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Atlas of the Hollow World

Introduction to the Hollow World

Hollow World... the name is highly indicative as to this part of Mystara. For Mystara is hollow and within the hollowed space resides an entirely different world. But a world it is, with expansive forests, virgin mountains, tenacious seas, and harsh deserts. Being inverted, the landscape has no horizon and slopes noticeably upwards. Reaching out from the inner crust, the surface features are warmed and lighted by the shimmering and pulsing red sphere that acts as a sun. Around this orb orbit several bodies, one of which is the continent of Alphatia.

This world is populated by peoples long thought dead from Mystara's surface world. Here, one can see the very civilisations that flourished and eventually fell throughout Mystara's history. Though some civilisations have sojourned here for centuries, and even millennia, the passage of time has not altered them. Despite time, they still are as they were when they were present the surface world.

As it is, the Hollow World knows of no night but is in a perpetual state of red-hued daylight. There are no constellations, only the regular rotations of the orbiting landmasses in the void above. Magic is also limited to more primitive levels, with spellcasters being few and far between. This limitation is partly due to the Immortal magics that keep those civilisations as they once were in their splendour-and also in their limitations or sometimes outright barbarism.

Correspondents for the Hollow World

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Hollow World.

Featured Correspondents

There are no featured correspondents for this region this year.

Regular Correspondents


Leadyl Feadiel


Saasiks the Avenger

Taleris of Calimnis, son of Trestian

Theukidikies the Historian of Corisa



AZCANS (Empire of the)
BEASTMEN (Lands of the)
BRUTE-MEN (Lands of the)
GENTLE FOLK (Elf-Lands of the)
ICEVALE (Elf-Lands of)
JENNITES (Tribelands of the)
KOGOLOR (Dwarven Kingdom of)
KRUGEL HORDE (Lands of the)
MALPHEGGI LIZARD MEN (Tribelands of the)
MILENIA (Empire of)
NEATHAR (Thousand Tribes of the)
NEATHARUM (Kingdom of, a.k.a. Alphatian Neatharum)
NITHIA (Empire of)
OLTECS (Kingdom of the)
SCHATTENALFEN (Kingdom of the)
SELHOMARR (Empire of)
SHAHJAPUR (Kingdom of)
TANAGORO (Kingdom of the)
TRALDAR (Kingdoms of the)