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2005 DND - Out of Print page 1

Thread Title Thread Number
2E Wild Mage got a shock 87243
Looking for info on Crystal Drakes 87255
Conversion of the Illithid Trilogy 87742
What is your opinion of In Search of Adventure B1-9 87915
Zanzer Tem 89336
A Stupid Question 89648
Are there still Endless Quest Books 89793
D20 vs Older Ed DD and ADD nostalgic look at my own DD experience 90882
How did you use B1 - In Search of the Unknown 90956
New OOP acquisitions Please comment 92520
Quality, Updated, 2e sites 92709
In the very first DnD 92833
Old Basic DD 93099
Dragon Dice 93152
Thac0 modifier for Composite Bows 93444
I Need Cool DiceWhere What 93807
N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile God 94233
Spelljammer - Undermountain Stardock 94633
DD Cyclopedia 94759
Playing w Myself 95732
letting it die 95757
FR products in release order 96831
Dnd Mini 96959
The final resting place of Lum the Mad 97215
That ing Cartoon 97335
Looking for old modules 97341
The Not So Good, The Bad and Plain Ugly 97345
Looking for the original First Quest audio tape 98536
Trying to remember title of old DD module 98611
class specific challenges 98857
A Credit To What Came Before 99353
TSR 1070 The Box Basic Set 100996
What Edition 101742
looking for a module with command over a strike force army whatever 101908
A Lawful Thief 101966
[ADD 2E] Size and Strength Mods 102309
I Wish I Could Afford This 103186
Using 3e in older editions 103327
Favorite house rules 103948
Questions about 2nd edition 104289
Vecna - Lives possible Spoilers 104827
Dragon Magic 104899
Buying Classic DD Hollow World Modules [pdfs] Online 105966
Monstrous Compendium Appendix - Marvel 106357
creating random encounters 106663
HELP on a 2nd ed problem 106671
Charm question 106792
Thieves World Chaosium Boardgame 107331
Free 2e Materials 107972
DMG inquiry 109624
2e Magic resistance 111119
Does anyone have a list for special powers a new PC might have 111223
2E Proficiencies any master list out there 111224
[ADD 2e] Magic Item Costs 111402
Has Anybody read this 111514
2E ADD The Wizardslayer Kit 112871
Old book good art, new book bad art 112915
Original ADD books 112916
VERY OLD and very old of date 113817
intellect devourer 113847
Old time ADD addict getting back into it 113872
converting 2nd ed to 3rd edition characters 114337
AD+D 2E Do Rangers and Palladins get weapon specialization 114442
Hanging up my DM cap long post 114686
Polymorph Other + Locate Object 115023
Wowee 115245
Lazy 115384
ADD Your spellcasting method 115662
ODD Campaigns 116225
Hackmaster 116568
Has anyone rebound their 1e books 117335
How Many Undead Can an Evil Cleric Control at a Time 117884
The old character sheets 117991
Card Info 118320
2nd ed Planescape PDFs 118507
Anyone interested in a 1E 2E game online 118663
Nightmare Keep 119453
Help Looking for Mons Compendium Artist 119573
questions about simulacrums 119939
2nd edition Elminster 120659
Interesting uses for 1e 2e magic items 120833
Dungeon and Polyhedron Magazines 120881
interior movement---simple approaches 121274
The Avatar Trilogy Time of Troubles 121816
Labyrinth of Madness for 3E 122451
No WotC tributes to the classics 122798
Return to White Plume Mountain 122867
wizardly neutering 123073
If Preserve and Permanency are cast on an item 123245
Fighters Handbook question 123246
Efreet Sultan in the City of Brass 123933
Getting back into it 124004
birthright battle HELP 124172
good mods 124755
Core Rules and Expansion CD 124970
Does anyone have the core rules CD and can help me out 125302
Character folders 125956
So tell me about hollow world 126086
2nd Ed Specialty Preist of Helm 126337
Time to Learn Spell 126491
Monster Mythology 126494
The Complete Psioncists Handbook 126575
Where can I find 126923
Legends and Lore Worth it 128486
Vintage DD board games 130339
1 E Players Handbook 130423
Wraithform 131546
Please Help Looking for Dragon Kings TSR 2408 Book or downloads 132658
Harper Dress Code 133354
Basic DD appreciation thread 133715
Monster stats 134941
Egg of the Phoenix 135496
A question for all DMs 135849
I need some advice on a character 137651
Multi vs Dual-class 138099
Looking for an OOP product about Vaasa 138196
2E vs Revised 139725
Any benefit for using extra slots on a NWP 139930
Dd 140637
Cartoon Character Stats 141195
Where to buy Adventures in NY 142089
Just rolled this guy up 143377
1st Ed Collection Limits 143721
Dragonlance Boxed Sets 145241
Chessex Dice Sets 146107
Forgotten Realms Hardcover comic 146343
Revival of Second Edition 146664
Putting the + back in + magical items 146726
Low Level Wizards -- How To 146905
Additional Use for Spells 147092
Piety in Society 147096
Dear all 1st and 2nd Ed DMs 147222
Optional Classes 150995
ADD Core Rules 20 Dragon Magazine Archive Prices 151071
Difference between DD 1983 and ADD 153084
Old worlds 153805
tempus battleforger 157062
Halflings and DD 1st ed 157388
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen 158054
Rokie question concerning modules 158126
Question about awarding Treasure 158134
Help Please 158724
That sea voyage to a tropical island module = 158740
Modules List 159103
What DnD do I have and Play 159163
2nd ed World Builders Guide map templates 159165
What are the limits of an Everfull Purse 159219
Spell Point Based Magic-System 159440
Outdoor Survival 160278
Ideas for a new aproach to weapon speed in 2e 161030
A book of inventions 162927
Night Below 163601
Character create help 163730
content of Old Dragon Magazine issues 163886
Unearthed Arcana - question 164658
Dice Question Does anyone remember 164914
Undead Slayer class for 2nd edition 165286
How to get rid of too much items 165659
Celestial Fury 165667
DD Basic 165792
Dice TIP 166047
Haunted Halls of Eveningstar 166458
Ravenloft Fear, Horror and Powers checks 166975
Druid , what good from it 167051
Morale 167840
Dungeon Adventure #3 Falcons Peak--who has access 167841
How good is I,Tyrant 169184
Rate this PC 169189
1978 Books Clarification 169485
Oriental Adventures 169507
Thief Campaign 169579
80s RoleAids Mods How Good are they 169692
Old DD books 169719
Player Character Ideas 169864
Hexagonal Paper 170317
Book of Wonderous Machines 170777
Name the non-TSR Suppliments 171500
Nightbelow The Underdark Campaign 171820
2e Abjurer 171856
Need some help 171990
rangers in ODD 172219
First Quest d20 175243
2e Necromancers 175692
Old Module 177438
Does anyone have anything on Venger or the Zodar from spelljammer, IE Stats 177558
Al-Qadim 177876
Converting version 2 to version 3 178212
2e Necromancers, reposted 178786
Chaos Mages 179188
Queen of the Spiders module 179342
Spirits of Fire 180332
Questions about a couple of items 181352
Psionics 181697
Looking for The Egg of the Phoenix Conversion 181894
PC question 182416
Looking for an AXE 182555
Looking for Planescape adventure 183084
Looking for the 2e stats for the Lupin and Rakasta 183337
Detecting Traps 183816
Awarding XP - Question for DMs 184516
ADD 2nd Ed Skills and Powers Question 184791
Nostalgia - early 80s TSR RPGs 184910
1st Edition Find Familiar 185309
Birthright bloodlines 185599
Fireballs and Dragon Magazine 185755
The Great Khan 186275
D D 2 edition Characters Balances 187142
2E monks andd martial arts 187321
Wild Mages 187322
How Fast Can A Dwarf Run 187692
Listing of all old OOP PRoducts 187824
Highest Level of All Fantasy Wargaming Book 1981 188228
Multiclassing Idea 1st, 2nd Ed 188234
old modules aquired need help 188421
Rookie DMing issues Night Below 188930
Out Of Print But On The Table 189890
Slave Lords - need alternate intro 190321
The old Fuddy-duddys guide to 1st ed 190594
help with tomb of horrors-return 191024
I have one great need 191241
Spell Slip 191387
DD Movie 191960
XSOLO LAnthans Gold 192050
New Conversion Book from 3e to 1e 2e 192607
Converting from 1st edition 192683
Essentials for Return to the Tomb 193290
OOP DNDcom 196843
Psionics Question 196845
Can somebody help me with titles ADD 196945
OOP Poll 198346
Counsel of Wyrms 198351
Comprehensive List 198444
Have conversions, need maps 199118
Getting my Daughter Involved in DD 199490
Dark Sun Maps 199955
Dungeon Board Games rules 200496
Spelljammer merged converted into 35 Ed 201754
Those were the days - whats it like now 202044
A Star Frontiers Campaign 202331
Core Rules Expansion 20 203536
WOTC Star Frontiers 203552
Need Handout from Old Adventure B11 ASAP Help 203647
Looking for old fansite 203718
I need conversion help 204130
Versatility and cleric penalty levels on outer planes 204176
Greyhawk Module progression 204377
Twenty first century games ADD mini rulebook reprints 204496
looking for a psionic based corebook 205810
newbie s on basic expert sets, DMG, PH, MM 206891
Looking for Scent 207024
Chainmail mourning 207141
Hey all 207532
The Sons of Bhaal statistics 208326
Why I Love Ebay 209493
ODD vs ADD 210320
what version edition rules are these 210322
Need help finding what Im missing 210534
The lost skill 210866
How do you understand this rule 210936
eBay fun 211193
Help 211306
How do Psionics work 211520
The ADVANCED DUNGEONS DRAGONS Complete Starter Set 211717
Interesting Experience Differentials between 1e and 3e 211812
2nd ed Demihuman Deities question 211995
Converting 1 2 ed to 3 35 ed 212722
2nd vs 3rd 212887
Older DD Novels 213193
Why Do 3e Players Keep Coming To This Board 213425
Question about 1e spell 213586
Thief Skills in Basic DD 213658
Forgoten Realms = Greyhawk-yes indeedy 213909
Looking for an OoP Campaign 214105
Funny Surprises 214374
Welcome to moderated and high quality OOP ADD and DD forums 214525
Wizard-only Items and Non-Mage Spell Casters 214990
TSR Trading Cards 215124
Deities and Demigods score 215146
What was or is your favorite 1e,2e Adventure and Player Character Please no 3e or 35 215179
For Any of You Who Used to Play Gamma World 215192
Elvish fighting men or wizards 216061
I need help 216356
Help me decide these spells level 216637
Recharging the Staff of the Magi 1st Edition 216964
Top Secret Tsr Rpg 1980 217125
Score #2 217727
Score #3 last one hee hee 217831
Wild Magic Question again 217995
Monk Troubles 218091
Game disc and Players wanted 218326
How many of you 2e older have changed Magical Items PLEASE NO 30 or 35 218806
Old Schoolers Taking 3rd ed Feats into their games 219048
DD 3 or 35 conversions 219676
Need Help Question about N1 Mod 219938
Identifying Magic Items in 1e 2e 220097
Where is a good place to pick up 2nd ed books cheap 220216
The Deal With Planescape Stuff 220658
Dwarves, Gnomes, and Magic 220723
Does anyone know where I can find 220743
[ADD 2e] Dynamic Battle Rules 220910
Value of old DD board game 221250
Leprechauns n Giant Eagles 221618
Funny Gnome Illusionist Thread 221637
Odd 222161
Where Did Character Points Originate 222571
Solo Play Tips 222690
Artifacts of old 223222
Names Levels 223565
Hey WOTC Moldvay Cook rules on pdf 223904
Tarrasque Help 224831
s about The Complete Book of Humanoids 225022
energy drain 225107
ODD adventures 225323
ODDITIES Twelve is out 225443
Help a rookie DM out 225471
Question for people whove gone from 2nd Edition to 3rd and vice-versa 225652
Wild Spell Critique 226219
Logistics 226358
old school DM needs a hand 226478
Great DD Moments This thread may fail 226622
Dungeon Compilation Other resources 227183
boot hill 3d edition 227213
Second Edition Multiclassing Help 227629
So where can you find some of the stuff 228333
Keep on the Borderlands 228414
Whatever happened to Dungeons and Dragons 228455
DD Resurgence for 30-Somethings 228709
bye bye 3xhello B X 228925
{ADD 2e} Serial Newb Questions 228987
Opinions on Bloodstone books please 229164
wild mage or sorcerer 229286
Desert of Desolation I3 Pharoah players map 229881
Random Headaches 230265
Looking for a non-linear adventure 231695
Maximum Level 232434
Wrath of the Immortals Accessory 232501
Age of Heroes 233002
Issuance Of Tome of Magic Book of Artifacts 233231
Another Question For Ya, heheh 233314
DarkSun 233509
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Appreciation 233703
Classes from the Basic DD Gazetteers 233842
Human Dual Classing 234278
Dual Classing and Proficiencies 234748
What is better, Immortals or Deities 235251
looking for solo adventures 235270
does anybody know where i can catch a peek at the eldritch wizardry cover 236534
Fun in ODD 236728
Oriental Adventureswhy 236811
Have you ever heard of a wand of Force 237243
How many of you have built your own worlds 237457
The Feel of DD 237607
Old 2nd Edition Art 238276
Older RPGA mods 238328
How much of the 1st ed Combat did you use 238823
Grappling, Overbearing, and Pummelling 238824
Spells Casting and stuff 238827
funny thing about edition elites 239040
Thread239122 239122
Tabaxi Origins, Source, Edition 239192
A letter for Wizo Paradox 239317
The Deck of encounters 239319
1E Encumbrance 239341
2nd ed Greater Command spell 239463
Why no Al-Qadim 239877
2e Dark Sun Clerics 239892
Advice on Slaver Series requested A1-4 239915
Deep gnome 239944
The broken lands 240208
Cure Moderate Wounds 240857
Frustrated Old Schooler 242389
2nd multi class 242529
races help 242772
A long commentary on edition fights 242984
Searching for an old monster 242986
DL8 Dragons of War question 243088
Complete list of Forgotten Realms Books 243089
1e Errata 243098
missing a spell 243099
Congrats 243153
tiamat vs thakisis 243293
Back from the dead in 2e 243588
Whats up with the thief 244089
Double Damage 244706
Conversion 244828
ancient baatorian help 245304
Animate Dead Spell 245323
Torching Monsters 245408
Converting Spheres to 3e 245492
Dragon and TSR 245540
Dark Sun Encumbrance 245542
Multiple attacks in 2e 245554
Al Quadim 246085
Two Hands 246201
Melnibonean Mythos from DDG posted 246299
A wayward DM returns to the fold 246348
In Search of the Unknown 246538
2Ed Dual Class Rules, Proficiencies 246646
Use of NWProfs in Combat 247143
Potent Dispel Magics 247175
Ameba-like undead from old versions 247693
list of old modules and 1st edition stuff 247892
Newer CreaturesOlder Game 247995
Dragonlance I retract my previous comments 248084
Infavision 248503
Greetings 248522
A1-4 Whats up with Drachen Keep 250681
Boxed Set Question 250796
Spellslayer from Shairs Handbook 251012
Gods and stuff 251379
Paladins Holy Sword 252516
Survivor All-Stars The dAmbrevilles 252712
i got the rules cyclopedia 252848
Immortals and Immortals 252988
Anyone with Wizard Compendiums that can help 253669
2ed Specialty priest of Helm question 254008
What edition do I have 254064
Looking for 2nd Edition Downloads 254591
Oriental advertures 1st addition 254951
Couple of 2e questions 254996
What does Knowledge Arcana have to do with OOP 255714
about down loading books 256392
Favorite character from an OOP game 256687
1st Edition - PC multiple attacks 256766
ADD Software available 257518
Gods Deities 258206
God Killer 258767
Still waiting 258795
What do you do with 2e druids 258833
maps on forgotten realms 258916
An odessey of sorts 259392
2nd ed material components 259480
How do you rate the 2e adventures against those of 1e 259837
Is Baldurs Gate a good representation of 2e 260088
1st Edition Underwater City Module 260315
2e Half-Dragon 260404
1E modules, 2E rules 260430
Keep on the Borderlands-any conversions out there 261115
finding old books 261480
the classic TSR Marvel Super Hero RPG 262177
2E Kender 262627
Were-rats infesting a mountain village that makes cheese 263711
Intelligent Flying Carpet 263912
Dueling in 2E 264164
Saga Marvel Dragonlance RPG 264273
How diverse are the 2e Monstrous compendiums 264453
Hero Machine 264479
Creating a villian of sorts 264567
Creating a 25e DD game 264746
ODD New Dragons 264986
Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas 264991
HP in 2nd edition 265032
Half fiend 265083
Magic Bows, Magic Arrows 266929
Where to find OOP books on the internet 267037
Help me work out an idea 268132
Vault of the Drow D3 Help 268908
Legends and Lore, anybody 269109
Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun Conversion 269379
Question about the ToM spell Random Causality 269950
1e Legends and Lore 270004
Kara Tur Help 270253
Index of Monstrous Compendiums 270548
2e invisbility question 271248
Questions about 1e 271450
Creating a Protected Room 2e 273040
Planescape, Dark Sun, 1st e questions 273058
SPINAL Dungeons TAP Dragons 273224
Moving on upgot the Cyclopedia 273892
1e to 3e Monster statistics 274371
2e and 2e revised differences 274475
jungle-based modules 275049
The many faces of ODD - help 275132
Level experience and year 275734
B2 - Keep on the Blands - Map trouble 275815
Anyone heard of Grimorea 276034
codewheel for C64 pool of radiance 276319
Vintage TSR DD Accessories Whos got What 277020
Converting from 1 to 35e 277068
35ed monsters to 2ed 277327
1st edition 1 on 1 modules 277800
which one for a starter 280340
Basic DD Variations 280475
Fav SciFi World Traveller, GammaWld, StarFrontiers 280683
fiend folio - quick question 281671
DD 2nd ed Tactical advice wanted 282308
Good Dm Wanted 283410
Lets talk OOP versions 283711
Boot Hill 284269
Kenetic Barrier 284444
Missing Talent 284550
egg of reason 284572
Wizards Compendiums 2nd Ed 284863
2 ed and 2 ed ADD 285104
character generation - 1e 286267
Cashin in on 30 years 286715
Tomb of Horrors 287753
Vintage TSR DD Collectible Figures 287978
Its Your Choice Concerning the Future of the OoP Board - Public Apology Included 288541
Do we want to keep the OOP board 288548
Gnomes all around 288641
Get Lost 288650
Race Class Separation in OOP DD 288872
What exactly did I find in my basement 288893
Got a question about Dragon Annual #5 for 2000 288967
OOP Conversions forum Thanks 289133
Coming back from a Hiatus 289749
system glitches 290775
http boards1wizardscom showthreadphps=threadid=292518 292884
College of Wizardry 293220
Can I get a recommendation 293481
1E Percentile Strength - who was originally entitled 293908
Where can I find this 294351
2nd Ed ADD Rule check and how to fix a bad situation 294671
old modules 295361
I need info on an old module 295720
Old Dragon Magazine Articles Online 295855
Hey- Do you remember this guy 295858
Advice 296114
Old Dragonlance Map - Which Module 296201
Top SecretSI rights 296494
Bring back Vagabond 296715
2nd Edition Modules, Can you get them 297065
Im really interested in white-box ODD lots of questions 297302
New Board Look Lost posts 298630
Old ODD and related items for sale 298847
Judges Guild 302589
Rate T1-Village of Hommlet 302635
The B2 Keep on the Borderlands Thread 303122
wrath of the immortals module 303951
priest of war 2e 306214
Custom Item 306787
DMG editions 306890
Complete Book of Elves 308370
UnCon 2005 OOP Event 308687
Dual weapons and specialization 310894
Battle System rules 311304
Outer Planes Compendium and Fiend Folio 2e 311446
JEM 88 Art 313110
I got the 2e PHB, DMG, and MM for 30 313297
More Monsters 313574
Obscure Psionics Question 1st ed 314176
Creating a Wizard Tower 314919
ADD 2nd Questions help pleeeaaase 316025
The Horde Campaign 316042
Core Rules 20 Expansion patches 317127
Campaign 317208
Ghul Lord 318921
lots of 1st ed help 319728
2nd ed ADD Players Option Combat Tactics 320575
Destroy the Cyclone of the Four Winds 320911
Some Psionicist questions 320936
Geek-O-Meter 321068
Iron Skin Druid Spell 321920
Dunador Andevar 321986
Martial Arts, Kits and Class Change 322438
Exhaustion rules 322456
Story help needed 322460
Need pricing publishing info 322740
Helmets in Combat Tactics 323185
Hello To ALL 323243
Question about mods 325055
Charm Person spell querry 325166
Two new modules for ADD 326540
A Wish 328017
Polygons svgames and rpgnow questions 329323
What was the name of that one module 330657
Dragon Magazine Adventure from long ago 331251
Is there an Ox Hengeyokai 332101
Lankhmar expansions 332524
Forgotten Realms 2nd Ed based Reclaiming Jergals power 332533
I dunno what to think anymore 2nd ed 332879
Insane THAC0s 334064
OOP Online RPGS 334144
2nd edition help please 337506
Hold Person too powerful 337612
Painless Kill 339242
Intro 340046
1st edition anyone 341058
How do you come up with your PCs 341244
Artifacts 341559
Multiple Monks 344132
1E ADD Multi-Class Armor Q 344850
RPGA Anti-OOP 344861
Rule idea- slitting throats 345141
Footprints#3 out now 346301
DD 30th Anniversary 347288
Gateway does anyone know where I can find it 347617
Get away 347806
Playing w Lead Metal Figures 348136
When Do You Determine Character Death 348150
Looking for the Bruce Cordell Sahaguin Trilogy of Adventurde 348737
DD for Kids 349094
My own question 349250
MArtial Arts in 2nd Ed 349255
review of Night of the Vampire 349856
Left Field 350789
Good Gaming Tales 351078
PC Gold Box Games 352033
favorite mod anybody 352553
2nd edition character sheets where 352954
drizzts 2e level 356678
Birthright 2nd Ed 356699
Party level vs Monster level 358611
Obscure 1st ed Psionics Question, Part 2 359555
Troy films Achilles 359642
Magic Item question 360143
What do I need 360746
gaining levels - training or not 361191
1e s - cant find answers 362502
Boothill 363212
More 1e s - offensive shield use, spell failure, etc 363873
Be one with the Bug 363993
2nd ed Opposition Schools Conflict 364847
Mummies Disease Heellllppp 365428
Lankhmar RPG Licence 366057
Cursed swords anybody 367327
Double Damage 367842
Energy Drain Heelp 367879
Monster Reaction 1d12 368050
Pirate theme 369842
A Council of Greyhawkers All you Oerthians, unite 370162
The witches of Discworld 372158
Looking for something in Old Agains the Giants 373180
Dueling 373980
T1 Question 374049
A Price Question 374067
Where is the Keep on the Borderlands 374515
How heavy is gold 374614
Al-Qadim Resurrection 375168
2nd Edition Assassins skills 376101
B5 HotH 376579
Aint no school like the old school, class level titles in 1st edition PHB 377116
Wilderness Encounter Tables 377831
Nonweapon Proficiency Question 378176
Temple, Tower, Tomb 378691
Who Here Plays Solo 378962
Back to the oldBecause the new isnt working 382677
Gamma World and Star Frontiers 384530
Cocky Playing 384546
Urgent Help Needed 386804
Reprinting Old DND Modules for other systems 389524
Which edition of classic DD do you play 389799
Hackmaster, Houserules, and ADD 1e 390477
Return to Role Playing 393724
Fear, Horror and Madness checks 393793
adventures for name level characters 394014
I want to play ADD 2e online where 394423
invisible ink module w pen missing 394915
Mystara 2e ADD 395962
Chaosium 1981 Thieves World Setting Question 396431
Tell me about the Wilderness Survival Guide 396544
I need help finding this apparently obscure monster entry 397610
+n Bonus for Weapons Preficiency 397722
WANTED old character sheets for project 399150
Looking for info on TSR Trading Cards 399349
Is there a place to download the Immortals 399554
DragonQuest module 399759
Basic DD NPC Sheets 402729
1st e Character Sheets 403237
Need a little help from first edition fans or veterans 404939
Chronomancy 406033
SVGAMES is dropping ADD DD pdf downloads 407793
2 Questions 407968
Q re elves in 1974 DD 408042
Question for the mods 408197
Auroras Whole Realms Catalog 408336
TSRThe Story 408679
The truth about THAC0 408993
Help me choose a great adventure 410132
DD Only 411027
So, anyone going to buy a copy of this 412840
Question about thief scout kit Core Rules 413009
CLass and level limits over time 413322
Barglethe man, the myththe legend 414235
Your custom classes kits 415963
Which setting do you prefer for your games 415965
Experience for Evading or Friendly Reaction 416286
Keep on the Borderlands or Return 416409
ADD 2nd Edition Race Class restrictions 416601
Star Frontiers question 416804
What the Hellck is This 416851
New general question, didnt see in the FAQ 420388
Your Favorite Old Edition Characters 420670
Time to die in Hommlet 421563
Best 2nd edition class 421632
Night Below boxed set missing pages 423228
2nd Edition Sorcerer 423675
Lankhmar Conan 424844
30 Years Of Adventure Book 426243
Gates of Firestorm Peak 426491
Dragon Lance Status Rules 426975
PDF Charactor Sheets for WOT 427277
Old-school DD Gamebooks 428809
Elves in ODD 430479
ADD 2n Edition Wizard Tower 430486
I miss old DD 430584
Maztica 431978
1989 2e rule books vs 1995 rule books 432304
Demihumans in BECM DD 432821
ADD Source for Barbara Hamblys Darwath 433377
DD Memories 433716
DD also-rans 433882
Dice Preference 434418
New Campaign Mod Any Suggestions 436951
Weapons of Preference 437100
Do you use skills proficiencies 438843
2nd Edition Ranged combat concerns 439426
Need Help with 2nd ed books 439993
OOP FAQ thread 440038
Thief or Rogue 440050
2nd Ed Question - Fast Talking 442294
Humanoid Handbook Druid 443065
ADD Art Legend David C Sutherland has passed away 443734
Multiclassing question 2e 445668
new game today 445841
Cost of Experienced Hirelings 446509
How do PCs Spend Their Money 446611
Missing pages from first edition books 446667
Working on a new version of DD 447207
1st Edition Forgotten Realms 452011
So I finally failed my save 454098
2nd edition are there pdfs available of the core books 454199
Original Toee 454474
What fonts were used in most 2E books 454606
Something Different 454684
Missing page in Lost Caverns 454822
TSR Memorabilia 456101
Best 1st level Module 457345
If TSR had produced 3e, what would it have been like 458559
1E DD anyone 458915
A new 1e ADD ODD BDD website 459723
First Edition Dungeons Dragons 460345
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