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First Week

Thaumont 1, AC 1016: Land!
Location: South of Ierendi Island, Sea of Dread. OW
Description: After weathering a bad storm last month, the Kastelian diplomatic mission sights land this morning, towards the north. As the hours pass, a cheer breaks out as the unmistakable profile of a large island comes into view. Consulting their maps once more, the Kastelians determine that this must be the main island of the Kingdom of Ierendi, and one of the ships sets its course for there. The remaining three decide to accompany the ship until it reaches its destination, after which they will continue north towards the mainland. (See Va. 5, Va. 17; Th. 4, Th. 5.)
What This Means: The Kastelian diplomatic mission has successfully crossed the Sea of Dread, something no one from that city-state has ever done before. This is fortunate because supplies were getting low. Kastelios' bid to expand its diplomatic contacts can now begin in earnest.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are present, the PCs will likely receive hearty thanks for their assistance. They could also soon find themselves briefing the potential diplomats as to how to properly greet the rulers of the various nations.

Thaumont 1, AC 1016: Eadrin Island Secured.
Location: Eadrin Island. AS
Description: Commander Broderick takes possession of Eadrin Island unhindered, and discovers a secret facility constructed by Zandor when he was emperor. The staff does not oppose the Alphatians' arrival, as they do not know about Zandor's fall and the creation of the NACE, but instead assumed the mad emperor had temporarily forgotten about them and the secret lab, and just continued with their researches on skyship design and other fields-though the work has been dramatically delayed by the lack of fresh supplies. (See Va. 12, Va. 20; Th. 8, Fl. 2.)
What This Means: The NACE are delighted to put their hands on an hitherto unknown facility that can conduct research and experiments on skyship building and other magical studies.

Thaumont 1, AC 1016: East Portage Fund Cut.
Location: City-State of East Portage, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: The city-state of East Portage ceases to receive financial aid from the NACE to help in its reconstruction and is officially declared as having recovered from the war. One day of celebration is issued. (See Ei. 1.)
What This Means: Ever since East Portage became a member of the confederacy it has benefited from a special reconstruction fund along with the other city-states. The city of East Portage, which had been relatively only lightly hit by the war in comparison to Ekto and Trikelios, has largely benefited from this influx of money. The council has decided to stop that aid that was only benefiting already rich merchants, and instead promote the results of the rebuilding efforts as a morale booster.

Thaumont 1, AC 1016: Battle of Pharaoh's Road.
Location: Pharaoh's Road, 3 miles north of City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: The southward-moving Selhomarrians, fighting increasing resistance with every mile they gain, are stopped by a massive host of Senkhites. The great battle ensues on the pharaoh's Road itself, with Nithian priests and wizards casting offensive magic against the Selhomarrians, with their Selhomarrian counterparts responding in kind. Floating barges, brimming with bowmen, do battle with solar chariots, streaking across the sky and raining arrows and offensive spells on the defending Nithians. For hours, the line holds, but by midday, slowly, the Selhomarrians are forced to give ground.
Pressing their advantage, the more numerous Nithians press northwards, splitting the invading army in two. Just as they begin to take advantage of the situation, loud horn-blasts are heard from the east! Both sides turning to see what is happening, they see, advancing from the nearby River Nithia, barges loaded with fresh Selhomarrian troops, who then plunge into the fray. Relieved at the arrival of reinforcements, the Selhomarrians return to the fray with renewed vigour, crushing the advancing Nithian spike, and slowly pressing southwards once more.
Within an hour, the tide turns decisively against the defending Senkhites, who, seeing that they are outnumbered, and pressed from two sides, swiftly withdraw to Tarthis. Although many Selhomarrian troops try to give chase to their enemies, they are held back by the wise counsel of the officers, who decide that there has been enough bloodshed for one day. (See Va. 7, Va. 23; Th. 3, Th. 6.)
What This Means: This was the first major battle of the entire campaign. The Senkhites had been concentrating their soldiers around Tarthis to prevent its fall, and decided to send some of that force to delay the advance of the Selhomarrians, as well as test their combat readiness. They also used this battle as an opportunity to learn about the Selhomarrians' offensive magic and any other capabilities they might possess. The officer in charge of the defending force did not take into account that, having control over the delta, the Selhomarrians might use the waterways to their advantage-in this case ferrying troops further upstream. This miscalculation cost the Senkhites dearly: almost 1,600 dead, and 570 captured.
Although the invading Selhomarrians won, it was a Pyrrhic victory. Of the 5,000 troops who met the Senkhites' initial counterattack, over 1,300 have died, and almost 600 are seriously injured. Were it not for the additional 1,500 soldiers who arrived by barge, the battle could very well have been lost.
What the PCs Can Do: Apart from tending the wounds of the injured, and keeping watch over the captured Nithians, the PCs could scout the area for any enemy forces left behind to harry the Selhomarrians. They could also assist in the sombre task of taking down the names of the dead, and seeing that the bodies are disposed of in a great funeral pyre. Those soldiers who die in this campaign will have their names added to the lists of heroes of Selhomarr.

Thaumont 2, AC 1016: On Bat's Wings.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: During the night, Sylarion manages to enter the keep of Drax Tallen unseen using his bat and gaseous forms and penetrates inside the main keep where the well lies. After charming the two guards by whispering them the order to go outside, he materialises and pours some powder inside the well. Then, just like he went in, he leaves the keep without triggering any of the magical alarms. (See Va. 15; Th. 5, Th. 8.)
What This Means: Sylarion wants to gain an edge on the crusaders and has started playing dirty. He has concocted a rare poison that will put all those who eat or drink it into a slumbering state for the next 24 hours (similar to the slow spell effects). By poisoning the common well he hoped to affect all the elves in the long period. If his scheme is not discovered, he will undoubtedly gain a great advantage on his enemies in the final battle.
What the PCs Can Do: Discover Sylarion's doings before it's too late and purify the common well's waters.

Thaumont 2, AC 1016: The Hidden Forces of Sarojun Sur.
Location: Mumlyket of Nagpuri, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: Hulean and resistance forces have been fighting a running battle in the hills of Nagpuri for weeks now, but remain roughly stalemated. As the morning begins to dawn, however, a third regiment appears on the battlefield, sporting the colours of Gunjab. They rally to the side of the Nagpuri resistance, and manage to rout the Master's forces in a decisive battle. (See Va. 5; Th. 14, Th. 19.)
What This Means: The Maharajah Sarojun Sur has been training a secret army for many years now. Though their original purpose was to support a move for Gunjab's independence, the maharajah decided he would rather live under Chandra ul-Nervi's rule than Hule's. Ironically, the rajadhiraja has long known about the "secret army," but the Master's forces did not. The Huleans are going to have to regroup for another assault against the northern mumlykets.

Thaumont 2, AC 1016: A Meeting in Kastelios.
Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV
Description: Having waged an unsuccessful campaign against the Twaelar thus far, Thyatis, desperate to find a secure route to transport colonists and goods to the Hinterlands, has decided to approach Kastelios for assistance. It sends Helena Delanarius, one of its top negotiators, to the city-state to gain some vital concessions, and she arrives today without fanfare. After disembarking and presenting her credentials to the city guards, Helena is escorted to the Public Forum, where she asks for an audience with the City Council. The council grants her request, and proposes to meet with her tomorrow. (See Nu. 18, Nu. 21; Th. 3, Th. 4.)
What This Means: Thyatis has known of Kastelios for quite some time, though its contacts with the city-state have been sporadic at best. It knows that Kastelian sailors know the coastal waters of northern Davania very well, and are almost renowned for their ability to navigate the often-treacherous currents to reach their intended destinations. Thyatis hopes that it can come to some sort of agreement in which Kastelios will allow Thyatian shipping to enter its waters, and then guide the Thyatian ships to the Hinterlands. Helena had hoped to begin the meetings today, but the Kastelians knew that to do so would mean a weakening of their own position, hence the arrangement for talks to begin tomorrow, at a time of their own choosing.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are accompanying Helena, they could be serving as her bodyguards, or as general aides. In any case, they will not be allowed to attend the meetings that follow, unless the DM decides to have them take the place of Helena herself, in which case they will have to negotiate with the Kastelians first-hand. If the PCs are with the Kastelians, they could be told to keep an eye on Helena and her companions, to ensure that they do not cause trouble.

Thaumont 3, AC 1016: Tarthis Surrounded.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Early today, Selhomarrian troops begin taking up positions around the outer walls of Tarthis. For the most part, local resistance is confined to the occasional volley of arrows raining down on the invaders, as well as the odd skirmish. Tarthis' defenders line the walls, and watch their enemies entrench themselves. (See Va. 23, Th. 1; Th. 6, Th. 9.)
What This Means: Word has spread of the magical power of the Selhomarrians, as well as their competence in battle. The local garrisons are unwilling to sacrifice more men unless their position is secure, as it is in Tarthis. They know their city is well-stocked, and that they could withstand a very long siege if need be.

Thaumont 3, AC 1016: Senate Clears Borydos.
Location: Borydos Island, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Almost two years after the prison break from Borydos, the senate has decided to close the prison on the island. The prison break proved that the island was not as escape free as it was billed, and it is needed for other things now. Prisoners deemed unreformable will be transferred to other facilities, while most of the prisoners will be given contingent pardons. The island will be converted into the "Borydos Naval Research Base." (See Th. 21, Fl. 2.)
What This Means: The research conducted on Borydos will actually concentrate as much on airships as on sailing ships. Construction facilities at Aegos will be dismantled and personnel operating there transferred to Borydos. The new facility will be both nearer (closer to the heart of the empire) and more convenient (near Sclaras).
The prisoners that have been given contingent pardons will be given infrastructure tasks. They will work for a year or so (depending on their original sentences) constructing roads and other amenities in the Hinterlands and other colonies, or improving the facilities on Borydos for use by Thyatis' military. After that, they will be given colonial land grants.
Once again this is part of Eusebius' multi-pronged policy: it makes him look kind-hearted, gives him workers during a labour shortage to construct the necessary colonial improvements, and strengthens his hold on the colonies.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs loyal to the Thyatian Empire (and very trustworthy) might be stationed at the Borydos Naval Research Base. This proves to be a base for constructing and outfitting airships of a special sort intended for future use against the Twaelar and other enemies.

Thaumont 3, AC 1016: Thyatian Outcry.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: Master Terari forwards a message to the council informing them of a Thyatian demand: the Thyatians are outraged by what they see as the NACE supporting the Twaelar in their attacks against Thyatian shipping. The council disavows any knowledge of any arms shipments. Since the Thyatians cannot, or will not, present any evidence to support their accusations the matter is dropped. (See Nu. 20; Fe. 20.)
What This Means: The Thyatian ambassador in Karameikos has come across information reporting Alphatian weapons being sold to the merrow. Since Thyatis and the NACE maintain little in the ways of direct diplomatic ties with each other, the news is forwarded to them through Terari. Ambassador Cornel Osteric cannot press the matter, as it would require him to divulge the identities of several of his agents within Karameikos.
The council officially has nothing to do with any arms shipments; individuals acting upon their own are organising these shipments. This is not to say that some council members were not aware of them, but given the last few years, there are few Alphatians that will sympathise with the Thyatians.
What the PCs Can Do: With the Thyatians knowing about them, Alphatians smuggling arms to the Twaelar will be more careful. PCs may be hired to supplement crews for security or oversee the deliveries themselves, or to seek out any possible leaks in Karameikos and eliminate them. Thyatian PCs may be hired to investigate the arms smuggling, or more likely, to intercept and eliminate smugglers.

Thaumont 3, AC 1016: A Tense Meeting.
Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV
Description: Helena Delanarius meets with the Kastelian City Council to discuss a possible agreement to aid Thyatis in getting its ships to the Hinterlands. She says that an outside power is harming Thyatis' shipping, making direct transit to the Hinterlands all but impossible for the moment. Tensions in the Sea of Dawn also make shipping along an easterly route a risky prospect. She tells them that the safest route they have found is one that goes west from Ierendi, towards Yavdlom, and then south to Kastelios. Thyatis requests a lease on Kastelios' port facilities, usage of its ships, and assistance in plotting a safe course eastwards along the Davanian coast to the Hinterlands. After an hour of consideration, the City Council refuses these terms, and proposes a meeting tomorrow in which it can share its own proposal. Helena is furious over this treatment, but she does not let it show, and she agrees. (See Nu. 21, Th. 2; Th. 4, Th. 14.)
What This Means: Helena has asked for the maximum terms Thyatis was prepared to ask for, which would amount to a virtual annexation of Kastelios. The Kastelians realised that Thyatis was testing their resolve, and they made their own move by refusing these terms, and forcing Helena to wait another day before the negotiations can continue. They realise that they are playing a potentially dangerous game, but they know that they cannot afford to sacrifice Kastelian interests or sovereignty. By making Helena wait, they are maintaining control over the situation.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are doing the negotiating, there are ample opportunities to role-play this scenario. If they are with Helena, they could serve as her advisers, suggesting to her various tactics between meetings in order for Thyatis to get what it wants. The same could apply if the PCs are with the Kastelians.

Thaumont 4, AC 1016: Magistrate Dies.
Location: Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: The magistrate of one of the borderland territories in Darokin dies of old age. Fortunately, he has left behind a will naming his successor, so the borderland will not be absorbed into the Heartland regions of the republic.
What the PCs Can Do: This is a good opportunity to run the adventure module CM8 Legacy of Blood, if the DM owns it. Otherwise, it is still a good opportunity to grant high-level PCs a dominion of their own, along with all the hazards and rewards that come with ruling.

Thaumont 4, AC 1016: Kastelios Makes its Move.
Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV
Description: In today's meeting with Thyatian envoy Helena Delanarius, the City Council sets out its own terms. It asks that, in exchange for being guided by Kastelian ships, Kastelios will receive 50% of the value of all goods passing through its waters, payable on the first day of each month. In addition, the council asks that Kastelian merchants receive tax breaks when they do business in the Hinterlands. Finally, the council says that under no circumstances will Thyatian military personnel be allowed within the borders of the city-state. After a moment's consideration, Helena refuses these terms, and requests that both sides enter into formal negotiations. The council agrees, and schedules the negotiations to begin on the 7th of Thaumont. (See Th. 2, Th. 3; Th. 14, Fl. 17.)
What This Means: In response to Thyatis' demands, Kastelios proposes its own terms, the most they are prepared to request of the imperial power. Now that both sides have presented their demands, they both have a reference point at which they can work out an agreement. Once again the Kastelians exercised their control by determining when the actual negotiations would begin.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are negotiating for Thyatis, the PCs will have their work cut out for them. If they are part of Helena's delegation, they will be assisting her in coming up with a strategy to help Thyatis get as much as it can out of the deal. Similarly, if they are on the Kastelian side, they will likely either be helping Kastelios get the terms it wants, or keeping an eye on the Thyatians to make sure they do not learn anything they should not, or cause trouble.

Thaumont 4, AC 1016: New Recruits.
Location: Dominion of Polakatsikes, Heldannic Territories, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: The recent show of force on the part of the Heldannic Knights, as well as constant efforts to show the people of Polakatsikes that Vanya is an Immortal of great power, have begun to bear fruit. A small group of local men ask a patrolling knight how they could join the order. The knight then guides them to the nearest barracks, where the men begin a series of tests to determine their suitability. (See Va. 10; Ya. 3.)
What This Means: The knights have been in power long enough to provide ample displays of their power, as well as share tales of their exploits around the world. This has affected some of the more impressionable youth in Polakatsikes, especially those who wish to rebel against the traditions of their people. The knights, because they are so different and possess power, seem to offer a chance for adventure and a change or pace. Over the next few months, many more young Polakatsikans will become interested in joining their ranks.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are knights themselves, the PCs might be approached by some of the locals and asked how a person joins the order. If they are natives of Polakatsikes, having the PCs join the knights as youths could be a springboard into an interesting campaign.

Thaumont 4, AC 1016: A Meeting in Ierendi.
Location: City of Ierendi, Kingdom of Ierendi. OW
Description: A few hours before midday dockers point out ships in the distance, the emblem on their sails unfamiliar. As minutes pass, one of them breaks off from the others, and heads towards the port city, while the others continue north. Soon, the ship resolves itself into a slightly damaged, medium-sized cargo vessel. As the ship slowly pulls into port, and casts its lines to the dockers, it soon becomes apparent that this ship does not come from a nearby place. As onlookers gather, the passengers disembark-strangely armoured men gather around a young man, dressed in robes. In halting Thyatian, the man asks to see the ruler of the nation, as he is an emissary from the city-state of Kastelios, wishing to open diplomatic relations. City officials are quickly summoned, and preparations are made for a formal exchange of diplomatic protocols tomorrow. (See Va. 17, Th. 1; Th. 5, Th. 6.)
What This Means: Kastelios has successfully sent an emissary to a nation of the Old World, and diplomatic relations will soon begin between the two nations. The Kastelian ambassador, Tyros Salmadakis, will arouse some curiosity amongst both the elite of Ierendi society, as well as the average folk, because he is so foreign.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are part of the Kastelian delegation, and they speak both Milenian and Thyatian, the PCs could end up being interpreters for Tyros, as well as guides-provided they know Ierendi. If the PCs were already in Ierendi, they might be told to observe Tyros and determine whether Kastelios poses any threat to Ierendi interests, or those of other nations.

Thaumont 5, AC 1016: Night of the Walking Dead.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: The nightly lookouts at Drax Tallen are caught by surprise by a group of wraiths that assault and slay them without noise. Then they proceed to open the portcullis and the main gates of the keep and the corporeal undead led by a greater wyrd (the late crusader Aeleris himself) suddenly storm the elven keep. The elves' reaction is slow because of the slow poison poured into their well by Sylarion during the previous nights, and the undead manage to strike dead many of the crusaders before the resistance wipes out the dumber ones and drives off the rest of the quicker and smarter undead. The casualties among the elves are low, but after the battle many report strange festering bruises and scars. (See Va. 15, Th. 2.)
What This Means: Sylarion did not plan this to be his major strike. Instead this is the last step in his tactic to weaken the enemy before giving it the real blow. With this nightly raid he only wanted to test the effect of his special slow poison and to infect as many elves as possible with a debilitating disease to keep them occupied in the following days, hoping the disease will claim several more elves before his army strikes out. The disease itself was contracted by those who were injured by the zombies and ghouls and will run its course in a week, during which the scars will fester and will not heal naturally. If not treated properly, the disease will extend to all those who touch the afflicteds' scars, blood or saliva, and will finally put them into a semi-comatose state within a week.
What the PCs Can Do: Help the crusaders resist the incursion, avoid falling ill and find a cure for the debilitating disease.

Thaumont 5, AC 1016: Pass Is Clear.
Location: Fort Hobart, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Scouts from Fort Hobart report that the Darokin Tunnel is cleared of snow, and can now be passed. Word is immediately sent to the other member nations of the Western Defence League-Karameikos, the Five Shires, and Vestland-that they can begin to deploy their forces to march on Rockhome. (See Va. 4, Va. 17; Th. 23, Ya. 6.)
What This Means: The tunnel is actually little more than a narrow game trail leading through the Dwarfgate Mountains, but it forms one of the few ways into Rockhome from the Darokin side of the border. Though often held to be a dwarven secret, its existence has been well known by Darokin for some time.
It is through this pass that reinforcements from the nations of Darokin, Karameikos, and the Five Shires will march to the aid of their former dwarven allies. The dwarves have been having trouble with goblinoids over the course of the past year, and are in desperate need of assistance.

Thaumont 5, AC 1016: Agency's New Quarters.
Location: Grey Islands, NACE. AS
Description: The Alphatian Artifact Agency decides to use the northern-most Grey Island as a base of operation for its secret branches, excluding the power researchers who will have their facilities elsewhere. The front cover operations of the agency, ie its official business of magical items retrieval and restitution, remains in Ionace. (See Nu. 2, Th. 1; Th. 8, Fl. 17.)
What This Means: The location was chosen because of the proximity of the new Alphatian Magical Training School on the western-most Grey Island. The faculty are high-level wizards of the Floating Continent of Alphatia in the Hollow World who often are quite knowledgeable in the magic items the agency recovers, and sometimes can recognise the work as being that of a fellow wizard they know because he was a former student or came for advice. Such help is of course very useful for the history researchers.

Thaumont 5, AC 1016: A New Ambassador in Ierendi.
Location: City of Ierendi, Kingdom of Ierendi. OW
Description: In a brief ceremony, Tyros Salmadakis of Kastelios and King Reston of Ierendi exchange formal words of greeting, as well as gifts. Onlookers are amazed at the beauty of the gifts from Kastelios, from delicate pottery and statuettes to exotic wines. After shaking hands, the two men part, and Tyros is escorted to a small building in the downtown portion of the city, which is to serve as the Kastelian consulate. (See Th. 1, Th. 4; Th. 6, Th. 8.)
What This Means: Kastelios and Ierendi have formally established diplomatic relations, and now Kastelios has a representative in Ierendi.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can provide translation services (if they know both Thyatian and Milenian), but otherwise there is not much for them to do.

Thaumont 6, AC 1016: A Puzzled Treekeeper.
Location: Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: Jorodrin Feadiel, master treekeeper of Alfheim Elves, secretly reaches the place where the Trees of Life of clans Long Runner and Mealidil were magically hidden during the flight from Canolbarth nine years ago, to check their health. There he is astonished to discover that their status has not worsened, and that it even seems that they have had a regain of energy lately.
Back to his house in Rafielton he immediately sets at studying the cause of that return of energy. (See Th. 27.)
What This Means: The partial regain of energy of the two Trees of Life that were left in Canolbarth is due to the effect of the Chamber of the Spheres fusing with the Trees of Life. Jorodrin obviously does not know about the Chamber of the Spheres, so he is puzzled.
Actually this is a joint plan of Ilsundal and Rafiel to counteract the entropic spell that causes the death of Canolbarth Forest fusing together the power of the Chamber of the Spheres with that of the Trees of Life, both artifacts of Energy.

Thaumont 6, AC 1016: Athenos Receives a Visitor.
Location: City of Athenos, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Sentries notice a strange ship on the horizon today, heading towards the coast. Within hours, it becomes apparent that the ship is some sort of cargo vessel, and that it is damaged. As scouting vessels are sent out to guide the ship into port, it becomes apparent that this ship is not of any known nation; its markings are unlike any ever seen before. As the ship's crew and passengers disembark, a woman, apparently the person in command, asks in Milenian to see the city's ruler. No one is able to understand her, and sages are summoned to determine what she is saying. Tense hours pass as various sages in Athenos are brought to the docks, and eventually a sage is found who can get the gist of what the hopeful diplomat, Valeria Theramenes, is saying.
It soon dawns on Valeria that Athenos is not a city-state, but a major port of Darokin, and to meet the ruler of this nation, she would have to travel many miles inland. She opts to remain in the city for the time being. Likewise, the locals misunderstand what Valeria is saying. The sages incorrectly translates some of what she says, leading the local officials to believe that Kastelios is a great seafaring nation. (See Th. 4, Th. 5; Th. 8, Th. 11.)
What This Means: This is what happens when jobs are rushed. Valeria's party received a map, but no information on Darokin. She was led to believe that Athenos was a city-state, and, because of the similarity of its name to Milenian words, she thought that it was a Milenian-speaking nation. No one had the time to make sure all the information was correct when the ships were sent off, and by pure chance her group got the least useful information. After the long voyage, the last thing Valeria wishes to do is venture even further.
The misunderstanding also caused some chaos for the people of Athenos, too. Since the sage only knows rudimentary Milenian, and even then of an archaic kind, he only understood about one-third of what Valeria was saying. As a result, the people of Athenos will be under the impression that Kastelios is a great nation for the next while.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs have a chance to be a big help here. If they speak Milenian, and are originally from the Old World, they can act as translators, and possibly help avoid the situation given above. In fact, if they were assigned to guide Valeria, they should have been able to correct any incorrect information that may have been given. If this is the case, then the above event does not happen as described, and Valeria stops is Athenos for a rest, but the remaining events happen as given, unless otherwise noted.

Thaumont 6, AC 1016: A Landing.
Location: Approximately 24 miles south of City of Inun, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: A large group of Selhomarrian sailing vessels draws up near the Nithian mainland here, and almost 3,000 soldiers disembark over the period of an hour. Once they are all on land, the ships turn northwards and sail away, while the soldiers press inland. (See Th. 1, Th. 3; Th. 9, Th. 11.)
What This Means: This is the second phase of the Selhomarrian intervention in Nithia. These soldiers are to open a second front in the east, thus dividing the attention of Senkha's forces while liberating as much territory as possible.

Thaumont 6: Flash Point.
Location: Seaboard off Village of Fjar, Isle of Kepir. SC
Description: A squadron of warships under the Slagovian hero Zuberi and a force of Hojahan ships clash north of the Isle of Kepir. Zuberi masterminds a skilful victory by the Slagovian ships, sinking two Hojah vessels and capturing a third. The remainder turn tail and flee for Shkodar. Following the battle, Zuberi unloads marines in the recently rebuilt village of Fjar on the Isle of Kepir, to take control of the island. (See Ya. 26, Fy. 24.)
What This Means: Both Hojah and Slagovich want control of the Isle of Kepir as it improves their control of the seas around Slagovich. Slagovich now has control of the island, and given their control of the Isle of Vlör, they can now more easily protect their merchant and cinnabryl shipping to and from the Savage Coast and Yavdlom. However, this is the first major flare up between the two rising sea powers of Hojah and Slagovich. For the moment though, both sides are wary of engaging the other in a full-scale war.

Thaumont 7, AC 1016: New Road Commissioned.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW.
Description: Representatives of the Merchants' Guild of Darokin finalise agreements with the Glantrian Council of Princes to begin construction on a new trade road. The road is to run south through the newly created Barony of Celedyl and through Fort Fletcher. Construction is expected to take the better part of a year. (See Nu. 2.)
What This Means: The new road will enable caravans to bypass the chaotic lands of Aengmor entirely, and spare merchants the difficulty of having to deal with potentially hostile shadow elves.
What the PCs Can Do: There is ample opportunity for the PCs to get involved-humanoids from the nearby Great Crater as well as the former Broken Lands will attempt to prey on construction workers in the region.

Thaumont 7, AC 1016: Inner Council Convenes.
Location: City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: The Council of Darokin holds a special secret session, with the Linton murders as the main topic. The council decides that the thieves may well try to kill Corwyn Linton again if they find out he still lives, to eliminate the witness. Therefore they debate the matter a little, and finally Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea makes a public announcement that Lucius Linton and his immediate family were all murdered, and the council shall try to decide within a month what to do about Linton House assets. (See Va. 26; Th. 21, Fl. 8.)
What This Means: The council is trying to make the killers think that they succeeded. The priests who tend Corwyn Linton, as well as other persons who know that he is alive, will be sworn to secrecy.
What the PCs Can Do: Players can be hired by the council, its agents, or Linton House to begin investigating the crime. Due to protective magics (like amulets of proof vs. detection and location), divination spells will be less useful than normal in the investigation. Old-fashioned legwork will be required.

Second Week

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: Blood Ties.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: Sylarion and a couple of other vampire elves under his control sneak into Drax Tallen again and begin to bleed dry all the elves they meet. They have not fed properly in the last week and now want to take their deserved nourishment. They are under a strange phenomenon called blood frenzy and act like wild animals inside a slaughterhouse. Suddenly Sylarion regains his mind when he is about to finish off his new victim, and throws the helpless elf on the other side of the room in horror. Then he orders the retreat without an explanation and leaves the keep in a hurry, followed by his not-really-satisfied companions. (See Va. 15, Th. 2; Th. 10, Th. 14.)
What This Means: Sylarion's strange behaviour was caused by the fact that he recognised his last victim as his younger brother. Sylarion is an elder vampire, older than 300 years, but the elven life span is indeed long enough to rival that of any vampire. His younger brother is now 500 years old, while Sylarion stopped growing old at the age of 256, but he still recognised his sibling when he saw him. This caused him a great shock and something unexpected: grief and sorrow. He was not able to finish him and chose to flee instead of confronting him.

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: Caravan Attacked.
Location: Sea of Grass, Ethengar Khanates. OW
Description: A Darokinian merchant caravan is attacked by horse nomads while attempting to cross the Overland Trade Route into Vestland. Most of the people are killed, and all of the goods are stolen by looters. (See Nu. 1.)
What This Means: The civil war in the khanates has effects on nations other than just Ethengar. It is going to drastically affect trade across the northern nations of the Old World.

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: Power Researchers Find New Quarters.
Location: Eadrin Island, NACE. AS
Description: The most secretive branch of the Alphatian Artifact Agency, the Power Researchers, decides to use the secret facilities left by Zandor and recently discovered by the NACE as its new base of operation. The skyship building facilities remain in full use, for the benefit of the NACE, and two men-of-war and one sumptuous yacht-which was intended as Zandor's luxury boat-which were ready and waiting are commissioned by the NACE. (See Th. 1, Th. 5; Fl. 17, Ya. 16.)
What This Mean: This location is very practical for the branch: not only is it an unsettled land, but it already has many facilities and is located very close to the Sundsvall Maelstrom.

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: Protests in Underocean.
Location: Town of New Smaar, Sea-Kingdom of Underocean. AS
Description: A small group of tritons who wish to have the council reinstated attempt to stage a protest. However, it ends prematurely when some of the former council members arrive and state that they support the measures King Juliast has taken. (See Nu. 20, Va. 16; Fl. 1, Kl. 11.)
What This Means: The council members are not under any form of compulsion. They at least partially feel the way they said. This closes the possibility of any further serious protest on the matter.

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: The Big Race.
Location: City of Blueside, Kingdom of Lagrius, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: Amid great fanfare the great yacht race is held. The streets are alive with spectators, vendors, and entertainers. Shortly before noon the race participants toss off their moorings and form up to compete. The vessels will sale out into Lagrius Lake along a series of waypoints established by city officials with city-owned vessels.
By late afternoon the lead vessels have rounded the last waypoint and are headed towards the finish line. Dreximar and Zeraxim, the crowd favourites, stage a spectacular fight to gain the homestretch lead; on their heels is a third vessel, The Windhover, owned by the non-spellcaster Brodicim. As the race leaders approach the finish line The Windhover almost overtakes the two favourites; however, as the finish line is breached it is Dreximar's vessel that proves to be the victor. Brodicim comes in second and Zeraxim comes in third.
The spectators meet Dreximar and his crew and his victory celebrated. Even before all of the participants have finished Dreximar is awarded the prize money and Zeraxim publicly settles up on their side bet. In spite of Dreximar being victorious, the person drawing the most attention is Brodicim: a virtual unknown, his second place finish makes him an instant celebrity.
Dreximar offers a toast to the other participants then stuns the audience by rewarding each of his crew with a share of the prize. The crowd applauds the move, knowing that the victor has given away the majority of his winnings. (See Nu. 26, Va. 19; Sv. 13, Sv. 16.)
What This Means: The race unfolded pretty much as expected. The biggest surprise is the strong showing displayed by Brodicim that drew away much of the attention that the victor thought he deserved. It was to regain this attention that caused Dreximar to be so generous with his earnings.

Thaumont 8, AC 1016: Clarifications.
Location: City of Athenos, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: After many hours with the Kastelians, the sage commissioned by the authorities of Athenos to act as an interpreter finally realises what Kastelios actually is, and where it is. He visits the mayor of Athenos, and quickly tells him the truth, that Kastelios is a large city-state on the northern coast of Davania, and possibly a remnant of the Milenian Empire, an obscure empire rumoured to have existed on that continent over a thousand years ago. The mayor decides that, although there was a misunderstanding, the fact that a foreign dignitary from a far-off land has come here is important. He decides to pass a message on to Darokin City describing the situation, and suggesting that Athenos could possibly provide a small consulate for the Kastelians, out of convenience. (See Th. 5, Th. 6; Th. 11, Th. 15.)
What This Means: The sage, in talking with the Kastelians some more, managed to pick up some of their dialect. As a result, he finally understood what the Kastelians were saying, and, with the aid of a map, was shown by them where they are from. The mayor of Athenos has decided that having a foreign consulate in his city could be of some benefit, albeit a small one. He has also taken pity on the Kastelians, for he now knows the effort they expended in coming here.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are part of Valeria's entourage, and they translated for her when she arrived in Athenos, then this situation does not happen as written, either. Instead, the mayor sends the message to Darokin City, saying that he will host the consulate if there are no objections.

Thaumont 9, AC 1016: Raids Near Greenston.
Location: Stahl Lowlands, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: Farmlands and outlying villages in the vicinity of Greenston fall victim to the latest goblinoid raids in western Rockhome. Many dwarves are forced to flee to the safety of the larger settlements such as Greenston and Stahl. (See Va. 17, Th. 5; Kl. 1, Kl. 4.)
What This Means: Alebane's raiding bands have been wintering in the Dwarfgate Mountains, and have managed to keep away from dwarven patrols. As a result, due to the relative goblinoid inactivity in western Rockhome for the last few months, most of the dwarven military in the region has been pulled to Dengar, where it can assist in the war with goblinoids in the Klintest Lowlands.
Alebane has brought his forces out once more, to raid in the easy pickings of the largely undefended west. His raiders will plague the settlements of western Rockhome for the next several months, always managing to stay a few steps ahead of the beleaguered dwarves.

Thaumont 9, AC 1016: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go.
Location: County of Buhrohur, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Word has spread to Rockhome that their cousins to the south have acquired new lands. Furthermore, the Buhrohur dwarves are not numerous enough to mine and settle this region themselves, and are welcoming immigrants (as long as they are dwarves). Some of the more enterprising and less insular Rockhome dwarves decide to capitalise on this opportunity, and begin migrating to Buhrohur. (See Va. 1.)
What This Means: The strife in Rockhome has caused some dwarves to become refugees. Also, not all the dwarves of Rockhome have been happy with the kingdom's recent isolationist attitudes. They would like to see the world and be seen by it, and are excited by the opportunity to carve a new home out of the wilderness and live among other people. A large number of these newcomers will be part of the disrespected farmer class (mainly of the Wyrwarf clan) and merchants (notably of the Syrklist clan). The dwarves of Buhrohur believe they are getting "their kind of people" [i.e. other dwarves. Ed.], but they might be surprised: the new immigrants are more open to interaction with outsiders, more open minded, and less stuffy than the Buhrohuri are.
What the PCs Can Do: Dwarven characters will be welcomed by the Buhrohur dwarves as long lost cousins, greeted warmly and treated generously. This is an opportunity for them to get a small (but potentially wealthy) fief of their own, subject to the Count of Buhrohur. They will need to mediate between the isolationist and open factions as time goes by, helping to head off potential strife as Buhrohur grows.

Thaumont 9, AC 1016: Most Unwelcome News.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Senkha, while reviewing reports from her advisers, is approached by a messenger, who begs leave to deliver a message. Upon giving her consent, Senkha hears news that is not in the least welcome. Although her forces have managed to hold off the Selhomarrians' assaults against the city-by land, air, and water-and although supplies are more than adequate, several towns and villages have either fallen to the invaders, or deposed their administrators. Reports of how many soldiers are invading conflict, but intelligence reports state that there are a least two groups in western Nithia-one besieging Tarthis with roughly 5,000 men, and another group reported to have landed at Zudis, numbering at least 3,500 men.
To make matters worse, rumours are beginning to spread of a man claiming to be the deceased pharaoh, Ramose, basing himself in the village of Kom-ombar and raising a military force of his own. Displeased with the news, Senkha orders the messenger out of her sight. (See Th. 3, Th. 6; Th. 11, Th. 16.)
What This Means: News of the continuing Selhomarrian advances has struck a chord amongst the populace, a great number of whom oppose Senkha. Seeing that their ruler's forces can be defeated, the populace in the villages of Wajel-set and Jeri-med have managed to oust their Senkhite governors from power, and reinstate their administrators who were appointed by Ramose. Also, many soldiers in those regions have begun to distance themselves from Senkha, refusing to answer her summons to come to the capital and relieve its defenders.
Although the rumours of Ramose's activities in Kom-ombar cannot be verified, their spread will galvanise the people even more against their ruler.

Thaumont 10, AC 1016: A Family Reunion.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: In a darkened hall inside one of the outer wings of the keep, a frightened crusader is talking to a mysterious cloaked figure. The meeting goes on for most of the night, and at the end the cloaked stranger disappears into the shadows. The elf remains silent for a while, looking at the dead bodies of two of his comrades who have been lying limp on the floor for some hours, then cries out the alarm. When questioned by the other guards, he simply tells them he spotted the grim duo while patrolling that part of the keep. The dead bodies seem to be missing their heart, as if somebody had torn them away. (See Th. 2, Th. 8; Th. 14, Th. 19.)
What This Means: Sylarion finally met his brother and had the opportunity to talk to him in private. The two guards who tried to disturb them soon found out their mistake, but they had not the time to regret it. Delharis, Sylarion's brother, strangely chose not to reveal his brother's deed nor their secret meeting to his superiors; Sylarion's revelations probably have had a great impact on the elf's mind.

Thaumont 10, AC 1016: Renewed Sacrifices Still the Solution.
Location: Azcan Empire. HW
Description: The most zealous priests of Atzanteotl, in an effort to regain their Immortal's favour, which they think they have lost due to the civil war, lead a purge of the "decadence and debauchery" they feel has afflicted the leaders of the empire. Chupicuaro, High Priest at Huitlaktima, leads the purge. He points to the current revolution as evidence of Atzanteotl's displeasure. The solution? Step up the sacrifices! Thousands more are scheduled. Within a few weeks, Azcotica's brothers Oaxapotli and Tlachtatlatlan are slain, leaving the empire without a formal heir. (See Nu. 23, Va. 12; Ya. 19, Kl. 7.)
What This Means: The downside of these ever-increasing sacrifices is that, ironically, it is easier to find loyal followers of Atzanteotl than rebellious New Way followers. The result is that the priesthood is brining about its own downfall by purging many of their faithful. However, this shouldn't be stressed too much-a lot of New Way and "neutral" people are sacrificed too.
What the PCs Can Do: Avoid being the last ones sacrificed!

Thaumont 11, AC 1016: Kastelians Reach Harbortown.
Location: City of Harbortown, Minrothad Guilds. OW
Description: Two ships are sighted just off of Open Isle early this morning, bearing unfamiliar colours on their sails. Before noon, one changes its course, heading towards the northeast and the coast of Hattias, while the other appears to be bearing down on Harbortown. Word spreads through magical means and by messengers, and by late afternoon, a small party is gathered at the piers of Harbortown, awaiting the arrival of the Kastelians, among whom Oran Meditor stands.
The Kastelian vessel silently glides into the port, docks, and its passengers disembark. As a middle-aged man separates himself from the small group of newcomers, bearing a scroll, one of Oran's aides greets the man in fluent Milenian, introducing Oran to the Kastelian ambassador. Through the translator, the two exchange greetings, and the Kastelian, Aristos Selenios, makes it known that his nation is interested in full diplomatic relations with Minrothad. He then presents Oran with a decorative urn inlaid with small jewels. Astonished, Oran accepts both the gift, and the offer to open formal diplomatic relations. Both parties then depart for Oran's residence, where the fine details of the relationship will be worked out. (See Th. 6, Th. 8; Th. 15, Th. 18.)
What This Means: Kastelios and Minrothad have known of each other for many years, and have traded sporadically in the past. The Kastelian leadership decided that the time had come to open more formal relations with this trading nation.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are part of Aristos' entourage, the PCs can provide information about Minrothad (if they know anything about it). If they are with the Minrothaddans, and if they know anything about Kastelios, they can provide them with information. Apart from that, there is nothing much they can do.

Thaumont 11, AC 1016: Peace Talks Resumed.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: As more and more Alfheim refugees, not just those involved in saving the forest, get back to Canolbarth following the treaty signed on Fyrmont 26, peace talks resume in Rafielton under the patronage of the DDC. King Doriath for the Alfheimers and Princess Tanadaleyo for the Shadow Elves attend the meeting.
The area in East-Rafielton is no more able to host all the elves that are getting back from Wendar, so King Doriath asks the shadow elves for a place in the south-eastern area of Canolbarth, where once lived the Red Arrow clan. (See Nu. 23; Th. 14, Th. 27.)
What This Means: Though no significant results in healing the forest have been reached yet, the peace process between the two groups of elves goes on.
More and more Alfheimers, including King Doriath and his court, are coming back to Canolbarth and the enclave in Rafielton is quickly becoming too small to house them all. Doriath, who still does not completely trust the shadow elves, asks Princess Tanadaleyo to allow his elves to settle in the southwestern area of Canolbarth, ie close to friendly Darokin and far from the dangerous Orclands.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs may take part in the peace meetings as bodyguards, ambassadors, spies, correspondents for Joshuan Gallidox Publishing...

Thaumont 11, AC 1016: Vannopolus Returns to Dunadale.
Location: City of Dunadale, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: A squadron of imperial dromonds under the command of Demetius Vannopolus sails into Dunadale's harbour today, bearing several hundred Thyatian troops. Vannopolus greets Duke Tiberia warmly, saying that the emperor dispatched additional forces to quell the unrest in Dunadale. Vannopolus' troops begin to help in patrolling the city and enforcing the duke's edicts. (See Va. 6, Va. 13; Th. 14, Th. 18.)
What This Means: Vannopolus is trying to get the duke to trust him. He is afraid that if he acts at once to depose Tiberia, armed conflict between his men and Tiberia's thugs would break out, and he wants to avoid bloodshed. Members of the dissident faction believe that Vannopolus has betrayed their trust, but he will try to contact them discretely over the next several days to explain his plan.
What the PCs Can Do: Thyatian players could be the agents sent by Vannopolus to re-assure the dissidents of his intentions. They will have to be very persuasive in getting them to go along with Vannopolus' plan. Dunadaler PCs could be the ones approached by Vannopolus, and will have to decide if do they trust him.

Thaumont 11, AC 1016: Khem-kor Falls.
Location: Village of Khem-kor, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Advancing Selhomarrian troops manage to secure the Nithian mining village of Khem-kor, located near the Fire Wall Mountains, with a minimum of resistance. Within hours of its fall into Selhomarrian hands, a provisional government is established under the aegis of the local priests of Rathanos and Pflarr, and the Senkhite governor is imprisoned. (See Th. 6, Th. 9; Th. 16, Th. 19.)
What This Means: The Senkhites, being primarily concentrated around Tarthis, have little in the way of military might in the northeastern region of Nithia, save for those soldiers at Fort Horys. Khem-kor was also a centre of local opposition to Senkha's rule last year, and the Senkhite administration has been harsh at times as a result.
Word has also spread of the Senkhite losses to "strange invaders" in the north, and of Menkara's liberation. This news has given hope to supporters of Ramose, who, learning of the Selhomarrians' arrival near Khem-kor, staged an uprising that aided the invaders.
What the PCs Can Do: The locals will have a great deal of information about troops movements and the like-information that could aid the Selhomarrians in their efforts. The PCs could be charged with obtaining that information, or scouting the area to find out for themselves what is going on.

Thaumont 11, AC 1016: More Military Downsizing.
Location: City of Trollhattan, Kingdom of Limn, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: King Drushiye and Queen Mellora announce that Limn's armed forces will follow the Shiye example and downsize their military. (See Va. 19; Th. 27, Fy. 15.)
What This Means: Like the Shiye's, Limn's armed forces are funded by the kingdom instead of the empire. However, Limn's downsizing is less of an issue of economics as it is a matter of officers. The Hollow World's never ending daylight has wreaked havoc with the kingdom's undead officers, in particular the vampiric ones. The ones that have survived the sun's rays can do little to contribute to their commands, as their movements are restricted to the confines of their enclosed strongholds. As such, troop efficiency has suffered. Drushiye and Mellora have ordered their military commanders to reorganise and downsize the existing units to fit the depleted pool of officers.

Thaumont 12, AC 1016: Mealidan Leaves.
Location: Forest of the Curse, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Mealidan Mealidil receives the visit of a group of mixed human and elven adventurers that inform him he is going to be the target of an assassination attempt in the next weeks. After questioning the adventurers and examining the presented proofs, Mealidan immediately decides to leave Wendar with his close assistants and guards and settle in Darokin for the time being. (See Va. 21.)
What This Means: The investigators working with Bensarian were able to determine that Mealidan was the clanmaster that the Church of Idris wanted to kill. They have informed him of the situation and offered their protection, but he politely declined and preferred to leave Wendar, which is becoming a hot spot for Alfheimers.

Thaumont 12, AC 1016: Mystics Denounce Faith.
Location: City of Edairo, Kingdom of Thothia, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: A ceremony honouring the Immortal Rathanos is interrupted by adherents to the former mystical faith of Thothia. A number of mystics decry Rathanos and the Magian Fire-Worshipper faith as heresy, and pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV as a pagan and usurper. When the pharaoh's guards attempt to quell the disturbance, violence erupts. A small riot breaks out as citizens join both sides in the fighting. When all is over, several people are dead, though the ringleaders of the mystics manage to escape. The pharaoh concludes the ceremony, but there is noticeable tension in the air. (See Fl. 5, Kl. 4.)
What This Means: Ever since taking the throne years ago, Ramenhotep has worked to restore the old Magian faith of his ancestors. It has been difficult to get the complacent Thothians to abandon their old ways, but he has been making great strides. Events such as happened today are not uncommon, though they do not usually end up quite so violently.
Little does Ramenhotep know that the incident was sparked by a group of werespiders - shapeshifting, intelligent spiders that are a part of aranean society. The araneas on the Great Escarpment have been very active in the past few years, and are attempting to once more work their way into Thothian society. They hope to play off the religious discord in Thothia to weaken the kingdom before making their attempt to take over.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: The Shadow over Drax Tallen.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: The Shadow Army (composed of humans, humanoids and undead all under Sylarion's leadership) moves outside Drax Tallen's walls and begins its siege, using light siege machines and incorporeal undead to cause troubles to the elves. The elves on their part do not seem able or intent on engaging the enemy troops, which are not as numerous as they thought. Brief skirmishes occur on the keep's walls, but nothing major happens. (See Th. 2, Th. 5; Th. 19, Th. 20.)
What This Means: Sylarion decided that the time of the final assault has come. He has gathered all the forces stationed in the Great Forest that the Shadow Lord left him and positioned them near Drax Tallen. He plans to take the keep in a week, as he told his living lieutenants, and expects everyone to obey his orders or die. The soldiers and officers do not comply, being used at the Shadow Lord's similar requests.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: First Volume of the Thrainkeliad Published.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: The first volume of a historical biography of the life of Thincol Torion, covering his personality, his reign, and the triumphs and defeats of the empire under his rule, is released today. Written in Redstone by Stefania Torion but published in Thyatis City, this first volume covers the life of her father up to his coronation as emperor. Included is a forward written by the magist Demetrion.
What This Means: A surprisingly well written and forthright study of her father, this book proves that literature and historiography is alive and well in Thyatis. The entire series of three volumes (the other two coming out next year) proves to be a sensitive and admiring portrayal of Thincol's life, as told by Stefania, including his failures as well as his successes. The Thrainkeliad soon becomes the standard work covering that period of Thyatian history referred to by Mystaran historians and sages. The depth, accuracy, and erudite style impress many who always thought Asteriela was the only scholar of the family.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: Brishnapur's Legacy.
Location: Mumlyket of Nagpuri, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: In the palace of the Rajah of Nagpuri, Sitara Rohini gives birth to a baby girl. The girl is the daughter of Sitara and Anand Brishnapur, the great hero of the resistance. Sitara first became aware of her pregnancy in Fyrmont of last year. For the past few months, she has been residing here in the palace, awaiting the birth of her child and administering to her clerical duties. The girl is named Ananda, after her father. (See Va. 5, Th. 2; Th. 19, Fl. 13.)
What This Means: The birth of Sitara's child shows that even in the midst of the tragedy of war, there can be found some joy.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: Bad News for Alfheim Elves.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: Princess Tanadaleyo allows the Alfheim elves to settle in Aengmor, but in the eastern area near Selinar Lake, instead of the south-western corner as King Doriath requested.
The Alfheimers are not happy about this. King Doriath tries to complain, but in the end he grudgingly accepts. (See Th. 12; Th. 20, Kl. 3.)
What This Means: Tanadaleyo knows that Alfheim elves and goblinoids would never be able to cooperate, while she still fears a Darokin-Alfheim alliance. She thus decided to send the Alfheimers near the Orclands, using them as a shield against the goblinoids of General Tlatepetl, who are becoming more aggressive every day.
Unfortunately this raises the tension between the two groups of elves.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs may be hired by Alfheimers as mercenaries, to escort them to the Selinar area and to protect them from the goblinoids until they manage to set up more solid defences.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: Survivors Perish.
Location: City of Blueside, Kingdom of Lagrius, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: A palace servant informs Siaron and then Queen Elenitsa that the two surviving retainers of Tarkoman have died from the affects of the traitor's regret. Preparations are made to have the bodies cremated, with Siaron overseeing the matter herself with the help of several clerics. (See Va. 21, Va. 24; Th. 26, Fl. 2.)
What This Means: The two survivors have finally succumbed to the affects of the Randel spell. Siaron has them cremated to destroy the corpses out of fear that other unknown properties of the spells may manifest after their death as rumours have reached her that the spell causes the slain victims to explode or even rise as undead. These fears are unneeded, as they are unfounded.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs from Randel, or with knowledge of them, may be asked to consult on this matter. Given the Randel mind set, is doubtful that Randel nationals will divulge any useable information on the spell.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: Imperial Delegation Reaches Helskir.
Location: City of Helskir, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Two vessels, one flying the banner of the NACE and one flying the Thyatian imperial standard, sail into Helskir harbour this day, bearing diplomatic streamers. They remain under the watchful-and distrustful-eye of the harbour guards as the delegations disembark. Tension eases swiftly when King Zaar strides onto the docks and warmly embraces Asteriela. The group moves on to the palace and begins a series of closed-session meetings. (See Va. 13, Th. 11; Th. 18, Th. 20.)
What This Means: Alphatian officials were given advanced notice of the delegation by Thyatis, via magical communication, and sent their delegation shortly after the Thyatians set sail from Thyatis City. They arrive simultaneously because of good planning.
What the PCs Can Do: King Zaar could arrange to have the PCs on hand to guard the delegation and insure no harm comes to anyone. Many Alphatians and Thyatians alike are opposed to any peaceful negotiations with their long-time enemies. On the other hand, the PCs themselves may want the negotiations to fail, and initiating a diplomatic incident could cause the meeting to collapse before it begins.

Thaumont 14, AC 1016: Agreement Reached.
Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV
Description: After a week a hard bargaining on both sides, Thyatis and Kastelios have reached an agreement on shipping to the Thyatian Hinterlands. For its part, Thyatis will pay Kastelios 20% of the value of all goods shipped to the Hinterlands through Kastelian waters, and it will not allow military personnel to leave their ships during any stopovers in the city-state, except in groups of 50 or less at any time. Kastelios, in turn, will provide military escorts for the ships, and ensure that the best possible route is taken to the Hinterlands, in the least amount of time. Should any Thyatian ships be lost while under Kastelian guidance, the city-state will reimburse Thyatis for half of the value of all non-living goods lost. This treaty, called the Thyatis-Kastelios Accord of AC 1016, is good for ten years, and it may be renewed after that time. Moderately satisfied with the agreement, Helena Delanarius departs for Thyatis. (See Th. 3, Th. 4; Fl. 17, Fl. 18.)
What This Means: Thyatis and Kastelios have finally reached an agreement concerning what sort of aid Kastelios will provide to Thyatis in its efforts to re-establish a regular shipping link to its colonies in Davania. Generally speaking, Kastelios got the better deal, since the final terms come closer to what it wanted. Helena was not as good a negotiator as she thought, and since she was pressed for time, she had no choice but to accept the terms. There will be many unhappy people in the Thyatian government.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs were aides to either side, they could provide advice, or otherwise try to obtain information on the Kastelian position (if they are with Helena) or to ensure no information is stolen or otherwise "lost" (if they are with the Kastelians). If the PCs were part of the actual negotiations, then the outcome could very well be different from the one above.

Third Week

Thaumont 15, AC 1016: New Academic Year.
Location: Alphatian Empire, NACE and Kingdom of Karameikos. HW, AS, SD, NW, OW
Description: Today marks the day when schools open all around Alphatian territories, both in the outer and the inner worlds, and in Karameikos.
Of those, one is a brand-new, experimental school, as it is located in the outer world yet is attended by students from Alphatia in the Hollow World. This school, the Alphatian Magical Training School, is located on the western-most Grey Island, and is devoted to teaching young students the concepts of wizardry, spell-casting, Immortal-worshipping, and Hollow World magics. Promising students attend this school only one academic year, at the end of which they must be able to cast their first spell to be allowed to drink mnemonic mineral potions until they fall to its power. Those that fail to casting spells by the academic year's end return to Alphatia as commoners, while those that succeed return as aristocracy and can attend advanced classes on the floating continent.
For its first year the school can only accommodate thirty students. One of them is lost and supposedly drowned in the Sundsvall Maelstrom, and school begins with only 29 students. (See Nu. 28, Va. 25; Ka. 15.)
What the PCs Can Do: A new party of Alphatian PCs may be introduced to the outer world through the school. Most of them should be prospective wizards or clerics, though those who fail may become fighters or thieves-a bad thing for this new school's statistics, for sure. The PCs can then return to Alphatia and adventure in the Hollow World, or, intrigued by this world, escape the island (probably before the end of the academic year) and explore this strange new world-this is an opportunity to play a reverse outer-worlder-lost-in-the-Hollow-World campaign, with Alphatians stumbling unto the secret of their not-so-distant past.
[With the D&D rules clerics cannot cast spells until they reach second level, so clerics-in-training are judged by their Immortal's acceptance in the clergy instead.]

Thaumont 15, AC 1016: A Strange Ship in Thyatis.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: A ship bearing strange markings sails up Vanya's Girdle, and approaches Thyatis City today. Guards on duty report the ship's description to their superiors, who then pass the word up the chain of command. Within two hours, archived Thyatian records are found that verify the ship as being Kastelian in origin. As the ship docks in the harbour, and the passengers disembark, a small group of Thyatian port officials meets them. Speaking in Thyatian, the hopeful ambassador, Constantine Telamanes, asks to be escorted to the emperor, as Kastelios is interested in opening formal diplomatic relations.
The Thyatians conduct Constantine and his entourage to the offices of a senior senator, telling him that the emperor is on important business and will not be able to meet him, and that the senator is more than capable of handling such affairs of state. Constantine is unhappy, but he does not show it, and he presents the senator with a finely-woven tapestry, as well as his credentials. The senator receives them both, and welcomes Constantine to Thyatis.
The Thyatians then escort Constantine to temporary quarters in the diplomatic section of the imperial palace (where they can keep an eye on him) until more permanent arrangements can be made. (See Th. 8, Th. 11; Th. 18.)
What This Means: The Thyatians have had contact with the Kastelians, but it has been very infrequent over the past two decades. It was enough to allow them to recognise the Kastelian colours as the ship pulled into the harbour. Word of the deal with Kastelios has not yet reached Thyatis, so attitudes are still neutral towards the city-state, and Eusebius' absence was not a diplomatic snub aimed at Constantine, who had frayed nerves as a result of his long journey. As of today, Kastelios has official diplomatic relations with Thyatis.
What the PCs Can Do: Aside from providing assistance to the side they are on, whether it is in terms of providing information or otherwise, there is not much the PCs can do here.

Thaumont 16, AC 1016: Selhomarrians Take Tuhf-kebes.
Location: Village of Tuhf-kebes, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: The Senkhite governor of the village of Tuhf-kebes is alarmed by reports of an advancing force of foreign soldiers, marching from the northwest. Although reports of the exact numbers of attackers are inconsistent, they all relate that at least a thousand men are heading towards the village. Frantically, the governor orders his men to meet the threat, in order to hold them off as long as possible. After his soldiers depart, he grabs several bags of collected tax money from the civic building he was given as a residence, and runs for the southeastern gate.
Before he can make his escape, however, he is spotted and apprehended by several irate village folk, all of whom notice that he was trying to leave with the tax money they paid. Dragging him back into the village, they are shocked by the sight of several hundred Selhomarrian troops entering from the northwest, as well as those soldiers who were sent out to meet them-now prisoners of war!
One Selhomarrian soldier, speaking in Nithian, tells the crowd that their village is no longer under Senkha's control, and that the lawful authority of pharaoh Ramose has been restored. Many of the assembled villagers cheer at this news, while others angrily push the former governor to the fore, and accuse him of being an accomplice to Senkha's brutal regime, as well as trying to steal tax money. After arranging for a provisional government under the leadership of the priests and Selhomarrian officers, the governor is detained. (See Th. 9, Th. 11; Th. 19, Th. 22.)
What This Means: The people of Tuhf-kebes are strongly supportive of Ramose, and resented the repressive regime imposed by Senkha on the people. The man who was appointed as governor of their region was well-known for being a petty crook; a crook with connections. For the villagers, the Selhomarrians are welcome liberators. The warm reception received here is a reprieve from the indifference, or mild approval, encountered by the Selhomarrians elsewhere.
What the PCs Can Do: Tracking down other runaway governors, most of whom fled with ill-gotten gains, is a perfect task for adventurers. Seeing the advancing tide of the Selhomarrian forces, many supporters of Senkha in positions of power fled, rather than face justice for their crimes. Many of these former governors have enough wealth to hire mercenaries to help them build a power base for themselves, and so could pose a continued threat.

Thaumont 16, AC 1016: Olgar Rise Again.
Location: Town of Kulnovo, Converted Lands, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: The Olgarian resistance has come out of the shadow once again. Seeing the desperate situation in which the Hulean armies are, the rebels led by the Olgarian Church of Traladara are trying once again to fulfil their final goal: liberate their land from the Hulean domination. The new rebellion takes an unusual turn however as the small garrisons left in place by the Master are unable to cope with the popular uprising and the Talmav cavalry sent as reinforcement by the Empire of Zuyevo.
What This Means: The uprising in Olgar is a natural outcome of the over-extension of Hule's military. With his armies stretched from the Bylot Hills to Sindrastan, and a mortal threat pending at the northeastern border of the empire, the Master has come to accept the loss of some less vital regions. Also, this event means that the Empire of Zuyevo is really interested in having a lasting influence in the region, something that the Master hasn't understood yet.

Thaumont 17, AC 1016: Armies Clash.
Location: Klintest Lowlands, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: On the plains outside of the village of Murgar, near Lake Klintest, dwarves and kobolds fight. The kobolds are firmly entrenched in the hillside around the village, but the dwarves are determined to drive the intruders out. The conflict will continue for some days. (See Va. 4, Th. 9; Ya. 2, Ya. 7.)
What This Means: The dwarves mobilised their army as soon as the pass through the Denwarf Spur was cleared of snow. Anticipating this, Duric and Bifia had Psa'gh take his kobold army north along the Smaggeft Road. With luck, the kobold leader can hold the dwarves at the village until reinforcements can arrive. If not, the additional time will still help Duric and Bifia fortify Smaggeft against intrusion.

Thaumont 17, AC 1016: Wolf Problems.
Location: Village of Stratford, Archduchy of Westheath, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: A pack of wolves-were and normal-raid the village of Stratford in the evening. Five men and women are killed, and the town's livestock are sent fleeing into the nearby hills. The biggest problem, however, are the dozens who are injured during the attack. A messenger is sent to the archduke to plead for his assistance in getting clerical help before the next full moon, when it is feared the injured may become werewolves themselves! (See Nu. 1, Va. 13; Fl. 20, Ya. 1.)
What This Means: This is Synn's work yet again. The wolf pack in her service has grown, and part of it now terrorises the regions near Glantri City. Even worse, she has managed to coerce Malachie du Marais' brother, Noussoir [see Glantri: Kingdom of Magic or Joshuan's Almanac. Ed.], into working for her. He now leads the pack that assaulted the village. It was his idea to attempt to infect others rather than simply slay them outright, in the hopes that Les Loups de la Guerre will be able to increase their ranks.
Archduke John Beaumarys-Moorkroft will reluctantly file the forms allowing clerical magic to be practiced in his dominion, and hopefully stave off an epidemic of lycanthropy. He will not forget this event, however, and will likely become a staunch (and powerful) opponent of the Prince of Morlay-Malinbois at the parliament.

Thaumont 17, AC 1016: Welcome Back Stranger.
Location: City of Bluenose, Kingdom of Arogansa, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: During a lavish party, an unexpected guest arrives. Though she had been missing for years, the magist Karyndra is warmly welcomed in and becomes a focal part of the gathering. When asked, she explains her absence as her being involved in mage matters. (See Nu. 7; Ya. 12, Kl. 3.)
What This Means: Karyndra's reappearance is another ploy of Alphaks to stir up trouble in Alphatia. With His earlier transplant perceived as being crazed and quickly killed, He found another potential candidate among the refugees in Esterhold. Karyndra had been a popular socialite in Bluenose therefore she should be more memorable to the locals. Alphaks offered her passage to Arogansa. Karyndra may be a stereotypical Arogansan, but she does not follow the edict of Alphaks; she only wishes to leave Esterhold and return to Arogansa.

Thaumont 18, AC 1016: Athenos Hosts a Dignitary.
Location: City of Athenos, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Word arrives to the mayor of Athenos from Darokin City today. The ruling houses, and the chancellor, have agreed that Athenos would be a suitable location for the Kastelian embassy, considering the situation. They give the mayor permission to open diplomatic relations with Kastelios, and ask him to report on the outcome.
Soon afterwards, the mayor meets with Valeria Theramenes, and, through translators, they formally open diplomatic relations between the two countries. Onlookers are amazed at the beauty of the gifts Valeria lavishes upon the mayor, including fine robes and pottery. Afterwards, Valeria and her entourage are conducted from the inn at which they are staying to a building deemed suitable as an embassy. (See Th. 11, Th. 15.)
What This Means: Although the Darokinian leadership has more pressing matters to consider, the fact that there are possibly wealthy nations lying across the Sea of Dread, who might buy Darokinian goods, has not escaped them. Having no wish to offend the Kastelians, they decided on this arrangement to inconvenience everyone as little as possible, as well as resolve the issue quickly.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are part of Valeria's entourage, the PCs will surely be needed to help the Kastelians move into their new embassies.

Thaumont 18, AC 1016: Tiberia Deposed.
Location: City of Dunadale, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Demetius Vannopolus and a squad of Thyatian troops march into Duke Tiberia's palace early this morning as the duke is sitting down to breakfast. Vannopolus announces that the duke is under arrest, by order of the emperor, for misadministration and violation of the rights of Thyatian citizens. The duke orders his men to move against the Thyatian troops, but as they do so the servants pull blades on the duke's guards. A short scuffle breaks out, and Tiberia sends one of his thugs to muster the rest of his troops from their barracks, but no one returns and Edmondo is eventually captured and chained. (See Th. 11, Th. 14; Th. 20, Th. 23.)
What This Means: Vannopolus prepared the way for this expertly. Dissident Dunadalers replaced the usual servants in Tiberia's palace. Vannopolus had his troops on "guard detail" the previous night. Before dawn he sent a detachment to the ducal guard barracks and had everyone disarmed and detained. Tiberia will be sent back to Thyatis and tried for his crimes; his loyal cronies will be sent to Provincia Septentriona to start a new, rugged colony.
What the PCs Can Do: This is a prime opportunity for a swashbuckling melee, swinging from chandeliers and fencing on balconies. Tiberia could try to escape through a secret passage, leading to a chase through the maze-like corridors of his palace.

Thaumont 19, AC 1016: Battle of Sothys.
Location: Village of Sothys, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Selhomarrian troops approach Sothys today, in the hopes of liberating it from the control of Senkha's armies. Unfortunately, the village is ringed with tents, and amongst them are hundreds of Nithian soldiers, travel-worn but ready for battle. Upon sighting the advancing foreigners, the defending Nithians charge them, plunging into their ranks and dealing death in every direction.
The Selhomarrians are able to recover quickly, and soon enough they slowly begin to gain ground, but not without losing significant numbers of men. By day's end, both sides are weary of battle, and the Selhomarrians withdraw a few miles to the north, and establish defensive positions there. (See Th. 11, Th. 16; Th. 22, Th. 23.)
What This Means: Reports of the Selhomarrians' conquest of Khem-kor quickly reached Senkhite forces stationed at Fort Horys, and several hundred soldiers-almost the entire garrison-rushed to Sothys to prevent the village, and the east-west road it straddles, from falling into enemy hands. Had the Selhomarrians left Khem-kor even two days earlier, they may have arrived in Sothys before the army.
Though both sides suffered losses, the Senkhites consider this is victory. The Selhomarrians, having entrenched themselves a few miles north of the village, will remain a threat to Senkhite activities in the region for quite some time.
What the PCs Can Do: Provided the PCs are on the Selhomarrians' side, they could perform scouting missions, ambush lone enemy patrols, and attack caravans heading west into the Nithian heartland, thus depriving Senkhite forces further west of essential metals and other goods needed to maintain their war effort. Though this would not cripple the Senkhites, it would certainly reduce their power and reach somewhat.

Thaumont 19, AC 1016: Kidnapped!
Location: Mumlyket of Nagpuri, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: In the dark of night, stealthy agents working for the Master of Hule sneak into the rajah's palace and kidnap Sitara Rohini and her daughter. Their disappearance is not discovered until the morning, and by then the kidnappers are long gone. An investigation is immediately implemented, headed by the rajah himself (an accomplished mage). Magic use is detected, but it is suspected that inside help was also given to the kidnappers. (See Th. 14; Fl. 13, Fl. 21.)
What This Means: Elite members of the buraiya (an assassin cult), assisted by the evil mage Bargle the Infamous, were responsible for this heinous deed. Sitara is a prominent figure in the hearts and minds of the Sindhi resistance-both among the followers of Gareth as well as those who believe in more traditional Sindhi practices. Her abduction will be a serious morale damper for Sindhi forces.

Thaumont 19, AC 1016: Shadow Falls.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: Suddenly, after sunset the many undead stationed outside Drax Tallen start to make a definite major attempt at breaking the gates and storming the keep, helped by a few hundred humanoids. Distracted by this event, the elves do not realise that the rest of the Shadow Army is penetrating the keep by those same underground tunnels they used to leave it in AC 1015, and when they discover the intruders it is already too late. Chaos and panic follow, with the humans and humanoids of the Shadow Army chasing the elves inside the keep. Somebody also manages to lift the portcullis and open the main gate and the undead legions of Sylarion enter as well, following their living comrades inside the complex.
Victory seems at hand for the Shadow Army as they nearly surround the stunned and sick elves inside Drax Tallen's main building. But then the elves start retaliating with more strength and vigour, as if they were not sick anymore, and when the humanoids try to gain open ground, they find Sylarion's undead blocking all the ways out of the keep. And this is when the undead begin turning on their own comrades of the Shadow Army.
In the next confused hours, many shadow soldiers fall to the blades and spells of the crusaders and to the claws of the undead, and only a few hundreds manage to flee using the same tunnels they came from. They scatter in the forest, still unable to tell what happened inside the keep. (See Th. 5, Th. 14; Th. 20.)
What the PCs Can Do: Fight against the Shadow Army with the unexpected help of the evil undead. It's an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime for good heroes, so do not waste it!

Thaumont 20, AC 1016: Unholy Alliance.
Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: After the Shadow Army's retreat, the undead led by Sylarion gather in the dungeons below Drax Tallen, and some of them stay motionless under the suspicious gaze of dozens of crusaders. Above ground, the elven generals meet with Sylarion and the highest ranking undead, including Sylarion's vampiric kin and greater wyrds. After a few seconds of indecision, General Durifern extends his hand and the vampire returns the gesture. A smile appears on Durifern's face when he feels his vital energy is still intact. Sylarion is then greeted by the other generals and the strange party enters the main building to parlay, while the majority of the crusaders still seems unsure and suspicious about the situation. (See Th. 14, Th. 19.)
What This Means: Sylarion decided to betray his master, the Shadow Lord, after he met with his brother. That night he told him of his undying life and the misery he had to cope with, envying him for the life he still had. That night he had come to take his life, but he found out he could not after having heard his brother's tale of captivity and torture at the hands of the Shadow Lord. Sylarion discovered he hated the Shadow Lord for what he did to his kin and to himself more than the hatred he felt towards the living beings. So he struck a bargain with his brother: he would use his undead servants against the Shadow Lord's soldiers and ally with the crusaders in the final battle. To prove his trustworthiness he informed his brother of the poison he had poured in the wells and gave him instructions on how to neutralise it. When Delharis reported the news to the generals, they were highly suspicious, but when Sylarion informed them of his little trick of creating a diversion and using the tunnels to infiltrate Drax Tallen, they decided to give him a try.
The new alliance the two sides are negotiating seems a really strange one and nobody knows how long it may last. Maybe Sylarion has other plans of his own that he has not yet revealed, but up to now he has helped the crusaders defeat the Shadow Army, and so he and his undead legions are welcome. Maybe this is indeed the way to win the war in this accursed place: fight fire with fire.

Thaumont 20, AC 1016: Avengers Turn to Dark Side.
Location: Colony of Aengmor, Republic of Darokin, Kingdom of Karameikos and Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: After the peace agreements of AC 1015 and the recent developments, Alfheim Avengers got increasingly disappointed in Doriath and the treekeepers. In the end some of the most hot-tempered and disillusioned ones start turning their back away from Ilsundal and get involved in darker and more violent practices, including murders, sabotages and kidnappings. (See Th. 11, Th. 14; Fl. 12.)
What This Means: Atzanteotl, eager for a revenge on Rafiel and Ilsundal, infiltrated some of His agents in the Alfheim Avengers' ranks to exploit their "violent" nature [most of the Avengers are young elves who do not want any compromise with shadow elves and will not mind using violence to chase them away from Canolbarth. Ed.].
Atzanteotl plans to disrupt the peace process, using the Alfheim Avengers to spread terror in the area.
What the PCs Can Do: Corrupted (or simply fanatic) PCs may take great pleasure in destroying or sabotaging shadowelf properties.

Thaumont 20, AC 1016: A Village in Ruins.
Location: Town of Alinquin, Kingdom of Dawnrim, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: King Teskilion is informed of an attack upon a small community near the Surshield border. The bulk of the town has been razed to the ground and many of its inhabitants killed. It is noted that the raiders absconded with all of the villagers' livestock. Teskilion strengthens patrols in the area. (See Fl. 24, Ya. 6.)
What This Means: In years past, there were the occasional raids from Surshield and with the bulk of the kingdom an official anarchy, there was very little that the Surshield government could do about it. Since the raids were infrequent and there were rarely fatalities, the people have learned to live with them. This year, the raids have become more brutal and more frequent. This most recent raid appals Teskilion but he can do little short of invading western Surshield. He hopes that this raid is a one-time event and will pass.
What the PCs Can Do: Villagers may hire the PCs to deal with the raiders, which would take the PCs into Surshield. Likewise, PCs travelling in the area will find themselves challenged at each village; these challenges could be an excellent way to provide an adventure hook to involve the PCs.

Thaumont 20, AC 1016: Talks Stall in Helskir.
Location: City of Helskir, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Negotiations between the Thyatians and Alphatians in Helskir have gone remarkably well up to this point. The Alphatian delegation was much intrigued by Asteriela's proposal, and both parties are looking for a way to prevent further warfare-for now. Neither side is ready yet for another draining war. Even the small Ostlander delegation, which arrived yesterday, is in surprisingly good spirits. But today a member of the NACE delegation raises a new, unexpected issue: the Alatian Isles. The Thyatians quickly express their willingness to cede their claim over Gaity, but both the NACE and Thyatis insist on controlling Aegos. Tempers flare, and when an Ostlander jarl spills mead on an Alphatian wizard's fine spider-silk robe, violence almost breaks out. The meeting quickly breaks up, with everyone surly. (See Th. 14, Th. 18; Th. 23, Fl. 2.)
What This Means: Previously, after each day's negotiations, the delegations would dine together in a large, friendly banquet, getting to know each other and building trust. This was Asteriela's idea, a way to bridge the cultural gap. Tonight, each delegation dines separately, and old wounds threaten to resurface. The talks, once so promising, teeter on the verge of failure, like so many promising negotiations between the Thyatians and Alphatians in the past.

Thaumont 21, AC 1016: Minrothad Moves In.
Location: Coastal countries of the Sea of Dread. OW
Description: Everywhere along the Coast of Dread, Minrothaddan merchants are adopting more aggressive trading policies, fiercely pushing out the competition. This especially hurts Linton House, as it does not have a new leader yet. It loses enough assets to bring it down to the rank of fourth house, behind Corun. (See Va. 26, Th. 7; Fl. 8, Fl. 13.)
What This Means: Minrothad is trying hard to take over as much trade as possible, before Linton House regains strength.

Thaumont 21, AC 1016: Start of Shipping Season Announced.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Amid ceremonial fanfare not seen since before the Great War, Thyatian officials and priests of Protius and other Immortal patrons of the sea proclaim the official beginning of the shipping season. Eusebius himself makes a speech at one of the docks, exhorting victory over the Twaelar and encouraging Thyatians to seek their fortune from the bounty of the seas through commerce.
Due to the dangers of the Twaelar menace, merchant ships set sail under the protection of imperial warships. Steps are also taken towards establishing more secure shipping lanes as well. Eusebius' speech coincides with the treasury issuing a larger number of small denomination coins (copper and silver mainly) into circulation, some of which are distributed to the crowd as part of the ceremony. (See Th. 3; Fl. 1, Fl. 11.)
What This Means: Eusebius is trying to raise the morale of his people through pomp and showmanship. He also hopes to encourage a greater mercantile spirit in Thyatis as a way to generate wealth and much needed revenues. The increase in coin minting was done at the advice of Nikephorus Logotharion, who believes it will give a boost to commerce. This costs the empire little, since gold circulation is not increased, but boosts the money economy (and with it trade), since most people (except for adventurers and the government itself) use small denomination coinage for daily exchanges.

Thaumont 21, AC 1016: Sage Leaves Gosluk Lands.
Location: Gosluk Tribal Lands. SC
Description: Despite their inheritor powers, the sage Mazrooth al Yedom and his assistant Hernán Costa have no choice but to leave Gosluk territory, where the goblins have been increasingly aggressive as the warriors are contesting their leader's unwillingness to join the goblin horde that Garok of the Flat Noses has been constituting in the southern Badlands. The archaeologists must abandon several months of work searching for evidences that the common division of the Oltec culture into two groups is more than what current theories have it; the fact that they have not progressed during that time is not to cheer them up either. (See Nu. 9, Va. 17; Fl. 4, Ka. 14.)
The duo returns to the Baronía de l Grande Carrascal after passing through Guadalante, and is allowed into the sacred capital of Buenos Viente by Barón Joffik. Hernán Costa and Marshall Vupilor Watak spend a lot of time together, which leads Mazrooth to conclude, grumbling, that "this won't help with the Oltec researches."
What the PCs Can Do: If they accompanied Mazrooth in his expedition last year, they now have to play hide and seek with the pushy Gosluk goblins. It is a bad time to cross any goblin territory near the Savage Baronies, anyway.

Fourth Week

Thaumont 22, AC 1016: Views on Elven Future.
Location: Barony of Ironwood, Final Range. NW
Description: Zoltan the Treekeeper agrees to a meeting with Elarianthas Blackblade. The elven lord, after his recent discoveries concerning the future of the elven race, hopes that if the two lords can cooperate, it might open the path to that promised future he believes in.
The discussion proves fruitless however, as an intransigent Zoltan profoundly disagrees with Lord Blackblade's vision of the elven pantheon. (See Va. 14; Fe. 26, Fy. 13.)
What This Means: Though both lords wish to bring a better tomorrow to all elves of Mystara, they are not able to close the gaps between their visions and work together.

Thaumont 22, AC 1016: Tarthis Almost Falls-a Revelation Ensues.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: For 19 days, battles have raged on and off along Tarthis' outer walls. On several occasions, the Selhomarrians have tried scaling the walls, undermining them, and smashing the main gate-all to no avail. Even their formidable offensive spells were successfully countered by the defenders. The Selhomarrians decide to try one last great offensive, and overwhelm the defenders as best they can.
After assembling reinforcements from other offensives elsewhere in western Nithia, the 9,000-man force approaches the walls with its siege towers and light catapults, bombarding the southern portion of the wall. Though the defenders put up considerable resistance, the sheer force of the assault-over 4,000 men in one region of the wall-is enough to force the Senkhites to retreat. As they give ground, the Selhomarrians press their advantage, until they enter Tarthis itself, amid the scattered boulders of what remains of a large segment of the southern wall.
Realizing that they have breached the defences, the invaders yell loudly as they charge into the city, and the streets are a frenzy of melee combat. Selhomarrian wizards and priests cast spells against their opponents, and soon almost a quarter of the city is in Selhomarrian hands. Some city-folk, seeing that this may be the one chance for freedom, rise up against the Senkhites as well, and soon other regions are swept clean of her rule. By the end of the day, the Selhomarrians are within sight of the royal palace, but before they can advance in that direction, a loud trumpet call blasts through the air, momentarily silencing the din of battle.
Amid the debris of battle marches a host of heavily-armoured Nithian soldiers, accompanied by several priests of senior rank. All eyes are drawn to the leader of that group, none other than Ramose himself! Some Senkhites drop their weapons in shock, others kneel. Speaking clearly to all within earshot, Ramose declares, "No more blood need be shed in sacred Tarthis; the battles are over, and I come to reclaim what is mine." (See Th. 16, Th. 19; Th. 23, Th. 24.)
What This Means: Ramose has spent the past months building a cadre of supporters in the region of Kom-ombar, as well as building covert ties with senior priests of Pflarr, Rathanos, and Horon throughout the Delta Kingdom. When news of the imminent fall of Tarthis reached him, Ramose ordered his army to follow him without delay-not only to prevent unnecessary bloodshed; he wished to take control over the situation before anyone else could fill the power vacuum. He also sent word to the priests to issue public declarations of support for him, so that public opinion would be solidly behind him.
Now that Ramose appears to be in control of the city once more, he will have to work hard to purge the last of Senkha's influence from the rest of Nithia.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs marching with the Selhomarrians have the chance to take part in an epic battle-the liberation of Tarthis! This is a battle that will become the subject of many songs and tales in the future, and this is an opportunity for them to gain renown, as well as the gratitude of many Nithians. Those who wish to search for Senkha will have no luck; she apparently fled before Tarthis' fall.

Thaumont 23, AC 1016: Evekarr Passed.
Location: Evekarr Pass, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The garrison of Fort Evekarr, backed by Vestlandic forces, marches out of the mountain pass and into the Klintest valley. There they will attempt to assess the current military situation in the lowlands, and do their best to regain dwarven holdings for Rockhome. Messengers are sent northwards around Lake Klintest, hopefully to reach Dengar and inform King Everast of their position. (See Th. 5, Th. 17; Ei. 27, Ka. 28.)
What This Means: The dwarven garrison was forced to winter in Fort Evekarr rather than Kurdal, due to goblinoid incursions into Rockhome last year. They have been strengthened by the addition of allies from Vestland, and are determined to try and drive the goblinoids out as best they can. For the next several months, they will fight a running battle with goblinoid forces on the eastern side of Lake Klintest. As they are a small force, and cannot rely upon assistance from the dwarven armies on the other side of the Denwarf Spur, they will have to resort to guerrilla warfare and hit-and-run tactics.

Thaumont 23, AC 1016: A Hunting We Will Go.
Location: City of Helskir, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: For two days the delegations have had no contact with each other. Then, on the third day the chief Thyatian negotiator, Vivianna Romanones, sends an invitation to the Alphatian delegation... not to meet for official business, but to go on a hunt. The Alphatians suspect a trick, but decide to accept.
What This Means: For the last two days the Thyatians and Alphatians have been in contact with their respective governments-via magical communication-, trying to find a way out of the impasse. Neither side seems willing to budge. However, the two days apart functioned as a cooling off period, and neither side can afford to see the negotiations fail.
Though the Alphatians suspect the hunt to be some kind of "Thyatian trick," and prepare themselves as if going into battle, the hunt is exactly what it is advertised as. The day is spent in the countryside, and a good time is had by all, with friendly competition to bag the most game and show off one's horsemanship and other skills. By the end of the day trust and amity has been restored, and a feast is held in celebration, with the catches of the day as the main course. (See Th. 18, Th. 20; Fl. 2, Fl. 3.)
What the PCs Can Do: Though this seems like a spur of the moment occurrence, the way has been carefully prepared to insure that nothing disturbs the day, especially anything that can lead to conflict. Vivianna hired agents to discretely insure that nothing disrupts the fun. The PCs could either be those agents, out foiling an effort to cause mayhem. Or they could see this as an opportunity to finish off the talks once and for all. If the former, they will likely face a determined band seeking to kill one or more of the diplomats, and must prevent that. If the latter, they will be up against an elite team of Thyatians, and then a large group of well armed, spellcasting diplomats.

Thaumont 23, AC 1016: Ramose Issues a Proclamation.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Sitting once more on the throne, Ramose, pharaoh of Nithia, issues a formal proclamation, to be carried by runners all across Nithia. He states that the power of Senkha has been vanquished, and that, by the will of the Immortals, he is in power once more. All those governors who willingly collaborated with Senkha and her evil regime are guilty of treason, and will each receive a sentence of 30 years in the mines. Those soldiers who knowingly and enthusiastically carried out Senkha's orders are sentenced to field postings along the Jennite frontier for five years. Furthermore, anyone who was sentenced to slavery under Senkha's rule will be freed, unless such punishment was in fact merited. Finally, for her crimes against Nithia, and for inflicting undue pain and suffering on its people, Senkha is pronounced guilty of high treason. She is sentenced, in absentia, to eternal banishment from Nithia.
Hearing the judgments of the pharaoh, many commoners cheer at the redressing of great wrongs, while the Selhomarrian soldiers, keeping the peace, look silently at the spectacle. (See Th. 19, Th. 22; Th. 24, Ya. 5.)
What This Means: Ramose is asserting his power, now that he is back in control. Within the next few weeks, many former Senkhite governors will be brought to justice, while those who suffered under her rule will receive some compensation for knowing that her rule is at an end.

Thaumont 24, AC 1016: A Parting.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: In a secluded portion of the palace at Tarthis, Ramose meets with the highest-ranking Selhomarrian soldiers, and they discuss the logistics of the withdrawal from Nithia. The officers politely inform Ramose that removing over 10,000 soldiers from Nithia without obstructing his efforts to rebuild his nation will be a difficult task, if he wishes it to be done quickly. Ramose offers the services of his own aides in facilitating the withdrawal, as well as the use of some of the larger floating barges. He also offers the services of his runners, so that the order to withdraw may be spread quickly.
Feeling that this offer is reasonable, the officers accept. (See Th. 22, Th. 23; Ya. 5, Am. 12.)
What This Means: Ramose knows that Nithia now owes a debt to Selhomarr. Even though the support of the priests was crucial in securing domestic support, without the Selhomarrian intervention, Senkha's forces could still very well be in power. Although he is grateful for Selhomarr's aid, Ramose knows he must concentrate on securing support domestically, and consolidating his position politically, if his power is to endure. Only when that is accomplished can he realistically turn his thoughts towards how best to repay the Selhomarrians for their deed. As such, it was the least he could do to offer the services of his aides; this way, he no longer has to worry about the problem, and he can focus on more immediate concerns.
News of the Selhomarrian intervention in Nithia will likely spread throughout Iciria, though in the process the story is likely to be distorted in one way or another. Regardless, people will soon become more aware of the empire that has existed quietly, in an isolated corner of the Hollow World, for as long as they can remember.

Thaumont 25, AC 1016: Seminar in Glantri.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: During the annual wizard's festival of Arcanium in Glantri City, Professor Emeritus Angus McClintock, recently returned to his position at the Great School of Magic, hosts a seminar. The subject of the seminar is information regarding the city of Aengmor, in the Broken Lands, where Angus spent many years living among its former goblinoid denizens. Scholars from all around flock to hear this seminar-even scholars from other nations. A few shadowelf spies are also present, to listen to Angus's speech.
What This Means: McClintock learned much of the origins of the shadowelf city during his stay there, and has long been hoping to share his information. With the recent rising of the city, it seemed as appropriate a time as any. The information he gives may be disturbing to some, and attempts on his life are not out of the question.
What the PCs Can Do: Angus has a wealth of information to share with prospective adventurers hoping to find their way into the ancient city and do some exploring.

Thaumont 25, AC 1016: Disorder Rises.
Location: Kingdom of Ochalea and Kingdom of the Pearl islands. SD
Description: Ever since becoming independent, the nations of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands have found things to be more difficult than they expected. Their armies have been on full alert almost the entire time, placing a strain on their struggling economies and otherwise pacific people. Their trade has suffered as Thyatian ships come to port less frequently and Thyatian soldiers are not present to spend gold in the islands' markets. Meanwhile, brigandage and piracy has increased considerably, and the kings have had trouble dealing with it, being reluctant to dispatch fleets in search of pirate lairs while they still fear a Thyatian reprisal.
All this strain comes to a crisis point this spring. The common folk, happy enough with a simple life and not much worried about trade, are tired of serving for extended periods in the army. All are troubled by the fact that their nations are more militarised but less secure than they were in "the good old days." Markets collapse as worry spreads, and even people who thought their "simple, happy life" was disconnected to such matters find themselves affected. (See Fl. 2, Fl. 3.)
What This Means: Much of this is the natural result of the two peace-loving nations having been on a wartime footing for almost a decade. Unusual exactions above and beyond normal taxes have been required. In addition, both Ochaleans and the Pearl Islanders put on an air of being unconcerned with commercial matters, and were unaware of the extent to which that meant they relied on outsiders to produce common goods they used, in exchange for selling pearls and raw spider silks. With Thyatian traffic directed elsewhere, and no other similar market to replace Thyatis, both nations have suffered badly. Increased swashbuckling piracy in the region is one result.
However, much of the difficulties both nations are experiencing are part of a conscious policy initiated by Eusebius. Eusebius has encouraged a quiet, unofficial trade embargo, and has provided aid and encouragement to pirates and bandits in the area in order to discourage other nations from trading with them.
What the PCs Can Do: They can sing "A pirate's life is a life for me" if they are interested in a swashbuckling campaign. Or they can be hired to chase down outlaws. Enterprising characters could brave the buccaneer-infested seas to trade with the islands, attempting to turn a profit. These ventures should be highly risky, though: it is at least as possible to find buyers who can't afford to pay much for your goods in the troubled islands as it is to find someone with more cash than sense. Fortunes can be lost as easily as they can be made.

Thaumont 26, AC 1016: No Available Mages.
Location: City of Aaslin, Kingdom of Notrion, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: King Corydon sends word to the mages within Aaslin of his need to have them investigate something for him but to his surprise there are no favourable responses to his call: most mages state that they are committed to the construction of the dome for the new city. Discouraged, Corydon mobilises the troops of 2nd Notrion Army to march to the region to investigate the matter and subdue any forces they meet. Corydon places General Tahort in command of the expedition. (See Va. 24, Th. 14; Fl. 2, Fl. 11.)
What This Means: There are few powerful mages in Aaslin to begin with. While it is true that most mages are busily working with the dome project, it would not be too much for one or more to do the task. However, Corydon is not well liked by the mages: as a commoner, they see him as a puppet of the NACE and only in power due to Commander Broderick. Had Corydon been a cleric or even a low-level mage they would have honoured his request.
Corydon sees this lack of response from the mage community as further signs that he has rivals within Notrion. He secretly believes that some of the mages are conspirators in a plot to overthrow him; therefore, he must send troops to the region to handle the matter. Fearing a potential coup, he sends only a third of his forces while the balance will remain near Aaslin as a precaution.
There really is no conspiracy to overthrow Corydon. Though a few have considered it, the mages are quite content to ignore Corydon and carry on with their own lives. If the domestic situation does not improve, most feel that the populace will rise up against him. If and when that happens, they will just step in and assume control.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs may find themselves asked to accompany the troops. If the PCs are well known by Corydon, they may be asked to stay in Aaslin to act as bodyguards. PCs arriving in Aaslin may find themselves detained and questioned to make sure that they are not hirelings of some would be usurper.

Thaumont 27, AC 1016: Tree of Life Threatened.
Location: Forest of the Curse, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: The keepers of the Grunalfs' Tree of Life manage to discover and chase out of their sacred grove a group of humans who were about to damage their relic. Further investigations prove that they tried to set the whole grove ablaze but the tree's own magic stopped them. The Alfheimers report this violation to the king and demand the criminals to be caught and put to trial as soon as possible. They even request permission to take the matter into their own hands, but King Gylharen firmly rejects that last request. (See Va. 3; Fl. 16, Fl. 19.)
What This Means: This is yet another Church of Idris scheme. They staged the assault at the sacred elven relic only to cause resentment in the Alfheimers and hoping to provoke the avengers' retaliation. Needless to say, the avengers have no intention of letting this capital offence go unpunished.

Thaumont 27, AC 1016: New Hope for Canolbarth.
Location: Selinar Camp, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: After months spent studying the magical plague that stroke Canolbarth Forest during the Great War, Jorodrin Feadiel and his research team decide to call forth a meeting with King Doriath and the other clanmasters currently in Aengmor. The senior treekeeper reports his discoveries to the council and suggest that, in order to save the forest, the Trees of Life need to be brought back into Canolbarth. [According to the Timeline of Alfheim Invasion (Igorov Institute, Rymskigrad, AC 1012) all Trees of Life were brought to safety in Darokin except the Long Runner and Mealidil ones that were magically concealed and left in Alfheim. Ed.] (See Th. 6; Kl. 24.)
What This Means: In the past months Jorodrin Feadiel and his team learned that the plague is actually a strong entropic spell and that powerful magical forces are needed to counteract that spell. A few weeks ago Jorodrin discovered that the two Trees of Life currently in Aengmor regained some energy lately and set himself to study the strange phenomenon, but found no clear answer to his doubts. The old treekeeper feels that bringing all the Trees of Life back to Canolbarth is the right thing to do, even though this will expose the sacred relics to the "evil" shadow elves.
This is yet another part of the plot devised by Ilsundal and Rafiel to save Canolbarth and strike again at their common enemy Atzanteotl.
What the PCs Can Do: This could be the right time to run CM7 and bring the Feadiels' Tree of Life to Canolbarth.

Thaumont 27, AC 1016: He Who Rules the Skies...
Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Jafilia, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: Empress Eriadna meets with her senior military officers to discuss the empire's defences. She tells them that the empire cannot afford to lose anymore troops, even if it means subsidising the kingdoms more. She voices her concerns over the increased production of skyships. Without any planned expansions, she sees no reason for a large airborne force. Her commanders respectfully disagree citing that the best way to secure Alphatia's lofty borders is by having complete control of the air. Likewise, a large air fleet will allow ease of transportation to the lands below for diplomatic and exploration purposes. Eriadna agrees to allow skyship construction to proceed. She also authorises a reorganisation of the empire's armies. (See Va. 19, Th. 11; Fy. 15.)
What This Means: Unlike the NACE, Alphatia has the luxury of being virtually impregnable to the assaults of the indigenous peoples of Hollow World. There really is no need to have a large army to secure the borders for an attack that may never come. Given Eriadna's current doctrines, campaigns of expansion are also in doubt. However, no one wants to see Alphatia caught without a strong fighting force.
Since the reawakening in the Hollow World, Alphatia has gone full steam ahead with skyship construction. Given its aerial nature, the tendency is not unfounded. Eriadna herself had initiated the skyship boom. However, with numerous skyships completed and many others under construction, she sees that the effort has reached its objectives. Her commanders make a valid point about the skyships and she agrees to continue their production.

Thaumont 28: A Mysterious Visitor.
Location: Sierra Borgosa. SC
Description: A man wearing a dark cloak and a hood is ushered before Don Esteban, refusing to give his name or reveal his face. He claims to represent a "certain interested person" who is willing to assist Don Esteban to retake Almarrón. At first Don Esteban scoffs at this unexpected offer-but he soon changes his demeanour when the hooded man produces a large sack of gems. This he says is merely a goodwill gesture to allow Don Esteban to hire some mercenaries. The master of the hooded emissary will send more assistance when the time is right.
What This Means: Don Esteban was removed from power as Barón of Almarrón in AC 1008 by an uprising led by Don Maximiliano. Ever since he has been scheming to recover his position, without success. His cause took a further blow on Ambyrmont 27 last year when some of his supporters in Sierra del Plata were killed. Don Esteban is now so desperate to get Almarrón back that he is even prepared to accept support from an unknown party, no doubt with some hidden agenda, in order to get back his barony.

Thaumont 28 AC 1016: Death of the Master?
Location: Temple of Greatrealm, The Dark Wood, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: A group of adventurers of unknown origin have been able to penetrate deep in the religious compound from which the Master has overseen most of Hule's military operations. These adventurers have defeated the Master's personal guards and have been able to reach the Master's quarters. Since then, nobody has seen the Master. The hagiarchy is astonished by what has always been unthinkable. (See Fl. 3, Fl. 5.)
What This Means: The Master has been defeated but he is not dead. He only has reincorporated his original form and needs to rest until he is able to rebuilt a new alternate self (magic jar into a new corpse). However, his defeat comes as a serious blow to the infrastructure of power in Hule as this event has revealed that Hosadus is not invulnerable. Also, the Master's absence totally disrupts the line of command in an empire that has been accustomed to being ruled by a sole man for more than 400 years. Finally, when he will come back, the Master risks to seek vengeance before running the state's affairs. For the Master, it also means that Immortality needs to be attained soon or else, the odds might become even thinner.