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Atlas of Western Brun

Introduction to Western Brun

Western Brun is a not a well-defined region, but rather encompasses the Empire of Hule and the surrounding region, some of which are satellites, while others are independent nations-sometimes even empires. Western Brun is the area west of the Great Waste and north of the Yazak Steppes, and south of Hyborea (though pending our extending to cover Hyborea, events and places from these northern reaches are tagged as part of Western Brun).

Labelled as evil by our Old World standards, the empire of the Master is little known in eastern Brun, where Thyatis and Alphatia have been traditionally casting their shadows. Up to the invasion of Darokin by the Desert Nomads in the wake of the Great War that ravaged the Old World a decade ago, and the spectacular meteor impact that concluded that epic, Hule was seen as a distant, evil hagiarchy ruled by the Master and his holy men in the name of the treacherous Immortal Bozdogan. The rare accounts of its grandeur, evilness, and expansionism were tales told second-hand by Minrothaddan merchant princes who traded with Slagovich merchants. Little did we know.

In this almanac, you will learn from our correspondents about the holy land and its mysterious Master. You will also find out about the nations that lay to the west of Hule, and are less known to us than the mysterious Hule. We will also recount the recent-and occasionally not so recent-events, hopefully shading a new light upon the events that happened right here in the Old World, and for which we were not prepared as we had had so little prior contact with the western empire and other the distant nations of the west. Hule is indeed a big player, however far and forgotten it is, in the international field, and it is certainly not the city-states and baronies of the Savage Coast that will contradict me on that point. We hope that by introducing it to the almanac we will help this otherwise ignored empire come into full light, so that it won't ever have to introduce itself the hard way again.

Correspondents for Western Brun

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of Western Brun.

Featured Correspondents

There are no featured correspondents for this region this year.

Regular Correspondents

Giulio diSergio-Orsini

Marina Takanitas

Piotr Drobnjak


BRASOV (Kingdom of)
CHEVALLE (Kingdom of)
GOURNZEE (Duchy of)
GREENKHLAAWDAA (a.k.a. Land of the Closed Society)
HULE (Hagiarchy of)
KLAGORST (Confederated Kingdoms of)
SZEKESH (Land of)
STYGIA (Grand Duchy of)
ZUYEVO (Empire of)