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FYRMONT 2, AC 1014: Earthquake!

Location: Darokin, Glantri, and Ethengar. KW

Description: Earthquakes shake northern Darokin and southern Glantri, as well as western Ethengar. (See Ya 20; Fy 5, Am 2 .)

What This Means: The Wanderers and the worshippers of Atzanteotl have accomplished their goal: raise Aengmor to the surface (although the Wanderers are unaware that the worshippers of Atzanteotl wanted the same result). The effect of the sunlight of the surface is to destroy the soul crystals of the shamans of Rafiel, therefore weakening their control over the city of Aengmor.

Another ramification is to the humanoids of the Broken Lands. The shadow elven military immediately gets to work at purging them from the area. Many flee to the Great Crater and join Kol's forces, while other head to the Makkres Mountains where Thar is rumoured to be forming a new kingdom (or so say his messengers). Some stay behind to join a couple of brave humanoid leaders who plan on driving the shadow elves out of their lands. Unfortunately for those planning on eliminating the shadow elves, they are badly trained, equipped, and led, and suffer almost total destruction clashing with the shadow elves. Still, despite their best efforts, the shadow elves cannot possibly hope to clear the entire Broken Lands. They settle for keeping a good 50 miles radius around their city as clear as possible.

FYRMONT 2, AC 1014: Earthquake Scares Orcs

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: Earthquakes in northeastern Darokin cause panic among the orcs of Grukk and C'Kag. Humans are suspected of causing the tremors, and Hutai-Khan prepares a retaliatory strike, against the counsel of General Tlatepetl. (See Kl 5; Fy 5, Fy 20 .)

What This Means: Hutai-Khan is quick to strike at this perceived threat. Tlatepetl would rather investigate further before committing himself. He sends his agents out to look into the matter and report back to him.

FYRMONT 2, AC 1014: Dragonstrike

Location: Ethengar. KW

Description: In southern Ethengar, a small clan is destroyed by the sudden and violent attack of a red dragon. The family was just recovering from the massive earthquake, when the dragon came from the south and torched them, then dined on the remains. (See Fy 17, Am 3.)

What This Means: The earthquakes in the Orclands led to the awakening of a red dragon, named Khordarg (see module O2- Blade of Vengeance). She was prematurely awakened from her slumber (she was in the middle of her 4th cycle of the Ceremony of Sublimation- see Dragon #171), and is very angry, on top of being just plain hungry. For the next several weeks, she will be a menace in southern Ethengar, and northern Darokin and Aengmor.

FYRMONT 4, AC 1014: Waterspout Resupplies at Minrothad

Location: City of Minrothad, Minrothad. KW

Description: The Waterspout docks at Minrothad to resupply after the long journey through the Sea of Dread. (See Fe 2, Fe 4; Fy 9, Fy 11.)

FYRMONT 5, AC 1014: Truth Revealed

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: Adventurers and merchants coming out of the Broken Lands report the source of the trembling of a few days ago: A city has risen out of the depths of the Broken Lands. These reports are later confirmed by the shadow elves.

Princess Tanadaleyo of Rafielton announces to diplomats of the DDC that the shadow elves have risen their sacred city of Aengmor to the surface of the Broken Lands from where it sank to several centuries ago. She states that the ruler of the city will be General Garafaele Galeifel, ruling in the name of King Telemon of the City of Stars. (See Ya 20, Fy 2; Am 2 , Am 14.)

What This Means: Many nations of the world begin to worry about this constant move and take-over by the shadow elves. The Western Defence League agrees that their main concern now is more the shadow elves than the Empire of Thyatis, as the shadow elves have both taken over the Broken Lands and used evidently powerful magic to raise a city from the depths of Mystara to the surface, a city which could easily be used as a base to invade anywhere else around. Although no one declares war on the shadow elves or accuses them of hostilities, everyone decides to wait and see what these elves will do with their new surface city, all the while preparing their defences.

The decision isn't made easily as two forces lobby for action against the shadow elves, notably the former elves of Alfheim (thanks to the Alfheim Avengers) and the dwarves of Rockhome, yelling out to everyone that they are about to invade all of Mystara as they predicted before.

The dwarves are surprised that their only allies in this seem to be elves. Will Kagyar's wonders never cease?!?!

FYRMONT 5, AC 1014: Orcs Find Oenkmar

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: Xoteczuma, a wokan in the service of Tlatepetl, returns today with news that the earthquake was caused by the shadow elves, and that Oenkmar (which the shadow elves call Aengmor) has been returned to the surface. Tlatepetl informs his allies, and ponders over the meaning of this event. (See Kl 5, Fy 2; Fy 20 , Am 3.)

What This Means: Tlatepetl is intrigued. He has often dreamed of returning to take Oenkmar, since the Shadow Elves kicked him out in AC 1012; now that they raised it to the surface, his job will be even easier. He informed the other humanoid leaders mainly to forestall Hutai-Khan's planned attack against the humans - Tlatepetl doesn't want the Orclands to come under too much scrutiny until he is ready.

FYRMONT 6, AC 1014: Kobolds on the Move

Location: Northern Reaches. KW

Description: Psa'gh's horde of kobolds reaches the Soderfjord - Rockhome - Vestland border. They continue on into Vestland.

Meanwhile, the scouts left behind by Ragnar send a messenger back to the King to inform him what the kobolds have been up to. They have been following the kobolds for the past few days since they entered Soderfjord and followed the Rockhome border for the past week or so. (See Fe 17, Fe 24 ; Fy 8, Fy 10, Fy 20, Fy 21.)

What This Means: Although he declared the war won to try and regain his face with the Jarls, Ragnar still believes that the kobolds will come back. He did not crush them, and merely forced them to flee. Ragnar intends to keep a close eye on them for as long as he can. He orders his scouts to follow the kobolds into the nation of Vestland.

FYRMONT 8, AC 1014: Lothar Discovered

Location: Lothar, Nithia, Straight of Lothar. HW

Description: A small Milenian military patrol, returning from a raid into Jennite territory and from spying on the civil war back in Nithia, discovers the town of Lothar. They immediately head back to Milenia to inform their leaders, with units of Nithians in pursuit. Friedrick and his Knights join the units sent after the Milenians. (See Fe 16, Fe 28 ; Fy 17.)

What This Means: If anyone of the Milenian unit makes it back to Milenia, the location of Lothar will no longer be a secret to them. With Nithia in a civil war, Lothar does not have the men to defend itself from a full scale attack. Uart-neter Semsu will stop at nothing to make sure none of the Milenians survive.

Friedrick sees this as an opportunity to show that the Heldannic Knights are heroes and increase their political pull within Lothar.

FYRMONT 8, AC 1014: Orcs Attack Rhoona

Location: Rhoona, Vestland. KW

Description: With a large portion of Vestland's army in the Makkres Mountains looking for Thar's lair, Thar leads his forces (now augmented by new tribes) in an attack on the town of Rhoona. (See Fe 24, Fy 6; Fy 10, Fy 20 , Fy 21.)

FYRMONT 9, AC 1014: Karameikan Expedition Back in Mirros

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. KW

Description: The Waterspout arrives back in Karameikos and docks in the port of Mirros. The surviving members of the crew and expedition team rejoin their families and celebrate their return after 3 long years. (See Fe 4, Fy 4; Fy 11, Fy 19 .)

What This Means: The Karameikan Expedition is the first "real" proof that there is indeed a Hollow World as detailed in Claransa's Travels. This is proof which the leaders of the world can no longer ignore, forcing them to take into account the existence of the Hollow World.

The members of the expedition are surprised to learn that Specularum is now known as Mirros.

FYRMONT 10, AC 1014: Rhoona Falls

Location: Rhoona, Vestland. KW

Description: The town of Rhoona falls to the invading orcs. Duke Stephan of Rhoona (from X3: Curse of Xanathon) is killed by the goblinoids. The orcs plunder all they can and leave before word even reaches the forces in the Makkres Mountains. (See Fe 24, Fy 8; Fy 20 , Fy 21.)

FYRMONT 11, AC 1014: Expedition Meets King

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. KW

Description: King Stefan receives the Karameikan Polar Expedition in a private meeting at his palace. They confirm the existence of a whole world below, the Hollow World, and its many wonders. They speak of empires thought by all historians to have long ago disappeared on the outer world, of the red sun, of the strange way of working of magic, and of their most incredible discovery: the survival of Alphatia and Empress Eriadna.

Terari insists on informing their allies of the NACE beforehand, because of the obvious repercussion this could have on them. He proposes to teleport to the Karameikan embassy on Ionace and ask the ambassador to organise a meeting of the Council. Stefan agrees.

Terari is also intrigued by Taxla and talks often with the tabi, inviting him to the School of Magecraft. (See Fy 19 , Sv 8.)

What This Means: The Karameikan expedition not only confirms the existence of the Hollow World, but also brings news from Alphatia, which didn't exist in the Hollow World when Claransa adventured there. Stefan will now have to decide what he will do with this world- shaking information.

FYRMONT 12, AC 1014: Friendly Encounters

Location: Skies above Empire of Thyatis. KW

Description: The Adoria, an Imperial Skyship of Thyatis, encounters the flying city of Serraine over Thyatian Mainland. The Adoria's captain informs them that Thyatis will now be protecting its skies above the Empire.

Once the meeting is over with, the gnomes are only too happy to leave the Thyatian skies.

What This Means: Serraine has never intended to invade Thyatis (or anyone else for that matter), but the Empire has merely let them know that the Empire now also has skyships, believing that this will ensure they do not attack. Also, the captain has taken the advantage of getting a good look at the city and its defences, as the Empire of Thyatis has wanted to get its hands on the flying city for some time now... once they have enough skyships to attack the city, that is.

FYRMONT 12, AC 1014: Truce Declared

Location: Slagovich, City-State of Slagovich. SC

Description: After many months of battle, the City-States of Hojah, Slagovich, and Zvornik sign a peace treaty and end hostilities. (See Ya 24, Kl 7.)

What This Means: Things are more or less back to normal. The only major change from all the fighting was the increase in land for the City-State of Zvornik, which now controls all the way south to the ruins of Budvë.

Slagovich looks uneasily toward the military movements of its new ally.

FYRMONT 13, AC 1014: Thurgg Arrives Home

Location: Black Mountains. SC

Description: In the foothills of the Black Mountains, near Lake Halli, Thurgg finally arrives back to his home tribe, the Dark Fangs. The orc fighting-monk of Gareth begins to teach his people the ways of the new Immortal. (See Va 23, Va 25.)

What This Means: Thurgg will have a lot of trouble trying to teach fellow orcs about peace and working together. Many challenge him to fights to the death for speaking such non-sense, but thanks to the training he has had with Anand Brishnapur, Thurgg is able to defeat all his opponents. And he lets all of them live, something unheard of in the orc tribes before. Many orcs watch Thurgg (who fights with his bare hands and feet and still wins!) closely to see what he intends to do and say.

FYRMONT 14, AC 1014: Plea For Help

Location: Soderfjord, Soderfjord Jarldoms. KW

Description: King Harald Gudmundson sends a plea for help to King Ragnar of Soderfjord asking for his help against the goblinoids in his lands. He states that Thar's horde is on the move, and a new force of kobolds has entered his lands from the south.

Ragnar declares that he will help Vestland, and sends forth his men who are eager to once more defeat humanoids after their last victory just over a month ago. Troops march out immediately upon the Overland Trade Route toward Vestland. (See Fl 27, Fy 8, Fy 10; Fy 20, Fy 21.)

What This Means: Although there is no political reason to help Vestland besides being good neighbours, Ragnar is still "drunk" with the glory he received for defeating the kobolds in the Hardangers. Another victory will improve his standings all the more. Also, he wants to catch up to Psa'gh and stop him once and for all so the troublesome kobolds never return to Soderfjord.

FYRMONT 15, AC 1014: World Games Begin

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: From the 15th to the 28th of Fyrmont, the World Games take place in the city of Ylaruam. As before, athletes from various nations (and independently, including a few Glantrians who come without the blessing of their nation) compete against each other to see who is the best at what they do.

The games go rather well except for two things: First, during the opening ceremonies, a fight breaks out in the crowds between the Ylari and foreign visitors over their blasphemies and disrespect toward the Way of al-Kalim. The other difference is the lack of aquatic competitions this year as the Ylari officials refuse to allow the use of their precious oasis to swim in: water is too important in the desert for such foolishness.

Also, many athletes have trouble competing in the intense heat of Ylaruam, so many clerics are present to help those that collapse before any permanent harm (or even death) can come to anyone. Create water spells come in very handy during these two weeks. (See Kl 15, Fe 15; Fy 22 , Fy 28.)

What This Means: There is no hidden meaning here. Both the Empire of Thyatis and Ierendi make claims to have the World Games in their nations next year. The Western Defence League, who created and sponsored the games, however, prefers to have the games in each of their nations before going to any other nation. Shireton, the capital of the Five Shires, is therefore given the honours of hosting the games next year.

Another event is that many of the Ylari get to see first hand what foreigners are like; they witness all their infidel behaviours, and total lack of civility. Most are appalled by the "civilised" customs they have brought, from lewd behaviour and prostitution, to theft and gambling; things that are considered religious taboos by the Ylari. This seems to enhance the bad reputation of foreigners in the minds of most Ylari.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1014: Milenians Massacred

Location: Halfway between Milenian Empire and Lothar. HW

Description: With the help of the Heldannic Knights' tactics, the Nithians manage to trap, and eventually slaughter the Milenians. No prisoners are taken. (See Fe 28, Fy 8.)

What This Means: It would appear that Lothar will remain safe from Milenia for a while longer.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1014: Reign of Terror Ends

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: Khordarg returns to her lair today, seemingly sated from her weeks of attacks. She has done much raiding in human and elven territories, but surprisingly has left the orcs of Orclands alone, for which they are grateful. (See Fy 2; Am 3, Am 6 .)

What This Means: Khordarg has been sated, and has returned to her lair to complete the Ceremony of Sublimation. She will deal with the orcs in due time.

FYRMONT 19, AC 1014: NACE Council Meets on Hollow World

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: The Council of the NACE meets today to hear the important news brought by Terari, acting as the Karameikan ambassador. The Council members are not surprised to have confirmation of the existence of the Hollow World and Alphatia, since they already knew it for quite some time. Since King Stefan wishes to make this public knowledge, however, they must settle on an official reaction for the Confederation.

Since they don't want to put pressure on their Karameikan ally and since they now feel secure enough, both military and politically, they decide to back up the Karameikan position. (See Fy 11; Sv 8, Sv 8 , Sv 9.)

FYRMONT 20, AC 1014: Raid on Fort Hobart

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: Humanoid forces, under the command of King Alebane, set forth for a massive raid on Fort Hobart. (See Fy 2 , Fy 5; Am 3, Am 6.)

What This Means: Alebane has suffered a number of crushing defeats lately, and he is beginning to grow weary. This has allowed his magical ring, a Huptzeen (see GAZ 10: Orcs of Thar, under Alebane for ring's personality problems, and Monstrous Compendium, Mystara Appendix for stats) to influence his actions. The Huptzeen has finally managed to convince the ogre to stage this raid on Fort Hobart before winter sets in.

FYRMONT 20, AC 1014: Siege At Landersfjord

Location: Landersfjord, Vestland. KW

Description: Thar's horde makes its move upon the town of Landersfjord. This time, the northern men are ready for them and the goblinoids are forced to lay siege to the well defended town. (See Fy 10, Fy 14; Fy 21, Fy 25 .)

FYRMONT 21, AC 1014: Landersfjord Defeated

Location: Landersfjord, Vestland. KW

Description: A break is made in the wooden palisade of Landersfjord, and the goblinoids rush into the streets to start a huge battle. After several hours, the two forces seem to have come to a stand still when reinforcements arrive. Psa'gh and his kobolds enter the town and help crush the human defenders. (See Fy 14, Fy 20; Fy 25 , Am 1.)

What This Means: The two mighty humanoid leaders have finally come together, and two human towns (Rhoona and Landersfjord) have suffered a crushing defeat. The goblinoids then proceed to plunder the farmsteads all around the town, gathering all the food, gold, and weapons they can carry.

FYRMONT 22, AC 1014: Synn's Agents Learn of Ancient Magics

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: Agents working for Synn at the World Games hear rumours about a cursed place of great magical power called the Dead Place (see GAZ 2: Ylaruam, p. 63). They discover that this sacred battleground is apparently located somewhere in the Emirate of Nithia. They decide that once the World Games are over, they will eventually begin looking for this place to see if they can find any powerful magic for themselves and Synn. (See Fe 15, Fy 15 ; Am 3, Am 13.)

What This Means: This is exactly what it appears to be: the search for magic and power.

FYRMONT 25, AC 1014: Clash Against Orcs

Location: Landersfjord, Vestland. KW

Description: The armies of Vestland finally catch up to the humanoid forces near the newly created ruins of Landersfjord. The goblinoids, under the brilliant leadership of both Thar and Psa'gh, manage to outflank the first wave of humans and cause them to flee back to the north. Meanwhile, the goblinoids themselves pull back, retreating toward the Soderfjord border where they intend to try and lose all pursuit. (See Fy 20, Fy 21 ; Am 1, Am 5.)

What This Means: Both Thar and Psa'gh know that they cannot defeat the humans head to head with the poor equipment they have for their horde. They are now trying to find better terrain so the fighting will favour them. Since the forces sent into the Makkres Mountains have now returned, the way back to those mountains have been blocked. The goblinoid leaders therefore favour moving southwards, perhaps into the mountains of Rockhome, rather than trying to force their way back into the Makkres.

FYRMONT 26, AC 1014: Ne'er-do-well Reaffirms its Independence

Location: Ne'er-do-well, Alatian Islands. KW

Description: King Koryn the Harpist sends messengers to Ionace, informing the Council that Ne'er-do-well is an independent nation but friendly with the world, and that ships from all over the Confederacy are welcome to make use of the ports just as any other mercantile nation may. (See Ya 23; Am 21, Am 22.)

What This Means: Ne'er-do-well intends to remain independent from both Thyatis and the NACE, while trading with both - and preying upon both nations' ships too. Commander Broderick has better to do with his troops than invading the isles.

FYRMONT 26, AC 1014: Trouble in the North

Location: Ethengar. KW

Description: Hulagu Khan of the Uighurs leads his clan out of the Ethengar steppes and into the Heldann Territories to start the invasion ordered by the Great Khan. After a brief skirmish with patrols of the Heldannic Knights, Hulagu returns to Ethengar and the Golden Khan sends a message to Wulf von Klagendorf stating his apologies over a mix-up he will correct immediately. (See Fe 7; Am 4 , Am 8.)

What This Means: Oktai Khan and his Glantrian agents sent a false message to Hulagu Khan, who has well known desires to invade the Heldann Territories. The message claimed that the Great Khan decided to invade Heldann because the sacred white stallion has been roaming in those lands and that was a divine sign to conquer them. Not caring about anything except attacking the Heldanners, Hulagu did not even bother to verify the authenticity of the message and started the invasion. Before he could get too far, however, real envoys of the Golden Khan managed to stop him and convince him to return to Ethengar. The fake messengers are captured and they are discovered to be Taijit warriors.

Moglai Khan, now having had the last straw of Oktai's plots, has decided he will eliminate this rival once and for all. He sets in motion a plan to reveal Oktai Khan's secret alliance with the Glantrians so he can gain the support of his people to destroy the rival Khan.

Those with GAZ 12: The Golden Khan of Ethengar, can find the information on the various Khans and tribes, as well as the above plot in the sub-plot Trouble in the North (p. 61), of the adventure In The Service of the Golden Khan. It could now be a good time to play out that adventure with the PCs.

The whole incident is a plot devised by the Glantrians to keep the Ethengarians at war with the Heldann Territories so that Glantri would be safe.

FYRMONT 28, AC 1014: World Games End

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: The World Games end with huge parades and celebrations. The Council that makes the rules for the World Games go into debate, planning the Games for next year. (See Fe 15, Fy 15.)

What This Means: The councils of merchants and diplomats that work on the World Games begin discussing the future of the World Games. Although the Games are very exciting and worthwhile, the nations of the known world can no longer afford to continuously send their athletes every year. Proposals are made that after the Shireton Games in AC 1015, the Games should be held only every second or even third year.

The winners of the World Games are left to the DM's discretion.