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Atlas of Davania

Introduction to Davania

Across the Sea of Dread lies the mighty, mysterious continent of Davania. Its northern shores are covered with a lush, vibrant jungle teeming with life, both benign and deadly. Within these jungles are several clans of savages and barbarians, some humans, others not.

The Jungle Coast is a stretch of several hundred miles on the northern shores of Davania. Its exact size is still unknown as it is mostly unexplored. A rough estimate of its borders would be the coast facing the Bellissarian Sea to the east, the Meghala Kimata Plains in the south and the Garganin Grasslands to the west.

Most of the Jungle Coast is unexplored, and no one is exactly sure what can be found in the vast new territory. Rumours abound of strange primitive cultures with wondrous monuments, such as crystal pyramids or deep sacrificial pits. The lands of the Jungle Coast are currently undergoing a mass colonisation by the Empire of Thyatis. The natives, however, are none too pleased, and many battles arise from the competition for territory and defending of homeland. Still, the advance of civilisation is steady, and there is much progress in the proper education of the locals.

West of the Jungle Coast is the region known to those of the Old World as the Serpent Coast. It is bounded to the north by the Sea of Dread, to the east by the Jungle Coast, to the west by the Serpent Strait and Yavdlom, and to the south by the Adakkian Mounts. It is here where the city-states or Kastelios and Garganin are located, perhaps the only true examples of civilisation outside the Thyatian colonies. The Serpent Coast region is a land of rolling hills, pleasant grasslands, mighty rivers, and rugged coasts. Though it lacks the raw brutality of many of the Jungle Coast's native inhabitants, the more sophisticated cities here can pose dangers well known in Brun, including those unheard of. Outside the fastness of the cities' walls, nature holds sway, and few know who dwells there.

If one were to follow the coast further south, one would find the Amalur Lowlands, a trackless expanse of jungle and swamp inhabited by reclusive tribes of lizard men and other creatures. It is whispered in the darker corners of the Serpent Coast and Yavdlom that deep within the wilderness lie the ruins of many ancient cities, their stones already weathered and crumbling long before the rise of Thyatis City or drowned Sundsvall. Few venture to this isolated part of Davania, cut off-mercifully, some veteran explorers say-from the eastern lands by the imposing Adakkian Mountains.

South of the Jungle Coast are the little-known Meghala Kimata Plains. In the north, the grasses are so tall and thick that one may easily get lost, never seeing the sun or civilisation again. Towards the south, many hundreds of miles away, the grasses wither away, being subsumed by the deadly Meghales Amosses Desert, which no one yet has crossed, and, it is said, holds many dangers beyond description. The great Meghalo Fithi River winds its way through the plains, and along its banks many mighty cities rear their walls. Rumours abound of imposing ruins scattered amongst the grasses, telling of a time when civilisation held northern Davania under its sway. Whether this is true or not, the plains beckon to all who have the courage to plunge into the interior, and behold what lies within.

Davania is a place where one can brave a new world, carve out territory to settle, and defend brave colonists from savage natives. If you enjoy exploration and the new frontier, Davania is open to you.

Correspondents for Davania

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of Davania.

Featured Correspondents


Mapmaker. See Famous People for a complete bio.

Shira of Ierendi and her companions

Born an orphan in Ierendi City, Shira is a cleric of Koryis and an adventuress. Before her long voyage to Davania, she had travelled only to Ierendi and Minrothad, where she and her friends accomplished several quests for a wizard friend, Kiorr Midarr. Shira has dark hair and eyes and bronze skin, and she is obviously of Makai ancestry. She was never able to find any information about her parents.

Shira travels with the warrior Erion Miklos, formerly a paladin of Vanya, the bad-tempered dwarf Boduk, and the thief Arklaios. In Davania Shira became more and more close to Boduk and more and more suspicious of the true motivations of Erion (who hid from his friends he had been a paladin) and Arkalios. Even in these remote lands, she managed to send word to Kiorr with the scroll of communication the wizard gave her.

Regular Correspondents

Friedrich von Eisendorf

Marina Takanitas

Shaun the Elfin


EMEROND (Kingdom of)
ESERI (Free Prairies of)
GARGANIN (City-State of)
HRISSOPOLI (City-State of)
ILIOLOOSTI (City-State of)
KASTELIOS (City-State of)
MIVOSIA (City-State of)
MOGLUUR (Sacred Lands of)
POLAKATSIKES (Dominion of)
SCHWEIDNITZ (Oberherrschaft of)
TLIK'KKILL (Haven of Crabmen)
VANYA'S REST (Outpost of)