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Never the Same: Introduction

by Giulio Caroletti

Five men form a group of mercenary adventurers who are renowned with the name 'Never the Same'. They took the name because they are all werebeasts. 'Never the Same' is a very special group, who acts often in conjunction with semi-illegal, when not openly terroristic, groups. They have close ties with the Canine Protection Society (Buzby is a close friend of Malachie du Marais), with the Ten Thousand Fists, and has contact with the Republicans, would-be subversives in Thyatis. They have often been contacted by Harold Boar, who turns to them every time a mission is against the status-quo of the Known World. 'Never the Same' has more than once failed its main mission, but they have always survived. Considering the odds and the risks of the tasks they had been assigned, Boar has often judged it the best result they could achieve, and he relies on them completely.

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