and its inhabitants are the responsibility of Thothia as detailed in the Isle of Dawn Treaty (Klarmont 13, AC 1012; PWA3). Needless to say, the Thyatians colonists are not to pleased with their own people and former government. Still, adventurers go in on their own to see what happened. When word reaches Thothia a few days later, the Pharaoh sends in military patrols to see what is going on.

What This Means: The colony was attacked and wiped out by the residents of the plateau: aranea. The aranea used to worship Arachne Prime, and had an evil culture based on the beliefs of this Immortal of Entropy. However, Arachne Prime was defeated by adventurers a couple of decades ago and the aranea have since been on their own. Despite losing several of their number to a war with phanaton and other forest creatures, the culture of evil aranea survived, and they have decided that they have taken enough trespassing on their territory of the Great Escarpment. (The aranea, phanaton, and Arachne Prime are all detailed in the D&D adventure module M5 Talons of Night, and probably took place during the years AC 990-1000). Regardless, there is a culture of evil aranea on the Great Escarpment, and they are now attacking the "invading" Thyatian colonists.

A note to DMs: The aranea of the Known World are not like those on the Savage Coast. First of all, they are more evil (mainly because of their religion) instead of neutral. Secondly, and most importantly, they do not seem to have the ability to shape-change as their Savage Coast relatives can.

AMBYRMONT 20, AC 1014: Blood Feuds Erupt

Location: Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: Two tribes of nomads in Ylari clash over their opinions about foreigners and the Sultan, and the battle turns deadly and bloody. Within days, many other tribes take up arms, and it seems that Ylaruam has fallen into an unofficial civil war (since no one has yet tried to overthrow the Sultan; they're fighting over difference in opinions).

Besides fighting themselves, many also target the foreigners still in Ylaruam, blaming them for all the trouble that is now happening in their nation. (See Am 9, Am 12; Sv 6 .)

What This Means: This is exactly the effect the Kin faction has been trying to get. It is also a dangerous time for any foreigners still in Ylaruam, especially mages and elves.

Another minor influence in the events are the Thyatian spies. Seeing trouble on the way, Thyatis would love nothing better than to have Ylaruam fall into a civil war, keeping their warriors busy and preventing them from raiding the Thyatian mainland. They start doing what they can to promote the fighting without drawing any attention that Thyatis is even involved.

AMBYRMONT 21, AC 1014: Helskir Contacts the NACE

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: Messengers from King Eruul Zaar and Queen Asteriela Torion of Helskir ask for an audience between the Alphatian Council and their King and Queen. A meeting is called for the following day. (See Ya 23, Fy 26 ; Am 22, Ei 12.)

AMBYRMONT 22, AC 1014: Helskir Meets the Council

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: King Eruul Zaar and Queen Asteriela Torion teleport to the Parliament on Ionace, where they meet with the kings of the Alphatian Confederacy. Queen Asteriela first informs the Council that she knows about the survival of Alphatia and Empress Eriadna within the Hollow World - the crew of the Flying Fish told her so four years ago - , so they can discuss freely about the future of the region. She tells that now that Zandor has been deposed, the situation may only better - but unfortunately Helskir has agreed to become part of the Thyatian Empire before the event happened, and cannot leave it for the NACE without provoking her brother's wrath and destabilising the relative stability on the Isle of Dawn. However, Helskir has kept its status of Kingdom and as such can establish diplomatic ties with the Confederacy. This would provide a means of communication between the two empires, and maybe preventing tensions or even wars. The Council agrees to open up diplomatic ties with Helskir. (See Fy 26, Am 21; Ei 12.)

AMBYRMONT 22, AC 1014: Unrest in Aengmor

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: The tension in the City of Aengmor soon spreads to Rafielton. Before long, the shadow elves of the Canolbarth Forest are also into the debate. (Am 2, Am 14; Sv 12.)

What This Means: This is just a logical progression of the religious upheaval throughout the realms of the shadow elves. Of course, it doesn't help that the cult of Atzanteotl is also helping to spread the tension and disorder.