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Current Events: AC 1014

Once again we arrive at the most famous section of our Almanac. Here is where we give you, the reader, a day by day listing of all the major events which took place during the previous year.

Included is a brief WHAT IT MEANS section, giving a behind the scene look at what is going on. This explains why some of the events happened, or the possible future consequences of those events. Also, it just might give insight to what is going on in the minds of those involved. After all, what is the point of listing everything that happens if you don't know why it happened?

Also included is a live witness report from our correspondents for the most important events of the season. This will give an even more in depth look at the events, giving the reader a feeling that he is actually there.

So dear readers, browse through the next several pages to relive the year over again, and maybe get a better look at what goes on in the world.