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Atlas of the Old World

Introduction to the Old World

Welcome dear reader to the atlas of the Old World. Formerly called the Known World and the Dread Coast, the Old World is the seat of civilisation on the world of Mystara. It is the place where technology is at its peak. It is the place where art and music are awe-inspiring. Civilisation is almost everywhere, and it is rare indeed to walk for more than a day and not have any village or town to rest in for the night.

In this enlightened land, education is on the rise, and most people can read and write. It is an age of knowledge and discoveries. Even magic, once held secret by old mages in their remote towers, can now be learned through various schools and universities. Slavery is almost abolished, and most people are considered citizens of their nations, having the freedom to do as they please. Diplomacy is the favoured method of accomplishing one's goals, and savage brutality is almost non-existent.

Of course, this does not mean there is no danger to be found. Some places are still savage, such as the Atruaghin clans or the hordes of the Ethengar Steppes. Goblinoids can still be found almost everywhere, and their brutality is unmatched in the entire world. Even diplomatic nations cannot achieve everything with words, and therefore their armies march across the land. It is simply that, here, in the Old World, such events are normally much rarer than anywhere else on Mystara.

Instead of brute force, this land is ripe with intrigue and behind-the-scenes powers. Manipulations are everywhere, and strong guilds and organisations rule almost as much as the kings on their thrones. Those that think that adventure cannot be found here in the Old World simply aren't looking in the right place.

The Old World is a large stretch of land found in the southeastern margin on the continent of Brun. It is bordered by the Sea of Dread to the south, the Sea of Dawn to the east, the Great Waste to the west, and the Mengul Mountain Range to the north. Within this land are two dozen "nations," most of them enlightened, but a few still hold on to barbaric traditions. These nations have influenced every other corner of the world, and just as Mystara is the center of the multiverse, the Old World can honestly be said to be the core or heart of Mystara.

Correspondents for the Old World

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Old World.

Featured Correspondents

Cassius Falconclaw

One of the most-decorated knights in the Kingdom of Karameikos's short history, Sir Cassius is a knight of the Order of the Griffon and now serves as one of the leaders of the Queen's Men, Queen Olivia's own bodyguard and company of knights who do her personal bidding. Born in Thyatis, Cassius is never-the-less a famously proud knight of Karameikos, and his name strikes terror into those he faces at tournament.

Enzo Giovanni

Enzo is a scion of House Giovanni, a respectable merchant house of Darokin. While we do not know the whole story, Enzo apparently committed a social blunder in his youth, one that led a rival merchant house to seek his life in recompense. Forced to leave Darokin, Enzo chose to travel west into lands said to be inhabited by savages. He shared his knowledge of the region with an agent of this publication during a meeting in Sind. Enzo is always in the company of an Atruaghin native called simply "John," who, he assures us, is more of a brother to him than a manservant.

Gilis Shadowborn

Daughter of the Jarl of Gråbjerge in Ostland, Gilis is a diplomat for her people, the Modrigswerg of Ostland. She fights for the rights of her people to become equal citizens of Ostland, in the face of opposition from traditional views and bigotry, since her people have a reputation for using dark sorcery and soul-binding magics.

Gilor Rockcrusher

A second-generation dwarf, born in Ostland, Gilor is by his own admission a "young punk" [what his elders would call a "troubled youth;" that is a young, aggressive and violent dwarf, who is resentful of authority. Ed.]. His youthful energy and enthusiasm, as well as his love for fighting, has led to his travels throughout the Northern Reaches, fighting for gold and fame. He has agreed to share his insights on Northern Reaches nations and culture in return for a small correspondent's fee.

Hendrik von Gultzer

Freiherr Hendrik von Gultzer, descendent of a long line of Hattian noblemen, arrived in the Heldannic Territories in AC 1004 in search of opportunities. These he found in abundance. Entering the Heldannic Order, von Gultzer ascended the ranks quickly, until he reached a respectable position. Though he serves his superiors willingly, von Gultzer possesses about him a slightly irreverent air-one that has got him into trouble in the past. One would think that he entered the order only to profit from the additional privileges it provides him in this land, but he denies this of course. Today, he divides his time between running his estates in Kammin and Landfall, and corresponding for the almanac. In the latter function, he provides us with news from Heldann proper and Heldland.

Joachim Saxenburg von Drachenfels

Joachim Saxenburg von Drachenfels is the court historian of House Ritterburg.

Larn Fastbuck

Almanac correspondent Larn Fastbuck is a tailor and merchant from Wereskalot, in Eastshire, where he lives with his wife Lori and three daughters.

Lucius Valerius Metellus

Brother of senator Quintus Metellus, member of one of the most ancient Thyatian aristocratic families, Lucius Valerius was an adventurer in Karameikos and Darokin in his youth, before joining for some time the army, only for the duration of the Great War. Now in his early forties, he has returned to Kantridae (from which his family hails), to concentrate on his many interests: he is a scholar, a musician, a forester, and a poet (he writes under the assumed name of Jacob Boar).

Rotolf Kalfson

Formerly the Jarl of Bornbank in Vestland, Rotolf is a warrior of that nation. He has held the lands on the troubled border with Soderfjord for decades before passing it on to his son, Ceowulf. Rotolf has sent a plea for help, describing his nation's plight.

Regular Correspondents

Balinor "Silverblade" Audriel

Christopher Dove

Demetius Vannopolus

Dromeda the Shadow

Favonius Viator

Hempford Brewster

Jalinoor Cerrulian

Joshuan Gallidox



Ryuk-uk Tshaa

Shaun the Elfin

Stefania Torion

Thurgood Lodestar

Ursula Bremen

Vadin Kalidasa


ACTIUS (County of)
AENGMOR (City of)
AENGMOR (Colony of)
ATRUAGHIN CLANS (Territories of)
BIAZZAN (County of)
BORYDOS (Protectorate of)
BUHROHUR (County of)
CARYTION (County of)
DAROKIN (Republic of)
GLANTRI (Principalities of)
GRÅBJERGE (Dwarf-Kingdom of)
HALATHIUS (County of)
HATTIAS (Duchy of)
HELDANN (Territory of)
IERENDI (Kingdom of)
JALAWAR (Mumlyket of)
KADESH (Rajahstan of)
KANTRIUM (Duchy of)
KARAMEIKOS (Kingdom of)
KERENDAS (Duchy of)
LUCINIUS (Duchy of)
MACHETOS (County of)
MINROTHAD (Exarchate of)
MOSITIUS (Duchy of)
OSTLAND (Kingdom of)
PESHMIR (Rajahstan of)
RETEBIUS (Duchy of)
ROCKHOME (Kingdom of)
SCLARAS (Protectorate of)
SERRAINE (Flying City of)
SHADOW ELVES (Kingdom of the)
SHAJARKAND (Mumlyket of)
SIND (Territories of)
SODERFJORD (Kingdom of)
TAMERONIKAS (Emirate of)
TEL AKBIR (Duchy of)
TERENTIAS (Grand Duchy of)
THYATIS (Duchy of)
THYATIS (Empire of)
THYATIS (The City)
TWAELAR (Merrow Empire)
VESTLAND (Kingdom of)
VYALIA (County of)
WENDAR (Elven Kingdom of)
YLARUAM (Emirates of)