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Glantrian Dominions

by micky

I was just flipping through my multitude of Mystara links and found this peach. This is an idea that begs to be expanded upon.

Iím just expanding upon it, making slight changes (Nordling as opposing to Fort Nordling to differentiate between the Fortress and the Region it was named for) and making it fit within what I've done already, all with his kind permission.

I can't do much for the interactive part of it... but it is nice to have some of the various lesser dominions get fleshed out a bit. Hell... even the Principalities themselves needed it. Not sure how this will go... but I'll make this my next project and see how it goes. I do like flying by the seat of my pants...

as a bonus as it were... will also toss in some of the new dominions that were created to give some MUCH-needed balance to the Glantrian noble system and make things a bit more interesting. (namely like having more Princes, 13, than Barons 9... nope.. not having that). Just in case anyone likes the idea and wants to pop in some more dominions into Glantri... it makes Awards Festivals MUCH more interesting when half the barons aren't damned Undead and won't and can't participate.

As such.. here is what one possible notion of Glantri might look like post WotI (minus the Great Crater... that part of the WotI script was terminated with extreme prejudice, and left on the cutting room floor by the people that financed this big budget fantasy equivalent of Ishtar hahha)

The Council was busy during the great war.. many new dominions in the west. In this particular frame there are 7 new baronies and 2 new Viscounties (1, d'Ylourgne being canon). I apologize in advance for some of the dominion names.. I had some real lapses in creativity in naming some of these

Major props to Aleksei Andrievski whose Pandius feature on Glantrian economics, is essential for running a full scale Glantrian campaign, not to mention the business of dominions there.




Anyone have any thoughts about the population densities I have been using so far?

the Boldavian Baronies - the standard population rates per Gaz 3.

Eastern Wendarian - 1 person/sq mile in wooded hills, and 1 person/2 square miles in mountains (40% the rate for normal wooded hills, 50% the normal rate for mountain hexes)

Three Fires - figure much more remote than the EW, and went 1 person/5 sq miles (20% the normal mountain rate for Glantri)

Western and Eastern Czaikow's Hills - the standard rate is 5/sq mile for hills and 2.5/sq miles for wooded hills. The eastern will be 1/2 that, and the western 2/3 that. Makes no sense to have a hill hex in the eastern Czaikow's Hills,in the middle of nowhere, have as much population as a hill hex in settled areas.. like Boldavia.