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Update - 21 December

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
"Weal or Woe", the next part in the The Mystara Chronicles, which is moving into B12 territory.

Traldaran names for your native Karameikan PCs and NPCs.

The Marilenev Rebellion is a local campaign story of one of the direct Marilenev bloodline - grandson of Magda Marilenev. He is not fully aware of his family background and of his living relatives. One of side-stories is based upon his ambition to purify the name of Marilenev and bring back the glory of family.

The purpose of epic adventures is to provide a string of kick-ass exciting sessions that all have the same basic plot line, and a unique opportunity to explore various cultures and nations within the Mystara universe. These adventures should take the players from 1st level and upon conclusion of this epic adventure, the adventurers will be at least 7th level and may even possibly reach 10th level.

A new conversion of the kopru into 3E.

Four of the skills that have been developed in an OD&D Mystara campaign.

The history of the minotaurs of Minaea.

If the Carnifex were restricted by their habitat, then perhaps they would have developed various spells to allow them to venture further.

What are the origins of the Thyatian and Alphatian days of the week?

A clear-up to the discrepancy in the origin of the Vorloi Clan.

3E type stats for the city of Specularum, before WotI, i.e. GAZ1 era.

The revised version of the Complete Guide to Human Ethnography for Mystara.

Stone Circles of Teleportation lays down some ideas for how these items can work.

Monster Mastery - weapon mastery revisited, a way for monsters to fight on a level crowd against characters with weapon masteries.

Update - 17 November

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
"The Most Beautiful Thing", the next part in the The Mystara Chronicles.

Some creative ideas for Ierendi.

A new addition to the A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - The Mystaraspace Multiverse.

A new, lost, bloodline added to the article on vampiric bloodlines. A reference to a kind of vampire not yet taken into account occurs in the Situations for Dreamworld article.
"You are a young virgin, and you are running barefoot in a graveyard. You know that a vampire is after you, and you know that if he reaches you, you will be killed. Roll a Constitution check: if it is successful, you flee and immediately wake up. If it is failed, you are bitten by the vampire: if it is failed by more than five points, you are dead, and your body will transform in that of a vampire. [..]". The Dream Vampire is what comes out of that.

The Cult of the Raven is set in Karameikos, and not really canon, except for that fact that druids existed just about everywhere in Mystara.

The Song of Bjorn is a piece of verse written not long after the history of Ystmarhavn. This is a fragment of a greater saga that DMs could give to their players to inspire them to learn more about the lost jarldom (if they were so inclined), or just as something to add a little more flavour to the campaign.

The Cult of Balthac from WotI can still be used even after the events of that adventure. The ideas are not complete, and game statistics are lacking, but hopefully some of you may find some use for them.

Update - 22 October

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
An updated version of a story The Isle of Dread, the unfinished was previously up but this version has a conclusion.

Immortal Peasants, a short story.

A mini-gazetteer for the Kingdom of Floating Ar.

An update to the file on Immortals and Churches in Darokin, updates include domain names for 3E coming partly on domains from the Mystara 3E website.

Two new additions to the A Complete Guide to the Cosmos, The Grand Illusion and Champions of Chaos.

The notation calendar is a modified sheet for Mystaran use.

A Mystaran calendar is modified to include more information about the month and day.
The links to Mystaran ESDs have been updated.

Update - 09 October

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
"The Master of the Dead", the next part in the The Mystara Chronicles.

The rest of "The War Conceived", the final adventure in the "Specularum series".

The last two chapters of the Firelord Saga. An updated version to the Grand Army of Glantri file with a few more units, and a DND3e minor detail change. Malachie's army and something about the aerial units will be forthcoming.

For a while now the Glantrian Personnel Division has been working on the masters of the Great School of Magic. Tasirol Lightfellow, the master of alternation, is one of them.

Two new additions to the A Complete Guide to the Cosmos, a further look at the Multiverse and a Summary of Multiverses

Update - 26 September

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
Another part of the Taymoran project, this time dealing with the geography, the social classes and the government of Taymora, Land of the Dead.

A writeup for the Taymoran Age, this time dealing with the Fomorians, the giants that fought in the Taymoran armies during the civil war and later in the invasions of Nithia and the Isle of Dawn.

A list of Immortals who probably were around at the time of Blackmoor. Note especially, the "New" Immortals at the bottom featuring Immortals featured only in the Blackmoor products.

"The War Conceived" is the first part of the final adventure in the "Specularum series".

"Reason and Laws", the next part in the The Mystara Chronicles.

The Cults and the Immortals of Glantri looks at the differences between religion, clerics and the outlook of Glantrians towards immortals.

Vampiric bloodlines, the Thonian bloodline and the Brutes bloodline.

A look at ethnography by language.

An adventure set in the Bellissarian kingdom of Lagrius which uses Gilles' Mystaran vampire files.
The list of links has been rechecked to see that they're working and suchlike.

Update - 07 September

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
The rest of "The Lament of the Wavering Bard" adventure is now available.

The Dwarven Kingdom adventure, an adventure written for original D&D (for use with the D&D Cyclopedia). The original maps used were from "The Lost City" module. The adventure does not relate to the module in any way.

The Curse of Glantri adventure. A curse has befallen Glantri that causes all spells and spell-like items to backfire while in the Principalities of Glantri, a curse embodied in the orb which made its appearance bursting up through the floor in the center of the castle of Glantri City.

A calendar sheet to keep track of days passed and special events of the characters/party.

The adventure record sheet has been updated.

A more traditional character sheet.

The Priests Codex, a collection of clerical spells has been updated.

The Wizards Codex, a collection of magic user spells has been updated.

Spell variations in the same vein as the Colour of Magic article from Dragon issue 200. Presented are the Book of Darkness and Book of Elements as well as an extra spell.

New creature (kind of) - mud golem.

Some additions to the sentient races of Mystara file.

New spell, Skarda's Skittish Nerves.

The Satyrs of Karameikos details the satyr race of Karameikos for used in 3rd edition.

The history of the dwarven race.

The history of the Milenian Empire comprising official material, modified articles from this mailing list and additional material.

Taymora - the Mystaran Atlantis. Following on from James Mishler's work, especially the necromantic magic and lycanthropy this timeline instead endows the culture with Phoenicians and/or the Peoples of the Sea (Philistines, Sardinians, Sicilians, and Libyans tribes). The Taymoran history is also set more firmly within the established Mystaran timeline.

An attempt at detailing a pantheon for the Taymoran civilisation. It is known that Taymorans worshipped Nyx as their primary patroness, and Thanatos in opposition to Nyx. Other Immortals are not known, but it could be guessed that the sea, trade and the bronzeworking techniques were the focus of their life, so they've been represented with appropriate Immortal patrons.

An almanac style entry for the Katonate Confederacy.

Updates to many Glantrian personalities from the Glantrian Personnel Division; John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, Griseo Fulvina, Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany, Mikhail Gorevitch-Woszlany, Tatyana Gorevitch-Woszlany, Tereis Haaskinz, Margaret Hillsbury, Franz L÷wenroth, Noussoir du Marais, Suzanne du Marais, Szasza Markovitch, Alasdair McAllister, Eachainn McDougall, Diane de Moriamis, Sinaria Verlien, Aleah Virayana, Lan-Syn Virayana, Ralindi Virayana, Rejladan Virayana and Waira Virayana.

Some quick descriptions for Blackmoor.

The Doulakki were an earlier culture on the surface of Mystara.

A 3E version of Faunus.

Weapon Mastery and Class Balance in OD&D attempts to balance weapon mastery so that fighters are not over-powered in comparison to other classes.

In line with the concept of weapon mastery, there is the possibility to introduce mastery for other classes. Also introduced is the concept of trainers to allow people to increase their levels in different masteries.

A sequel to the epic world shattering Mystara adventure scenario, the Wrath of the Immortals. This is a summary of the events for Wrath of the Immortals II.

There were four great schools of art in Alphatia, we know of Pyromancy and Aeromancy today by the Followers of Fire and the Followers of the Air. The art of Geomancy is less well known but there is a hidden art, the lost art of hydromancy.
The Domains of Ostland have been fixed with "extras" within the domain sections being correctly boxed as intended.

Update - 16 August

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
A description of the Thoth-Ath gnolls of Thonia. It was originally written as part of the Skothar project to explain why James Ruhland's Thonia had a gnollish population, despite being so far from Brun.

The next instalment of the Mystara Chronicles.

A culinary overview of Mystara with a very special class of bard, the Chef.

A conversion of the Mystaran Immortal pantheon into 3rd edition, in the format of the new Deities and Demigods and updating some of the stuff in WotI. Although some of the work is specifically campaign related much of it can be useful to help update your immortals into 3E.

A general map of Patera.

Some of the studies into the Houses of Darokin have been updated with Mauntea House, Linton House, Corun House and Hallonica House being reworked thus far.

Some new clerical spells.

Some new vampiric bloodlines, the Thonian bloodline and the Brutes bloodline.

The last part to the The Daemon with the Saddened Countenance adventure.

The Complete Domains of Ostland files have been completely revised with heaps of additions. Set in the year 1000 After Crowning of the First Thyatian Emperor, the same period as the Gazetteer series. All stats in OD&D format, but mostly without stats, sparkling full of descriptions and adventure. Includes: Ostlander society; social classes, religion and more. Notes on each of the 24 known Domains of Ostland. The secret 25th Domain of Ostland. Heroes, villains and those harder to place; jarls, godar and free karls; more than 40 intricate characters detailed, many more briefly described. Artifacts of the Rotten Dwarves; powerful magic that comes with a price. Secret agendas, intrigue and many opportunities for adventure and maps.

The material on Stronghollow dwarves in GAZ1 and the boxed set is sparse at best. Contained herein is some detail for these folk.

The hin have their own view on things. In an effort to preserve the social standing of GAZ1 and Karameikan boxed set, but yet add some humour and tailor it to the hin, here's a document on Karameikan Hin.

The information for gnomes is very sparse in GAZ1 and the boxed set. In the original Expert booklet, previously to the boxed set, there were details of many guard posts stationed around Highforge to protect against trespassers. No one other than gnomes (and perhaps the Stronghollow dwarves) were permitted into Highforge. It sounds like they are super paranoid of something. In the Karameikan boxed set, they talk of visiting Highforge but if anyone could trade goods with Highforge, then what's the point of the Great Caravan. Find out what's up with the Highforge Gnomes.

More information on the Dwarves of Karameikos for 3E.

An update to the Zhochal Shocklance - the living otherworldly weapon of the Zhochal.

The Hunter of the Chase, this prestige class reflects Zirchev's independence and more natural side in regards to animals.

Zirchev left behind a legacy called the Order of the Shadow, a group that operates in the background looking after the interest of Traladarans and Forest Folk of Traladaran lands.

Sworn Enemy one of the feats taught by the Order of the Shadow.

"The Lament of the Wavering Bard" is an adventure written as continuations of the adventures The Painted Bay ... the Bloodied Streets, Omens and Portents and "Stuffed heads and lethal weddings"but they can be played independently. "The Lament of the Wavering Bard" is a long storyline that centres on elements of horror and outlandish. It was designed to maintain tension and fear despite magical abilities of the PCs. The events of the adventure have been written quite loosely, so the DM must work a little to make is playable. The details of the NPCs haven't been included. The DM can draw them out to suit the levels of the PCs.

The Kukarachans, a new breed of monster, last turned up on the old MMB around 1998 or so. Essentially, they were cockroaches that had been mutated by high levels of Alphatian magic in Esterhold, with rather interesting side-effects. Here it is revisited to complement that original information and to provide a bit of a introduction to it.
The events section in the almanac have the date links now.

The links to Mystaran ESDs have been updated now that a new company has taken over that process.

Update - 13 July

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
Added the events section for AC 1018 almanac.

Added two more entries in the series on Inns and Taverns of Mystara: on Eltan's Spring and Rifllian in Karameikos.

Added some adventure ideas for the Adri Varma Plateau along with some D&D and 2E statistics for the Oghriz, inhabitants of the area.

Some examples of Alphatian Military Skyships including 4 types of ships of the line and various support ships and escorts.

Rules for secret passes in 3E rules for Savage Coast Duellists. And the panache feat.

Two separate files on the immortal fiends of Mystara; file 1, file 2.

Addenda to the existing file on the sentient races of Mystara.

Basic revenue information for the various governments of the Alphatian and Thyatian Empires, in two periods (AC 1000 and AC 1018).

The Daemon with the Saddened Countenance adventure which takes place in the borderlands between western Wendar, Adri Varma plateau, and the Great Northern Wildlands.

New story: The Mystara Chronicles.
The events section for the AC 1018 almanac does not yet have the date links between entries functioning. They will hopefully be operational by the next update.

Update - 10 June

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
The Elven Kingdom of Doria looks at a scenario where a weakend Atruaghin Clans seek help and gain it fro Doriath and his elves. As a boon King Doriath asks for the lands surrounding the Atruaghin Plateau, this area becomes the new Kingdom of Doria.

Omens and Portents, and "Stuffed heads and lethal weddings" are two adventures written as continuations of the adventure The Painted Bay ... the Bloodied Streets but they can be played independently.

Legends of the Dwarves can be used in constructing a mythology for Mystaran Dwarves.

Update - 25 May

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
The first part in a description of Mystara's many colourful inns and taverns starts with Threshold.

There is an update to the D&D Custom Class Template.

A new 3E feat, d'Ambreville Blood aka Child in Amber.

The Painted Bay ... the Bloodied Streets, the first in a series of a five city adventures set in Specularum.

I've updated the list of Mystaran ESDs and there's also some encouraging news about the availability of those ESDs in other countries.

Update - 05 May

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
Details of Eusdrian population and military using Bruce Heard's dominion economics spreadsheet.

A list of air units/powers in and around the Known World in 1,000 AC.

I added a list of Dungeons and Dragons/ Mystaran ESDs currently available from WotC.

I added a list of files on the Vaults of Pandius. This list of direct links was requested for those with download managers so that they could download the whole of the Vaults with relative ease.

Update - 16 April

Starting a new thing to describe a little bit the files being loaded with each update.
The Curse of Halag attempts to explain the actions of Ludwig von Hendriks and portrays him in a much more favourable light. The curse which has it's grip on the barony has it's source rooted in history and the murderous actions of a previous baron.

The True Chronicle History of King Halav of Traldara is a scene from a play detailing what truly happened at this important time in the history of present day Karameikos.

People have misconceptions about the strength of Alphatia's skynavy, yet they are not the undisputed masters of the air. How does Thyatis and the elite Retebius Air Fleet do it, find out in RAF Tactics against Alphatia's Skynavy.

Which immortals do the Bhut venerate?

A timeline for Blackmoor based on a number of sources, official and otherwise.

The Mystaran Known World nations and their technology levels as based from the GURPS RPG.

A personal campaign version of the Shadow Elves timeline portraying them as a tragic, noble race.

Read some loose ideas about a hidden elven city in Denagoth.

Because of the multiple nature of many Mystaran immortals, based upon the cultures who worship them, rules for one single speciality priesthood aren't enough. A range of speciality priesthoods for Ixion are described.

The War-Journal of Bue Geirsteinson is continued in part 12.

The Monolith Adventure, an expert level adventure for character levels 5-6 set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

Update - 08 March

Changed the look of the front page a bit, don't worry it's not necessarily permanent, I'm just trying things after the recent poll.

Martin Hamilton found a number of errors and inconsistencies with links in the Vaults, thanks Martin for picking those out.

Added PDF versions of the three Savage Coast Campaign Books, thanks to Darren Richardson for compiling those.

Added files from the Mystara Mailing List up to the present.

Update - 09 February

Added files from the Mystara Mailing List up to the present.

Went through the links and removed those that were now not working.

Added a poll to see what things were wrong with the Vaults.

Update - 17 January

Added the Atlas section for AC 1018 Almanac.

Added files from the Mystara Mailing List and Mystara Message Boards up to the present.