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Dragons of Mystara, version 2.0

by Frederic Ferro

This is a list of some Dragons of Mystara whose names are known. This includes mainly the Dragon Rulers of the Known World (Dragon #171) and characters in Gunnarson's novels _Dragonlord of Mystara_. Some names or events are not canonical but just pleased me. This compilation had contributions by members of the MML including Sharon Dornhoff, Håvard, Jamuga Khan, Solmyr and many others. As usual, corrections or additions are encouraged.

Amanth: an old Red female, in Wendar, near Glantri (Dragon Magazine #171)
Ambur: a Red male, in Rockhome (Dragon Magazine #171)
Arbendael: a Gold female, exalted servant and consort of the Great One, mother of Thelvaenier (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Argos the Worrier: a Green male, in the Dymrak forest, Karameikos. (Dragon Magazine #171)
Attura: a Green female, in the Atruaghin Plateau (Dragon Magazine #171)
Azem: a Gold female, in Hin form in the Five Shires, has the feather of Maat (Dragon Magazine #171)
Brulefer: Blue unknown, in Denagoth (X11)
Daresha: a Gold female, Marthean's mate and foster mother of Therandael (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Diamond: the Star Dragon, Lawful Immortal (used to be Thelvyn the Gold, and briefly incarnated by the human Jaggar von Drachenfels).
Druuwor: a White male, in the Makkres Mountains (Northern Reaches) (Dragon Magazine #171)
Eruptaar: a Gold male, King of the nation of Dragons, in the MMB, "World in Flames", by Bruce Heard
Galishan: a Gold male, in Glantri, may be a friend of Raknaar? (from netMAG2)
Gheradaen: Gold male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Great Dragon: the first Dragon Immortal (Immortals set, WotI), was a member of the extinct "Grey" Dragons (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Idris: an Immortal of Entropy. Black or Night Draconess/Dracologist? (X11)
Jaelynix: Blue female, Sind (MML)
Jargnir: a Black female, in the Great Marsh (Soderfjord) (Dragon Magazine #171)
Jherdar: a Red male, Speaker for the Reds (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Kardyer: a Red male, killed by Thelvaenier (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Khanistar: a Blue female, Ethengar (Dragon Magazine #171)
Kharendaen: Gold female, mate of Thelvyn, went to the Draconic Cluster with the Immortal Diamond (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Khordarg: a Red female, in the Orclands (PWA 1014 & 1015)
Kindling: Gold male, in Wyrmsteeth Range (MMB - in Bruce Heard's Future of the HK storyline)
Kirbey, Sir George: A Mandrake, became a Gold male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Lhoran: a Blue male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Lhorandyn: a Gold male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Marudi, a Blue male in Ylaruam (Dragon Magazine #171)
Marthaen: a Gold male, Speaker of the Parliament and foster father of Therandael, probably still elder Speaker for the Golds (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Murodnir: a Black male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Opal: the Sun Dragon, Neutral Immortal
Pearl: the Moon Dragon, Chaotic Immortal
Pyre: a Vermilion male, has the Ebony Eye (Savage Coast, Dragon#196)
Raknaar: a Gold male, occupies Anton Vlaardoen's body in Glantri
Respen-ak-Tarpis: a Red male, Prince of Arentela (GAZ 4, p. 27)
Saerna: Ancient Dragon, belonged to the original race of the Great Dragon (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Seldaek: Gold male, cleric of the Great One (head of Diamond's clergy, perhaps...?) (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Synn: Queen of the Night Dragons, Dolores Hillsbury in Glantri
Thalbar: a Black male (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Thalkor: a Black male, in the Malpheggi Swamp in Darokin (Dragon Magazine #171)
Thelvaenier: a Gold male, Diamond during his mortal life, son of the Great One and Arbendael (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Therandael: a Gold female, daughter of Thelvaenier and Khaerendaen, raised by Marthaen (Dragonlord of Mystara)
Thundar: a female Sea Dragon, north of the Aloysius Reefs (volcano of Thun, see map of PC2) (Dragon Magazine #171)
Valamaeraen: Bronze male, in Karameikos (MML)
Verdilith : Green male, in the Dymrak forest (Knight of Penhaligon)
"Veronique Gaudin": a Gold female (?) in human form in Glantri, real name unknown (Mark of Amber)
Vitriol: Black male, in Denagoth (X11)

by Håvard

Stepping outside core canon a bit, Blackmoor has the following three:

Insellageth: IMC I am making him the Diamond Dragon in the Blackmoor Age.
Tsartha: The Gray Dragon. The WotI Great Dragon entry mentions that these dragons were common in previous ages. IMC I am making her the Opal Dragon in the Blackmoor Age. She has a temple dedicated to her in Glendover.
Chamber: Spawn of Insellageth and Tsartha. IMC I am making him the Pearl Dragon of the Blackmoor Age. In that age he has a lair near the city of Maus.

Although he is not mentioned in the Blackmoor books, I am making Io the Great One of that age. Insellageth could have been another Great One candidate, but that would have left us without a Diamond Dragon. I am also pondering on incorporating Tiamat and Bahamut into this structure.

by mister c

There is also Verminthrax, an ancient red dragon who inhabits the Moktor Fire Pits beneath the Great Waste (Champions of Mystara p27). He is described as having access to magic items allowing him to take human form to better explore the caves of Graakhalia.
The same book also mentions a small (unnamed) blue dragon living on the southern edge of the Plain of Fire. Could thhis be linked to Jaelynix?
Looking through X5 Temple of Death turns up an unnamed old red dragon guarding the Well of the Moon in the Great Pass. It is a spell casting dragon.

by Francesco Defferrari

In the Poor Wizard Almanac III, pages 232-233, Sitara Rohini and Anand Brishnapur, prophets of Gareth, killed the adult red dragon Everdire that terrified sindhi villages for some years. In exchange for this deed, they received the Staff of Gareth from the young copper dragon Vasylion the Younger, who has a lair in the Kurish Massif. It seems maybe Everdire had binded Vasylion and the latter wished to be free.
Probably other dragos are mentioned in the almanacs...

by Simone Neri

Some other named and living (in AC 1000) canonic dragons I didn't see mentioned above:

* Caeric (Small White): no precise placement, subdued and used as mount by a warrior named Renn (AC10).

* Ravellia (Small Black): no precise placement (AC10).
* Snagglefang (Huge Black): lives in Fenhold Swamp, Darokin (CM9).

* Viridis (Small Green): no precise placement, subdued by an evil wizard named Parindes (AC10).

* Blethinferelth (Huge? Blue): lives in the Ylari side of the Karameikan Altan Tepes, very very old (fought against the humanoids of Akkila Khan in her youth) (Son of Dawn novel).
* Bluenstrinel (Small? Blue): Daughter of Blethinferelth (Son of Dawn novel).
* Dominagon (Huge Blue): dwells in the mountains north-east of Landfall, in Norwold (M4).
* Korbundar (Large Blue): in league with Wastour and Ulslime in the Two Lakes' Valley in Norwold (CM2).
* Saffo (Large Blue): found on the Rainbow Bridge (CM7).

* Balefire (Large Red): seized the tomb of King Alevar in Alfheim (X10).
* Fagtorx (Small Red): son of Khordarg (O2).
* Fosfar (Large? Red): brother of Sulfar, found on the Rainbow Bridge (CM7).
* Histitz (Small Red): companion of Khordarg (O2).
* Incendiarious (Huge Red): dwells in Mount Firemouth at the source of the Sabre River in Norwold, and has five sons (small reds) (CM3).
* Krasniy (Small Red): no precise placement (Norwold according to some fan works), rules the town of Saffir in human guise (AC10).
* Shalkmog (Small Red): son of Khordarg (O2).
* "Old" Smokynose (Large Red): leads the trolls inside the dungeon of Kwyll (CM1).
* Sulfar (Large Red): brother of Fosfar, sent by Moorkroft to spy on the Feadiels (CM7).

* Thyralax (Huge Ruby): no precise placement, enemy of Mardius (AC10).

* Althea (Small Gold): no precise placement (AC10).
* Aurik (Large Gold): found on the Rainbow Bridge (CM7).
* Hytiliaph (Huge? Gold): the dragon companion-mount of Demetrion Karagenteropolus (DotE).
* Kevran (Large Gold): no precise placement (AC10).

* Mardius (Huge Amber): no precise placement, enemy of Thyralax (AC10).

Among the dead dragons of the past, I'd not leave out Calor (from IM2 and WotI) and Yealeletherveri (from the novel Son of Dawn).

Many more living dragons are mentioned in various fanworks. Just look at my MGAZ1, at agathokles' Lords of the Cruth Lowlands, or at Carillion's "Adventures in the Frozen North" in Threshold #2, to cite only a few.

by JTrithen

I was surprised that Gorkalk wasn't mentioned; he was a red dragon, anywhere from slightly larger than small to large in size. He was the original dragon killed in "The Legend of Galannor" from O2, and is the ancestor of the main dragon in O2 (Khordarg). His size is not stipulated in the module. Note that his desendent -- Khordarg -- is slightly larger than a small red dragon; small reds have 10 Hit Dice, and Khordarg has 11.

And, a correction to a couple of the above listings -- Fagtorx and Shalkmog would be "young red dragons" (not "small" in size; they are smaller) -- could be called "juvenile," too, I guess; they have less hit dice than a normal "small" red dragon.

by Robin

Just to add some from my 1 mile hex maps
Broken Lands;
Many dragons reside near Dragon tree, and all of these are relatively young. Even the lairs and occupation regularly change, so no names are given…only the color of the dragon mostly using that location.
The (unnamed ---Human Alias Drunk Bozo)Male Gold N)Dragon residing at the Tears of a Dragon Creek is very old, but he lived originally in the Dragon Plane. The Portal of the Dragon tree enabled him to come here. He did so due to a broken love decades ago and still is extremely sad and depressed. His human shape is often found in the inns of the nearby villages, where he is known as Bozo the Drunk. He is often intoxicated, but rarely truly drunk (dragons can handle way more alcohol). He is not violent, and even not interested in his draconic cycle, and treasure (he has half normal of a dragon of his age and size). But the two paintings (Elven maiden, Dragon in the woods), and a copperplated iron statuette of a rising dragon he cherishes beyond anything else.(they represent his former love, and have less monetary value than 200 gp together. Where she is, depends on the DM, and might lead to a truly draconic love story/adventure without too much bloodshed.). If these 3 items are stolen, Bozo teleports them back with a special spell, and relocates. He prefers to die without a fight if otherwise kept from them. His hoard has no interest to him.
Raspaert is a 75 year old friendly Female Small Gold Dragon who lives as an Elf in the Woods. She is well known, and more than she actually desired many elves know here true gullible self. Her lair is hidden however, and warded with many magical traps.
Snagglefang (M Black CN) Fenhold/Deep Marsh
Kordach (CE, Red Female? )Emerlas
Sind Desert/Great Pass;
Archivaarr (MoonWell Great Pass)LN Red Female
Eshtelyx (Female Bleu, N) offspring of Jaelynix same age as Astratorr
Astratorr (Male offspring Archivaarr) CG Red)
Verminthrax, Respen-ak-Tarpis, Jaelynix, listed above
Names in the Draconic Real Wyrmsteeth
Fanon and also in my map
Tapis (Green)
Ipsis (red)
Thrall (Gold)
Great Glacier (unnamed) White old)
Xanes( Green)
Coiger (Red?)
Vyolstagrad (Unnamed Bleu and Black)

Ravellia Black Female
Denagoth (Unnamed Black, Gold, Red)

Unnamed is that I do not know its name, it may of course already be known, but I am a bit oblivious now

by Jayce

The placement of the adventures in the Dragon's Den boxed set is somewhat problematic, but I believe they were intended to be placed in the Known World (most likely Karameikos?) originally. If we include these three mini-modules, we get:

* Hakra (Small Black) - from Wild Dragon Den
* Nefastus (Small Green) - from Wyrmhaven
* Anandak (Small Red) - from League of the Red Serpent

Not the most inspiring set of dragons (or modules for that matter - I think it's possibly the worst of the Thunder Rift-era supplements, which is kinda surprising, considering it was designed by Ken Rolston), but for the sake of completeness we should probably include them, even though they're only semi-canonical.