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Atlas of the Old World

Welcome dear reader to the atlas of the Old World. Formerly called the Known World and the Dread Coast, the Old World is the seat of civilisation on the world of Mystara. It is the place where technology is at its peak. It is the place where art and music are awe inspiring. Civilisation is almost everywhere, and it is rare indeed to walk for more than a day and not have any village or town to rest in for the night.

In this enlightened land, education is on the rise, and most people can read and write. It is an age of knowledge and discoveries. Even magic, once held secret by old mages in their remote towers, can now be learned through various schools and universities. Slavery is almost abolished, and most people are considered citizens of their nations, having the freedom to do as they please. Diplomacy is the favoured method of accomplishing one's goals, and savage brutality is almost non-existent.

Of course, this does not mean there is no danger to be found. Some places are still savage, such as the Atruaghin clans or the hordes of the Ethengar Steppes. Goblinoids can still be found almost everywhere, and their brutality is unmatched in the entire world. Even diplomatic nations cannot achieve everything with words, and therefore their armies march across the land. It is simply that, here, in the Old World, such events are normally much rarer than anywhere else on Mystara.

Instead of brute force, this land is ripe with intrigue and behind-the-scenes powers. Manipulations are everywhere, and strong guilds and organisations rule almost as much as the kings on their thrones. Those that think that adventure cannot be found here in the Old World simply aren't looking in the right place.

The Old World is a large stretch of land found in the south-eastern margin on the continent of Brun. It is bordered by the Sea of Dread to the south, the Sea of Dawn to the east, the Great Wastes to the west, and the Mengul Mountain Range to the North. Within this land are 21 "nations," most of them enlightened, but a few still hold on to barbaric traditions. These nations have influenced every other corner of the world, and just as Mystara is the centre of the multiverse, the Old World can honestly be said to be the core or Heart of Mystara.



Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Old World of Mystara. Some of them you will recognise from previous almanacs, while others are new writers with us. We wish to welcome all of them into our fold.

Ursula Bremen

Ursula is a smart and experienced member of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps, giving her great insights into the political goings-on in Darokin and surrounding nations. Her connections also allow her inside information on the military activities in Darokin, Aengmor, and the Orclands, making her an invaluable asset to this Almanac.

A very ambitious woman in her mid-30s, Ursula always manages to keep her ambitions in check. The duties of her job always come first.

This year, Ursula once more describes to us the nations of Darokin, Ethengar, and Sind.

Filferil Feadiel

Assistant Treekeeper to Jorodrin Feadiel, Filferil is part of the group of Alfheim sages that tries to understand how to revert the evil magic that made Canolbarth a twisted forest.

Filferil describes to us the nation of Aengmor. Being an Alfheim refugee his words are often harsh to those who conquered and spoiled his former homeland. Next year we hope to have a true shadowelf correspondent, until then Filferil will be our only eye into the reclusive nation of Aengmor.

Joshuan Gallidox

The owner and publisher of this fine Almanac, Joshuan Gallidox has taken leave as editor to once more visit far-away and interesting places. Describing himself as world traveller, pipeweed smoker, collector of knowledge and spinner of tales, the halfling adventurer describes to us his homeland of the Five Shires, as well as the nations of Ierendi and Karameikos.

Alasdhair MacCallum

The swashbuckling rogue known as Alasdhair MacCallum is a young Glantrian that enjoys emphasising his own cleverness while subtly insulting those around him. Luckily for him, he's highly skilled with a rapier, which has more than likely kept him alive after his usual comments (shall we say insults) on the fashions of various members of the high society. His own fondness for elaborate dress gives others the impression of him being an empty-headed young fop.

In AC 1015, Alasdhair describes to us his homeland of Glantri, as well as the neighbouring Broken Lands.

Misha Mananov

An itinerant priestess of the Church of Traladara, Misha has given herself the goal of bringing the various goblinoid tribes to a level of civilisation equal to those of other nations. She has therefore left her homeland of Karameikos for Soderfjord, where goblinoids had been running rampant the past few years.

Misha describes the three nations of the Northern Reaches for the Almanac.

Astrid Ragnisdottir

Alas, it is with sad news that I must announce that our brave skald from Ostland did not survive her injuries suffered at the siege of the Falun Caverns. The Editors of the Mystaran Almanac wish to express their sympathy to her family. We should praise such a worthy adventurer who died heroically facing fiends summoned from the very Pits themselves.

Ryuk-uk Tshaa

Ryu is a Hsiao - an intelligent, owl-like creature - and a scholar in the ways of goblinoids. He hails from the forests of Vestland, and he and his companion Starkad Grimmson, a warrior from Soderfjord, will be bringing us all the information on the Great Migration.

Additionally, as Joshuan Gallidox Publishing is the primary backer of his expedition, we have convinced Ryu to send us information on all the nations through which they travel on their way, such as the Atruaghin Plateau and Sind.

Favonius Viator

The second son of a well-to-do Thyatian senator, Favonius is a bit of a rogue uninterested in the politics that his father takes part in. Instead, Favonius took up the trade of a merchant with the help of a very rich uncle. His mercantile experience gives him much understanding on the Empire of Thyatis, as well as the various inland trade routes and coastal sea trade routes.

Favionus was recently freed from his captivity by the merfolk and now describes to us the wondrous places he has seen. He is also the writer for the entries on Minrothad, Ylaruam and the Empire of Thyatis. It has been noted that his recent captivity has given Favonius a rather cynical outlook on life.

Faisel ibn Yasir

It seems that our former friend Faisel ibn Yasir no longer deems us worthy of his correspondence. Thanks to the philosophies of the Kin faction, he now views us, along with the rest of the world, as infidels who do not deserve his respect.