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A Karameikan Chronology

by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 21

An history of Specularum, Karameikos and its people from 970 AC to 1,019 AC.

The following timeline is based on both canon and fan sources, as indicated by the bracketed tags after each event. (See list of referenced sources at the end of the article.) Note that most events are a mix of Canon and fan sources, and in several cases I have also integrated them with my personal opinions or preferences. The tag “Author” indicates where I have added my speculation to the canon or fan event.

Placement of the B series of modules and other older Canon supplements.

The B and other series of modules and other canon supplements were published by TSR before Gazetteer 1, The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and while some were explicitly placed in Karameikos and are mentioned in the Gazetteer itself (B6, B10, X10, X12, see page 64 of GAZ1, others were retroactively placed in Karameikos once they were gathered in the supplement B1-9 In Search of Adventure. The timeline below contains personal placements of the events of these modules in the Karameikos timeline. Often these placements are purely arbitrary. Note that some of these modules have events which could be quite game changing to the environment of Karameikos, with the discovery of hidden cities and civilizations (B3, B4, B8, B10) or attacks on towns, regions or the Duke himself (B10, B12, X12).

[Image: Duke Stefan leading his men]
Caption: Duke Stefan leading his men against the Marilenev

970 AC

Stefan Karameikos III trades the Duchy of Machetos for the Colony of Traladara, renaming it the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Stefan has a strong connection to Traladara, as his family is related to the Vorloi1, a Thyatian family of ancient Traladaran origins; his great grandmother from the father’s side was a Marilenev of Traladara and his great grandfather, grandfather and uncle had ruled the Thyatian conquered Duchy of Marilenev from 901 to 959 AC. From the start of his reign Stefan is practically independent from the Thyatian Empire, as distinct from his ancestors, mainly because Thyatian Emperor Thincol I has been annoyed by the difficulty of maintaining peace and order in Traladara, due to strong humanoid tribes, extensive wilderlands, rebellious peasants, independent demi-human settlements and bickering nobles. As the Karameikos family is well regarded in Traladara and had good relations with the powerful elves and gnomes, Stefan is readily accepted by many inhabitants of Traladara, who do not have much love for the most powerful native noble families. In this year, Stefan charters the Magicians’ Guild. This act earns him the support of Krollan and Teldon, the two most powerful wizards which came with Stefan from Thyatis, and also of several Traladaran wizards, which did not had idilliac relations with the noble families of Specularum. The Marilenev, who lose economic control of the city of Specularum, are the family most immediately damaged by the change of government [GAZ1, Author, Meaney].
Many Thyatians follow Stefan, his cousins Alexius Korrigan and Ludwig Von Hendriks, famous warriors as Vanyarine and Diomedes Draconius, Desmond Kelvin and Arturus Penhaligon, clerics like Oliver Jowett and Sherlane Halaran, wizards like Krollan and Teldon, merchants like Philip Vorloi [GAZ1, Agosta, Neri].
Philip Vorloi receives lands south of Specularum, formerly of the Vidrina clan which was destroyed during the Thyatian invasion of 900 AC [GAZ1, Guerra].
Desmond Kelvin, Arturus Penhaligon and Sherlane Halaran win the battle of the mountain, near Lavv, against Traladarans freemen and conquer the north. Kopul clan of Volaga is destroyed, Andrios clan capitulates to Lord Kelvin [Guerra, Author].
Penhaligon chooses a challenging land in the north east, full of humanoid tribes, and has to fight hard to defend the local population [Canon, Havard]. A powerful wizard named Clenarius helps him in clearing the land and rules part of it [MA 1019].
Lord Teranon Antonic is one of the first Thyatian knights to marry a Traladaran woman, Milena Okrova of Okraj (Verge). Their son Retameron is born at the end of the year [Canon, Meaney].
Ludwig Von Hendriks defeats the western bugbears, taking many of them as slaves (a group which will later become the tribe known as Bargle’s Bugbears). He obtains the Barony of Halag from Duke Stefan, defeating a rebellion of the local Traladaran nobles, Halaveff, Dimitrevich, Dracul, Suslova and Artho. The new baron spare the lives of the rebels (taking their families hostage), but some escape to Luln [Canon, Meaney, Guerra, Author].
Zogrev Yarol a 20 years old young noble, is one of the first Traladaran to enter the new government as Secretary under the 25 years old Minister for Trade and Taxation Bartran Cordelius [K:KoA, Meaney].
Oliver Jowett and Sherlane Halaran establish the new Church of Karameikos, separating it from the Church of Thyatis [GAZ1].

971 AC

Despite Stefan’s popularity among many inhabitants of Traladara/Karameikos, not all his Thyatian followers gain the same support from the native population. Many poor Thyatian knights and adventurers follow the new Duke in search of plunder and power, and some do not refrain from enslaving whole villages. Duke Stefan wants to be fair, but is often ill advised and prone to believe the voices of his followers rather than the complaints of the Traladarans. The many “incidents” of this year pave the way for a plot by the Radu, Torenescu and Marilenev clans against the new government. Ivan Marilenev however starts the rebellion too soon, hoping to win easily. The rebellion lasts two days in Specularum, on Thaumont 1 and 2, but is defeated by the Duke’s troops, partially because the Radu do not really join the fight, while the Torenescu are persuaded to step back by Philip Vorloi. The Radu and the Torenescu also secretly believe they can benefit more from a Marilenev defeat than from a Marilenev victory. Aleksyev Nikelnevich’s parents die in the Marilenev rebellion, leaving 14 years old Aleksyev an orphan [GAZ1].
Ivan Marilenev escapes to Krakatos on Thaumont 4 with wife Katherine, his sons Valor, Sebastian, Melanie and families, some knights and followers, and is soon under siege by Desmond Kelvin. Valor’s wife Magda sends their baby sons to Sulescu, but they are captured on Thaumont 7 by a Karameikan patrol which is later slaughtered by orcs. Thanks to the support of Callarii elves, gnomes and dwarves of Highforge, Krakatos is conquered on Thaumont 21 and Ivan, Valor and Sebastian Marilenev die fighting, while Sebastian’s young son Grigory dies in unclear circumstances. Melanie Marilenev disappears and is presumed dead, while Ivan’s wife Katherine, Sebastian’s pregnant wife Milena and Valor’s wife Magda are captured. The three women are the last of the Marilenev. The Duke forgives them in consideration of the tragedy of their family and children and of the Radu, Torenescu and Vorloi’s pleadings on their behalf, also because they are not Marilenev by birth but only by marriage, being born Milena Artho, Katherine Torenescu and Magda Torenescu. They still blames the Duke for what happened. While Magda decides to remain in Karameikos to secretly fight Stefan and Katherine is completely broken by the tragedy, Milena, believing her second son will be killed like the first one, escapes to Darokin and manages to hide her traces [GAZ1, Meaney, Guerra, Author].
Many other minor Traladaran families are involved in the rebellion too, mainly vassals of the Marilenev: Arkan Sulanov is wounded and captured, the Gogunov clan of Lazkow is destroyed, Patriarch Viktor Nikelnevich and his wife are killed [GAZ1, K:KoA, Guerra].
Radomil Dromilov is denounced as taking part in the plot by his cousin Dmitri and goes in exile to Ierendi after leaving his lands to 10 years old son Stojan. In truth Radomil, his wife Fekla Yuschiev, sons Stojan and Lev and daughter Katerina leave Karameikos, and Dmitri rules the lands [Neri and Meaney have different histories of the Dromilov, so I decided to merge them].
Dorfus Hilltopper of Highforge, 21st King of the Hilltopper line, establishes an alliance with Duke Stephan Karameikos. Basically, the gnomes and dwarves agree to be part of the Grand Duchy in name only and continue to rule themselves as they did before. Trade agreements however are signed, quite advantageous for Stefan and his new country [GAZ1, K:KoA, Author].
In Halag many Traladarans, mostly minor nobles, artisans and traders, appalled by Von Hendriks harsh government and explicit disdain of their culture, leave Halag for Luln. As the nobles of Halag had fuzzy claims on Luln, Von Hendriks tries to take the town during the Marilenev rebellion, but the local lord, Mirko Markovitch, not only repels him, but successfully proves to Duke Stefan his rightful claim to the town, his former good relations with the Thyatian government and the Karameikos family and his complete lack of support for the Marilenev. Stefan therefore orders Von Hendriks to desist, and this event sullies the relations between the two cousins [Author2, Religon].
Lord Desmond Kelvin renames Lavv in his name and begins massive construction projects with the financial help of the Duke [Author, Meaney].
Diomedes Draconius marries Romana Vorloi, sister of Philip. They will have three children, Xentarion, Zenon and Gratian [Neri, Agosta].
Arteris Penhaligon is born from Claudia Fabius and Arturus [GAZ1, Author].
On Kaldmont 28th, mysterious assassins tries to murder Duke Stefan in his bed, but the Duke and his guards kill them. Suspicion falls on several parties: Radu, Magda Marilenev, Thyatian factions, Von Hendriks, but no substantial proof is ever found [Canon, Meaney].

[Image: Traladaran nobles]
Caption: Traladaran nobles

972 AC

The Hightower is built to provide a rally point for the Phorsis Guard against Traladaran insurrections, as well as to serve as a lighthouse. Also Stefan begins the construction of the outer city wall (“Duke’s Wall” ) and the South End District is extended into the area between the inner and outer walls [Agosta].
Aleksyev Nikelnevich, at 16, throws himself into his clerical studies hoping to become strong enough to free Traladara from the Thyatians [GAZ1]).
Alexius Korrigan is appointed as head of the Cartographers & Civil Works Ministry. He begins the construction of the Westron Road out to Luln and Halag [Canon, Meaney].
Sascia Markovitch is born in Luln, first daughter and heir of Mirko Markovitch [GAZ1, Author].
The Order of the Three Suns created by Lord Arturus Penhaligon. Sir Fain Flinn becomes the first Knight to join the order. [Canon, Havard]
Several lesser Thyatian nobles arrive in Karameikos, offering their fealty to the Duke, and receiving fiefs and titles [Canon, Agosta].
The dominions of Threshold, Kelvin and Vorloi are expanded by the new Thyatian lords, who renames the former Traladaran towns of Lugsid, Halavos and Vidrin, while Ludwig von Hendricks renames Halag as Fort Doom, and builds the Duumtor on the hill that overlooks the city [GAZ1, K:KoA, Agosta, Author].

973 AC

Duke Stefan opens up trade relations with Ierendi. Ierendian merchants swarm into Specularum, and many immigrants, temporary or permanent, settle in the Foreign Quarter. Also, the Hallonica Building in the Foreign Quarter is bought back by the Darokinian House Hallonica from the Torenescu clan, and they open an official branch in Specularum [Agosta].
Christoph Torenescu marries Melinda Azuros [Canon].
Sherlane Halaran begins his massive development of Threshold [GAZ1, Author, Meaney].
The Lowland Troubles begin in the Cruth area, with several humanoid attacks against settlement and ducal troops, possibly orchestrated by Traladaran rebels [Religon].
Grigory Vorloi, first son of Philip Vorloi and Anna Braun, is born [GAZ1, arbitrary date].
King Dorfus of Highforge dies in a mechanical accident while testing a flying contraption, and is succeeded by his son Dorfin, 22nd of the Hilltopper line [K:KoA, Author].

974 AC

Aleksander Torenescu born to Christoph & Melinda Azuros; Melinda dies in childbirth. [GAZ1, Meaney]
Pavel Torenescu marries Ordana Dracul [Canon].
Westron road completed by Korrigan. Von Hendriks establishes secret alliances with the western humanoids to harass Luln and pillage commercial traffic on the new road. [Author, Meaney].
The Luln Uprising. Many citizens protest against the Duke which they consider in league with Von Hendriks. Lord Markovitch eventually manages to quell the rebellion with little bloodshed [Religon, Author].
Adventurers from Soderfjord kill a red dragon which was terrorizing villages between Penhaligon and Kelvin. The barbarian of the group is lost in the dragon’s cave with his treasure [Dungeon Magazine issue #25 adventure Hrothgar’s resting place, prologue].
Halia Vorloi is born from Anton Vorloi, cousin of Philip, and Johana Hyraksos, last of eight brothers and sisters [GAZ1, K:KoA, Author].

975 AC

Katherine Torenescu (widow of Ivan Marilenev) dies in the Marilenev castle, cared for by Magda until the end. Riots against the Thyatians after her funeral in Specularum are suppressed by the city guard with some casualties [Lahde, Author].
Stephanos Torenescu is born to Pavel and Ordana. [Lahde].
Lucius Hyraksos is appointed Minister of War [GAZ1].
Korrigan begins construction of the Duke’s Road [Meaney].
Lucia Vorloi is born from Fortunato Vorloi, brother of Philip, and Alexia Penhaligon, cousin of Arturus, who dies in childbirth [B6, Author].
In a quiet ceremony Zogrev Yarol marries Nichola Torenescu. There are a few people in attendance - some of them from the Government, some of them Torenescu [K:KoA, Meaney].
Alerena Kelvin is born from Elena Aurelian and Desmond Kelvin, second child of the couple after Desmond II, born in Thyatis in 969 AC [GAZ1, Agosta, Author, arbitrary date].

976 AC

George Torenescu and his wife Sarah Ebonov die in a humanoid ambush, their son Christoph becomes clan leader. [K:KoA, Lahde, obviously this event could hide some foul play. Was Boris already planning his ascent? or maybe Magda Marilenev wanted to avenge George’s lack of support to the Marilenev rebellion?].
Desmond Kelvin is granted the title of Baron by the Duke [Canon, Meaney].
Overcome with anger at the marginalisation of his father to a minor ministry position, 20 years old Alfric Oderbry leaves home and enters the Thyatian Church, where he finds an opposer to Patriarch Jowett who festers his hatred against Traladarans [GAZ1, Meaney].
A 14 years old Specularum street thug nicknamed Bargle kills an apprentice wizard and steals his spellbook. Hunted by the city guard, Bargle leaves the city [GAZ1].
Marianna Vorloi, daughter of Philip Vorloi and Anna Braun, is born [GAZ1, arbitrary date].

977 AC

Stojan Dromilov marries Larissa Kaison and settle in Specularum with his wife. Radomil Dromilov dies in Ierendi. Duke Stefan decides to ignore Stojan’s rights on Dmitrov [Neri, Author].
In a grand ceremony before many guests, Duke Stefan Karameikos III grants the Estate of Dmitrov and the Barony of Vorloi. Both Dmitri Dmitrov, cousin of Radomil, and Philip Vorloi are commended for their loyalty, but Vorloi receives much more land, including some once belonging to the Dmitrov [Author, Meaney].
High up in the Black Peak Mountains the work crews finally link the Duke’s Road to its companion coming over the mountains from Darokin allowing the first of many trade caravans to reach Selenica [Canon, Meaney].
A new road is being built linking Kelvin to Threshold via Rifllian and Verge [Meane]).
Lucius Hyrakson marries famous Traladaran singer Katarina Gaddis. [GAZ1].
Devon Hyrakson is born from Lucius and Katarina [K:KoA]).
The Lowlands Troubles in the Cruth area end, the success is mostly attributed to the commander of Riverfork Keep, Lotharius Haakenberg, who, however, is also accused of atrocities against humanoids and the local Traladaran population [Religon].

978 AC

Von Hendriks invites the Markovitch of Luln and the Traladaran nobles left in Halag to his new castle for peace talks, but it is just a trick to kill them. The evening, later known as the Bloody Tserdain, ends with the leaders of the Halaveff and Dimitrevich clans publicly beheaded in Halag after accusation of their conspiracies against the Baron and the Duke. Mirko Markovitch is killed trying to escape, but manages to resist long enough to allow his wife Irina to escape the castle with their newborn daughter. Yolanda. Von Hendriks again demands that Luln be given to him, but Irina3 accuses him of treason and personally pleads his cause to the Duke. Stefan’s court is divided on the matter and the Duke resolves the dispute with a compromise which disappoints all - allowing Irina to keep the rule of Luln but accepting Von Hendriks’ pretense of innocence for the murder of Mirko Markovitch, which the Baron pins on rebellious Traladarans [Religon, Author, Canon].
In a peaceful ceremony, the Duke grants an estate at the source of the River Cruth. Highdell is little more than a small mountain outpost protecting the Duke’s Road as it climbs the Black Peak Mountains [Canon, Meaney].
Vanyarine Draconius becomes landed Lord of Glucynthos on the lands of his wife Andjela Grogosula, west of Rugalov. He already has three children with a previous wife, Bessarion, Mildred and Shaelyn [Neri, Agosta].
A healthy little baby girl named Aleena is born in Thyatis to Merrik Halaran, brother of Sherlane, who soon visit his brother to see the niece [Canon, Author].
Korrigan oversees the construction of a great bridge that will cross the River near Krakatos, beginning the Eastron road [Canon, Meaney].
Marcian Locrida dies, his estate on the Eastron road is inherited by his nieces in Thyatis, Leoniel and Pulcherian. The latter arrives first and tries to earn money from the dominion, until ousted by his older brother. Pulcherian goes to Specularum, seeking employment at Court [Neri]

[Image: Wedding of Duke Stefan and Olivia Prothemian]
Caption: Wedding of Duke Stefan and Olivia Prothemian

979 AC

Duke Stefan marries Olivia Prothemian. [GAZ1]
The Great Church of Karameikos is built in time for Stefan’s marriage [Agosta].
The Road from Kelvin to Threshold is completed [Meaney]
Lev Dromilov becomes an adventurer, upsetting his brother Stojan due to Lev’s lack of interest for their lost dominion of Dmitrov [Neri, Author].

980 AC

Birth of Adriana Karameikos. [GAZ1]
After some years on the road, 18 years old Bargle the Infamous has a first meeting with Von Hendriks. The Baron hires him as one of his agents [GAZ1, Meaney].
Work crews arrive in the Village of Rugalov as the Eastron road is completed [Meaney].
The newly married Duchess Olivia begins to assemble a secret police force behind her husband’s back. She fears the local Traladarans and considers her husband naive to not do likewise [Religon].
Duke Stefan charters the Loggers’ and Hunters’ Guilds [Agosta].
Korrigan is appointed Seneschal of the Ducal Estate [GAZ1, Meaney].
By now in the region of Penhaligon the Knights of the Three Suns have had considerable success against monsters and humanoids. Fain Flinn rises to local fame [Canon, Havard].
First confused mention of Skarda’s raids on isolated Traladaran villages [X12 introduction, Author].
Fekla Yuschiev dies, leaving her two sons Stojan and Lev Dromilov, 20 and 18. Stojan obtains the support of his uncle Mirko and cousin Halav (future Baron Yuschiev). Lord Yuschiev begins to petition the Court for Stojan’s rights on the land of Dmitrov [Author, Neri, Dark Knights of Karameikos novel, name of Yuschiev invented by me as it is not given in the novel].

981 AC

Sergei Pyotrev is declared Ambassador to Alfheim by the Duke [Meaney].
Skarda’s raiders take away the entire population of Lumm, a sizable town near Kelvin. Teranon Antonic, Sherlane Halaran, Arturus Penhaligon and Desmond Kelvin begin a massive manhunt for Skarda. Some of his raiders are repelled, but he is not captured [X12 introduction, Author].
Michaela Vorloi, sister of Philip Vorloi, marries Arkan Sulanov, a Traladaran officer who briefly fought in the Marilenev rebellion and was pardoned [K:KoA, Agosta, likely date].
Bessarion Draconius, son of Vanyarine of Glucynthos, marries Anica Lutescu. They will have two children, Petrus and Arcadia [Agosta, Neri].
Leoniel Retebius of Locrida marries Paula Furmenglaive. They will have two children, Gabrion and Constantina [Neri].

982 AC

Birth of Justin Karameikos. [GAZ1]
Assassins in the Duke’s Castle kill a maid before being discovered and chased away. Again suspicions fall on Radu, Marilenev and other parties, but no proof is found [Meaney].
Skarda’s raiders hit Threshold on Beasts Day, kidnapping Claudia Penhaligon, Elena Kelvin and Milena Antonic. A nationwide hunt begins, but no trace of Skarda is found [X12 introduction, Author].
Castellan Keep building project begins. [GAZ1, p. 6]
Haakenberg, an retires from the army and builds the Haakenberg homestead in the Riverfork region [Agosta].
Zweis Radu has an illegitimate son with a non noble girl, Marika Petrescu, but the event is kept secret. What he does not know if that the child was actually sired by his uncle Cartha who helps the mother raise young Pieter [K:KoA, Theisen].
Shaelyn Draconia, daughter of Vanyarine Draconius, marries Adrianes Acastaran [Agosta, Neri].
After the natural death of his father, Gustav Vandevic assumes the rule of the family fief of Vandevicsny [K:KoA].

983 AC

Duke Stefan appoints Guldahan Cordelius (cousin to Minister Bartran Cordelius) as Ambassador to the Five Shires [GAZ8].
Unusual snowfall in Mirros and Southern Karameikos [JA, p.215].
Kobolds Brokenshields are very active in central Traladara between Highforge, Rifllian and Lavv, until defeated by Karameikan troops in the Battle of the Elvenguard. The survivors secretly escape to the region of Threshold [Author, Canon].
Zweis Radu, 18 years old first son of clan head Anton, marries Rebeca Kaison and becomes one of the main enforcers of the Veiled Society, created by the Radu to control smuggling and crime in the Nest and the Old Quarter [GAZ1, K:KoA, Theisen].
Dmitrios, later to become the Prince of Beggars of Specularum, an orphan who does not want to rely on the help of his Torenescu cousins, start its “trade” in the streets at the age of seventeen [GAZ1, Author, arbitrary date].
Shaelyn Draconia’s husband Adrianes Acastaran die poisoned. She is suspected, but her father protects her and she goes to live in Dmitrov, starting an enmity between the two families [Agosta, Neri].

984 AC

In a ceremony, several Estates are granted by Duke Stefan Karameikos III [Meaney].
In Specularum, the Elvenguard stumble across a coin making operation which was minting a much debased Gold Royal [Meaney].
Zandra Sulanov, daughter of Arkan Sulanov and Michaela Vorloi, is born [K:KoA].
Clenarius’ barony North of Penhaligon is destroyed by dragons and the wizard disappear, but his daughter Alatia and later his grandson inherit the land [MA 1019, arbitrary date].

985 AC

Last accurate census of Specularum [GAZ1/K:KoA].
Castellan Keep completed [GAZ1].
Duke Stefan has been considering the vulnerability of his Treasury. He finally arranges to have his currency minting operations placed in outlying communities with Lords he can trust along with coin smiths he also trusts. Silver mint is directed to Threshold under the care of the Baron Sherlane, Copper to Riverfork Keep, while Gold remains minted in the Ducal Palace employing only Gnomish coin smiths [Meaney].
Darokin sends Estella Whitehall as ambassador to Specularum [GAZ1]
A trade caravan of Chossum elves from Alfheim arrives in Fort Doom. While they spend some time there, they are showered with all manner of delights by the Baron. The conditions in the Black Eagle Barony, however, cause them some concern [Meaney].
Summoned to Court by Zogrev Yarol, 29 years old, fast rising Traladaran cleric Aleksyev Nikelnevich gladly goes to “study his enemies”, but meets five year old Adriana Karameikos. The child ask him about Traladaran culture and traditions, and nicknames him “Father Niki”. The encounter will change Aleksyev’s outlook radically in the following years [K:KoA, Author].
Antonito Radu, second son of Anton, marries Gloria Inexdio. Emil Radu is born in the same year [K:KoA, Theisen].

[Image: Adriana Karameikos as a child]
Caption: Adriana Karameikos as a child

986 AC

The Great Census of Karameikos.
Birth of Valen Karameikos. [GAZ1]
Duchess Olivia expands her spy network with the help of Darokinian actor-playwright Emilio the Great and Thyatian cleric Turan Bey, who has infiltrated the Church of Traladara [GAZ1, Meaney].
A scandal in Luln reveals that the majority of the town officials and the aging Lotharius Haakenberg are on the payroll of a Darokin merchant smuggling arms and slaves through Luln destined for Halag. Haakenberg is killed and Lady Irina Markovitch has problems in re-establishing order [Religon, Author].
After four daughters, Zweis Radu and Rebeca Kaison have a male child, Theodoscius. Unbeknown to Zweis, the true father of the child is Vasile Torenescu, with whom Rebeca has an affair [K:KoA, Theisen].

987 AC

Militia Service Act of Kelvin: Thyatian citizens are issued a sword and training in combat. It is outlawed for Traladarans to train in combat. Relations sour across the Duchy as this becomes a topic of debate [Meaney].
Retameron Antonic takes an early shearing and slips off with a Sword of his father’s and some old armour, determined to find Skarda and free his mother [Meaney, X12 introduction, Author].
Relations with the Emirates of Ylaruam are consolidated by Duke Stefan. Mustapha ibn Ibrahim, an expert hazar adventurer and diplomat, is sent by the Caliph as an ambassador. Mustapha’s activity leads many hazar merchants and craftsmen to settle in Specularum [Agosta].
The Fields of Rye in the South-Western Radlebb Woods are the location of a battle by the Ducal forces and their Callarii elvish allies against the Bloodbears, a tribe of hobgoblins and bugbears allied with some centaurs. The humans and elves win thanks to a charge from Knights of the Three Suns and a foray by an elvish host [Religon].
Justin Karameikos almost die for a fever but he is barely saved by Oliver Jowett’s healing [K:KoA, Author].
Gregor Nasivich, trusted captain of Irina Markovitch, is murdered in Luln. Von Hedriks is the obvious suspect, but the murder was actually committed by one of Duchess Olivia’s spies. Von Hendriks has in fact discovered Olivia’s network, and is trying to use it for his own ends [Meaney, Author].
Dmitri Dmitrov is charged with smuggling and steps down from his position [Meaney]. While it is true that Dmitrov was involved in some shady business, it was no more than other nobles, and he was exposed only because Olivia’s network targeted Traladaran nobles [Author].

988 AC

Stojan Dromilov, now 28 years old, is appointed the new Baron of Dmitrov thanks to Yuschiev and Radu’s lobbying on his behalf. The Ducal Court does not know his hatred for the Thyatians [Neri, Author].
The Great Arrest of Luln. Nobles of the Black Eagle Barony invite several nobles of Luln and Lady Irina Markovitch to a local ball, on the pretense of discussing economic opportunities and opposition to Von Hendriks. While many chose not to attend, those that do are captured. A battle ensues but the agents of the Black Eagle escape with many noble prisoners, including Lady Irina. Sascia Markovitch, only 16 years old, leads a raid against the Black Eagle Barony, killing many Thyatians before her troops are repelled and freeing her mother, but not everyone else. The fate of the other kidnapped nobles will never be discovered [Meaney, Author].
Sascia then she sets up an ambush against Von Hendriks’ counterattack. The Black Eagle protests vehemently to the Duke about Luln’s “aggression”. Once again the Duke does not take a clear position against his cousin, and Sascia has some very harsh exchanges with him and the Court. Some, mostly Olivia and Desmond Kelvin, begin to push for Sascia’s punishment, while others, primarily Korrigan, Hyraksos and Cordelius, but also the Churches, warn Stefan about Von Hendriks’ treatment of his Traladaran subjects, and Sascia is unofficially left in power as Townmistress of Luln after her mother Irina, tired and sad, decides to step out of any position in the government of Luln [Author, Religon].
Von Hendriks pays western humanoids to raid Luln’s countryside, and the humanoids assault the town and partially occupy it, until Sascia Markovitch and the forces of Radlebb Keep repel them [Meaney, Author, Religon].

989 AC

Many Traladarans from Halag flee to the Five Shires. Von Hendriks lets them go purposely to accuse the Five Shires of abetting his enemies. He immediately sends his troops against the Shires, but is rebuffed by Hin militia. He vehemently protests to the Duke about the “foreign invasion”. Jenkin Flintfoot is sent to Specularum as Ambassador, and tells the Duke his version of the story [Gaz8, Author]
Orders are issued from Specularum by Duchess Olivia instructing the provincial administrators to oust all Traladaran functionaries in the service of the Karameikan government, in an attempt to thwart an anticipated revolt. Bitter, ousted Traladaran officials are sacked across the Duchy [Meaney]. This is another ploy by the Black Eagle to use Olivia to further his goals [Author].
Dorfin Hilltopper 22nd of Highforge is killed by Dymrak goblins attacking the annual gnomish caravan. His son Dorfus becomes king as 23rd of the Hilltopper line [K:KoA, Author, date could be moved up to 993 AC].
Two Traladarans - Devor Mandrazy, and his wife are found brutally murdered in the Nest district of Specularum. This marks the beginning of a series of killings designed to terrorise the Traladaran population in the city [Meaney]. The Iron Ring agents are beginning to operate in the city and this is their initial move [Author].
Lev Dromilov marries fellow adventuress Veronika Prokopova, enraging further his brother Stojan who was infatuated with her [Neri]

990 AC

Nuwmont, Traladaran refugees from villages in the Altan Tepes arrive in Kelvin escaping humanoid attacks. Lord Kelvin and Penhaligon sends substantial forces to the north to contain the menace [Meaney, Author].
The Burning of Krakatos. Ethnic strife leads to murder as Thyatian irregulars destroy the town, considered by extremists a nest of Traladaran rebels. The mob is never punished and the locals abandon the charred village [Meaney].
The Rodemus family disappears overnight and their keep is abandoned and considered haunted [Moldvay’s D&D Basic Set Haunted Keep, arbitrary date].
The Disarming. On Vatermont 19, a new policy of disarming Traladarans is instituted across Karameikos. Enforcement is quite spotty, but the law remains on the books [Meaney].
Ludwig von Hendriks sends a new military expedition against the Five Shires, but his attempted invasion fails [GAZ8].
Thaumont, racial riots erupt in Specularum after an Iron Ring cell is discovered in the city, supported by Thyatian extremists. First great demonstration by “New Karameikans”, people of mixed descent who do not identify as Thyatian or Traladaran, but as citizens of a new nation. The Veiled Society rises to prominence in Traladaran neighbourhoods, and fans on the fires of racial hatred. Torenescu and Vorloi ally to stop the riot and hunt down the Iron Ring [B6, Author].
Flaurmont, A magical explosion kills and hurts many of their retainers and several innocent people during an execution of Iron Ring associates. The Court tasks Minister Krollan to eradicate the Iron Ring and rebels from the city, and he is quite successful in capturing extremists from both sides [Author].
Yarthmont, Bolto Nordenshield, Ambassador for Rockhome presents his credentials to the Duke [GAZ1, Author].
Alya “Flameflicker”, a 15 years old Traladaran, decides to create the Kingdom of Thieves [GAZ1]
Milo Korrigan is born, son of Alvin Korrigan, brother of Alexius, and Mildred Draconia, daughter of Vanyarine Draconius [K:KoA, Agosta, Neri].
Klarmont-Felmont: Iron Ring slavers attack villages around Threshold and the town of Guido’s Fort, but are eventually repelled [Author, B5, B9].
Baron Kelvin and the Order of the Griffon begin to clear the land of the Barony and east of it of hostile humanoids, helping human and demihuman settlers [B10, Author].

[Image: Iron Ring thugs attacking a house]
Caption: Iron Ring thugs attacking a house

991 AC

As Rockhome did, Alfheim also sends an ambassador, and Shalander arrives in Specularum [GAZ1]
The wizard Krollan, a counsellor of Duke Stefan, is murdered. Krollan has been very active in fighting both the Iron Ring and the Veiled Society, so both are suspected, but no proof is found. A famous thief of Sindian origin, Lucci Dhay, is suspected, but escapes. In truth Lucci was framed by the Iron Ring and the Society, which cooperated in killing Krollan [Canon, Author, Neri on Threshold issue #8]. Krollan had just foiled a plot to kill Philip Vorloi. Stojan Dromilov, which was involved, began to panic, so the Society poisons him [Neri].
Vorloi sponsors Lev Dromilov as heir to Dmitrov. The Radu and Larissa Kaison present opposition, and Larissa rules the Estate for a while [Neri].
Von Hendriks sends humanoids and a new military expedition against the Shires, but is defeated again [GAZ8, Meaney].
The Radlebb Massacres: troops of the Black Eagle and Thyatian extremists kill or kidnap Traladaran peasants in the region of Radlebb. Traladaran rebels retaliate against Thyatian soldiers and traders, leading to more fights [Meaney, Author].
Vanyarine Draconius dies and his son Bessarion inherits Glucynthos, but goes on adventuring with his first daughter Stephania for three years [Agosta, Neri].

992 AC

The Black Fleet War. The Black Eagle raises his naval forces to invade the Five Shires, but loses many ships. The Shires attacked Fort Doom directly, burning ships and sacking several villages on the coast, targeting only Thyatian soldiers and properties. Bargle, now an important wizard among the Black Eagle troops, is briefly imprisoned by the Hin, but rescued by some Iron Ring mercenaries. Upon the Shires protest, Duke Stefan orders his cousin to put an end to any aggression. Von Hendriks protests, denying he is the aggressor at all [GAZ8, Meaney, Author].
Halia Vorloi, eighth child of a minor branch of the Vorloi clan, ran away from her home in Specularum to avoid being traded away in a marriage of convenience. She becomes an adventuress and meet Retameron Antonic [GAZ1].
Cornel Osteric is appointed new Ambassador of Thyatis at the Karameikan Court [GAZ1]
Felmont, the Wufwolde War, Arelena of Kelvin is kidnapped and freed, but Skarda appears and takes away several important people (Desmond Kelvin II, Arteris Penhaligon). About a month later Skarda is ambushed in Stallanford during a humanoid attack and defeated, but avoids capture again. Desmond Kelvin II and Arteris Penhaligon escape from his pocket dimension, which is discovered to be the source of his power. Elena Kelvin is also freed, but not Claudia Penhaligon and Milena Antonic, who remain missing [X12 introduction, B9 2nd adventure, B11, arbitrary date].

993 AC

Elwyn the Ardent steals the Bell of Chardastes and secretly founds a temple devoted to the Dark Triad in the hills north-east of Kelvin [B9, Agosta].
Estranged from her husband after her imprisonment by Skarda, Elena Kelvin begins a love affair with Ylaruam ambassador Mustapha-ibn-Ibrahim, trying to keep it a secret [Author, Theisen, GAZ1].
Thaumont: Ancient king Demara’s tomb is discovered near Krondsfield north of Kelvin [AD&D First Quest Boxed set 1994 1st adventure, arbitrary date].
A mysterious enemy menaces the reclusive elves of Kota Hutan [B7, arbitrary date].
Yarthmont 24: Von Hendriks takes to Thyatis 65,000 gold pieces looted from Traladarans across the Radlebb Region during the Radlebb Massacre [Meaney]. This move worries the Karameikan Court, which begins to suspect Von Hendriks is searching for supporters to oust Duke Stefan and take Traladara [Author].
Pavel Torenescu, brother of Cristoph, Boris and Nichola and father of Stephanos dies 40 years old in a battle with suspected Iron Ring agents. His son Stephanos vows to avenge him [K:KoA, Lähde, Author].
Klarmont and later: Activities of the Dark Triad and humanoids threaten northern Karameikos from Kelvin to Penhaligon [B9, Agosta, B12, X12 introduction, arbitrary date].
Minister of Trade Bartran Cordelius is kidnapped by bandits, suspected Iron Ring agents, but rescued [K:KoA, arbitrary date].
Xentarion Draconius, son of Diomedes, marries Celinda Penhaligon, younger daughter of Arturus [Agosta, Neri].
Court Lord Pulcherian Retebius marries Leda Moubotka, they will have three daughters, Eusebira, Stephanica and Galatica. Pulcherian is now friends to the moderate Thyatians, like Korrigan and Vorloi, differently from his brother who still favors the Empire of Thyatis [Neri]

994 AC

Vatermont 23: Aladan Voll, Ambassador for the Minrothad Guilds arrives in Specularum and is soon assaulted by a band of thugs [GAZ1, Meaney] The Veiled Society is suspected and some members are arrested [Author].
Thaumont: A strange flying ship comes down to Krondsfield [AD&D First Quest Boxed set 1994 3rd adventure, arbitrary date].
A pretender to the Barony of Penhaligon threaten the town. Death of Kavorquian Penhaligon, brother of Arturus, of old age, his son Kaerin moves his residence from Specularum to Penhaligon [B12, Author, the module suggest 1000 AC as possible date].
Retameron Antonic, Halia Vorloi and their companions finally find Skarda in Specularum. Skarda is presumed dead [X12 prologue, arbitrary date].
Yarthmont 20: late in the evening a fire begins in a bakery in the old Quarter of Specularum and quickly spreads to several other buildings. The fire is part illusion - part real to cover a break into a Jeweller’s residence. In the end no one dies but damages are extensive [Meaney, Author].
Magdel, a 18 years old novice cleric with a Thyatian father and Traladaran mother, becomes the assistant to Patriarch Oliver Jowett of the Church of Karameikos [GAZ1, Author].
Aleksyev Nikelnevich becomes Patriarch of the Church of Traladara at 39 years old. By now he has friendly relations with the Ducal family and has abandoned any plan of violent expulsion of Thyatians [GAZ1, K:KoA, Author].
Horace Danvers dies in Darokin, wept by his son Andros who was away as an adventurer. To help his mother Milena, Andros becomes a successful architect. Andros Danvers is in truth Andros Marilenev, ignorant of his true origin [Guerra].
Lev Dromilov is appointed by the Duke Lord of Dmitros. He and his wife Veronika have a daughter, Klara. Larissa Kaison returns to his family in Specularum. Katerina Dromilov marries Constans Hyraksos [Neri]

995 AC

Nuwmont 1: In a surprise announcement to most, Zogrev Yarol, a Traladaran, is appointed as the new Minister of State [GAZ1].
Nuwmont 10: Gunter Schonberg arrives in Specularum as the new ambassador of Ierendi after the retirement of the previous one [GAZ1].
Nuwmont 12: the Traladaran leaders Adran Tiblis and Ishar khan are slain during the night in the village of Rifllian by Humanoids sent by Von Hendriks [Meaney]
Halia Vorloi and Retameron Antonic wed in Specularum. The Duke knights them and they settle in Verge later in the year [GAZ1, K:KoA].
Vatermont 23: A note is anonymously sent to the Duchess holding her responsible for the massacres of Traladarans near Luln, threatening to expose her activities to the Duke. Lord Sulescu has become aware of Duchess Olivia’s spy network and is trying to rein her in [Meaney].
Subsequent investigations highlight that the Duchess has been used by Von Hendriks and other Thyatian extremists [Meaney, Author].
Thaumont 13: In raids across the city of Specularum Traladarans are arrested for questioning. After a day they are released on orders from Duchess Olivia [Meaney]. The Duchess begins to understand that Von Hendriks, the Iron Ring and other extremists profit from racial tension and endanger Stefan’s rule [Meaney, Author].
Flaurmont 1: The Duke sends 30 year old Constans Hyraksos, nephew of Lucius, as Ambassador to Rockhome [Canon].
Flaurmont 2: After several days of illness, Baron Vorloi’s wife Anna Braun Vorloi dies in consequence of an assassination attempt [Meaney]. Vorloi is a Thyatian moderate who has spared no resource to fight the Iron Ring and Thyatian extremists. The assassination only makes him more determined [Author].
The assistant to Aleksyev Nikelnevich, Brother Sergyev, creates the Cult of Halav, preaching in the streets of Specularum that Duke Stefan is Halav reborn [GAZ1].
By now the Kingdom of Thieves of “Flameflicker” has become infamous in Specularum. As its associates steal only from the wealthy and occasionally help the poor, they have become quite the popular heroes in the city, particularly in the Old Quarter, but competition is fierce with the Veiled Society, which rules the Nest [GAZ1, Author].
In the Kelvin Moor Annakar the Conqueror, Patriarch of Chaos, finds lost Traladaran hero Tarfil’s tomb and tries to use it to raise an army against Kelvin [Dungeon Magazine issue #27 adventure Tarfil’s tomb, arbitrary date].
Alerena Kelvin, daughter of Desmond Kelvin, and Kaerin Penhaligon, nephew of Arturus Penhaligon, marry [B12, date could be moved to 1,000 or 1,001 AC].

[Image: Mobile theatre in the streets of Specularum]
Caption: Mobile theatre in the streets of Specularum

996 AC

The Fairy Wedding, a traveling musical play from Glantri, is performed in Halag and Specularum. The nobility and well-to-do that see the show continue to talk of it as one of the greatest nights of their lives [Religon].
Thaumont 12: Confronted with irrefutable evidence of his wife’'s affair, Baron Desmond Kelvin I duels with the Ylari ambassador, Mustapha ibn Ibrahim and dies. The ambassador is promptly recalled and replaced with Abdallah ibn Hamid, an experienced Alasiyan warrior of nomadic background. Desmond II is confirmed Baron of Kelvin. Elena Kelvin joins a convent of the Church of Karameikos [GAZ1, GAZ2, Theisen].
Retameron Antonic disappears in Verge along with his wife Halia. Skarda reappears, trying to kidnap Duke Stefan, but is defeated by Retameron, Halia and other adventurers [X12 main adventure, arbitrary date]. Possibly first destruction of Verge by humanoids [Mentioned in K:KoA].
Thaumont 23: Olivia Karameikos’ caravan attacked by orcs near Krakatos while returning from Lord Kelvin’s funeral. A heroic 30 years old Traladaran from Threshold named Lucas Tormandros comes to her aid. He rejects any offer of reward.
Flaurmont 4: Aleena Halaran parents die in Thyatis [GAZ1].
Arturus Penhaligon dies of apparently natural causes. Fain Finn is banished from Penhaligon. Arteris becomes baroness [Penhaligon Trilogy].
All these events worry the Court, who suspect the involvement of some new enemy. A new mysterious leader of the Iron Ring is behind the events. Iron Ring cells are discovered and dismantled all over the nation [Author].
Elwyn the Ardent has turned the Wufwolde hills Sanctuary into a bastion of chaos, menacing nearby lands [B9 main adventure, also possible to set it 2 years later with rumors slowly growing, as in the original module].
Misha Mananov at 15 escapes Fort Doom and enters the Church of Traladara [JA, p.156].
Yolanda Markovitch moves to Specularum, where she soon becomes a famous singer and tries to sensibilize the nobles and the Court about the danger posed by Von Hendriks [GAZ1].
Adriana and Justin Karameikos are Sheared. She secretly travels to Kerendas to work as a town guard, while he becomes apprentice to a Minrothaddan Captain [GAZ1]. During her Shearing Adriana meets Devon Hyraksos, who is unaware of her true identity, and travels with him [K:KoA].
Kaldmont 8: Lucas Tormandros finally gives in to the Duke who has for months attempted to reward him for his heroics of Thaumont 23 and is made Townmaster of Specularum [Meaney].

997 AC

Felmont 1: Lord Oderbry, Minister of Finance dies suddenly while emerging from his office in the evening [Meaney]
Felmont 8: On the recommendation of Minister of State Yarol, 36 years old Valdo Tisza is appointed Minister of Finance [Canon, Meaney].
Lady Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez arrive in Specularum as the new Ambassador of the Principalities of Glantri [GAZ1].
Yolanda Markovitch of Luln sings for the Ducal family and performs in a play by Emilio the Great, taking the chance to talk to the Duke and the Duchess about Von Hendriks [GAZ1].
Bargle the Infamous rises to more power in the Black Eagle Barony, becoming Court Wizard of the Baron and, some believe, the true leader of the Iron Ring [GAZ1, Meaney, Author].
The son of a Threshold knight is kidnapped by bandits, but freed by adventurers [Dungeon Magazine issue #42 adventure, Ransom. It includes a plot by the Black Eagle to gain a foothold near Threshold. Failing this, it is reasonable Bargle was sent instead the next year, leading to the temporary murder of Aleena Halaran].
Callarii elf Lathan Spearhand comes back from an adventurous journey across the Sea of Dread. Lathan had to pay a large sum to the Black Eagle Baron to ransom his fiancée, an elven maiden from Rifllian whom the Iron Ring had kidnapped. Seeing that the Duke's justice was not going to reach the Baron, Lathan decided to take the matter in his own hands. He soon discovered he was not the only victim of von Hendricks' misdeeds. Thus, he contacted many of those who had reason to take revenge on the Baron, and formed a society devoted to bringing down the Black Eagle and the Iron Ring, by whatever means were necessary, The Brotherhood of the Woods is born [Xsolo, Agosta, arbitrary date].
Pieter Petrescu, now a priest of the Church of Traladara, claims his birthright and is publicly accepted into the Radu Clan as Pieter Radu son of Zweis [K:KoA, Theisen].
Scandal in Specularum when Xentarion Draconius is discovered having an affair both with Fabiana Antonic, wife of Guldahan Cordelius, and her half sister Chrysantha [Agosta, Neri].

998 AC

The Principalities of Glantri having recently dispatched a diplomat (Marianita) to Karameikos, Duke Stefan Karameikos must consider a diplomat to Glantri in return. Boris Torenescu approaches him to recommend a cousin, Sergei, who has experience in negotiations. Amongst the Escort Guard taking him to Glantri will be the Princess Adriana in disguise [Canon, Meaney].
Sviftmont 15: Olivia alerts her spy network to keep an eye open for her wayward daughter and return her to the Castle safely. Adriana has slipped her minders and disguised as a Guardsman, a member of the escort of the new Ambassador to Glantri, has departed town. Now agents for Olivia will be dogging their steps [Meaney].
At a Queen’s Party at Court, Yolanda Markovitch throws her drink into Von Hendriks’ face. The Duke and the Duchess, unexpectedly, support Yolanda and begin to question Von Hendriks about his dealings with humanoids and criminal elements. After this incident, the Black Eagle never visit Specularum again [K:KoA, Author].
Aleena Halaran confronts Bargle the Infamous in a series of caverns north of Threshold. He kills her, but her body is carried away by a young warrior who brings her to a temple of the Church of Karameikos where she is resurrected. Sherlane Halaran presents formal accusation against the Black Eagle to Court, but Von Hendriks denies all and secretly plans new attacks on Threshold [Basic Set, Havard, Author].
A cadre of the Sons of Night or Darkers, followers of Nyx, is discovered in Sisak on the Westron road. The organization leaves the area and moves west. Koskatep is later discovered by the Darkers in the Cruth lowlands, and they establish their main base of operations in the region [Dungeon Magazine issue #24 In the Dread of the Night adventure, possible date, see also Agosta’s Lords of the Cruth Lowlands Campaign and my series of Koskatep in Threshold magazine, links at the end of the article].
Vlad Lutescu, 34 years old, succeed his father Ionut as Lord of Rugalov after his passing. He has two children, Ivan and Magda [GAZ1, Agosta, Neri, Ortega].
A village in the Foam fire Valley is destroyed by orcs [Dark Knight of Karameikos].

[Image: Cleric of the Church of Traladara]
Caption: Cleric of the Church of Traladara

999 AC

Vatermont 3: Alfric Oderbry dispatches Juthindar Sperren to the Shires to begin a survey of the Halfling lands. Oderbry sees the Shires as potential territory for an Expansionist Karameikos [GAZ8].
Crop Failure. Drought conditions destroy about 20% of the crops in the west. Over 400 people (mostly Thyatian) left the town of Luln over the winter as hunger set in [Religon].
Irena Piotrev, apprentice of Teldon, arrives in Rockhome [GAZ6]
Thaumont 14: After a long illness, Christoph Torenescu passes away. The funeral is a sombre event with Yarol present to represent the Duke. Christoph has finally been poisoned to death by his brother, Boris. Aleksander becomes head of the clan [GAZ1, Meaney].
Clifton Caldwell purchases the abandoned Antilles Castle west of Threshold [B9, PWAIII].
Adriana Karameikos returns home from her Shearing [GAZ1].
Captain Mikel Pyotrev, who distinguished himself in maintaining the peace with minimum bloodshed in many occasions, becomes the first Traladaran leader of the Specularum city guard [GAZ1, arbitrary date].
Bargle and the Iron Ring attack Threshold from hiding in the Black Woods, but their plan is partially disrupted by adventurers and they are repelled [Expert Set]. Sherlane Halaran formally accuses Von Hendriks of aiding and abetting Bargle and the Iron Ring. The motion is supported also by Korrigan and others at Court, but Von Hendriks vehemently denies his wizard has anything to do with the Iron Ring, and maintains Traladaran families spread propaganda against him. Stefan does not believe him anymore, but is still undecided about the opportunity of removing his cousin by force [Author].
A dangerous infestation of hivebroods is discovered in Specularum and contained by adventurers [Dungeon Magazine issue #13 adventure Of Nests and Nations, arbitrary date, should be set near Gazetteer 1 times].
Pieter Radu is sent to Kelvin, officially as a priest, but the true reason is to establish a branch of the Veiled Society there [K:KoA, Theisen].
Gabrion Retebius dies in the Dymrak woods. His sister Constantina enters the Church of Thyatis [Neri].
Katerina Dromilov Hyraksos dies while travelling to Rockhome to reach his husband Constans [Neri] Or she could have disappeared, prompting an adventure to find her [Author].

Events after 1000 AC, or the problem with Wrath of the Immortals and Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure

The environment of Gazetteer 1 takes for granted that several events are imminent in 1000 AC, as indicated in the Adventures Section from page 62. These events are quite game changer for Karameikos, and any DM who started a campaign around 1000 AC will probably have them happen in a few years, as I did in my original Karameikos campaign years ago. The Discovery of Lavv, the Holy War in Karameikos set up by Alfric Oderbry, another Marilenev rebellion and a final war against Ludwig Von Hendriks are just the main ones. However when the Wrath of the Immortals boxed set was published, with the Mystara timeline advanced 10 years, and then the Poor Wizard’s Almanac and the Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure boxed set (which was set in 1,012 AC), the imminence of such events was completely ignored. Von Hendriks was removed by the Five Shires in Poor Wizard’s Almanac I, in a rather anticlimactic way which does not involve PCs at all, and in the meantime other major players, such as Oderbry, just did nothing. Obviously each DM will decide when she/he wants certain events to happen, but I have my suggestions below, which therefore change a bit the official timeline outlined in the Poor Wizard’s Almanacs. The differences between my timeline and the official one are highlighted in notes.

1,000 AC

Nuwmont: Duke Stefan Karameikos celebrates the millennium his thirtieth year of rule [GAZ1]. Davinos’ Petitition: riots occur in Specularum after a man named Davinos, who presented a petition for dispossessed Traladarans, is killed. The riots end when the Veiled Society is discovered behind the assassination [GAZ1, Author].
Justin Karameikos returns home from his Shearing and Valen Karameikos begins his own. Valen’s Flight: Iron Ring agents try to kidnap Valen but are defeated by adventurers [GAZ1 and adventure].
Forces of Chaos menace Castellan Keep but are defeated by local troops and adventurers [B2, arbitrary date].
Catharandamus, high priest of Arik, with the use of an artefact known as the Eye of Arik, attempts to bring Arik’s avatar onto the prime plane but is defeated. Princess Argenta of Haven marries Prince Ellis the Pure, former Knight of the White Drake [B3, Arbitrary date].
The Missing Rose: Marianna Vorloi is kidnapped by the Veiled Society but rescued by adventurers [GAZ1 adventures, arbitrary date].
Sascia Markovitch sends adventurers to retrieve the Essence-Orb of Trinkla, the Black Sage in the Blight Swamp, hoping to use it against the Black Eagle [AC2 adventure, The Treasure of the Hideous One, arbitrary date].
Threshold wizard Claransa, 34 years old, leaves Karameikos to travel to Norwold. [JA, CM1, likely date, or earlier].

1,001 AC

Ruins of ancient Lavv discovered under Kelvin [GAZ1 adventures, arbitrary date].
Escape from the Black Eagle/Toys of a Madman/The Great Escape: Yolanda of Luln sponsor adventurers who extract several people from the dungeons of the Black Eagle barony. Von Hendriks sends protests at Court, but the tales of the adventurers and prisoners are now proving to Stefan the evil ways and the danger of his cousin [GAZ1 adventures and B9 3rd adventure, Author, arbitrary date].
Finally Guldahan Cordelius manages to return home from the Five Shires. The new ambassador is Lazlo Manolescu, which the halfling like more as he is from Luln, and more sympathetic to the problem of the Black Eagle [GAZ8, PWAII, Author].
Crown Tournament of Norwold, some Karameikan (Arcadius, Celia, Claransa the Seer, Dimitri Dikhoff, Elarianthas, Lucci Dhay, Maximilian I, Shebb Woolsey) obtain domains in Norwold [CM1, likely date, or later].

1,002 AC

Abelaats appear near Penhaligon. The green dragon Verdilith wreaks havoc on Bywater. With the help of Johauna Menhir, Sir Fain Flinn regains his honour at the Penhaligon court and sets out to kill his nemesis Verdilith. Johauna slays Verdilith which had killed Fain Flinn. Armstead destroyed by abelaats. [Canon, Havard, Author].
Koriszegy Keep: The Haunted castle is liberated by adventurers and its lord destroyed or forced into hiding. The land is assigned to adventurers as a new dominion [GAZ1 adventures, arbitrary date, could also be combined with the plot of Order of the Griffon TurboGrafx-16 videogame].
A Iron Ring operations in league with Dymrak goblins is foiled by adventurers east of Kelvin, in the ruins of Xitaqa [first part of B10, arbitrary date].
The Lost Valley of Hutaaka is discovered and the ancient Traldar, expelled from it, settle west of Threshold and Verge, promoting a wave of Traladaran nationalism [second part of B10, arbitrary date, Author].

[Image: Fain Flinn killing a dragon]
Caption: Fain Flinn killing a dragon

1,003 AC

Massive Abelaat invasion of Karameikos. Penhaligon partially destroyed. Baroness Arteris barely escapes. Johauna Menhir and the Knights of the Three Suns eventually repeal the invasion [Canon, Havard4, Author].
Holy War: Patriarch Jowett retires5 and Alfric Oderbry tries to destroy the Church of Traladara and takes control of Kelvin, but is captured and executed. Sherlane Halaran becomes the new Patriarch of the Church of Karameikos [GAZ1 adventures, arbitrary date].
The Pirates of Halag: The Minister of War, Admiral Hyraksos, commissions a ship to sail into the Gulf of Halag and prey upon the Black Eagle pirates, to find proof the Baron is conducting illegal activities. Hyraksos presents the proof to Stefan, who orders Von Hendriks to cease all his promoting of piracy. Von Hendriks denies the accusation and protest the “persecution” against him [GAZ1 adventures, Author, arbitrary date].
Von Hendriks secretly promotes more attack from the Dymrak goblins. The Iron Ring takes the Eye of Traldar from the Vyalia elves, but adventurers retrieve it [DDA3 and DDA4 adventures, arbitrary date].
Iron Ring bandits try to take a castle in the Dymrak region until they are defeated by adventurers [Dungeon Magazine issue #53 adventure Elexa’s Endeavor, the map fits quite well in the area even if the placement is only a suggestion].
Zandra Sulanov, at 19 years old, enters the army after her Shearing [K:KoA].

1,004 AC

Knight of Luln: The Duke finally decides Sascia Markovitch deserves to become a knight, Korrigan travels to Luln to knight her. The Black Eagle assaults Luln with disguised soldiers, bugbears and other humanoids. Bargle commands the troops. Sascia, Korrigan, several adventurers and the help of officers from Radlebb and Riverfork keeps repel the assault. Korrigan returns to Specularum with undeniable proof of Von Hendriks’ actions. All the Court agree the Black Eagle will not step out peacefully and a war must be prepared to bring him down. Disturbing reports show Von Hendriks has established alliances with many hostile humanoid tribes, pirates and criminal organizations [GAZ1 adventures, Author, arbitrary date].
Valen Karameikos returns home after his Shearing, he lived many adventures in Karameikos and beyond [K:KoA, arbitrary but likely date].
Bartran Cordelius is kidnapped again, Zandra Sulanov distinguish herself freeing him. The bandits fight to the death or commit suicide before it is possible to interrogate them. Many at Court suspect the Black eagle [K:KoA, Author, arbitrary date].
Claransa leaves her dominion in Norwold and travel to Aegos, where she manages to enter the Hollow World. Later trapped by the collapse of the shaft, she eplores the Hollow World for six years [JA, p.152].

1,005 AC

Events of Wrath of the Immortals: Alphatia declares war on Glantri and Thyatis. Hule conquers Sind and attacks Darokin. Black Eagle’s Banner: Von Hendriks, in league with the Master of Hule, allies with many humanoid tribes and tries to take Karameikos, but is defeated in a final battle at the doors of Specularum6 [WotI, Expert set, GAZ1 final adventure, X10, Author].
Possibly second destruction of Verge by humanoids [Mentioned in K:KoA].
Humanoid clans and bandits not anymore on the Black Eagle’s payroll create chaos in western Karameikos for months [K:KoA and also possible setting of Dungeon Magazine #57 side trek adventure Carcass Fracas!].

[Image: King Stefan crowned in the Church of Karameikos]
Caption: King Stefan crowned in the Church of Karameikos

1,006 AC

Kingdom of Karameikos: Master Teldon makes a diplomatic mission to Alphatia. On his return Stefan Karameikos declares himself King of Karameikos [WotI].
Princess Adriana marries Lord Devon Hyraksos [K:KoA].
Karameikos sends troops to Darokin, helping the Republic defeat the forces of the Master. A contingent of Karameikan troops remain three years in Darokin in an ultimately failed attempt to free Sind from Hulean occupation.[WotI].
Twin sons of Gustav Vandevic die in the war [Night of the Vampire adventure, p.5].
After the defeat of orc tribes allied to the Black Eagle, ogres and giants of the Cruth region rise to prominence in the west, maintaining neutral relations with nearby humans [Author, Agosta, see Cruth and Koskatep links at end of article].
Cornel Osteric receive orders from Thyatis to arrange the assassination of Stefan Karameikos. The plan is foiled by adventurers, but Osteric manages to cover his track [K:KoA].

1,007 AC

Refugees from Alfheim are accepted in Karameikos and slowly arrive near the Duke’s Road Keep, receiving basic shelter, then continue south to Rifflian [WotI].
Princess Adriana's first-born son, Lucien Hyraksos is born [K:KoA]
Zandra Sulanov is sent by Lucius Hyrakson to deal with humanoid hordes in the Altan Tepes and obtain stunning victories [K:KoA, arbitrary date].
Royal investigations are sent into the Dymrak woods to ascertain if the dragon Argos is really the ruler of the place. Many goblin parties are found and fought, but no proof of the dragon is found [K:KoA, arbitrary date].
Misha Mananov, at 26, becomes a resident priestess in Verge for a while. She has become famous for helping people in need of aid, travelling with Devlin Yakov, and trying to establish peaceful relations with humanoid tribes [JA, p.156].

1,008 AC

Plague year in the lands north of Karameikos, but Karameikos is relatively unharmed [WotI].
More Alfheim refugees settle in Karameikos, Rifflian and nearby lands cannot support them, so the Chossum Clan moves along the river south of Rifflian, the Red Arrow goes near Radlebb Keep and near Haven, the Feadil move to the western Radlebb woods [WotI, PWAII, Author].
“Gentleman Jehann”, the king bandit, begins his career in the hills of Karameikos, robbing only wealthy merchants and government officials [JA p.163, likely date, still active in 1,013 AC].
Valens castle, small fortress with 40 acres, built in northern Karameikos by Rockhome craftsmen paid by Justin Valens, who moves in it with wife and three children. He will soon discover the castle is too expensive to maintain and will be forced to sell it in 1,014 AC [JA, p.239]

1,009 AC

Thyatian Emperor Thincol requests the aid of Karameikos against the Alphatian invasion, but King Stefan refuses with the excuse that most of his troops are dealing with the Hulean invasion of Sind [WotI].
Argent Hyraksos, daughter of Devon and Adriana Karameikos, is born [K:KoA].
Claransa returns from the Hollow World, exiting from the north polar opening [JA, p.152].
At the end of the year Karameikan troops left in Darokin return home [WotI].
Devlin Yakov, problem solver, retriever of lost objects and hidden treasure, becomes famous in Karameikos, particularly among Traladarans in need. He has travelled for years with priestess Misha Mananov, now in Verge [JA, p.159].
Kaldmont: Week without Magic and end of the war. Terari and several Alphatian mages and refugees settle in Karameikos with their families, many in Mirros [WotI, JA p.185].

1,010 AC

Nuwmont 1: Start of the Fifth Year of Rule of King Stefan celebrated in Specularum, New Elven dominions acknowledged in the Dymrak woods, Karameikan School of Magecraft announced [Poor Wizard’s Almanac I].
Nuwmont 7: Claransa’s Travels to the Center of the World are published by Karameikan adventurer and Norwold former noble Claransa in Ierendi city, Specularum and many other cities of the Known World [PWAI].
Vatermont 16: Western Defense League is founded between Darokin, Ylaruam, Rockhome, Karameikos and the Five Shires in Specularum [PWAI].
Thaumont 1: King Stefan signs into law a proclamation giving Darokin a favored trading nation status, to help it recover from the war [PWAI].
Thaumont 24: Akatrina, a young Traladaran artist, ask for protection of the city guard against a thief named Lightfingers who left her a note claiming he will steal her art [PWAI].
Flaurmont 1: Ground is broken for the Karameikan School of Magecraft in Krakatos [PWAI].
Flaurmont 17-24: The ship Salvation arrive in Specularum, offering a free trip to Ierendi to winners of a drawing, but it is only a ploy by the captain Theodosius Kantinomeiros to capture people for ransom or enslavement. Soon after his departure a ship of the Karameikan navy pursues him, as Admiral Hyraksos had his suspects [PWAI, PWAII, Author].
Yarthmont 5: Invited by Teldon, Claransa shows the wonders of the Hollow World to the Karameikan court in Specularum, then repeats the show at an open air theatre for the people [PWAI].
A party of knights of the Order of the Griffon disappears in the Dymrak forest while hunting a dragon who had terrorized nearby communities [K:KoA pages 12-13].
Klarmont 3: The Karameikan Polar Expedition set sail from Specularum on the ship Farseeker. [PWAI].
Felmont 8: Admiral Lucius Hyrakson dies 75 years old of natural cause [PWAI].
Felmont 9: Several hundred Erewan elves from Glantri settle the woods near Krakatos [PWAI].
Felmont 10: Admiral Hyrakson funeral. Baron Retameron Antonic of Verge is the new Minister of War [PWAI].
Felmont 11: Wandering Alphatian mage Terari visits Krakatos and meets Teldon, who invites him to stay [PWAI].
A mechanical beholder, powered by an Immortals artifact, created by one of the more advanced apprentices of the Magicians Guild of Specularum, is accidentally turned loose in downtown Specularum, leveling a good section of the South End. The creation is defeated by the head of the Magicians Guild, Teldon, but both mage and monster disappeared in a pure white ball of fire Many begin to push for the Guild to be moved out of the city. [Dragon Magazine 207].
Ambyrmont 11: Terari organizes a game of Alphatian Hard-Ball in Krakaros with some Alphatian refugees [PWAI].
Ambyrmont 23: Due the disappearance of his friend Teldon, Terari accept the appointment of Master of the Karameikan School of Magecraft [PWAI].
Sviftmont 28: The Karameikan Polar Expedition reaches Farend in Qeodhar to wait there the end of the winter, and sends words home [PWAI].
Eirmont 7: Annoyed by the bureaucracy involved in his position, Retameron Antonic steps down from the Ministry of War. Zandra Sulanov is appointed in his place [PWAI, K:KoA, Author].
Eirmont 15: Stefan Karameikos is kidnapped by halfling adventurers from the Five Shires which want to show him the real conditions of the Black Eagle barony [PWAI, this event may not happen if the Black Eagle was already killed in the Wrath of the Immortals war as detailed above in 1,005 AC. In this case this also could be a joint Karameikan-Shires operation against the Iron Ring and Sea Reavers in the region].
Eirmont 23: Stefan return to Specularum and revokes the Black Eagle’s baronial status [PWAI, as above].
Kaldmont 17: Five Shires declare war to the Black Eagle barony [PWAI, as above].
Kaldmont 23: The halfling invade the Black Eagle barony and Bargle runs away before the battle, abandoning Von Hendriks. Zandra Sulanov position the Karameikan forces in Luln [PWAI, as above].
Kaldmon 28: Day of Dread [PWAI].

[Image: Sea battle with pirates]
Caption: Sea battle with pirates

1,011 AC

Nuwmont 1: At the New Year’s feasts and parades in Specularum and celebration of the Sixth Year of rule of King Stefan some citizens protest and ask the King to protect the people from the Day of Dread [Poor Wizard’s Almanac II].
Nuwmont 5: The Black Eagle is brought to the Five Shires in chain [PWAII].
Nuwmont 17,18: The Black Eagle is convicted in the Shires but escapes justice, secretly saved by a goblin shaman who intend to bring him at the service of King Kol of the Great Crater [PWAII].
Vatermont 14: Halfling forces conquer Fort Doom [PWAII].
Vatermont 28: Halfling forces return home to the Shires [PWAII].
Thaumont 4: A Karameikan ship return to Specularum with captured Theodosius Kantinomeiros, the slaver who conned several citizen last year in Flaurmont and sold them into slavery in Jaibul [PWAII].
Thaumont 10: Sea Reavers employed in Sind by the Master of Hule seize a Karameikan ship in the sea of Dread [PWAII].
Thaumont 15: Karameikan School of Magecraft opens for its first semester with 150 students and 15 faculty [PWAII].
Thaumont 25: Aleena Halaran marries today adventurer Dmitri Yurevich. Baron Sherlane hosts a great wedding feast [PWAII. Note that in Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure, the second adventure in Eltan’s Spring, the Sound of Madness, has Aleena revealing to be secretly in love with local druid Bertrak, who is charmed by a Hag. Either this happened before Aleena married Dmitri, or the marriage ended soon or is loveless, or Bertrak could be just a friend].
Flaurmont 7: The elf Maeleriss dies of old age, reportedly the oldest elf to survive the migration to Karameikos. He tells his nephew about the heirloom he left in former Alfheim [PWAII].
Flaurmont 15: Karameikan School of Magecraft celebrates first month, some invisible students play pranks in Krakatos [PWAII].
Flaurmont 23: Karameikan Expedition leaves Farend in Qeodhar for the north pole [PWAII].
Yarthmont 24: King Stefan awards three new dominions in western Karameikos. One is Halag, former Black Eagle barony, which has become a new dominion in the west, given to Milo Korrigan as in K:KoA or to an adventurer as suggested by PWAII. The other is in the Radlebb woods east of Koryszegy, to an elf clan of Alfheim. Other Alfheim elves receive the Achelos and Riverfork woods on the Cruth river. In 1,008 AC, the Alfheim elves were offered the humanoids inhabited regions of the Radlebb and the Dymrak woods. PWAII says Callarii and Vyalia elves were unhappy with this choice, so the elves are offered new dominions now. In my campaign I had some Red Arrow stay in the Radlebb and Dymrak woods, near Halag and Haven, given their militaristic attitude, the Feadil in the western Radlebb woods, away from humans, and the Chossum, given their trade inclinations, along the Volaga south of Rifflian. More Red Arrow however could also settle the Achelos and Riverfork woods, possibly already inhabited by werecreatures, fairies, Lindenelm elves and humanoids. As per last year Felmont 9 several Erewan from Glantri have also settled near Krakatos [WotI, PWAII, Author].
Klarmont 12: Clifton Caldwell dies in his castle near Threshold, apparently of a heart attack and his castle is put on auction by Baron Sherlane [PWAIII].
Felmont 5: A naval force from Darokin, the Five Shires, Ierendi, Karameikos and the Minrothad Guilds begin to patrol the Sea of Dread in search of the Sea Reavers working from Sind and Jaibul [PWAII].
Fyrmont 4: The Karameikan Expedition enters the Darklands between the Hollow and the Outer World and presses on, sending word to the Farseeker via scroll of communication [PWAII].
Ambyrmont 21: Igor Grygorovich of Kelvin, accomplished mage, is invited to teach ancient Traladaran magic at the Karameikan School of Magecraft [PWAII].
Hugo Strolojca kills Eric Brezovo in a duel, causing great sensation [Night of the Vampire adventure, likely date].
Kaldmont 15-20: Karameikos sends tons of wheat to Thyatis city to alleviate the famine [PWAII].
Kaldmont 25: Alfheim Avengers organization formed by elves in Achelos [PWAII].
Kaldmon 28: Day of Dread, preparations are made in Karameikos and Krakatos to withstand it without damages [PWAII]. Joshuan Gallidox wins the publishing rights of the Poor Wizard’s Almanac from Thyatian wizard Rikard Prospero [Joshuan’s Almanac, preface].

1,012 AC

Nuwmont, 1: King Stefan changes back the name of Specularum to the Traladaran version Mirros [Poor Wizard’s Almanac III].
Nuwmont 17: A band of adolescent frost giants from the Altan Tepes mountains, with a wizard among them, raids and capture the King’s Road Keep, takes many prisoner and ask gold and the Master of the Karameikan School of Magecraft for ramson [PWAIII].
Vatermont 5: Frost giants are captured in the King’s Road keep and brought to Mirros for trial. Their leader is executed, while the others are sent back to the Altan Tepes and the apprentice wizard enrolls in the Karameikan School of Magecraft [PWAIII].
Vatermont 27: More Karameikan grain reaches starving Thyatis city [PWAIII].
Flaurmont 1: At the Defense League meetings in Selenica, Karameikos proposes a free trade agreement between member nations, and the danger of shadow elves is discussed [PWAIII].
Iron Ring kidnappings in Threshold are discovered by adventurers [Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure, Trouble in Threshold adventure, which could also lead to the discovery of the Nithian tomb/ziggurat and mummy under the town].
Yarthmont 1: Karameikos mobilizes troops as the war between shadow elves and dwarves of Rockhome escalates involving Darokin territory [PWAIII].
Yarthmont 10: Diplomats from Darokin and Karameikos meet Princess Tanadaleyo of the shadow elves in Rafielton, asking for peace talks. The Princess agrees on a truce and a meeting [PWAIII].
Yarthmont 22: Peace talks between shadow elves and dwarves fail in Selenica and the war resumes [PWAIII].
Yarthmont 23: The Karameikan Hollow World expedition survived the trek through arctic lands and today meets the beastmen [PWAIII].
Klarmont 2: Battle of the Black Hills, League troops from Darokin, Ylaruam, Five Shires and Karameikos face a shadow elves army and defeat it, forcing the elves to retreat to Aengmor [PWAIII].
Gnomes of Highforge, the Merchant’s Guild of Mirros and the School of Magecraft cooperates to build a vessel capable of navigating Karameikos rivers, the Crimpshrine [Dungeon Magazine issue #59 adventure, Voyage of the Crimpshrine].
Klarmont 9: Beast man grave discovered in Verge, drawing the attention of scholars and treasure seekers, in truth an ancient Hutaakan tomb [PWAIII].
Felmont 11: Humanoids take Oenkmar back from the dwarves, who are forced to retreat. Karameikan mage Gusztav Miksa saves many dwarves with his carpet of flying and spells until he dies accidentally teleporting in solid rock [PWAIII].
Felmont 15: King Stefan officially declares his daughter Adriana the heir to his crown, infuriating Queen Olivia, who had pushed for Valen’s nomination [PWAIII].
Felmont 28: In Selenica Rockhome leaves the Western Defence League, furious at the lack of support of other members against humanoids and shadow elves [PWAIII].
Fyrmont 12-17: Forest fires threaten the elven communities in the Dymrak forest, created by a pack of hell hounds [PWAIII].
Fyrmont 15-28: First World Games held in Selenica, Darokin, with the participation of Karameikos and many other nations. Karameikos and Ierendi compete to host the next edition [PWAIII].
Sviftmont 1: Rumors in Specularum about a rift between King Stefan and Queen Olivia after the choice of the heir [PWAIII].
Sviftmont 20: After meeting welcoming beastmen, dinosaurs, hostile Azcans, peaceful Gentle Folk and Neathar the Karameikan explores in the Hollow World escape from the Alphatians and steal a skyship, managing to escape [PWAIII].
Eirmont 3: The Karameikan explores in the Hollow World meet Anna Von Hendriks and her Heldannic knights, and accept to take them in their skyship to the Outer World [PWAIII].
Eirmont 28: The Farseeker is still in Qeodhar but has no news from the Karameikan expedition to the Hollow World since more than a year. They send word to Mirros they will return home in the next spring, as the Expedition presumably failed [PWAIII].
Laina Vandevic, niece of Gustav and Selena Vandevic, is about to marry Iajo Moubotka, but the groom is killed by a vampire and adventurers barely save her life. Hugo Strolojca is also killed during the event [Night of the Vampire adventure, arbitrary date. Hugo could also be killed by PCs and Gustav and Selena may die too assassinated by Lord Ourosco minions, if not saved].
Kaldmont 15: Last day of the School year at the Karameikan School of Magecraft, school will reopen next Thaumont. Local residents are annoyed by students’ pranks [PWAIII].
Kaldmont 20: The Griffon’s Arms, a popular inn of the merchant district in Mirros, collapses, starting a fire and involving nearby buildings, killing about 200 people, and foul play is suspected [PWAIII].
Speriopitis Melanikas from Karameikos becomes a famous freeman gladiator in Thyatis city [JA, p.108].
Kirias Gindenhelm, a Callarii elf and owner of the Boots of the Five Winds, donate them to his lover Eris Felsann, a human female ranger of the Radlebb woods, creating a scandal among the elves. Kirias and Eris fled into the woods, and Lord Adiar Gildenhelm and his followers are looking for them [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
Teldon returns to Karameikos. He prefers to leave Terari as the Master of the School in Krakatos and Ministry of Magic, but resumes his position at the head of the Magicians’ Guild in Mirros [JA, p.157, his disappearance mentioned in Dragon Magazine is ignored in the Almanacs, anyway it is possible it happened].
Travonus Skellik publishes the 4th edition of his famous Guide to Karameikos [Night of the Vampire adventure].
Kaldmon 28: Day of Dread.

[Image: Comet of 1,013 AC]
Caption: Comet of 1,013 AC

1,013 AC

Filomena Anastagio, the Black Widow, Thyatian wizardess wanted for 50,000 Lucins alive for the murders of her six wizard husbands, last seen boarding a ship for Karameikos [JA p.161].
Nuwmont 21: Laszlo Kellemen, merchant of Mirros, presumed kidnapped by the Iron Ring [JA, p.213].
Nuwmont 22: Fire damages the Royal Karameikan Threatre in Mirros during “The Fire Mage” play. No one is hurt. The Threatre is rebuilt in the record time of 6 days with the aid of the School of Magecraft [JA, p.213].
Vatermont 3: Laszlo Kellemen is ransomed for 10,000 gp. Kidnappers are not apprehended [JA, p.214].
Vatermont 7: Leonide Karovchek of Kelvin found guilty of poisoning his wife and sentenced to death [JA, p.214].
Vatermont 17: Snow in Southern Karameikos for the first time since 983 AC [JA, p.215].
Vatermont 20: A comet appears in the skies each night for seven days. Rumors of the death of Oliver Jowett soon proved false [JA, p.215].
Vatermont 28: Drunken brawl in the Black Heart Lily tavern in Mirros spills into the street, 30 people arrested [JA, p.215].
Mold men discovered in Specularum near the Crescent Street Infirmary [Dungeon Magazine #58 AD&D adventure The Menacing Malady, arbitrary date].
Thaumont: The Farseeker returns home from Qeodhar. The Karameikan Hollow World expedition is believed lost and many doubt the Hollow World exists at all [PWAIII, JA].
After a wreck of the Crimpshrine near Seragrad, the gnomes of Highforge build another, reinforced vessel to travel the river, called The Lookout [Dungeon Magazine issue #59 adventure, Voyage of the Crimpshrine, ending].
Thyrros, Glantrian dignitary of King Stefan’s court, find the torc and one bracer of the Shining Coat of Anessen and start the search of the final bracer in western Thyatis [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
Flaurmont 16-18: Violent tempest in the Sea of Dread. Karameikan merchant vessel Silver Cloud burns at sea, all cargo and six lives lost [JA, p.219].
Flaurmont 22: Laurentij Kolenka of Sulescu accidentally discover a treasure of 50,00 ancient coins buried by pirates [JA, p.219].
Yarthmont 1: King Stefan visit the Karameikan School of Magecraft in Krakatos [JA, p.220].
Yarthmont 4: King Stefan visit Kelvin, grand feast and parade [JA, p.220].
Yarthmont 9: King Stefan visit Penhaligon [JA, p.220].
Yarthmont 11: King Stefan cross the Wufwolde hills to Threshold [JA, p.221, same visit also mentioned on day 6, probably a mistake].
Yarthmont 15: Partial eclipse of full moon in Glantri, Darokin and Karameikos, increased activity of werecreatures [JA, p.221].
Yarthmont 19: King Stefan visit Verge and Rifflian [JA, p.221].
Yarthmont 23: Adventurers discover extensive cave system near Mount Pavel in the Black Peak mountains and search for investors to fund an expedition [JA, p.221].
Yarthmont 26: King Stefan returns to Mirros for matters of state before resuming his Grand Tour [JA, p.221].
The Staff of Infernal Arcana of Truskel the Mad is stolen from the School of Magecraft at Krakatos by an unknown thief who kills seven apprentices [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
Klarmont 3: A party of explorers sail west from Mirros on the Pioneer ship to circumnavigate the world [JA, p.222].
Klarmont 12: King Stefan resumes his tour to Radlebb keep [JA, p.222].
Klarmont 25-26: King Stefan is in Halag where an unknown assassin tries to kill him with an arrow [JA, p.223].
Klarmont 28: King Stefan visits Luln [JA, p.223].
Felmont 2: Cargo barge from Threshold sinks in Lake Windrush, 9 lives lost [JA, p.226].
Felmont 4: King Stefan visits the Achelos wood elves and stay a week [JA, p.226].
Felmont 14: King Stefan returns to Luln and visits the elves of Radlebb [JA, p.227].
Felmont 24: King Stefan returns to Mirros [JA, p.227].
Felmont 25: Mages from the Schools of Glantri and Karameikos set out from Mirros on a joint expedition to find and study the Behemoth [JA, p.227].
Fyrmont 4: Valentin Dardanus, Karameikan adventurer, gift 100,000 gp to Mirros to establish a public school for children [JA, p.228].
Fyrmont 12: King Stefan grants asylum to six refugees fleeing the purge of noblemen in Thyatis [JA, p.228].
Fyrmont 15-28: World Games in Mirros [JA, p.228-9].
Fyrmont 26: Construction begins in Mirros of Royal Art Musem sponsored by Queen Olivia [JA, p.229].
The masterful thief Cynos vanishes while adventuring in Mirros. Followers of Nyx search for him, as he has the famed Shadowalk Ring which the Church considers an important sacred object [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
Ambyrmont 16: Hurricane in the Sea of Dread wrecks 25 ships and causes damage on the coast of Five Shires, Karameikos and Ierendi with 400 lives lost [JA, p.231].
Ambyrmont 20: Sir Peter of Kelvin found wandering the streets in night clothes, suffering of sleepwalking [JA, p.231].
Sviftmont 10: Karameikan merchant vessel Foamrider collides with vessel Safiyyah of Ylaruam in the harbor of Thyatis city, sinking it and sustaining damage [JA, p.232].
Sviftmont 12: Lauching of the Lucis, new flagship of the Royal Karameikan Navy. Fireworkd by the Karameikan School of Magecraft [JA, p.233].
Sviftmont 23: Princess Tanadaleyo of Rafielton invites Alfheim refugees to visit and discuss the future of the forest [JA, p.232-3].
Eirmont 7: Nest of wererats discovered in Mirros and driven out by soldiers and adventurers [JA, p.234].
Eirmont 16: Alfheim refugees relate the discussion with Princess Tanadaleyo. Several members of the Chossum clan accept to return to Alfheim and help, and some Feadil too, while the Red Arrow refuse and hotly contest the choice [JA, p.235].
Eirmont 18: A man immolates himself in Mirros after calling King Stefan Halav [JA, p.235].
Eirmont 28: King Stefan dispatch adventurers to the Wufwolde hills where villages are attacked by a flock of darkwings [JA, p.235].
Kaldmont 1: King Stefan encouraged by Queen Olivia passes a law requiring any Karameikan town of 100 families ot more to hire a teacher [JA, p.236].
Kaldmont 3: Following spectacular shooting stars, a meteorite of 10 pounds hit the main street of Threshold, but no one is injured [JA, p.236].
Kaldmont 11: Gentleman Jehann, the bandit which robs the wealthy, becomes famous in Karameikos, eluding all pursuers [JA, p.236].
Kaldmont 17: A lion shaped amber golem Master Terari was creating for King Stefan runs amok in Krakatos, causing damage. Sabotage is suspected [JA, p.237].
Krollan’s hood is retrieved after more than 20 years from the assassination of the famous wizard [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
The Shield of Halav is retrieved by adventurers in the lost town of Zadreth near Threshold, and brought to Mirros by the Church of Traladara [Hail the Heroes adventure, arbitrary date].
End year: Joshuan Gallidox has by now moved the printing of the Almanac from Thyatis city to Mirros, also because Thyatis taxed book and almanacs in Nuwmont 1,013 [Joshuan’s Almanac, preface, p.212].
Kaldmont 28: The Day of Dread.

The Mystara Almanacs 1014-1019 AC

These events were created by fans in the Mystara Almanacs which were published in the Vaults of Pandius. Some of these events may have happened earlier in other campaigns or not happen at all, but they could be useful anyway as possible developments of the history of Karameikos.

1,014 AC

The hin Martina Blossomheath, already famous for a pastry stand in the Lesser Merchant District of Mirros, opens a bakery restaurant and Ylari coffee house in the Bricktop district [JA, p.59].
Nuwmont 7: Karameikos recognizes the New Alphatian Empire, first nation of the Known World [Mystara Almanac 1014 AC].
Vatermont 1: Opening of Hard-Ball Season in the Alphatian Empire, Karameikos is invited to participate [MA 1014].
Vatermont 16: Werecreatures active near Threshold [MA 1014].
Thaumont 14: The skyship of the Karameikan crashes in the Arypt desert of Davania after a fight with the Heldannic knights of Anna Von Hendriks. The Karameikan Hollow World expedition continues its long return home [MA 1014].
Lost city of Tuma is discovered in northern Karameikos [B8 main adventure, arbitrary date].
Sword of Halav is retrieved by adventurers who donate it to King Stefan. The event spurs the Cult of Halav in a religious frenzy in the nation. The Cult demands the Shield is given to King Stefan too [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards, Hail the Heroes adventure, Author, arbitrary date].
A Glantrian wizard hires adventures to find the Traladaran adventurer Niktor who disappeared with his companion in the Bligh Swamp, with his famous weapon Comet’s Edge [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards, arbitrary date].
Yarthmont 30: Bids close at Marsan & Sons in Mirros for the purchase of Valens Castle in northern Karameikos, while the owner Justin Valens purchase a house in Mirros for his family of five [JA, p.239].
Adventurers find the Great Blade of Ghyrkos in the Dymrak woods. The region is soon infested by a powerful vampire, as Ghyrkos was turned into one and only the blade kept him in his grave. [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
Klarmont 25: Winner of Valens castle is announced. Valens family moves to Mirros (or Threshold) and Justin pays his creditors [JA, p.239].
Felmont 2: After having traversed the Arypt desert and savannah, encountered a tabi ally, escaped Bogdashkan, Manacapuru and Leopard clan lands, the Karameikan Hollow World expedition reaches Raven Scarp in the Thyatian Hinterlands [MA 1014].
Felmont 3: A Traladaran man who had grievances to bring to the King is slain in Mirros. Lord Halav Yushiev investigates [another possible placement of Davinos’ Complaint GAZ1 adventure with a character from Dark Knight of Karameikos book, MA 1014].
Felmont 18: Lord Yuschiev foils a Veiled Society plot in Mirros [see above, MA 1014].
Fyrmont 9: The Karameikan Hollow World Expedition arrives back in Mirros today, surprising everyone, with proofs of the existence of the Hollow World [MA 1014].
Fyrmont 11: Stefan Karameikos meets the member of the Expedition, learns of the survival of Alphatia. Terari teleports to the New Alphatian Empire to inform the allies. Joshuan Gallidox leaves is post as editor of the Almanac to the gnome Belzamith and the dwarf Dorrik [MA 1014].
Fyrmont 15-28: World Games in Ylaruam [MA 1014].
Thief Xavier Tanos steals a holy artifact of the Church of Karameikos, which puts a reward of 250,000 royals for his capture [MA 1014].
Sviftmont 8: Karameikos tells the world the Hollow World is real and Alphatia survived in it [MA 1014].
Milena Artho Marilenev dies in Darokin, and confess to her 43 years old son his true origins. Andros Marilenev is shocked by the revelation but proud of his heritage, begins to use his real surname publicly [Guerra].

[Image: Card depicting a wizard]
Caption: Card depicting a wizard of the School of Magecraft

1,015 AC

Nuwmont 6: A white dragon attacks the King’s Road Keep [MA 1015].
Nuwmont 12-15: Penhaligon and Mirros are informed of the white dragon attacks [MA 1015].
Nuwmont 17-18: Sir Yuschiev leaves Mirros with his knights and in Krakatos obtains the help of the frost giant wizard Derkost, studying here since 1,012 AC [Dark Knight of Karameikos novel, MA 1015].
Vatermont 4: Sir Yuschiev and his knights defeat the white dragon [MA 1015].
Vatermont 15-18: Sir Yuschiev and his knights are hailed as heroes returning in Mirros, and Sir Halav Yushiev is rewarded by the King with a Barony north of Rugalov keep [Dark Knight of Karameikos novel, MA 1015].
The amulet of Moira the Pure is retrieved in Three Axe Ford, Black Peak Mountains. Several groups tries to take it, as the object can protect from vampires’ powers and also restore a vampire to true life [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards, arbitrary date].
Thaumont 15: First Karameikan skyship, the Concordia, launch in Krakatos. Captain Nikolai Delauris, leader of the first Expedition, will lead on it a second expedition to the Hollow World, and Claransa will join it too [MA 1015].
Yarthmont 15: The Concordia departs from Mirros, headed to the New Alphatian Empire first and then to the Hollow World [MA 1015].
Klarmont 2: The Concordia stops at Ionace and gather equipment to pass the polar opening [MA 1015].
Klarmont 21: A Darokinian ship arrives in Halag after having been nearly sunk by a pirate vessel, The Scouge, secretly founded by Minrothaddan which are competing with Darokin [MA 1015].
A representative of Magda Marilenev finds Andros in Darokin, and convinces him to return to Karameikos to claim his heritage [Guerra].
Felmont 24: The School of Magecraft of Krakatos begins a program to help Thyatis create underwater breathing and movement equipment for their war against the Twaelar merrow empire [MA 1015].
Fyrmont 11: The Scourge is captured by a Darokinian ship and a Minrothaddan ship and brought to Mirros. The crew will be tried in Minrothad [MA 1015].
Fyrmont 15-28: World Games in the Five Shires [MA 1015].
Fyrmont 26: Peace treaty signed between Alfheim and Aengmor, some Alfheimers leave Karameikos to return in their original homeland [MA 1015].
Ambyrmont 11: A fire in Mirros damages Joshuan Gallidox Publishing, arson is suspected. No one is hurt but the Publishing moves to a new building near the Black Heart Lily tavern [MA 1015].
Ambyrmont 13-15: Passing the north polar opening, the Concordia crashes in the Darklands of the Hollow World, and several crewmen perish. The Expedition has to leave the Concordia and continue on foot [MA 1015].
Kaldmont 6: The Expedition obtains wood from the beastmen and returns back to repair the Concordia. They are also found by an Alphatian search party [MA 1015].
Kaldmont 26: The Concordia repaired, the Karameikan Expedition reaches Jafilia and talks to Empress Eriadna [MA 1015].

1,016 AC

The Cult of Halav finances an expedition to the Altan Tepes mountain in search of the famed Oirtulev’s eye [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards, arbitrary date].
Thaumont 3: Cornel Osteric finds out Alphatians are selling weapons to the merrow in their war against Thyatis [MA 1016].
Thaumont 5: Karameikan troops leave for Darokin to aid Rockhome against humanoids [MA 1016].
Thaumont 20: Alfheim Avengers decide to resort to assassinations to sabotage the peace between Alfheim and Aengmor [MA 1016].
Flaurmont 1: Some Karameikan volunteers sail with the Thyatis armada against the Twaelar from Thyatis city [MA 1016].
Klarmont 9: Lost Valley of Hutaaka found [another possible date for B10, MA 1016].
Klarmont 18: Emilio the Great is kidnapped while on tour in Darokin by the Alfheim Avengers [MA 1016].
Felmont 6: Rumors in Halag that Bargle has returned to stir local humanoids [MA 1016].
Felmont 10: First Shadowelf ambassador reaches Mirros [MA 1016].
Felmont 13: Ambassador Shalander is kidnapped in Karameikos by the Alfheim Avengers. The revendication is an arrow on the door of the Joshuan Gallidox Publishing in Mirros [MA 1016].
Felmont 15: Western Defense League meets in Selenica to discuss the actions of the Alfheim Avengers [MA 1016].
Andros Marilenev is now working to obtain the support of the Radu and Torenescu to prepare a rebellion against King Stefan. He marries Ileina Callarii in the hope of gaining, at least partially, the support of the elves [Guerra].
Fyrmont 12: Adventurers rush to Threshold to explore the Lost Valley of Hutaaka [MA 1016].
Fyrmont 17: Dimitri Stepanov, young Karameikan hardball player, is killed by Alfheim Avengers just outside Kelvin [MA 1016].
Ambyrmont 14: Gnollish attack on the rise in the Black Peak Mountains [MA 1016].
Sviftmont 4: Two adventurers from the Lost Valley speak with Baron Sherlane in Threshold [MA 1016].
Sviftmont 10-12: The adventurers from the Lost Valley arrive in Mirros with Patriarch Sherlane to speak with the King. Iron Ring agents try to kill them, but fail [MA 1016].
Sviftmont 18: On his 68th birthday, King Stefan elevates Desmond Kelvin and Terari to Counts, Sulescu to Baron, and creates two new baronies on the Estron road and near Rifflian [MA 1016, in MA 1017 appears a Ioannes Rosattas Lord of Verge, which could be a new baron too or a vassal of the Antonic. Basileios Zarides appears as another Baron of Thyatian origin].
Sviftmont 28: Lost Valley is closed by Royal troops to avoid tensions with the resident. Terari leads a team there [MA 1016].
Eirmont 4: Karameikan troops recalled from Rockhome [MA 1016].
Eirmont 10-20: Karameikan volunteers lead by Justin Karameikos sail to Thyatis to help Emperor Eusebius in the Thyatian civil war [MA 1016, where Justin leads the volunteers. This however does not seem fitting his description in GAZ1 and K:KoA, so Valen could also be an alternative].

1,017 AC

Nuwmont 8: Terari reports to King Stefan about the Lost Valley [MA 1017].
Nuwmont 21: Emperor Eusebius wins the Crown War in Thyatis and send envoys to King Stefan to improve relations. Justin (or Valen) remains in Thyatis [MA 1017].
Vatermont 3: Thyatians envoys and Traldars of the Lost Valley both arrive in Mirros today. King Stefan leaves the Thyatians waiting [MA 1017].
Vatermont 4: Extremists of the Church of Traladara and of the Church of Karameikos uses the Lost Valley to spread racial division [MA 1017].
Vatermont 16: Jowett retires and nominates Sherlane Halaran new Patriarch of the Church of Karameikos. Alena Halaran Yurevich is the new Baroness of Threshold [MA 1017].
Vatermont 19: Followers of Oderbry attack the Church of Traladara in Mirros [MA 1017].
Thaumont 2: Members of the Torenescu clan attacked by followers of Oderbry [MA 1017].
Thaumont 4-5: Lord Korrigan discuss with the Thyatian envoys, which ask for the Empire the land east of the Rugalov river. King Stefan grant the request, and Thyatis recognizes Stefan as a King [MA 1017].
Thaumont 14: split inside the Order of the Griffon between followers of Oderbry and Halaran [MA 1017].
Thaumont 19: Trade friction between Thyatis and the Western Defense League, but Karameikos is better treated due to the recent agreement [MA 1017].
Flaurmont 6: Fight in Kelvin between Traladarans and followers of Oderbry [MA 1017].
Flaurmont 10: A mission of the Darokin Diplomatic Corp arrives in Karameikos to help stopping the religious fights [MA 1017].
Flaurmont 27: Justin Karameikos receives a barony in the Hinterlands from. Emperor Eusebius [MA 1017].
Yarthmont 22: Justin Karameikos becomes baron of Cittanova in the Hinterlands [MA 1017].
Yarthmont 23-26: Alfric Oderbry captured and excommunicated [MA 1017].
Klarmont 15: King Stefan enacts the Traladaran Reparation Act to refund those damaged by Thyatian actions [MA 1017].
Felmont 1: Five Shires request aid to the Western Defence League against Thyatian and Minrothaddan Privateers attack [MA 1017].
Felmont 2: The Iron Ring forges a secret deal with new Baron Zarides of Krakov on the Eastron Road [MA 1017].
Felmont 10: Karameikos does not send aid to the Shires, urging the hin to stop pirate attacks against Thyatis [MA 1017].
Ambyrmont 21: Bargle’s humanoids attack western Karameikos. Bargle’s cousin Sverdlov is really behind the attacks [MA 1017].
Eirmont 19: A Master of the Iron Ring becomes minister in Jaibul [MA 1017].
Kaldmont 26-27: A pilgrimage of Followers of Valeria from all over the Known World, including Karameikos, to Glantri city, ends in bloodshed with the city guard [MA 1017].

[Image: Traladaran castle]
Caption: Traladaran castle

1,018 AC

Nuwmont 1: King Stefan celebrates his thirteenth year of rule wearing Thyatian regalia gifted by the Emperor of Thyatis, a sign of the new friendship some like and some do not [MA 1018].
Nuwmont 5: Glantri sends official excuses for the Alexander day massacre of Valerias’ followers [MA 1018].
Nuwmont 12: Master Terari partecipates in the New Alphatian Empire Council. He has not been in Karameikos for several months now [MA 1018].
Vatermont 24: Clerics of Valerias denounce the massacre in Glantri and the governments which did nothing about it, such as Karameikos [MA 1018].
Thaumont 14: Clanmasters of former Alfheim gather in Karameikos [MA 1018].
Thaumont 15: Terari still missing at the beginning of school year in Krakatos [MA 1018].
Yarthmont 3: Riots in Kelvin provoked by Thyatian and Traladaran nationalists [MA 1018].
Yarthmont 27: Adventurer Viola Miroslava staggers into the Shady Dragon Inn in Midwood, searching the wizard Nicodemus, she collapses and dies after mentioning she has hidden the sword, Reaver, in haunted Fort Boldizsarovic. Several groups of humanoids are seeking the blade, which gives one command over humanoid races. [MA 1018].
Felmont 4: The witch-doctor of the Broken Skull bugbear tribe finds an ancient temple and a great bronze statue of a dog-headed warrior [MA 1018].
Fyrmont 22: After trying to charme Juliana Vlaerdoen and being discovered, Von Hendricks is extradited to Karameikos [MA 1018].
Ambyrmont 2: The bugbears plunder Threshold with the aid of a bronze golem, but Baroness Alena and her knights destroy it [MA 1018].
Ambyrmont 17: Professor Igor Grygorovich of the School of Magecraft studies the bronze golem which attacked Threshold, see also Legend of the Bronze Golem adventure [MA 1018].
Sviftmont 7: Emperor Eusebius of Thyatian and the Vyalia elves reach an agreement to limit human colonists in the region recently acquired from Karameikos [MA 1018].
Sviftmont 20: A powerful Werewolf calling himself the Wolf King attack travellers in the Radlebb woods [MA 1018].
Sviftmont 23: The Concordia has returned from the Hollow World, damages in the polar passing are repaired at Ionace [MA 1018].
Eirmont 16: Amulet of the Marshes stolen at the House of Yuschiev in Mirros [MA 1018, Dark Knight of Karameikos novel].
Eirmont 18: Small scandal in Mirros when a gnome gemcutter is exposed (by the network of Queen Olivia) as spy for Highforge [MA 1018].
Eirmont 19: Sir Grigory, knights of Sir Yuschiev, follows the thief of the amulet to the west [MA 1018].
Eirmont 26: Sir Grigory returns to Mirros after finding the amulet in Luln [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 1: Black Eagle arrives in Mirros [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 6: Terri returns to Krakatos where he is summoned to Mirros and resigns from his positions at the School and the Ministry [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 14: Barony of Yuschiev North of Rugalov attacked by orcs [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 17: The Concordia finally returns to Mirros with Claransa and more tales of the Hollow World [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 22: gnomes of Highforge feign an espionage operation in Mirros to play a prank on Queen Olivia [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 27: Baron Yuschiev learns of the attack on his barony and plans to send sir Grigory [MA 1018].
Kaldmont 28: Day of Dread [MA 1018].

1,019 AC

Nuwmont 3: Grigory and other Yushiev men leave Mirrors to investigate the attacks in the eastern barony [MA 1019].
Nuwmont 9-11: Sir Grigory is briefly imprisoned in Rugalov before defeating Khalil, leader of the mercenary band Fangs of Jallah, and obtaining command of them [MA 1019].
Nuwmont 9: A mineral oil hunt begins in the Blight Swamp [MA 1019].
Nuwmont 12: Grigory and his men with the Fangs defeat an orc horde commanded by a Dark Knight [MA 1019].
Nuwmont 19: The Black Eagle ask King Stefan a fair Karameikan trial [MA 1019].
Nuwmont 27: Sir Grigory has defeated all the orcs in the region, but he goes mad and disappears [MA 1019, Dark Knight of Karameikos novel].
Vatermont 1: Trial granted to Von Hendricks by King Stefan [MA 1019].
Vatermont 9: Sir Grigory’s men return to Mirros without him [MA 1019].
Vatermont 13: Sir Grigory is found amnesiac near Rugalov [MA 1019].
Vatermont 22: Word reaches Mirros Sir Grigory may still be alive, he is brought home [MA 1019].
Thaumont 5: Claransa is appointed new Minister of Magic to replace Terari [MA 1019].
Thaumont 15: The Masked One, a Traladaran wizard, becomes the unofficial Headmaster of the School in Krakatos [MA 1019].
Thaumont 25: Sir Grigory awakens in Mirrors and tells his tale [MA 1019].
Flaurmont 1: Trial of Von Hendricks begins in Mirros [MA 1019].
Flaurmont 14: Alphatians Harassed by bureaucracy and guards in Karameikos due to Queen Olivia suspicions on them [MA 1019].
Flaumont 15: Valachi Sulescu, the son of Baron Zemiros Sulescu, is hurt by some werewolves in Glantri city, where he is living as a student wizard in the School of Magic [MA 1019].
Flaumont 17: Since mineral oil was found in the Blight Swamp many hin and non hin adventurers have disappeared in it [MA 1019].
Yarthmont 25: The Five Shires decide to finance an official expedition to the Blight Swamp, and close it to adventurers [MA 1019].
Yarthmont 28: One of Queen Olivia's spies is caught by Alphatian wizard Telokar of Frisland, a former commander in the Alphatian army and now a professor of Conjuration and Summoning at the Karameikan School of Magecraft [MA 1019].
Klarmont 1: Alphatians at the School of Magecraft meet to discuss the current hostility from the Karameikos government [MA 1019].
Klarmont 7: Queen Olivia learns of the meeting of the Alphatians in Krakatos and worries [MA 1019].
Klarmont 15: In Darokin rulers of the Shadowelves, former Alfheim, Wendar, Darokin and Karameikos, including King Stefan, meet secretly to plan the destruction of the Church of Atzanteotl and the dismantling of the Alfheim Avengers [MA 1019].
Klarmont 19: Several Alphatian professors of Krakatos cancel their classes. The Masked One contacts Claransa [MA 1019].
Klarmont 22: The Emperor's Hillfolk, a comedy depicting a Traladaran family that strikes it rich and moves to Emperor's Hill in Thyatis City, opens. The play proves to be immensely popular, and soon a version of the play opens in Mirros as well [MA 1019].
Felmont 2: Concerted attack against the Church of Atzanteotl all over the Known Word and Shadow elves territories, and in Karameikos too [MA 1019].
Felmont 3: A Five Shires' trader ship, The Jolsten, is pushed upon a group of coastal rocks east of Sulescu Village. The ship's master, Captain Shirley Kidder, orders the crew to abandon ship [MA 1019].
Felmont 22: Hin worshipping a strange monsters are discovered in the Blight Swamp, and the hin of the nearby village are banished from the Shires by the Sheriffs [MA 1019].
Felmont 26: After the recent tension, 3,000 Alphatians of the 90,000 who have settled Karameikos decide to leave to return to Alphatian territories in the east [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 1: The Masked One discovers most of the Alphatian professors have left the School of Magic, bringing away all their items and books [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 11: Werewolves attack near Luln, in truth hunters from Glantri who are searching for a nosferatu assassin [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 13: The 3,000 Alphatians ready to depart from Mirros are detained by the city guards in the Foreign Quarter [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 14: One of the werewolves is captured near Halag, but soon dies of his wounds [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 16: A Five Shires' ship, The Kholn, comes across wreckage off the coast of Karameikos near the village of Sulescu. Items recovered indicate that it was a Minrothaddan vessel, The Fancy Dancer. The wreckage is due to a pirate attack [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 21: More werewolves attack near Vandevicsny [MA 1019].
Fyrmont 23: All the werewolves are found dead near Vandevicsny, killed by the nosferatu assassin they were pursuing [MA 1019].
Ambyrmont 3-7: Lord Korrigan tasks Sir Tyern Malkov, of the royal engineers to plan a road connecting the southern coast from Mirros to Halag. The Church of Karameikos manifests interest to reach a region still dominated by the Church of Traladara [MA 1019].
Ambyrmont 12: The Alphatians who wish to leave Karameikos are freed and permitted to go [MA 1019].
Eirmont 14: Following his survey, Sir Malkov present to Korrigan the plan to build road and lighthouses in the southern coast [MA 1019].
Eirmont 28: Von Hendriks is finally declared guilty of treason, exiled and escorted to the nearest border, the Five Shires [MA 1019].
Dhrom Dhum, a powerful goblin cleric, declares an independent kingdom in the Wufwolde hills [Author, see link below, arbitrary date].

[Image: Blight Swamp]
Caption: Trees in the Blight Swamp

1,020 AC and the Future

The Marilenev Uprising: After years of maniacal planning, 70 years old Magda Marilenev is finally ready to act, starting her revolt with a riot in the Grand Market as her husband did 50 years before [GAZ1 adventure, arbitrary date]. Magda, born a Torenescu, could have finally retrieved the legendary Diadem of the Sun of Tahrek the Bright [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards].
[See also article about the Karameikan Civil War by Hausman Santos in this same issue of Threshold. The Dymrak Dread Campaign by Giampaolo Agosta could be used this year, as World in Flames: The Trouble With Karameikos by Bruce Heard, see links below].
In my Koskatep series, at some point the followers of Nyx may conquer Koskatep and become a power in the region. The Church of Ixion will probably oppose them, and a follower could also retrieve the famed flaming axe known as Ixion’s Wrath [Dungeon Master Survival Kit cards, Agosta’s Lords of the Cruth Lowlands, Koskatep series of adventures by Author].

Karameikos leadership and noble families in the future

Also it is worth considering that by this year the Karameikos leadership is quite old, and some rulers or ministers could die of old age or retire, as it happened in canon only to Lucius Hyraksos: Stefan Karameikos is now 72 years old, Olivia 61, Alexius Korrigan should be 72 too, Zogrev Yarol is 70 years old, Bartran Cordelius 75, Valdo Tisza 59. Terari is probably much older, but rather than die he could eventually leave in a Quest for Immortality.
If Adriana Karameikos at 40 will probably just wait for her natural succession to the throne, her brothers, Justin 38 and Valen 34, may have children and settle in a barony or decide to search for other opportunities elsewhere (Justin should be competent enough to become a Minister, while Valen may leave Karameikos or decide to become the successor of Korrigan).
Oliver Jowett should be now almost 95 years old, probably retired or dead. Magdel should now be 44 years old and around 10-12th level, making her a likely successor of Sherlane, Oderbry would now be 64, but it is likely he acted before that date and was killed or imprisoned. Aleksyev Nikelnevich is 64 too, so he could last a few more years in his position. Sergyev is probably around 55, so he could last more, turning his Cult in a more stable religion or just going nuts if some Entropic immortal is behind it, as in the Dymrak Dread campaign referenced above.
Alya “Flameflicker” should be 45 by now so she could “reign” for more time, if not discovered or removed somehow. Emilio the Great is 70 by now, but he could still be active in acting and spying for Queen Olivia.
Boris Torenescu, now 69, should already be dead by now, or having succeeded in killing Aleksander. The younger generation, Aleksander and Stephanos are 46 and 45 by now and should have married and have children, least the main line go extinct. The older members, as Simion and Sergei, cousins of Cristoph and Boris, should now be 71 and 75. They still may have sons and daughter who are not of the main line, but could still become clan leaders if the main line goes extinct. Nichola Torenescu, wife of Zogrev Yarol and sister of Boris, could be 65 by now. It is not specified in canon if she and Zogrev had children, but that does not mean they do not have one or two.
Anton Radu should be 81 by now, if he is not dead or imprisoned for his criminal activities, and Cartha slightly younger. At least one of the two is probably dead or exiled by now. Zweis and Antonito should be in their mid 50s, if still alive. Emil, now 35, could be the heir designated by Anton, while Pieter, who should be at least 38, could be a powerful cleric in the Church of Traladara, with the ambition of succeeding Nikelnevich. Theodoscius should be 34, and many things could happen if is true parentage is discovered, or he becomes a serial killer. All three could be married with children by now. Theodoscius’ four older sisters should also have husbands and children.
Philip Vorloi is 80 or more by now and his brother Fortunato only slightly younger, Grigory should be 47, if still alive, Marianna 44 and her cousin Lucia, if not killed by the Veiled Society as in B6, 45. All could be married with children and things can happen if Grigory eventually inherits. The Vorloi clan also includes the seven brothers and sisters of Halia Vorloi, which should be born between 964 and 973 AC so some of them could have adult children by now. Their father, probably a cousin of Philip and Fortunato, should be well over 80, if still alive. Sascia of Luln now is 48 years old, and Yolanda 42. Both could by now be married with children.
Magda Marilenev is now 70 and should probably act, as even her eventual heir Andros (see above) would be 49 by now, unless a younger one appears from the line of the disappeared Melanie (who if still alive would be about 65 now and possibly a grandmother). If Melanie survived and had children or Andros has children, the family could not go extinct as is instead likely in canon, where no heir exist.
Desmond Kelvin should be 51 by now. Even if he hoped to marry Adriana Karameikos, he could still marry another woman and have children. His sister Arelena should be 45, and married to Kaerin Penhaligon as indicated in module B12. If Desmond Kelvin or Arteris Penhaligon have no issues, the children of Arelena and Kelvin could be heirs to both dominions.
Arteris is 49 by now. Canon sources do not say she married, but neither she don’t.
Sherlane Halaran should be over 80 by now, so Magdel could soon succeed him as head of the Church of Karameikos and Aleena as Baroness of Threshold. Aleena is now 42 and canonically married since 9 years, so she could have children.
Retameron and Halia Antonic are 50 and 46 by now, and they could have children.
Vlad Lutescu is 56 by now. Lev Dromilov 58, but both should have heirs, even if they are not mentioned in canon sources but only in fan works.
Gustav Vandevic is likely 70 too by now, but he has at least a niece named Laina who could succeed him and marry Marek Strolojca. Other minor nobles are mentioned in canon sources and were greatly developed by Giampaolo Agosta, Simone Neri and others, as the Draconius, Brezovo, Moubotka, Ourosco, Strolojca, Thrakius, Kutinov, Miltchev, Retebius, Pyotrev, see links below.
While Zemiros Sulescu is over 320 years old, supposedly he is around since 970 AC, so his simulated age should be at least 70. By now he should have faked his old age and arrange for a fictional heir to arrive soon. A Valachi Sulescu, son of Zemiros, is indeed mentioned in the Fan Almanac 1,019. He would not obviously be a real son.
Prestelle of Rifflian is canonically young for an elf, so she could remain for years to come, even if she is more of a representative than an actual ruler. Dorfus Hilltopper of Highforge likewise succeeded his father around 989 AC, so he could be relatively young for a gnome and reign for many years.
The ambassadors have not changed in K:KoA, but by 1,020 AC some of them are quite old, and therefore should be near retirement. Cornel Osteric is 65, Gunter Schonberg should be over 70, Aladan Voll probably near 80, and Estella Whitehall the same, so the latter two could already have retired by now. Abdallah ibn Hamid is likely to be around 60 by now, and could already be dead or retired if he challenged Osteric, Schonberg or tried to kidnap Marianita.
Marianita is supposedly half human half Belcadiz elf, so she could remain in her position for many more years. She probably still appears to be mid 20 thanks to her race, magic, or both. Eventually she could even decide to marry Valen Karameikos, Milo Korrigan or Shalander.
Shalander is young and could stay many more years, Bolto and Jenkin less so, but still have many more years before retirement. Yet Shalander could decide to leave to do something else and Jenkin may desire to return to the Shires.


Canon supplements

Gazetteer 01 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

TSR modules: B1-9 In search of Adventures, B10 Night’s Dark Terror

DDA3 adventure Eye of Traldar

DDA4 adventure The Dymrak Dread

Wrath of the Immortals boxed set

Dungeon and Dragon Magazine, some relevant issues as detailed above

Dungeon Master Survival Kit

Poor Wizard’s Almanac I, II and III

Karameikos Kingdom of Adventures AD&D boxed set

Joshuan’s Almanac

Hail the Heroes AD&D adventure

Night of the Vampire AD&D adventure

Fan production

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos AC970-AC1000 by Sean Meaney

Chronology of Luln & Western Karameikos by religon

History of Traladara by Francesco Defferrari (Author)

An Idea on the history of Specularum (aka Mirros) by Sean Meaney

Events fleshing out the timeline of Karameikos by Andrew Theisen

Timeline events by Håvard

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A Goblin Kingdom: The Rise of Dhrom Dhum by me in Threshold issue #1

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World in Flames: The Trouble With Karameikos by Bruce Heard

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Andros Marilenev by Jennifer Guerra

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Unveiling the Radu Clan by Andrew Theisen

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Karameikos Noble Families by Simone Neri

Noble Houses of Karameikos: Strolojca and Draconius by Giampaolo Agosta and Simone Neri

The Lutescu by Sal Ortega

Note also that the Vaults of Pandius has much more fan works and adventures set in Karameikos which could expand this timeline even more:


[Image: Duke Stefan leading his men]
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Konstantin Makovsky (1839–1915), False Dmitry's agents murdering Feodor Godunov and his mother (1862),
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia, via Wikimedia commons


[Image: Mobile theatre in the streets of Specularum]
A 15th-century Passion play (The Trial and Crucifixion of Christ) by the Smiths' Company of Coventry, 1825 from first edition of the Chambers Book of Days (1864) by Robert Chambers (died 1871), designed and engraved by David Gee (1793–1872), via Wikimedia commons


[Image: Cleric of the Church of Traladara]
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[Image: Fain Flinn killing a dragon]
Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Saint George Killing the Dragon, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA, via Wikimedia commons


[Image: King Stefan crowned in the Church of Karameikos]
Sveti Sava knees before his brother Stefan Prvovenčanog, by Anastas Jovanović, before 1899, National Library of Serbia, via Wikimedia commons


[Image: Sea battle with pirates]
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[Image: Comet of 1,013 AC]
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[Image: Card depicting a wizard]
Magician. card of Visconti Sforza Tarot deck, 15th century, Pierpont Morgan library, NY, USA; via Wikimedia commons.


[Image: Traladaran castle]
Hunedoara Castle, Romania, photo by Pudelek via Wikimedia commons


[Image: Blight Swamp]
Lampertheim-Süd beim Holländergraben - Sumpfwald, Hessen, Germany, photo by Andreas Eichler via Wikimedia commons


1Perhaps the mother of Stefan I, i.e. Stefan III’s great-great-grandmother, was of the Vorloi line? See “Heirs and Heiresses” article in this issue of Threshold Magazine.

2The Markovitch (a noble family, distantly related to the same one in Glantri), is my personal creation because I decided it did not make much sense to me that Luln was a new town ruled by a non noble female in a clearly feudal nation, but other timelines may have different assumptions.

3In Gazetteer 1, Yolanda’s mother is described as a seamstress in Luln, but I changed her to a noble lady as I did for all her family, see also previous note.

4I moved the date back one year from Havard’s timeline to make room for other events

5This event has not happened yet in Karameikos:Kingdom of Adventure, set in 1,012 AC, but should be imminent. Fan Almanacs had this event happen in 1,017 AC.

6This event is strongly suggested in Gazetteer 1 adventures and in X10 and as such happened in my campaign. The official canon timeline has Von Hendriks defeated by the Five Shires only in 1011 AC, a solution I do not like much because it is anti-climatic and it also seems quite out of character for Von Hendriks not to exploit the WotI situation to make his move. At the end of the war, Bargle and Von Hendriks could either be killed or escape as in the Poor Wizard’s Almanac official timeline.