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Volume V, AC 1014

version 1.1

Published by Joshuan Gallidox
Halfling Adventurer and Entrepreneur
within the City of Mirros
in the Kingdom of Karameikos
in the Year After Crowning 1015

NOTE: This material is not endorsed or approved by TSR.
Although the setting (places, characters, features, calendar...), as well as the rules of D&D and AD&D are the creation of TSR, the events, attitudes, beliefs, descriptions, and all the rest in this material are those of the writers and are in no way supported by TSR.

The intent behind the Mystaran Almanac is to continue to keep alive the wonderful world of Mystara. It is therefore the compilation of ideas and suggestions from all members of the Mystara Mailing List (unofficial), and not the staff or management of TSR. The mailing list can be found here

This manual has very little in terms of game stats, as it does not want to infringe on TSRs copyright (meaning: you want the stats of NPCs and such, buy the appropriate book/references by TSR). We hope that TSR sees this merely as the work put in by those who love Mystara and wish to see it grow rather than any attempt at stealing their setting and infringing on their copyrights.

Author and Design: Michael Roy
Editing: Hervé Musseau
Creative Assistance: Fabrizio Paoli
Andrew Theisen
David Knott
Date: March 23, 1997.

Table of Contents


Introduction to Our Correspondents

Atlas of the Known World

Atlas of the Hollow World

Atlas of the Savage Coast

Event of the Year

Famous Folks

Mystaran Miscellanea

Current Events: AC 1014

Predictions and Prognostications