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Notable buildings by district

by Giampaolo Agosta

Here is a list of notable places in Specularum sorted by district. The buildings come mostly from existing sources (thanks to LoZompatore's map).
The idea is to put links here to the actual descriptions, once we have them.

Note that I don't have Of Nests and Nations. If someone has it, and can post descriptions of the various buildings, that would be useful.
Also, if you have write-ups or even just ideas on any of these buildings, or new one, post them (and I'll put a reference link).

As promised, here is the Master list of buildings in Specularum, and the associated map (nothing fancy, just the K:KoA map with a grid superimposed to allow easy location of each building).

There are already more than 150 buildings listed, mostly from the Gazetteer, K:KoA, the Specularum Series, B6 Veiled Society and Of Nests and Nations.
Sources are generally marked, when absent the source is generally AllanP's district map, or some discussion in the old buildings thread here.

Moneychangers' Guildhall (Guilds)
Goldsmiths' Guildhall (Guilds)
Torenescu Manor (GAZ1)
Ambassadors' Row (GAZ1)
House of Akatrina the Painter (WotI)
Old Church of Thyatis Columbarium (new)
Hill Graveyard (new)

design notes
Merchants' Guildhall (Guilds)
Radu Manor (GAZ1, plus other Radu buildings)
Armourers Guildhall (Guilds)
Shrine of Zirchev (new)
Bust of Petros Radu (new)

Scriveners' Guildhall (Guilds)
Scriveners' Guild Public Library (Guilds)
Apothecaries' Guildhall (Guilds)
Town Hall (new)
Ministry of State (new)
Ministry of Trade (new)
Ministry of Finance (new)
Ministry of War (new)
Bricklayers Guildhall (Guilds)
Ducal Karameikan Theatre (Joshuan's Almanac)
The Golden Book, inn and restaurant (new)
The Priest and Jug, tavern (new)

Church District
design notes
Great Church of Karameikos (GAZ1)
Order of the Griffon Hall (GAZ1)
Church of Thyatis (new)
New Church of Karameikos Columbarium (new)
Column of Flavian Osteropulos (new)
Shrine of Vanya (new)
Ruined Traladaran temple (new)

Foreign Quarter
design notes
Cee Salt (Lathan's Gold)
Dagger's Fencing School (informal) (new)
Augrist Temple (new)
Church of Darokin (new)
Shrine of the Eternal Truth (new)
House Hallonica (Darokin House article)
City Jail (Lathan's Gold)
Foreigners' Graveyard (new)
Jockle Rumbottom's Pipe Shop (Joshuan's Almanac, on Crooked Street)
Crooked Street (Joshuan's Almanac)
Cosy Burrow Inn (Joshuan's Almanac)
The Breakwater gang (new)
The Swords of Kalim gang (new)
Myrrh of the Night brothel (new)
Unnamed dwarven gang (new)
Jerzy's Pawnshop (new)

Merchant District
The Hightower (GAZ1)
Harbour Tavern (Lathan's Gold)
Blue Wave Mead Hall (Veiled Society)
Radu's Wholesale Foodstuff (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Mirror Bay Inn (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Titus Angelicus' grocery (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Vintner's Lane (Veiled Society)
Aristo, Wine Merchant (Veiled Society)
Vintners Guildhall (Guilds)
Cutlers Guildhall (Guilds)
Bakers Guildhall (Guilds)
Tailors Guildhall (Specularum series adventures, Guilds)
Butchers Guildhall (Guilds)
Bowyers Guildhall (Guilds)
Skinners Guildhall (Guilds)
Heranthes, Cobbler (Veiled Society)
Imelda's Beauties (Joshuan's Almanac, in Cobblers' Lane)
Cobblers' Lane (Joshuan's Almanac)
Griffon's Arms Inn (PWA III)

North End
Naval Shipbuilders (GAZ1)
Grog Shoppe (Lathan's Gold)
Black-Heart Lily (GAZ1)
Capital Armourer (Lathan's Gold)
Desmond's Dive (K:KoA)
The Hart and Harrow (K:KoA)
The Gored Ox (K:KoA)
Hippogriff Inn (Lathan's Gold)
Golden Coin Gambling House (Lathan's Gold)
Boris Nikoli's grocery (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Turano's Guesthouse (Veiled Society)
Vorloi House (Veiled Society)
Rattlebone Inn (Veiled Society)
Rattlebone Lane (Veiled Society)
Blacksmiths Guildhall (Guilds)
Carpenters Guildhall(Guilds)
Loggers Guildhall (Guilds)
Mariners Guildhall (Guilds)
Fishmongers Guildhall (Guilds)
Innholders Guildhall (Guilds)
Akarios, Shipwright (Veiled Society)
Church of St. Lucor (new)
Martina Blossombath, Pastry stand (Joshuan's Almanac)

South End
Magicians' Guildhall and Library (GAZ1, Guilds, Hail the Heroes)
Dimension Door Inn (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Wizard's Gizzard Tavern (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Brewers Guildhall (Guilds)
Dyers Guildhall (Specularum series adventures, Guilds)
South End Traladaran Graveyard (new)
"Borsch" Traladaran restaurant (new)
Davidov Veterinary Clinic and Herbalist (new)

Old Quarter
Street Dreamers Gang (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
St. Kruskiev Monastery (Dark Knight of Karameikos, some details)
Great Church of Traladara (GAZ1)
The Graceful Swan (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Open Door (Of Nests and Nations)
Grocers Guildhall (Guilds)
Leathersellers Guildhall (Guilds)
Statue of Ban Bogdan Ivanovich (new, some ideas)
Mages' Pages (new)
The Scarlet Wizards (new)
The Rusty Wand (new)

The Nest
House of Alya (GAZ1)
House of Many Smokes (K:KoA)
The Eagle's Vision (K:KoA)
The Flying Hammock (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
The Laughing Dog (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
The Salon/The Fishbarrel (new)

Trader's Corridor
Minrothist Shrine (new)
Crimson Noblius' grocery (Of Nests and Nations, some details)
Hunters Guildhall (Specularum series adventures, Guilds)
Minrothaddan Port Agent (new)

Other topics
Night watch and district militia
Illustrations for the Nest, Old Quarter, North End and Stronghold District.
St. Kruskiev's Gold: a short adventure.