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EIRMONT 1, AC 1014: Sandstorm

Location: Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: A significant portion of both the Kin and Preceptor factions' armies are wiped out on the battlefield by a sandstorm. (See Sv 6, Sv 9; Ka 15, Ka 19.)

What This Means: This is just bad luck for both sides of the war. The sandstorm is completely natural, and just happened to strike on the battlefield of the two groups. Although the number of casualties are roughly equal on both sides, the Preceptors have just lost their best leaders in the storm.

EIRMONT 5, AC 1014: Dwarves in Aegos

Location: Stronghold, Fortress Island, Minrothad. KW

Description: Guild leader Oran Meditor, seeing great trade opportunities to come in Aegos, solicits help from the dwarves of Fortress Island to help in the redigging of the pit. Some dwarves accept the challenge.

What This Means: Human engineers have been unable to reopen the pit, their work hampered by the occasional earthquakes that occur irregularly in the region. Oran Meditor reasoned that dwarves would be better at this task, because evidences have been discovered that the Alphatians had used dwarven workers (this is true, but only partially, since gnomes from Serraine also participated in the works alongside dwarves from Denwarf-Hurgon).

EIRMONT 7, AC 1014: Dissent Among the Warriors

Location: Sind. KW

Description: Tension begins to grow among the Freedom Warriors. Many of the units not directly under Anand or Sitara's command start to ignore her suggestions or plans. This begins to cause loses in various strikes that should have been easy victories. (See Kl 5, Fe 6.)

What This Means: The underground movement of Sind had been started by the Rishiyas. They have been wanting to get rid of the Prophet of Gareth for some time now, but since she has been helping their movement so well, they decided to leave things alone for a while. In fact, this has helped them out tremendously, as Sitara and Anand have done amazing feats for the rebel movement. But now the common people are beginning to associate the Freedom Warriors with Gareth, and this is beginning to scare the Rishiyas once more. The occasional rumour that Sitara is the mortal incarnation of Himayeti has struck an even bigger nerve to the priests of the traditional cleric caste. They are beginning to fear that the Immortals will take offence at such blasphemy and curse them to fail at freeing their nation if they allow it to continue.

But the Prophet is too much of a hero now, so they cannot simply eliminate her. The Rishiyas are taking an indirect route by ignoring her plans and suggestions, hoping that the people notice the Freedom Warriors make mistakes and blame it on their "leader", the Prophet of Gareth.

None of them seem to think of the possible result of losing Sind to Hule by destroying their own resistance movement themselves with such internal conflicts.

EIRMONT 9, AC 1014: Saved by Orcs

Location: Sandros Valley, Black Mountains. SC

Description: Stephan Karvich, the exiled regent of Nova Svoga, and his group are attacked by hobgoblins in the Sandros Valley. The outnumbered humans are about to be slaughtered by the goblinoids when they receive unexpected help by a group of orcs.

Once the hobgoblins are defeated, the men of Nova Svoga prepare to defend Anya from the orcs, but they are taken by surprise when one of them speaks Thyatian Common. He introduces himself as Thurgg, leader of the Dark Fangs, and welcomes them to their village but a few days away. After a bit of unease, Stephan Karvich accepts the offer and they start marching to their village. (See Ei 15.)

What This Means: Stephan Karvich and his group have been hiding within the valleys of the Black Mountains since the summer of AC 1012. With him, he has Anya, the nine-year-old heir to the throne and only remaining member of the margrave's family. He intends to keep her alive and safe from the orcs no matter what as she is their only legitimate claim on the lands of Nova Svoga.

EIRMONT 9, AC 1014: Dead Place Discovered

Location: Emirate of Nithia, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The Glantrian agents of Synn discover the obsidian dome that covers the portals of the Dead Place. They kill their guides to prevent them from telling anyone else that they have found it, then begin to dig up the huge obsidian bowl so they can examine it further.

The leader of the group teleports back to Glantri to inform Dolores (Synn) of their discovery and to gather more servants to help in the digging (probably goblinoids). (See Am 3, Am 13; Ka 17 .)

What This Means: Synn has now found a place of great magic and is rather interested in seeing what she can learn from it. It will be some time before her agents can dig up the depression, as they fear using magic too close to such a magical place, which could have disastrous consequences.

EIRMONT 12, AC 1014: Dunadale Contacts the NACE

Location: Province of Dunadale, Isle of Dawn. KW

Description: The Thyatian Province of Dunadale, whose citizens are mostly of Alphatian descent, declares it will open up diplomatic ties with the New Alphatian Confederate Empire, like Helskir did the previous month. (See Am 21, Am 22 .)

What This Means: The Thyatian governor of the province did this to please his citizens, as he was fearing an uprising. He hopes this won't upset Emperor Eusebius.

EIRMONT 14, AC 1014: Haldemar Attacked

Location: Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum, Alphatia. HW

Description: A large band of dinosaur riding Neathar attack the town of Haldemar, destroying the houses and causing as much damage as they can. One group is sent to destroy as many of the docked skyships as they can.

After much destruction from this unexpected attack from the inside, the Alphatians manage to chase the Neathar away. (See Sv 20, Sv 28 ; Ei 16.)

EIRMONT 15, AC 1014: Allies Are Made

Location: Dark Fang village, Black Mountains. SC

Description: After staying with the orcs for a few days, Stephan Karvich has come to trust Thurgg as an ally. He still mistrusts the other orcs, but Thurgg tells them they are still in the process of change and says to give them time.. they are not used to helping others, especially not humans.

Thurgg teaches the regent and the young Anya about the philosophies of Gareth, hoping to spread his wisdom to the humans of the City-States. (See Ei 9.)

What This Means: When Stephan Karvich will be ready to reclaim Nova Svoga from the Huleans, it seems he will have orcs to help him. This could be a great surprise against the forces of Hule, since they believe that all the orcs in the area work for them.

EIRMONT 16, AC 1014: Empress Demands to Know What Happened

Location: New City, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: In an audience with Empress Eriadna, King Dogrel must explain what happened down in Haldemar and why the Neathar attacked. Dogrel claims to have no knowledge of what is going on. Eriadna sends down several ambassadors to find and talk with the chieftains, as she did a couple of years ago. (See Sv 28, Ei 14 .)

What This Means: The Empire is now taking a closer look at what is happening to the Neathar, limiting Dogrel's choice of actions. Dogrel begins to panic, and starts planing an escape route in case something goes wrong.

EIRMONT 23, AC 1014: Revolt in Hockstein

Location: Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: The commoners of the Heldann Freeholds start a massive riot/rebellion in the city of Hockstein. Unlike other revolts, this one is well led, planned, and funded (by the gold stolen several months ago). Geoffrey of Grunturm has been in the city for a while, making the plans and providing magical support to the revolt. (See Ya 14, Fe 7; Ei 28, Ka 20.)

What This Means: There is no hidden meaning here. The people of the Heldannic Territories are once again trying to free their land of the rulership of the Heldannic Knights. This time, the revolt has been well planned, and the Knights are lacking in their magical (clerical) support they normally have, giving the rebels the best chance they have had in decades.

EIRMONT 28, AC 1014: Hockstein Captured

Location: Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: After a few days of fighting with the garrisons of Knights present in Hockstein, the peasants manage to take over the city while the Knights barricade themselves in the central keep. By this stage, most of the commoners of the city have joined sides with the rebellion seeing that there is actually the chance that they might win.

Geoffrey immediately sets men to watch the city walls, now heavily fortified thanks to the rulership of the Knights for the past several decades. He prepares plans for surviving the siege that is sure to follow by the reinforcements sent by Freiburg. (See Fe 7 , Ei 23; Ka 2, Ka 20.)