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Thunder Rift Locations

by Chris Seabrook

Some places around Thunder Rift

I have a bunch of Thunder Rift stuff I churned out for my home campaigns. I already said I would upload everything way back in 2008 (I was posting as EldritchEpidemic). I guess I had better get to it:
The place where I originally promised this.

Just a bit of background before I get into anything:
Here is where you can find some info on almost everything published for Thunder Rift (and CD&D Mystara) except for Edgewater, which appeared in Dungeon Magazine:
Dungeons and Dragons Products

Assumption 1: Thunder Rift is located in Darokin, in the Altan Tepes Borderlands, between Alfheim and Rockhome. I ran this campaign before folks thought it would fit well in Karameikos. The tunnel mentioned in either Trouble Below, or Escape From Thunder Rift is the "Darokin Tunnel".
Thorfinn Tait's Darokin

Where I thought Thunder Rift was.

Where is Thunder Rift Thanks goes to Håvard for making this map.

Assumption 2: that the introductory adventures set in the Basic (Red) Set could be situated near the Melinir caves/ mines (probably part of the same geographical feature that Zanzer Tem was making use of). This is why Armorer Baldwick and Aleena the Cleric are in Melinir.

Assumption 3: that all the boxed set that looked like they might have been set in Thunder Rift, where set in it (including 1073 The Dragon's Den).

Assumption 4: that Thunder Rift has a (human) cultural history of building straight walls, and nearly perfectly square and rectangular shaped buildings (as seen in all of the Thunder Rift adventure maps), that dates back at least as far as back as Barriktown.
A Map of Ancient Barriktown

Whatever other assumptions I made, I have now forgotten.

Here is a map of how my Thunder Rift campaign would have played out. Thanks to Havard for letting me mark up his great map:

Here is a link to his original map:
Thunder Rift Map
Here is a link to a Thunder Rift timeline that supposes that the Rift is located in northern mountains of Karameikos.
The Thunder Rift region and Timeline

Mage Island in Lake Ganif

A Trading Village on the Edge of Gauntlin Forest

The Goblin's Map


The Melinir Smithy and Armourer

The Melinir Courthouse and Jail

The Melinir Temple District

Melinir School, Archives, Library, Scriptorium, Paper Maker, and Book Binder

The Melinir Temple

High Cleric's Quarters