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Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 9

Whos Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

The Outer and Hollow World of Dragons

by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)1

I once heard a human say that tales are important because they tell you that even the powerful dragons can be beaten, but thats only if the dragon is stupid enough to engage such an inferior creature directly.

Quote attributed to Vitriol.

Dragons around the Wyrmsteeth

In the lands surrounding Norwold there is an ongoing complicated Cold War between the Wyrmsteeth dragons and their allies on one side and The Onyx Ring and the Church of Idris on the other. The arrival of Synn (in 1010 AC) will further complicate the picture as no one could initially know which side she will pick. Each of the dragons listed below will have, as usual, several smaller dragon allies and probably also humanoids and human agents in their service.

Auragentus, 16 HD Large Gold Dragon

Auragentus2 is a sorrowful and bitter dragon, who feels even other golds have abandoned her. She guards the ruins of Drax Tallen but she now knows Landryn Teriak is back from death as the Shadow Lord, allied with the Church of Idris. Her warnings at the Parliament a century ago fell on deaf ears, and she lost her mate and her friend Henadin as a consequence, along with several other allies. She knows eventually Idris and Teryak will kill her, but she stopped pleading to the Dragonking, other golds, and even the immortals long ago. Some young golds and other small dragons help her at the moment, but she will send them away to spare their lives, when the last attack comes.

Therandael, 10 HD Small Gold Dragon

The daughter of Thelvaenier (now the immortal Diamond) and Khaerendaen, she was raised by Marthaen in the Wyrsmsteeth, but is now living in Glantri under the human identity of Veronique Gaudin3. Many indeed know she was sent on some secret mission by the King and Marthaen, butvery few know where and why. She is indeed spying on Amanth, Jaggar (and later Synn too) on behalf of the Parliament.

Raknaar, 22 HD Huge Gold Dragon

This old gold occupies Anton Vlaardoen’s body in Glantri. It’s widely believed that he is there to coordinate the spies who keep on eye on Amanth, human dracologists and, more recently, Synn. Another wild rumor says that Juliana Vlaardoen too is a dragon in disguise, even if she doesn’t know the truth herself.

Kirbey, 10 HD Small Gold Dragon

Originally a mandrake who maintained the human identity of Sir George Kirbey, treasure hunter, he was a personal friend of the now immortal Diamond. Rewarded with the transformation into a gold dragon, Kirbey is a close friend of Marthaen, Daresha and Raknaar, and cooperates with them watching over Therandeal.

Galishan, 14 HD Small Gold Dragon

Once a bodyguard of the dragonking Thelvaneir, Galishan4 is an experienced agent for the Parliament and Raknaar in Glantri, and eventually his main mission will be to thwart the plans of Synn.

Amanth, 19 HD Large Red Dragon

The Dragonking and the Parliament do not trust Amanth5 at all, but she has been partially useful so far in providing information about Vitriol, dracology and, recently, Synn. Therefore she hasn’t been declared a renegade yet, also because she indeed controls a vast area of northern Glantri. That could happen however, should she openly defy or betray the Parliament, or if she makes a pact with Entropy to steal the Ivory plume of Maat from Azem (see below), as she is currently planning.

Brulefer, 15 HD Large Blue Dragon

This dragon6 is employed by the Shadow Lord to hinder Vitriol, and he now controls a strategic pass between Wendar and Denagoth. For this reason at the moment the Dragonking is maintaining good relations with him, even if he and the Parliament wonder if the Shadow Lord and his cronies could be worse than Vitriol and Idris.

Malypir, 15 HD Large Blue Dragon

A member of the Onyx Ring7, he controls the arid lands between Ghyr and the Shattered Plateau, commanding over the Orcs of the Skeleton Bone. He doesn’t like Viridis (see below) much, but could cooperate with him upon Vitriol’s request.

Korbundar, 16 HD Large Blue Dragon

Supposedly also a member of the Onyx Ring, no one is sure of where exactly his lair8 is, nor if he is working for Idris, for himself, or for some other power. The Dragonking suspects he is up to something and would like to have more information about him.

Ravellia, 13 HD Large Black Dragon

Part of the Onyx Ring, she9 is the mate of Vitriol himself and lives in the Wildlands north of Wendar, effectively ruling a huge territory from the Dark woods of Bamoor in Wendar to the Swamp of the Beast. Some say indeed she is the namesake Beast. She is about to give birth to three baby dragons.

Fafnimorn, 10 HD Large White Dragon

He10 controls the Fuin River Gorge and is a member of the Onyx Ring too, but resents the power of Ravellia over the region and would like to get rid of her. Representatives of the Dragonking are carefully approaching him.

Odamaen, 17 HD Large Gold Dragon, High Priest of The Great One, Keeper of Shadowmere

Shadowmere in the Foxwoods, in Wendar, is the largest sanctuary of the Great One. Odamaen11, a close friend of Eruptaar, Marthaen and all the other golds of the region, is the High Keeper. He personally knows the immortal Diamond, his mother Arbendael and his mate Kharedaen, who occasionally visit the place in physical form to meet their daughter (and niece) Therandael and their friend Kirbey.

Shurilax, 12 HD Large Green Dragon

He12 is working for the Church of Idris in the Forest of Shadows, resenting the power and prestige that the golds of Shadowmere have in Wendar. His game however is quite dangerous and if discovered he will probably escape to Bamoor where many greens and blacks dwells, controlled by Ravellia.

Synn, 25 HD Greater Night Dragon, Queen of the Night Dragons, Dolores Hillsbury in Glantri

Synn13 arrives in Glantri, under the guise of Princess Dolores of Hillsbury, in 1010 AC. Initially, neither the Wyrmsteeth dragons, nor Vitriol, Amanth or others know of her true nature, but later her secret is discovered by Prince Malachie du Marais (who could inform the Dragonking, as a known ally of werecreatures) and eventually also by Vitriol and Amanth. If confronted by one of them, Synn will assert she is in Glantri only to further the cause of dragonkin, but she will try to play each faction against the other to defeat and control them.

Vitriol, 18 HD Huge Black Dragon

A very old, rich and powerful dragon, Vitriol is also a wizard and a priest of Idris and controls a great number of dragons, humans and humanoids in Denagoth14. Nevertheless he always took great care never to openly defy the Wyrmsteeth kingdom, and he adamantly maintains that his patron deity Idris has always been a friend of dragons. Indeed Idris and her church have always worshipped dragons, but the golds say that is done only to impose her rule on humans and humanoids. Therefore in the Wyrmsteeth there are those who ask for an intervention against Vitriol and those who counsel caution (or are secretly in league with them). And there are some, such as Auragentus, who decided long ago to openly fight Vitriol and Idris regardless, because of their evil ways.

Verit, 10 HD Large Black Dragon

A chief agent of Vitriol in Wendar, Verit15 has to establish a foothold in the north east to keep an eye on Brulefer and harass him. She is cunning and has gathered a sizable number of orcs and other servants.

Viridis, 12 HD Large Green Dragon

This green dragon16 is in league with the Denagothian wizard Parindes in the Great Olde Woode west of Norwold, working on behalf of the Onyx Ring and controls an army of humanoids.

Dragons and Secrets of the Adri Varma Plateau

It’s hard to tell if full fledged Dragon Realms exist in this savage region, as it seems that local dragons have been fighting for centuries for the control of treasures left here since the time of the Overlord invasion17 and from the time of Blackmoor. Known dragons of the Plateau18 are: Asarak the Blue of the Lonely Death Desert. Durmegh the Gold of Far Clouds, Zadmula the Amber of Verdant Clouds, Viturak the Red Scourge of the Amaranth Mountains, Izal the Black of the Misty Swamp, Parasana the Gold of Gold Hill, Ashul the Blue of the Blue Dragons Plains, Jaya the Jade of the Jade Tower, Ghanaz the Ruby of Sand Thunders, Purasti the Green of Green Fortress, Krisanu the Black of Black Bog, and Gahima the White of Deep Ice. How many of them are to be considered an ally of the Dragonking and how many of Vitriol, or even pawns of Amanth, is hard to tell, as often their allegiance changes from year to year in their struggles for power and control of the Plateau’s inhabitants.

Other Dragon realms of the Outer World

Even if the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom officially claims all the eastern half of Brun, a number of other independent kingdoms exist whose allegiance to the Wyrmsteeth is, at best, perfunctory. Beyond that, many more dragon realms exist, but only some are known to Wyrmsteeth dragons.

Ambur, 17 HD Large Red Dragon

He19 rules a vast area of the Dwarfgate mountains in Rockhome. He is a rival of Amanth and Druuwor, and ally of Jargnir. He profess loyalty to the Dragon Kingdom, hoping he will have permission to take the dominion of Druuwor, creating a large territory under his rule. Several in the Parliament however fear his power will grow too much.

Argos, 14 HD Large Green Dragon

He20 rules the Dymrak Forest in Karameikos, controlling several humanoid tribes. He fears Attura, who almost bound him, and has been seeking an alliance with Marudi. He has several vassals, such as Verdilith, 10 HD green dragon.

Attura, 16 HD Huge Green Dragon

Attura21, rules a large forested area in the southern Atruaghin Clans and her lair has access to the Hollow World. She plans on establishing her dominance over Thalkor and is rumored to have established an alliance with Alphatian wizards.

Azem, 18 HD Large Gold Dragon

Azem22 appears as a common looking, little old halfling lady, but from Wereskalot in the Shires she rules over several other dragons, including Vulomar23, 12 HD Large Black Dragon, lady of the blacks of the Blight Swamp, Markram24, 16 HD Large Gold Dragon, who lives in disguise in Threshold, and is also her mate, two children, the bronze Valamaeraen25, other golds and even a son of Argos, Krolovaash26, 10 HD Small Green. She also owns the Ivory plume of Maat. She is on good terms with Marudi and Khanistar. Argos fears her and Amanth covets her treasure.

Ulnag, 14 HD Small Red Dragon and Wufworanden, 21 HD Huge Red Dragon

Ulnag27 has ambitiously founded his own kingdom between the Black Peaks and the Eastern Cruth Lowlands in Karameikos with some vassals who include Ahkriin, 8 HD Small Green and daughter of Argos. Many dragons thought it was only a matter of time before Azem or Argos would subdue him but as they haven’t done it yet, now they suspect Ulnag could be a pawn of the mysterious Wufworanden28, an old red long detached from dragon society who lives in the Wufwolde hills.

Orgonir, 13 HD Huge White Dragon

Controls29 part of the Altan Tepes mountains from Karameikos to Thyatis with several white dragon subjects, but is slumbering now. He is on good terms with Blethinferelth but dislikes Hytiliaph and the other Thyatian dragons who joined the Retebius Air Fleet.

Coldcrest, 11 HD Large White Dragon

She30 controls the Altan Tepes mountains from Karameikos towards Darokin and Rockhome with some white vassals. She hates Snagglefang and is considering an alliance with Argos.

Blethinferelth, 21 HD Huge Blue Dragon

From the Cave of the Great Lizard in Ylauruam, bordering Karameikos, the ancient female blue dragon, and one of her young daughters Bluenstrinel, 14 HD Large Blue Dragon, rule the southwestern highlands with a host of dragons, humanoids and human vassals. Blethinferelth is more than 3000 years old and very respected among dragons. She is neutral toward Marudi and has no particular enemy, and recognizes the authority of the Dragonking.

Snagglefang, 12 HD Huge Black Dragon

He31 rules a small dominion in Fenhold, Darokin, hoping to expand it and gain more vassals. An ancient Blackmoor city is hidden in the swamp of his dominion. Should he discover its secret, his power could grow quite fast.

Druuwor, 11 HD Large White Dragon

Druuwor32 rules the Makkres Mountains between Rockhome, Vestland, and Soderfjord, occupying the ancient fortress built millennia ago by a forgotten civilisation, with many white vassals and frost giants. He hates Jargnir, who scarred him 20 years ago, and knows Ambur wants his territory. He is increasingly paranoid and refuses to even meet the envoys of the Dragonking, who is considering allowing Ambur and Jargnir to take his land.

Jargnir, 12 HD Large Black Dragon

She rules33 the Great Marsh in Soderfjord, the hills to the south between the Great Marsh and the Hardanger Mountain Range, and part of western Rockhome, with dragons, trolls, oozes, slimes and other vassals. She hates Druuwor, who killed her progeny 20 years ago. She failed to exact her revenge, as Druuwor was scarred by her retaliation attack but not killed. As Druuwor killed her son while she was in the Wyrmsteeth, she thinks the king should have punished Druuwor immediately, and she secretly allied with Vitriol when that did not happen. Now envoys of the Dragonking have promised her that Druuwor will be punished, but that’s too late to turn her from the allegiance with Idris.

Sappho, 14 HD Large Blue Dragon

She lives in Vestland34, but the true location of her lair is unknown. Renowned for her beauty, she is also vain and rumored to enjoy parties in human form all around the Known World. Druuwor and Jargnir fear her, but have never been able to locate her lair. Her allegiance, if any, is also unclear. Some also say she is the companion of Xanesh, others of Dominagon35.

Khanistar, 17 HD Large Blue Dragon

She rules36 from the World Mountain, at the centre of the Land of the Black Sand in eastern Ethengar, deep inside a tall mountain dotted with sinister towers. She built an impressive library of rare and ancient spells, including a few abominations dating from Nithia. Khanistar is on good terms with the Wyrmsteeth kingdom and has no bitter enemies. Emissaries from Vitriol however are courting her promising rare magical items, a tactic that could succeed.

Balefire or Urwalk, 15 HD Large Red Dragon

Known for his violent ways, this dragon37 could be the father of Khordarg or Histizt. He has harassed Alfheim and nearby lands in the past, but some say he failed to create his lasting dominion as he was defeated by Ambur. He escaped after the fight, refusing to submit, and the location of his lair is currently unknown.

Khordarg, 11 HD Small Red Dragon

Ambitious and violent, this red female38 is carving a realm in the Emerlas, between eastern Alfheim and the darokinian Orclands, along with her mate Histizt, 10 HD Small Red Dragon, and her children Fagtorx and Shalkmog, 7 HD Small Red Dragons and humanoids vassals. She doesn’t care about the rules of the Dragon Kingdom and is ready to ally with Vitriol or Idris to have her way.

Marudi, 14 HD Large Blue Dragon

He39 rules in the desert of Ylauruam, in a invisible palace guarded by lesser djinn. A master of illusions, he is a rather peaceful creature and on good terms with most dragons. He is the son of Khanistar. He is loyal to the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom and has received Vitriol’s envoys just to report their words to the Dragonking.

Thalkor, 13 HD Large Black Dragon

Thalkor40 rules the Malpheggi Swamps in Darokin, from inside the petrified remains of a very large, ancient ship built by a race of forgotten giants. Thalkor is the current king of the lizard men. Thalkor hates Azem, who defeated him more than once, and is now in league with Amanth to discover her lair and kill her. For the moment however he pretends loyalty to the Dragonking, but is ready to turn to Vitriol any moment now.

Thundar, 13 HD Huge Sea Dragon

Her41 lair is located within an inactive underwater volcano crater called Thun, just north of the Aloysius Reefs, in the hollowed out hulk of a fossilised kraken. She tries to influence tritons to build an empire. As other Sea dragons, she doesn’t care about her surface cousins, but has agreed to become a sort of representative of the sea in the rare case in which the Dragonking needs information or contacts.

Hytiliaph, 22 HD Huge Gold Dragon

The unopposed leader of Thyatian dragons, Hytiliaph42 is the companion-mount of Magist Demetrion Karagenteropolus and the informal leader of the Knights of the Air and the Retebius Air Corps. Hytiliaph and his extended family43, draconic and elven, dominate almost all the dragons in Thyatis and have also great influence on elves and fairies. He has fought Alphatians many times and does not like Alphatian dragons at all. He is on good terms with Azem, Marthaen and the Dragonking, but many say he is more loyal to humans and elves than to other dragons.

Kevran, 14 HD Large Gold Dragon and Althea, 11 HD Small Gold Dragon

Father and Daughter, these two golds control a large area of the northwestern coast of the Isle of Dawn44, near the Gulf of Westrourke. They have good relations with the Dragonking and Hytiliaph and mediate between them when there are contrasts.

Respen-ak-Tarpis 15 HD Large Red Dragon

Ruler of Arentela45, an island in the southern sea, he is known to be on friendly terms with the Dragonking, visiting the Wyrmsteeth quite often. He is also an ally of Wang Jinse but among his subjects there are many who would like to remove him and turn to Vitriol.

Wang Jinse, 22 HD Huge Gold Dragon

He46 rules a powerful draconic kingdom in the Dragon Mountains of Ochalea, with many gold and jade vassals. There are several sea dragon kingdoms in the seas around Ochalea, but they do not answer to him, even if they maintain good relations. Traditionally the kingdom considers itself independent from the Wyrmsteeth, but maintains cordial relations with the Dragonking.

Mathanephet, 23 HD Huge Undead Dragon

Death of a thousand years47, the meaning of his name in Thothian, is considered by many the absolute ruler of the southern Isle of Dawn. His lair would be somewhere in a lost pyramid of the Great Escarpment. Despite its nature, the current rumor says he is an ally of the Dragonking against the machinations of Vitriol and Idris.

Everdire, 15 HD Large Red Dragon

From his lair in the Kurish Massif in Peshmir, Sind, this great red48 controls several tribes of humanoids and terrorizes local humans. Some say he is a pawn of Amanth, some say of Verminthrax, others that he is allied with Vitriol, but he has often spurned the Dragonking’s envoys. He also controls the copper dragon Vasylion the Younger.

Dylkes Sahib, 15 HD Huge Black Dragon

Ruler of the Great Salt Swamp in Sind, this dragon is a local mythological figure (as his parents were). In the month of Asin (Ambyrmont) the locals drive goats into the Swamp as sacrifices to sustain Dylkes Sahib ("Mister Charming”), the legendary father of all crocodiles, through the increasing dryness of the swamp, until the monsoon returns. He rules in the deep of the swamp over his crocodile followers, according to the legend. Dragon rumors say he is an ally of the Dragonking and an enemy of Vitriol and Idris.

Jaelynix, 20 HD Huge Blue Dragon

She49 rules in the lower Sind Desert between the Twin Oasis and Kesret Oasis, and has controlled a vast area for over 600 years with sis'thik minions. Jaelynix also tried to subjugate the fire giants of the Burning Wastes but was defeated and maimed. Since then she has become much more aggressive, searching for magic that could heal her, and has cut off the once cordial relations with the Dragonking. Vitriol’s envoys are now courting her to gain her allegiance, and if they bring the right type of magic they could succeed. Her daughter Eshtelyx50, 10 HD Small Blue Dragon, controls the northwestern territory toward the Great Pass, and is on friendly terms with Archivaarr and his daughter.

Asparadispexillies, 15 HD Large Blue Dragon

He rules51 over the northern Plain of Fire, respecting the territory of Verminthrax, who he fears. Some indeed say he has already been subjugated by the larger red, who uses him as his surface guardian. Asp resents Verminthrax’s power and could ally with Idris to get rid of him.

Archivaarr, 15 HD Large Red Dragon

Guardian of the Well of the Moon in the Great Pass of the Black Mountains, Archivaarr52 has great influence in the area and over local dragons, a power that will probably increase thanks to his control of the portal. His daughter Arstratorr53, 11 HD Small Red Dragon, is his first agent, and she has developed cordial relations with Eshtelyx in the nearby cacti fields of the Great Waste. Archivaarr is the son of Verminthrax, and has good relations with his father and the Dragon Kingdom.

Verminthrax, 21 HD Huge Red Dragon

From the Moktor Fire Pits under the Plain of Fire, Verminthrax rules over all the northern Sind desert and has been trying for quite some time to subjugate Graakhalia too. He and Jaelnyx have so far stayed away from their respective territories, and their relations are even more cordial as Verminthrax’s niece and Jaelnyx’s daughter have become friends, but all that could change if Jaelnyx will switch her allegiance to Vitriol. Verminthrax is very independent but so far has respected the authority of the Dragonking.

The Hidden One, 20 HD Huge Red Dragon?

Everyone knows that a dragon, most certainly an ancient red, guards the Dragon Den, O Antro de Dragão54, an ancient Oltec, Nithian and Elven city in the Red Land, La Terra Vermelha of the Savage Coast, probably ruling humanoids and dragons of the area with discreet agents, usually dragonkin that sometimes also visit the Wyrmsteeth. If Pyre knows who the Hidden One really is, he hasn’t shared this information with anyone, and the same goes for the upper rulers of the Wyrmsteeth.

Greudnax, 18 HD Large Red Dragon

This red female55 and her daughter Grimmiax56 rule a vast area of Robrenn and beyond in the Savage Coast. They are rumored to control humanoid tribes and other dragons, and to be allied with or pawns of Pyre.

Pyre, 22 HD Huge Vermilion Dragon

A powerful red contaminated by cinnabar, he is the Overking57 of the Orc’s Head Peninsula and rumored to rule over many dragons all over south western Brun. He owns the Ebony Eye stolen from Robrenn’s druids. Despite his power, Pyre shows deference to the Dragonking and visits the Wyrmsteeth relatively often. Many in the Dragon Parliament are very suspicious of his true intentions.

Aurik, 23 HD Huge Gold Dragon

Powerful Lord of the Dragonwatch keep58 near the Sylvan Realm, Aurik is also a high priest of The Great One. He has many dragon vassals and rules also over several mountain rakasta clans. Aurik knows how to use the Rainbow Bridge and has also a magical lair in the clouds above Specularum. He is friends of many Wyrmsteeth dragons, particularly Marthaen, and of Azem. His dominion has been endangered after the fall of the Sylvan Realm by Moorkroft and the dragons who are allied with him, so is trying to arrange for the elves to return.

Sulfar and Fosfar, 17 HD Large Red Dragons

These two brothers59 are allied with Moorkroft and are known to guard the Rainbow Bridge. They have an extensive dominion in Western Brun, competing with Aurik and the other golds of the area for the control of local dragons and humanoids. Some say Moorkroft is indeed their pawn, others that they are pawns of Pyre. They are also known to roam in Alfheim and Glantri.

Ufloq, 15 HD Huge White Dragon

This incredibly big and ancient white dragon60 is rumored to rule over Hyboria from the depths of a huge crevasse, but many consider it long dead or slumbering. If Aurik knows more about the matter, he has not revealed it.

Other Dragon Realms in Brun

More dragon realms exist in Brun, with thin or nonexistent relations with the Wyrmsteeth. Powerful whites, blues and blacks competing on the plains of Borea. A huge gold, friend of gnomes, near the Yalu sea. Golds and Reds in the Endworld Line and the Arm of the Immortals. Three huge greens would rule the Tunguska forest, the Great Zdredanyan forest and the Ozungan Plateau. A Black and a Green would be in the service of Hule. Some Dragons would be involved in the Neutral Alliance, the Lawful Brotherhood and the Chaotic Sisterhood. A mysterious Huge and Ancient Black ruling in Yavdlom. The world of dragons is more complicated than humans, and many dragons, could imagine.

Sapphreet Cyanbolt, 16 HD Large Blue Dragon

Divided as Alphatian dragons are, Sapphreet61, also known by humans as Lord Gellan, Royal Treasurer of the Kingdom of Randel, is their informal representative when dealing with the Wyrmsteeth. Brun dragons do not like Alphatian dragons much, as there have been wars in the past with the Alphatians and they feel dragons should not ally with them. Despite that, dragons do cooperate with wizards not only in Randel but also in Ar, Haven and other Alphatian kingdoms. The gold dragon Jaq’antixuen62, under the human identity of Quentin Jax, was recently sent to the Wyrmsteeth as a diplomatic envoy by the Alphatian dragons

Wei Huang Long, 30 HD Huge Grey Dragon?

The self styled Great Dragon Emperor63 rules a vast area of Skothar, having conquered it from humans in recent decades. Wyrmsteeth dragons do not know what to think of him, but generally they believe it could belong to the same race of ancient dragons as Saerna, or to another, even more ancient race. He has cordially received an ambassador from the Dragonking quite recently.

The Council of Skothar, Huge Gemstone Dragons

The leaders of the Gemstone dragons64 that live in Skothar have formed a Council composed of the six most powerful dragons, one of each kind. They are currently on good terms with the Dragonking but very worried about the rise of the Dragon Emperor. Vitriol has tried to court them over without much success. The Six Great Dragons of Skothar would be a Huge Crystal in Nentsun, a Huge Ruby in the Thonian Range, a Huge Onyx in Minaea, a Huge Sapphire in Esterhold, a Huge Jade in the Tangor Bay and a Huge Amber in the Tangor Chain.

Ehamakeribh, 30 HD Huge Gold Dragon?

Believed to be 9000 years old, this ancient dragon knows many secrets and is currently the chief advisor of the Golden Matriarch of Pelatan65, in northwestern Davania where the Golden Realm of metallic dragons once was before the Great Rain of Fire66. He has visited the Wyrmsteeth at least once and it is rumored he controls all the many dragons of western Davania: Golds, Silvers, other Metallics, Crystals, Rubies and Sapphires.

Apsidar, 23 HD Huge Gold (Orium?) Dragon

An ancient Gold female or, some say, an Orium Dragon67, she is a friend of Ehamakeribh and the Wyrmsteeth. Ruling over Eastern Arypt, she protects the local therapsid race, last remnants of a lost civilization, and has often aided the nearby nations against the Night Dragons of Oceania and the Serpentine Empire of Central Arypt.

The Night Dragons of Oceania

An unknown number of Night Dragons inhabit68 Oceania in the far south. Many dragons of the Wyrmsteeth and beyond suspect they are servants of entropic powers, but their true allegiance and purpose has remained a mystery so far, as well as what exactly happened on Oceania. Probably high ranking dragons know more about this. The relation between Night Dragons and the Church of Idris, if any exists, is also unknown. The situation could change after the arrival of Synn69 in the Known World in 1010 AC.

Tupakmjr, 29 HD Huge Gold Dragon?

This ancient Gold70 would be the King of a huge dragon nation dominating the Ice Peaks in southern Davania, ruling over a vast population of dragons, fairies, giants, elves, halflings and rakasta. Some says he has visited the Wyrmsteeth at least once and is on good relations with the Kingdom.

The Sea Dragon, 25 HD Huge Sea Dragon?

An incredibly big Sea Dragon, some say the true ruler of all sea dragons in the world, would live off Davania’s western coast. He or She would be the cause, every five years or so, of the event known as “The Sea Dragon’s Wrath71”, a hurricane season of thunderstorms and floods in all the area from the month of the Basilisk to the month of the Pegasus (Flaurmont to Sviftmont). The only one who may know the truth behind this rumor, if there is any truth, could be Ehamakeribh.

Dimelian, 17 HD Huge Jade Dragon

This ancient female rules the city of Nive in Virdin72, a magical place even in the already enchanted fairy nation of Davania. Nive is the center of the Saved World, where Dimelian has gathered an incredible number of races on the verge of extinction. Wary of any interference in her realm, Dimelian however maintains good relations with other dragons.

Amarald, 13 HD Large Jade Dragon

Supposedly a daughter of Dimelian, Amarald leads the Emerald Squad73, a flying force composed of drakes and gargoyles that defends the city state of Amara in North Western Davania, mostly from Kwythellar, Kilmurian and Izondian airborne raiders.

Divimiagh, 15 HD Large Silver Dragon

Living in the nation of Duur, friend of Ehamakeribh and Dimelian, this female dragon74 leads the Defenders of Duur, an airborne force made up by a variety of flying creatures that defends the mountain nation against Izondians and Kwythellars.

Sinsama, 16 HD Large Silver Dragon

Rumored to be the sister of Divimiagh, Sinsama75 lives near a namesake active volcano in Kilmur, near the Kwythellar border. She leads an active resistance against the Kwythellars and Kilmurians, sheltering escaped slaves and aiding external spies and adventurers. The Kwythellar Empire and the Kingdom of Kilmur have tried to kill her for centuries, in vain so far.

Shais, 14 HD Large Brass Dragon

Native of the plains of Eseri76, she leads a very effective air force composed mostly of pegataurs, dragons and pegasi which has been instrumental during the centuries in the efforts to resist Izondian and Kwythellar aggressions.

Akl’tlikat, 12 HD Large Bronze Dragon

This dragon lives peacefully among the crabmen on the Tlik’kkill77 coast, aiding them if the nation is in danger. He has cordial relations with surrounding dragons.

Kashar, 15 HD Large Red? Dragon

Some says Kashar is not really a red, but a fire dragon78 from the elemental plane of Fire, or a hybrid between an elemental and a Mystaran dragon. Whatever his true nature, he is a respected scholar in Rakasi and has good relations with other dragons.

Kadia and Dakia, 20 HD Huge Gold-Green Dragons

These ancient sisters, daughters of a gold father and a green mother, rule over the Adakkian sound, Kadia claiming the jungles of Ka, Dreka and Alol79, Dakia the Adakkian jungles on the opposite shore. Their rivalry is the stuff of legends.

Adizamihn, 29 HD Huge Gold Dragon

Supposedly a brother of Ehamakeribh, this ancient gold is infamous for his evil ways in Pelatan, but highly respected in Izonda. He has aided the izondian army against Pelatan (and his brother) in the past. Izondians bring tribute to his lair in the deep of the desert.

Telkum, 14 HD Large Copper Dragon

This dragon, a friend of Ehamakeribh, has aided for many years every people and group who has tried to resist Izonda’s expansion. The izondians have tried to locate his lair in the northern desert for centuries, but always failed, even with Adizamihn’s help. They respect him greatly as a cunning and worthy enemy.

Other Dragons Realms of Davania

Other legendary dragon realms are known to exist in Davania80. A Bronze, a Jade and a Green battling for supremacy in the Jungle Coast. A Mad Copper lives in the Adakkian mountains. A Red (with Ambers and Rubies) and a Gold (with Sapphires, Brasses and Coppers) vie for domination of the Aryptian Basin. Bronzes, Jades, Onyxes and Greens live in the Brasol woods. Silver and Golds in the Ice Peaks. Other Bronzes in the Sea of Steam. Golds, Reds, Ambers and Rubies manipulate the many factions of Vulcania.

Immortal Dragons

Diamond, 30 HD Colossal Unique Dragon, 16th Level Celestial

The current Star Dragon, Ruler of all Lawful Dragons, Golds, Crystals, Sapphires and Rubies. He was born as Thelvaneir in 500 AC Glantri, the son of The Great One and the Gold Dragon cleric Arbendael81. He later became the Dragonlord and the Wyrmsteeth Dragonking for a short time, defeating the Overlord’s army and the renegade Gemstone dragons, before ascending to Immortality. He now lives in the Draconic Cluster with his mother Arbendael, his mate Kharendaen and many Dragon Guardians. All three frequently visit Mystara to meet Therandeal and Kirbey in Shadowmere and Marthaen and Daresha in Windreach, but obviously such visits are not common knowledge. Diamond is obviously a strong supporter of the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom and of any dragon realms which promote peace between dragons and with other races. For this reason, he is to be considered an enemy of Idris and Synn.
The previous Star Dragon was killed by the Overlord and the renegade Gemstone Dragons a few years before Thelvaneir’s ascension. Some say he was a close relative of Ehamakeribh from Davania. Around AC 999 or 1001 Jaggar Von Drachenfels, High Master of Dracology in Glantri will defeat Diamond, but he will refuse the rulership over Lawful Dragons. This event may prompt the rise of a new Immortal Diamond, with Thelvaneir as a simple Dragon Guardian82.

Pearl, 24 HD Colossal Unique Dragon, 10th Level Temporal

The current Moon Dragon, Pearl83 is the Immortal ruler of all Chaotic Dragons, Blacks, Greens, Reds, Ambers. Like all immortals, Pearl is not supposed to directly interfere on the Prime Plane. However, the Draconic Rulers generally treat this as a guideline, and will deal with draconic affairs on the Prime as they see fit. Pearl in particular is prone to go to the Prime in order to destroy powerful dragon hunters. Her mortal form, when travelling to the Prime Plane looks like the largest dragon ever seen, at well over 100 feet long, with scales like mother-of-pearl - white but iridescent, constantly shifting, like her Chaotic nature. As normal in case of the Immortals, her mortal life is linked to more than one dragon, one would be the Red Dragon Syare who ruled over the Wyrmsteeth from 1900 to 745 BC, another, the powerful Red that ruled a vast area of Skothar from 300 to 850 AC, and it’s hard to tell if they are the same dragon or two different ones that became the Moon dragon.

Pearl visits Wyrmsteeth from time to time, but normally manifest her presence only to the Dragonking or her most powerful priests. Once quite intolerant toward lawful and neutral dragons (and toward Diamond and Opal), whom she considered weaklings, she has revised her position recently. The growing power of Idris and, in the last years, the activities of Synn, concern her much, as well as the rise of Wei Huang Long in Skothar. She despises Idris and Synn more than lawful and neutral dragons, as she considers submitting themselves to entropic powers very demeaning for a dragon.

Opal, 27 HD Colossal Unique Dragon, 13th Level Celestial

The current Sun Dragon and Immortal Ruler of all Neutral Dragons, Whites, Blues, Onyxes and Jades. According to a story, Opal was a Jade dragon in Atruaghin or Sindian lands whose mate and sons were slain by humans. According to another story, Opan was a Jade dragon who had a powerful reign in Brasol, Davania, between 100 and 550 AC, when her kingdom was destroyed by humans. Probably the stories refer to different incarnations of the same Sun Dragon or to different Sun Dragons, as supposedly a new one ascended in 650 AC84. Opal was not much interested in the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom until recently, when the threat of Idris and Synn began to concern her too. She is however still much more concerned about Wei Huang Long, who seems about to subjugate all the dragons of Skothar. She also has a particular interest in the dragon realms of Brasol, heirs to her former kingdom.

The Great One, 40 HD Colossal Unique Dragon, 26th Level Eternal

Incredibly ancient even for dragon standards, The Great One belonged to an ancient breed of flying dragons. His main concern is the future of all dragons and what worries him most nowadays is the ascent of Wei Huang Long, whom he suspects could led the dragons to another disastrous war with other Immortals. Idris and Synn are maybe minor menaces, but still dangerous, and he works actively against them too. He has at least a son, the Immortal Diamond, whom he created with the Gold Dragon cleric Arbendael to stop the Overlord’s invasion85. The Great One favors peaceful dragon realms and tries to hinder any dragon who promotes wars against dragonkin. He does not plot with other Immortals, but has good relations with Ordana, Terra (his patron) and Ka.

Idris, 15th Level Celestial

All is mysterious about Idris86: her history and nature, her allegiance and goals, as if her faith was purposely a web of lies, as some dragons suspect. Even the tenets of her Church in Denagoth are shrouded in mysteries and secrets. Was she a black dragon or an elf? How many mortal lives has she lived? It is true that she was an elf who betrayed Ordana’s faith twice in the past of Davania? It is true that she was one of the Korrigans, the mysterious protectors of Wendar, from before the Great Rain of Fire? It is true that she brought to an end the Antalian golden age staging the humanoid invasion? It is true that Hel was her patron? What kind of connection has she with Night Dragons? Has she created them? Could Synn be another one of her avatars? Not even the wisest and oldest dragons know the answers to these questions. If Idris and her Church have a plan in motion as it seems, the world could discover the truth quite soon, in the worst way. Dragon followers of Idris maintain she is a champion of the Dragonkin against those, humans or elves, who tried to destroy dragons and other ancient races. But the Wyrmsteeth dragons dismiss this story as simple propaganda and the vast majority believe that Idris is indeed an evil and dangerous servant of entropic powers.

Other legendary, maybe Immortal, Dragons.

Some say other dragons have reached immortality, or at least the status of Immortal Guardian, as Lhoran the Blue, former Wyrmsteeth Dragonking, or Kharendaen, sister of Marthaen and mate of Diamond87. Some believe that also famous (or infamous) dragons of the past have reached Immortality, as Calor88 or Yealeletherveri89. Insellageth, Tsartha and their son Chamber90 were supposedly Immortal Dragons in Skothar 5000 years ago. Several dragons believe Insellageth was just an avatar of The Great One. Some dragons also believe that the Korrigans91, some of them if not all, were dragons.

Dragons of the Hollow World

The Hollow World is the place chosen by the Immortals to preserve cultures on the verge of disappearing from the Outer World. So what kind of dragons could live in it? Probably some strange breeds, as the ones described below.

More Dragon Breeds

BECMI rules list 4 lawful breeds of dragons (Golds, Crystals, Sapphires and Rubies), 4 neutral breeds (Whites, Blues, Onyxes and Jades) and 4 chaotic breeds (Blacks, Greens, Reds and Ambers). They could also be divided in Metallic (1) Chromatics (5) and Gemstones (6) AD&D and D&D 3ed instead have Metallic Dragons as Good, Chromatic Dragons as Evil and Gemstone Dragons as Neutral. A way to increase the variety of breeds in Mystara while preserving the lawful/neutral/chaotic division is explained in the table below.

All these breeds appear in D&D sources, except for Amaranth, Cyan and Violet that I created here. Some however may have different alignments than those I listed below.

Breeds in Bold are the original Mystaran one. Breeds in Black are Lawful, Breeds in Blue are Neutral and Breeds in Red are Chaotic. The preferred habitat and Maximum Hit Dice are listed too.

Table1: Dragon Breeds

Metallic Breeds

Chromatic Breeds

Gemstone Breeds

Adamantine - Underground - 21

Amaranth - Tropical - 10

Amber - Arid - 22

Brass - Arid and desert - 14

Black - Swamps - 14

Amethyst - Lakes - 17

Bronze -Tropical, Sea - 15

Blue - Plains and arid - 18

Crystal - Ice - 12

Cobalt - Dark forests - 16

Brown - Arid and deserts - 17

Emerald - Tropical - 13

Copper - Hills - 13

Cyan - Clouds - 22

Jade - Forests - 16

Electrum - Mountains - 10

Green - Forests - 16

Jacinth - Arid - 11

Gold - Any terrain - 22

Grey - Badlands - 13

Moonstone - Fairy lands - 19

Iron - Forested hills - 17

Yellow - Arid, savannah - 15

Obsidian - Underground - 21

Mercury - Volcanoes - 12

Orange - Forest, savannah - 11

Onyx - Wetlands - 14

Mithral - Magical areas - 18

Purple - Underground - 21

Pearl - Cliffs - 10

Orium - Ancient ruins - 20

Red - Mountains - 20

Ruby - Mountains - 20

Silver - Cold mountains - 19

Violet - Coasts - 19

Sapphire - Plains - 18

Steel - Cities - 11

White - Ice - 12

Topaz - Coasts - 15

Outer World Gold dragons say the metallic subspecies have their origin in Davania, in the area that hosted The Golden Empire of Dragons92 before the Great Rain of Fire, now the (mostly) human nation of Pelatan. Some say they are the descendants of the Golds who consented to aid Ka against the Burrowers thousands of years ago. Some say they are there to protect ancient and forgotten civilization. Only Ehamakeribh or Ka may know the truth.

Some Outer World dragons also says the Hollow World dragon breeds are almost extinct in the Outer World because they were exterminated in wars against the Immortals, or among the dragons themselves. Such breeds may still be present in remote areas of the Outer World, or where dragons have a strong presence, but they are much more common in the Hollow World.

The Chromatic dragons say that the rare races are crossbreeds (Amaranth from Red and White, Brown from Black and Red, Cyan from Blue and White, Grey from Black and White, Orange from Yellow and Red, Purple from Black and Red, Violet from Blue and Red), but that doesn’t explain why more crossbreeds do not exist as well. Some say that such minor races were almost exterminated by other stronger chromatics, but some of these dragons are indeed as strong as the more common ones. Some Chromatics distrust or despise Hollow World dragons, considering them weaklings who have submitted to some Immortal’s will to escape extinction.

The Gemstone dragons believe their Hollow World cousins are those who cowardly escaped the Outer World during their war against Blackmoor. Others however suspect that the vast majority have lived in the Hollow World since many centuries before that, maybe from the time of the Burrowers or even earlier.

Many Hollow World dragons are divided in the lands of their preferred habitat, and often they take some lost race or civilization under their wing, playing a complicated game to assure the survival of their pets.

Names of famous Hollow World dragons are given below, but information about them are tentative at best, and some of them may be dead or just myths. No one knows how big or powerful such famous dragons are.

The World Spine and the Mountains

The greatest mountain range of the Hollow World is the preferred home of Golds, Electrums, Irons, Mithrals, Greys, Reds, Whites, Amethysts, Crystals and Rubies, but not of them only. In secluded valleys also the mighty Earth Dragons93 live, an ancient breed long gone extinct in the Outer World. Some also say that more of them live in Jomphur and other continents.
Huyanac the Gold, the protector of the Oltec lands.
Ladja the Electrum, the founder of the Lighthouse.
Querash the Iron, an important Shattenalfen agent.
Ishwelak the Mithral, another Lighthouse agent.
Wedak the Grey, the ruler of N’djawar ruins.
Camoc the Red, master of the Serpent Fangs volcanoes.
Ronath the White, lord of the Ronani glacier, competing with Yohen the Crystal.
Kaxya the Amethyst, who roams to the north of Lake Menkor.
Kumtis the Ruby, a friend of the Kogolor dwarves.

Other mountain ranges, such as the north of Iciria, are inhabited by Silvers, Whites and Crystals reigning over old humanoid races.
Vjya the Silver, protector of the Antalian in the Vjyarnik glacier.
Omta the White, revered as a goddess by the beastmen in Mont Om.
Murmid the Crystal, who rule north western Iciria uncontested.

The Malpheggi Swamp

Cobalts, Blacks and Onyxes dragons rule over this great swamp and the others of the Hollow World. The lizardmen and the other reptilian inhabitants of the swamp would be divided in tribes secretly controlled by different dragons.
The most importants of these dragons would be:

Tihuag the Cobalt in the north, renowned for her cruelty.
Sneam the Black in the centre, styling himself Emperor of the Swamp.
Gawal the Onyx in the south, an enemy of Shattenalfen and Azcans.

Forests and Jungles

Bronzes, Cobalts, Golds, Amaranths, Greens, Oranges, Jades, Emeralds and Moonstones inhabit the wooded areas of central Iciria, with ever changing alliances and dominions. Their agents and minions are often reptilian and humanoid races, or strange lineage of fairies unknown in the Outer World.
The most powerful of these dragons would be:
Exul the Bronze in the Gulf of Aztlan, fighting Azcan and Shattenalfen.
Sheara the Amaranth among the Kubitts.
Tyxa the Gold among the Hutaakans.
Dyla the Moonstone protecting the Gentle Folks.
Bak the Cobalt in the Bakoto Swamps.
Bwila the Green in the Dark Jungles.
Djuha the Orange among the Tanagoro.
Laka the Jade in the Forest of Lakogo.
Huakila the Emerald aiding rebels in the Azcan empire.

The Sea of Ships

The Southern Atlass Ocean coast between Milenia and Jomphur, with its many Milenian, Traldar, Merry Pirate and Shahjapuri cities and ships is a favorite habitat of Golds, Bronzes, Steels, Amaranths, Greys, Violets, Jades, Pearls, Topazs. All of them can be quite cosmopolitan breeds of dragons, often hiding in human and demi-human forms to further their mysterious goals.
Amntha the Gold, a sage in Shahjapur.
Atian the Bronze, protector of Varellya in Southern Jomphur
Sirus the Steel, general and captain in Milenia
Flarinn the Amaranth, disguised as a female captain in Baraga
Xanru the Grey, war leader of the Kara Kara orcs.
Teklan the Jade and her progeny Sotek, who lead several seafaring people of the sea
Shaaz the Pearl, who command on a island of monsters
Kadak the Topaz, who rules as a priest king in Jomphur.

The Deserts and the Plains

The Arid lands of Eastern Iciria, the Wintlian islands and Southern Aerical host the domains of Brasses, Coppers, Oriums, Blues, Browns, Yellows, Ambers, Sapphires and Jacinths. Many breeds of dragon which have to coexist, but sometimes cannot.
Teuz the Brass in the Jennite plains
Wintlan the Copper of the Wintlian Islands
Saha the Orium in the Tanagoro plains
Yudh the Blue of the great river
Raaneh the Brown, lord of the Western Desert in Nithia
Anjiur the Yellow lord of Boglucubul desert
Agay the Amber, lady of the Ayskudag wastelands
Okai the Sapphire, protector of Brutemen plains
Arax the Jacinth, lady of south eastern Aerical

The Sea and Island Dragons

Ancient breeds of Sea Dragons and Dragon Turtles dominate the deep seas, ruling over forgotten civilizations of the deep. In the many islands and coasts of the seven Hollow World seas (Yr, Eadh, Rax, Keleb, Grey, Northern and Southern Atlass) Bronzes, Mercuries, Amaranths, Violets, Pearls and Topazs steer seafaring cultures in an endless game over the waves.
Orys the Bronze in the Pirate seas of the Northern Atlass
Lahir the Mercury in the Sea of Yr
Shadar the Amaranth in the Sea of Rax
Lantia the Violet in the sea of Eadh
Utret the Pearl in the Grey sea
Erid the Topaz in the sea of Keleb

The Shadowdeep

Legends say that three rare breeds of dragons battle for dominion of the Shadowdeep, between the Hollow and the Outer world. The lawful Adamantine dragons shelter ancient races best suited to life underground rather than under the Eternal Sun. The neutral Purple do the same things, but compete to gain more territories. The chaotic Obsidian harbor and create undead far from the blinding light. Some occasionally ally with the Schattenhalfen, hated by the Adamantines and the Purples.
Kawi the Adamantine, hunter of Burrowers.
Hona the Purple, protector of forgotten people.
Thyrfel the Obsidian, ally of the cruel elves of the deep.

The Floating Continents

Home of flying creatures such as pterodactyls, feathered serpents and flapsails94, the Floating Continents are also the favorite homes of some dragon breeds who favor the heights, such as Golds, Cyans, Blues, Whites and Ambers. One of the Floating Continents, Cassia, would also be the home of the “Ancient Grey”, the breed of The Great One and Saerna, now extinct in the Outer World.
Ashak the Gold lives in Ashmorain and Oostdook.
Ijishek the Cyan is the ruler of Chijioke
Kisien the Blue claims Disa and Kjell.
Striak the White claims lordship of Resi and Tama.
Lawan the Amber claims ladyship of Gowon.

The Arrival of Outer Worlder and Alphatians

When the Heldannic Knights start flying all over the Hollow World and the Alphatians first establish a settlement in the Neatharum, and then later when Alphatia is made into the largest Floating Continent, these events will obviously have a major impact on the Hollow World’s Dragons. The first exploration of Heldannic Knights in 960 AC and The Princess Ark95 in 965 AC may go almost unnoticed by dragons, but not for long. Battles with the Heldannic Warbirds will probably start right away after their conquest of Oostdok in 978 AC, if not before, and continue for years. The arrival of Alphatians in Neatharum around 1004 AC may be relevant at first only for the dragons living in the Neathar forest, but the arrival of the entire continent in 1010 AC will also bring Skyships and thousands of Alphatian Dragons. Their impact on the Hollow World’s dragons will probably be huge in the following years.

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