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Cities of Randel

by Alex Benson

As with any kingdom, Randel is dotted with towns, villages, and cities. These cities are the hub for the smaller communities surrounding them. The smaller communities use the cities to conduct business, pay taxes, and purchase goods. It should be noted that the stationed troops are not counted as part of the population.

For the most part, Randel cities are less opulent than other Alphatian mainland cities. Function and practicality are emphasised. This often gives the impression to outsiders that the people of Randel are backwards. This is not true. Peering into any business or residence, it is obvious that the interior is as comfortable as anywhere else in Alphatia.

Despite not having many sizeable settlements, all are referred to as being cities. The title of "city" accompanies the official recognition of a noble ruler by the King. When a would-be ruler successfully petitions for a city to be established, that city is given the duty of housing at least one regiment of the Randel Korp. Most cities have at least one regiment stationed in it. In some cases, the garrisoned troops exceed the actual population.

A hereditary ruler administers each city. These rulers are by law limited to spell casters. Each ruler must swear an oath of fealty to the King of Randel. Originally, these rulers were called lords. But with all spellcasters being referred to as lords, it became less distinguishing for the rulers to use that title. The title of "baron" was brought back to Alphatia by Randel troops sent to Brun. The title took hold and to this day, the noble rulers of Randel's cities are referred to as baron or baroness.

The capital city of Rardish.

The city of Dmireton.

The city of Telsadun.

The city of Dmiliburg.

The city of Sealidun.

The city of Doxeton.

The city of Hoddives.

The city of Ubeidda.

The city of Poys.

The city of Norok.

The town of Felteborn.

The town of Pemsky.

The town of Kedy.

The city of Alpira.