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2005 DND - Out of Print page 2

Thread Title Thread Number
Out of print games for sale on Ebay 739986
Mithral Adamantine 742169
need help - regular dungeons and dragons video boxed set 742923
The giants plains 743152
1st 2nd Edition Norse 743225
Dodkong 744483
I need some big help 745128
Are there and ADnD gamers left 745230
Looking for module title 745544
What Number Of Dragon Magazine 745567
Dragon MagazineNeed Help 745599
Temple of Elemental Evil 746637
What level are they Now 747156
For all 2nd Edition PlayersREAD 747556
Looking for 2nd edition group to join 747965
Quivering Palm Rules 748542
I Miss Al Qadim 749251
DD 2e Rules Cyclopedia, 91 749717
Desert of Desolation 750247
Old Settings Nostalgia and Current Industry Trends 751134
Most memorial character 751182
ADD 2nd Ed - Healing Potion Cost 751640
Looking 4 various Older DD books 752499
HELP ME FIND Xiombarg 752661
Monster adoption 752880
1st ed Barbarian conversion to 3rd ed 753115
Warhammer 7th ed and ADD 2nd ed 754559
Temple of Elemental Evil Moathouse Redux 755300
Helms in 2nd Edition ADD 755619
2nd ed City of Lankhmar book on eBay 755727
OOP Maps and plots 756537
Temple of Elemental Evil Moathouse Dungeon 756980
n00b 757359
Help my Ranger to survive 758294
Longest Running Classic Campaign 758684
Character Help 759184
Good Vs Evil Campaign 759216
Question about THAC0 761110
I am seeking Original ADD Modules 762463
Extraplanar psionics 763057
Assassins Knot 763590
The Ruins of Myth Drannor 763797
Question on 1st edition cavalier UA 765413
Temple of Elemental Evil Maps Redux 766016
monks 766603
Question regarding 2nd Ed Ravenloft 766932
Above first level and starting wealth how in 20 767106
Poisons for 2nd edition 768350
Temple of Elemental Evil PbP, Players Wanted 768573
Dragonlance 768678
Need an easy mass combat system for 2nd edition ADD 770005
Looking for Official Skills and Powers CSheets 771394
Monster Saving Throws 771949
Council of Wyrms Gods 772331
Question on Magical Affinity from Celts Campaign Handbook 2E 772742
Better than reprints--reprints with commentary 773548
Opinions needed on 0-level character rules from Greyhawk Adventures 773946
Campaign Ideas Need feedback 774286
Rolling for Monster Hit Points 775885
Against the Giants The Liberation of Geoff 775961
Classic D D GAZ 1 question 776150
Soem Artifacts with 1e type stats 776242
Sammaster 776305
Just general old time knowledge 777913
Para cuando un subforo en espaņol 778432
Not happy with my 2e wizard in 3x 778550
Question About Psionics in 2nd edition 779052
Jester Class 779796
Old ability Score system 779900
Stone skin vs magical weapons 780122
Where can I find an old map 780890
Domains of Dread question 782369
The Players Option rules 783781
Detect invisible 784984
The Hackmaster license 786542
The Priest Thread 788210
A D D 2nd Ed 788269
Some extra eyes please 788354
add trading cards 91 789233
need help with title of old add book 789425
Tieflings from 2nd edition Planescape 789439
Tiefling Cleric 796953
Rahasia and Veiled Society 797781
Trying to find a picture in an older DD book pt 2 799913
Self play campaigns 800432
Origional archer 800981
GDQ1-7 Queen of Spiders 802261
Size of Sigil Planescape 802613
Need help with an old gaming module 803059
ADD 1st edition Items - Help 803433
Mezzodaemons 803619
Running 1st Edition ADD 804140
What Do the Astrally Projected Look Like on the Planes 804499
Teleporting Through the Planes, into the Abyss 804939
A D D Collectors Edition 1994 CD Rom 805212
21st+ level hierophant druids in 2nd edition 806407
Just started DD on 3rd, need help 806992
Coming Home 807320
Changelings for ADD 807922
Self made kit, second ed Be gentle 807943
The DD Quiz 808354
Identifying a 2nd planescape monster 809150
Races Thread 809385
Tinkering on my new oldschool message board 810295
Myhrisss Holy Symbol 810984
Classic DD 811365
Monstrous Manual 811601
2nd ed DD 811951
2nd Ed Samurai 812322
Expedition to the Barrier peaks 813956
Hello and a question 815198
What happened to Metamorposis Alpha 815225
Vault of the drow 815464
Mithral 815650
Offshoot - Are there any ADnDers left 815846
I did not see 816999
Any 1st ed Mods converted to 35 817497
Could 35 Warlock be converted to 1e 819979
Q Re 4th Edition Basic Sets Expert, Companion, etc 820817
Is there a 821035
How good a deal did I just make, anyway 821196
Please critique my plot idea 821992
Where can I find 2nd Char sheets 822196
Unusual Weapon Materials 822275
Quasi-deities 823062
Getting back into DnD - 1E vs 3E 824523
Knight of the Living Dead Bookmarks 824579
Copying Books 824790
Weird question 824973
Weapon Limitations 825677
1st Ed ADD with the new cover art 826219
Technology in your game 828845
Staff of the Magi 828856
2e saves 828881
2nd edition Specialation 829187
My sig 829408
35e Warlock Converted to 1e peer rvw pls 830245
Curse of the Azure Bonds 830277
The Haunted Tower Conversion 830632
ADD character concept - Spellsword 830817
Fond Memories of Dragon Magazine 832456
Booldstone 833462
Classic DD character generators 834207
Realistic Campaign Concept Grazzt statistics 834406
Compatability question 835204
Old Game systems 836231
Old school with a small group 837910
Justicar series stats 838223
Council of Wyrms for 35 838981
i was wondering 839079
A new Question 841546
Online BECMI RC Game 841749
Conversion Guide 2nd Ed to 3rd Ed 842325
Deamons Devils dying 842328
Checking for Overpowered Classes, Items, Rules, etc 842359
What adventure has a ring of Elemental Command Earth 842558
Topic moved -nt- 843232
Tale of the Comet 848178
Wheel of Time 849422
Players Option rules for Krynn 850502
Character Wealth and Encounter Level in ADD 2nd 850772
Tree of lifeold school 851475
Decline of the club scene 851869
The Best Version of DD 851904
looking for a picture 852694
Spelljammer 852881
Dragon magazine 853250
2 books I dont remember help pls 853955
Grand Opening of the Wayfarers Inn 854422
Drow Posion On-Set Time 2E 854767
what the right forum 855518
Need help finding a magic item 855860
ADD campaign in San Diego 856032
ADD Creature conversion to 35 856470
XP for Role-playing 858857
Cormyr in the 2nd Edition 860362
2nd ed Zhentil Keep 861006
Dragon saving throws in ADD 1st edition 862344
solo adverntures help 863317
Is there a item that will allow you to be immune to a spell 2nd Ed 863611
Binder 863777
Nobility Charts 864285
Question 864718
Looking to buy the big maps of Faerun 864768
Anyone know the artist 868420
Chainmail World Setting 870813
Which system for playing old modules adventures 870818
cant find one of the books in my waterdeep boxed set 871439
Basic DD - Companion Book 872440
Rules Cyclopedia - Musings and question 873796
Original Deck of Many Things 874355
Maps Needed for RttTEE 874529
Spell Name 875284
Favorite low level module 875891
Question on Dispel Magic 2nd edition ADD 876053
Players Option system 877824
My New Purchase 878230
What Module are these Magic Items In 878795
Running my first ADD game 880323
House rules for magic in ODD 880350
ODD rules available from RPG Now 881060
2nd Ed Fighters and nothing else 881309
new monsters for older editions 882406
World Builders Guidebook 882759
Key differences between editions 882840
1989 PHB vs 1995 PHB 882889
Solo gaming 883161
Desert of Desolation issues 883545
Sleep spell too powerful in ODD 883731
Firearms 886696
early 2E ADD rpg, FR campaign setting 886902
Help finding old module 888094
Wanting to Get Into 2nd Edition 889242
Population numbers in Faerun 889271
2nd Edition Specialty Priests info needed 889592
ADD Core Rules 2 - where are the addons 892307
Original DD 893348
Saga of the Witch Queen to be released at GenCon 2007 893791
Campaign - modules 896967
Something of summoning 897641
Pacing of PC advancement 897967
Discretionary XP awards 898019
Buck Rogers D20 898445
Looking for a thread for Die, Vecna, Die 898517
Suggestions for letting PCs know combat difficulty 898725
Sword of Doubling 898868
map a week gone 900375
Rarys spell enhancers 901080
Moving sale Need to sell a few things 903162
2nd ed FR Campaign Setting and Gaming Modules 903984
Spellsinger 904387
updating Ravenloft to 35E 904835
Advanced Dungeons And Dragons 2nd edition Mega Lot 905540
When all the old is new again 905901
New OOP 906800
Hello fellow 3 35e players 907108
What did they take out of 0e that they put back into 3x 907120
Im looking fur DD bumper stickers 908265
When do all the 35 texts end up here 909408
Questions about 2e creative spellcasting and their effects 912029
New Home for 35 912565
The Sweet Spot 913333
PEACH Hybrid edition 913622
Oriental Adventures, and the Silver Anni mini books reprints 913937
Vikings Historical Book 20 914680
Foreign Language Editions of DD 916149
monsterous manual online 918079
question on ADD 1st edition weapon specialization UA 918752
I am sooo 1st Edition, I just noticed that 920298
Dungeons Dragons Adventure Game characters 920358
Single 1st level player dungeon 920481
So, back to basic 920561
Is the thief worthless 1st ed 923760
What are the Top 10 Best Campaign Supplements Ever 926484
DD 2nd Edition - Which Set 926497
ADD players 926588
Old Module Downloads 927582
Wrath of the Immortals 929080
Strong Greyhawk Characters 932662
Behrshimmer 933433
An editions half-breed 934005
Critique My House Rules Please 935406
Making broken rules worse by fixing them 936716
Undersea the Shark-kin 937560
Question about ADD Adventure UK5 Eye of the Serpent 937748
Two questions about proficiency gaining in 1st ed 938882
Hello, The whole magic spell system thing 939593
The original Parkinson Great Red Dragon 939938
book list 940521
Converting Some old Modules into a Super Campaign 940976
Paladins and detect evil 941311
Brief history of my world ADD 2nd Edition 943472
Arcane Library 944784
Am I the only one 945485
Question about 1st edition weights 949040
Artwork in PHBI think 950492
Tomes Monstrous Arcana 951952
What is the oldest module you own 956729
Where the Greyhawk deities ever detailed in some 2ed product 956959
Weapon and armor against an undead giant 957852
fiend folio 958629
map of Free city of Greyhawk 960246
Lookin for some old school monster 961692
4th ed 962781
Weapon Damage against Large Creatures 966690
Looking for information on a 2nd Ed Drake 966820
2nd edition # of starting proficiencies 967729
2nd eddition character sheets 967977
looking for 2nd ed monster 969469
Kind of a house-rule 970319
1E or 2E 970745
Hows the HR series of sourcebooks 971145
Return to the Tomb of Horrors 971914
3rd edition character generator 973101
Can a kensai 973252
Looking for a Module Name 977329
Reverse Dungeon to 35 979397
Old timers opinion on 4E 979418
Question about an old box set 982120
ADD Dragonlance 982725
1E Dragonlance conversion help 983226
Scarey Thought 983901
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Colouring book 984157
MIA 984907
Dragon Magazine Archive #2 985543
The High-Level Campaign 985581
Selling 2nd Edition books - Make an offer 986457
Question about 2e character sheets 986730
Wu Jen and taboos in 1E 987119
25th Century RPG 987385
Info on 2nd Edition modules with black covers 988633
Greatest Adventures Ever 991144
Anyone Use the Critical Hits System 991541
Night Below map problemshelp 992318
1e character sheets 992572
Before There Was Thaco 993343
Online Magazine for Old School ADD Gamers 993656
Anyone ever made it all the way through Night Below 994476
Pls help for Dragon Fist files 994591
collectors item or crap 994617
2nd Edition Class Kits 994815
How collectible are early The Dragon magazines 995600
Female Character Sheets 996217
Farewell Gary Gygax 999624
Where is specialization in 1st ed 999746
House Rules 1000010
Anyone have DLC1,2, and 3 with orig maps 1000377
Gamer holiday 1000388
ADD First Edition Combat and Encounters 1000569
A guide to 2nd edition for the 3 35er 1000607
TSR List 1001246
Whatever Happened to Lorraine Williams 1001414
Psionics in 1st edition 1001506
Giving 4e a chance 1001989
ADD and 3rd edition math comparison 1002880
A Dedication to Old Schoolers 1003260
Second Ed character sheets 1003598
Something Just occured to me 1003814
RETURN to White Plume Mountain - Converted 1003955
Converting 35 to Rules Cyclopedia DD 1004209
2nd edition thief backstab 1004309
Dragon Magazine #110 1006355
Advice for somone wanting to start playing 1st edition 1006496
old magic book 1007129
Artifacts in ADD 1st Edition 1007740
Dwarven paladin 1008257
Lankhmar 1009115
Whats the Difference 1009291
Sons of Kyuss in 1st Edition Fiend Folio 1009458
The shadow curse 1010849
Lasso rules 1012312
Supreme strength 1013558
Paladins of Other Races 1015277
New Spells 2nd ed 1018913
1982 monster cards 1020298
first second edition 1022274
ADD Ring of Three Wishes - What to Wish For 1022526