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Glantrian Dominions

by Michael Berry

The entries are written for Glantri post GAZ 3 (AC 1000), post WotI, post G;KoM (cough.. bullshit..ignore), and past the PWA. Mystara thanks to all those official products, and all the semi-official fan works like the Almanacs is a a living breathing evolving world. What I have is Glantri in AC 1014 (with a few logical additions and some VERY logical haha subtractions)

I do LOVE talking Glantri, so let me explain my thoughts and why I did what I did.

Gaz is letter perfect for AC 1000. It is an introduction to Glantri but there are so many fine details that obviously it could not and did not go into. It would have taken hundreds and hundreds of pages to fully flesh out the characters, the individual dominions, and the semi-contolled chaos of the Glantrian political system. Much of we are doing here can apply to a beginning campaign. Very few dominiions disappear. Many of the characters have changed, grown in experience and levels over the years and the work here shows that, but is easily reset to AC 1000 (Gaz 3) levels.

The main differences are quite small but very important.

1) as I've alluded to a few times. The Glantrian political system was very much out of balance. Especially when the new Principalities were formed. Now you had more princes than you did barons, and half of those were undead. Our campaign played out logically, Glantri for all its vast area, had so much of it underutiliized. In order to gain more control of its territories and maximize the economic side of things (especially since Glantri's army went from 8 divisions to over a 100 in preparation for the Alphatian invasion. Someon has to pay that. Creating all the new dominions brought more of a sense of balance to the political system, it fit the believability/plausisbility test perfectly and most importantly, for the players themselves it opened all kinds of new doors for potentail nobles and really gave life to the most important SINGLE thing Gaz 3 had over the other GAZ. A fully functional and interesting political system. Role playing isn't just for killing monsters. Glantrian politics is one of the most fun things to role play and no other GAZ really touched that or explored the possibilities of that.

It really doesn't apply to a beginning campaign though. Logically these new dominion wouldn't come into play for 4 game years after the start of a AC 1000 GAZ campaign with the onset of the Great War. Gives the characters plenty of time to dungeon crawl and gain the experience so that when all those noble slots do come open, any MU might (should) be advanced enough to compete for a dominion. Then, as it did in the campaign going now, the fun really starts.

As far as the substrations. I definitely killed the great meteor and hole in the ground. Silly and capricious and failed BADLY the plausibility and realism test. Even for a fantasy game. Something that large would have killed the planet, not just wipe out two principlaities yet leave Darokin and everyone else unscathed. That wasn't the only big event but by far it was the silliest and also the easiest to get around.

Alfheim and the death of the forest was a shocking (upon first read haha) change but it made some sense. was creative, and gave a sense that after such a huge earth shaking conflict some shit had to go down, not everyone was walking away unscathed.

As far as Alphatia sinking. Hah. Lesson one - if you are some post X1 known world country and you go to war against a known world country. You will lose. Either Glantri or Alphatia had to go up in smoke ...any peaceful solution would have been shoddy creative design.. it had gone too far to stop or go back... there should have been no doubts who was going to lose. Don't screw with Glantri

Whoa. Got way off topic there. Back to Glantri. So yes I did not keep the Great Crater and it has not been missed at all in fact to keep it would have introduced the single lousiest and laziest piece of Glantrian design we have seen. Dolores and the Principality of Fenswick. Wrong wrong wrong. Couldn't happen, legally (Fenswick too close to capital)and failed again miserably the plausbility test. Hot bod, great legs, killed a dragon yippee.. let's make this completely unknown character a Princess and upset the entire balance of power by willingly introducing a complete unknown into the political equation.

Needless to say. I killed that but she has to be there, so as you might have read in the Blackhill entry we slightly changed things. Blackhill stays, Alphatians still largely erased from Glantri, and Dolores gets her Princess title so needed for later events, but she gets in a logical (or much much more ) way than she did via the PWA.

In short. I kept the setting, and just added some things, substrated a few but all with an eye to keep things on the same path for later almanac events though I suppose once we get to those in the campaign.. we'll change a few things as well. Even if you don't like the additions or the subtrations I would think, and hope, the VAST majority can be of use to you. Most of the dominions haven't changed, many of the same characters are still around. Those are what we have been flushing out. The rest, just creative masturbation in presenting a slightly different version of Glantri circa AC 1014 than what a strict following of the post GAZ 3 product might give you.

First off, here are two maps of Glantri. One of AC 1000 for the canon type, and one possible one for AC 1014.

I think I've mentioned enough about the changes, some canon, some not, but if anyone has any questions about the differences, feel free to ask!!

The writeup are of a dual style. Suitable for use in either time period. Where the area of a province has changed to do having dominions carved from it I'll post two separate pictures of it.


Doing this alphabetically. Which works for me since I have done a lot of these already, and they are top heavy towards the beginning of the alphabet. It allows me to work my way into a very different means and detail of fleshing out than the Free Provinces needed for their importance to Glantrian campaigns.

Statistics: updated with each posted Principality (last updated 5 October 2014)

AC 1000
Total Area: 101,640 sq. miles
Total Population: 720,392
Racial Breakdown: Flaem - 146,932; Kerendian - 65,684; Boldavian - 64,474; Averoignian - 61,341; Alphatian - 61,235; Kaelic - 60,354; Ethengarian - 58,561; Thyatin - 56,123; Aalbanese - 38,092; Belcadiz Elf - 26,877; Hattian - 23,821; Fen - 18,887; Erewan Elf - 15,657; Belcadiz Human - 9,563; Lupin - 5,015; Heldann - 952; Wendarian Human - 276; Sindhi - 259; Other - 6,289

AC 1014
Total Area: 97,664 sq. miles
Total Population: 605,630
Racial Breakdown: Flaem - 131,783; Kerendian - 62,659; Ethengarian - 55,458; Boldavian - 53,909; Thyatin - 53,354; Averoignian - 52,573; Kaelic - 43,506; Aalbanese - 35,494; Belcadiz Elf - 24,171; Fen - 20,949; Hattian - 20,920; Alphatian - 14,160; Erewan Elf - 11,238; Belcadiz Human - 8,834; Lupin - 4,394; Sindhi - 3,660; Wendarian Human - 2,215; Heldann - 829; Other - 5,524

Glantrian Minor Dominions

Glantri's Free Territories

Statistics: updated with each posted Free Territory (last updated 2 September 2014)

AC 1000
Total Area: 63,140 sq. miles
Total Population: 453,226
Breakdown: Flaem - 69,990; Averoignian - 61,003; Caurenzian - 57,866; Kaelic - 52,220; Boldavian - 46,890; Ethengarian - 32,817; Alphatian - 27,036; Belcadiz Human - 18,595; Fen - 18,459; Kerendian - 16,411; Aalbanese - 16,376; Belcadiz Elf - 13,596; Erewan Elf - 8,374; Hattian - 6,631; Lupin - 2,574; Heldann - 416; Sindhi - 259; Other - 3,713

AC 1014
Total Area: 57,680 sq. miles
Total Population: 366,050
Breakdown: Flaem - 60,665; Caurenzian - 54,563; Averoignian - 52,534; Boldavian - 36,803; Kaelic - 35,466; Ethengarian - 25,877; Fen - 16,785; Kerendian - 16,040; Belcadiz Human - 14,532; Aalbanese - 15,820; Belcadiz Elf - 11,326; Hattian - 6,239; Erewan Elf - 5,197; Alphatian - 4,117; Sindhi - 3,660; Lupin - 2,069; Wendarian Humans - 765; Heldann - 355; Other - 3,237

So here we go! Posting them in order of importance and prestige as government postings: Here is Glantri City and the top Free Provinces as determined by the K.G.B.'s annual survey!